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  1. Wordsmith, do you have a tracer GT? I ask because you posted this thread in the GT section.
  2. Cruizin

    fJ09 bang for the buck

    Please dont put FJ topics in the GT board. 😀
  3. Cruizin

    Happy New Year Tracer900.net!

    Did you guys see this?
  4. Cruizin

    GT Corbin Seat are coming!

    If Corbin became a vendor and opened up a group buy they would sell a shet ton of these.
  5. Cruizin

    What boots do you ride in?

    I still love my Sidi Canyon Boots. 100% waterproof, and easy to walk in after you get off the bike. The ratcheting strap system is genius, so easy to tighten and loosen these boots. In my experience, these are the very best street bike boots I have ever owned. So comfortable, rugged, protective, weather proof, easy to walk in.
  6. Cruizin

    New member, not owner yet

    Welcome to our forum. Someone may decide to answer all of those questions, if they have the time. But I do suggest looking around the forum, reading, using our search feature. We are happy that you found our forum, welcome.
  7. Im gonna just let these like's run their course. Any other moves we take will result in us losing our likes count. The worse that will happen is that we all have too many likes. Is this such a bad thing? I say not.
  8. Sharing this on our Facebook page.
  9. Welcome to the Premium Member program, @Batgirl ! Thanks for helping the forum! All premium member funds go right back into the forum!
  10. The "forgot password" button appears when you click on "sign in", on the botom of the box that pops up.
  11. Big thank to @bbp for helping the forum by joining the premium member program ! Welcome to the club!
  12. Big thanks to @fjray for joining the premium member program! Now, upload an avatar and profile cover pic!
  13. Cruizin

    Suspension kits

    @pattonme is a suspension vendor here on the forum.
  14. Reminder, to change theme color, scroll to the bottom of the forum and click on "Theme". You can choose from Dark or light. I use Dark at home, light at work.
  15. Are you doing anything to your bike this winter? Have it torn down for annual maintenance? Upgrading parts? We have noticed a huge decrease in submitted tech tips lately, and this is when people usually do their most work on their bikes, when they cant ride anyways. Please consider going to the tech tip section and writing up a DIY while working on your bikes. It will be seen by and help thousands of other Tracer 900 members for years to come.