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  1. On top of this forum, I also own the Tenere 700 Forum, as well as a few others. Its at tenere700.net There is one T7 in North America, and the guy wrote a review this week. KTM 790R and T7 - Yamaha Tenere 700 Owner Reviews - Yamaha Tenere 700 Forum Hey guys, Im new to the forum and thought I should start posting. I... Feel free to join the forum and ask questions, there are quite a few Euro and Australian owners already.
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  8. I have now slept on it and there is no way I would buy that ugly thing. Cool features, I love the 16" of clearence and adjustable suspension , just not in that ugly truck thing. I think that the traditional auto makers will be taking over the majority of the electric market in a few years anyways.
  9. It was really good. Young people don't realize just how big the 24 hours LeMans was back then.
  10. Ok, My first response was UGLY. Then, I saw more and I kinda want one. The features are amazing if you ride dirtbikes or ATV's. The tailgate has a freaking ramp built in it! The back lid opens up to a 6 1/2 foot bed! Fit most ATV's dirtbikes no problemo and again, leave the ramp at home because it has one built into the tailgate. Also, this truck has Air ride suspension. Raise it up to go offroad, up to 16" of ground clearance. Lower it down to ride like a sports car. 0-60 in 2.9 seconds. 500 mile range on the top model that costs $60,000 before incentives/discounts. Scratch proof hardened stainless steel. They actually tested it with a sledge hammer, didn't leave a dent. It may be Ugly, but this is the most useful truck I have ever seen. Tesla also announced their new ATV, no specs yet but it fits into the back of the Cyber Truck perfectly, the rider rode it right up the back of the Cyber Truck's built in ramp with ease.
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  13. Tracer 900 owners, get in on this quick shifter for only $135 before the sale ends!