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  1. Hey, happy to see you upgrade and join our forum here! Welcome!
  2. Mods, I am ok with this group buy. Sounds like a good thing for those who want these!
  3. Luckily, the FJ/tracer/MT09 engine is really durable. Guys are getting great miles out of these bikes. These bikes will out last most of us before we sell them.
  4. Also, I want to add that no cleaner is going to remove the sludge and carbon build up on old clogged up valves in one application. Such test are worthless because when some carbon is removed, it is because the tester was trying 3-4 different brands, and each one of those were actually starting to soften the carbon. When the final test comes and some carbon comes off after adding "brand x" , it isnt because brand x was any better than brand A before it, it was because Brand A, Brand B, Brand m all did their job and softened the carbon and the final test of "brand X' was just when the carbon broke off. It takes multiple applications to remove carbon deposits. And, what do you think happens to that carbon when it comes off the valves? It goes into the engine, scars up the cylinder walls and rings and everything else. Carbon doesn't just dissipate. So keep that in mind if you have a high mileage engine. There are also instances where carbon is actually doing an old engine a favor by filling in worn out gaps and keeping compression high on a worn out engine. The best course of action is to use any brand of fuel additive from day one on new engines so that carbon never does build up in the first place. Any brand of PEA nitrogen fuel additive works fine.
  5. The Lucas fuel additive has amoung the highest amount of PEA.
  6. Well, I've rebuilt over 15 car engines in my life, both top and bottom ends. Two stroke dirtbike engines, Four stroke dirtbike engines, and a few streetbike engines. MedRX is no better than the Chevron Techron, the Lucas Oil fuel additives, and most of the 10 other top shelf fuel additives. They all contain the same active ingredient, PEA and anyone who says that their "other" ingredients are superior are basically doing the old snake oil sales techniques. Ill explain below. Yamalube does not manufacture MedRX or Ringfree. Like Honda, they purchase and repackage/white label their oils and additives from petroleum/chemical firms. The active ingredient in most fuel additives that do the "cleaning" per say is Polyether-amine, or P.E.A. as it is better known. It's a nitrogen based detergent that cleans the top end of engines and fuel injectors and deals with the total crap that is in our gas here in the USA now days. Including Ethanol. There are only like 8 companies who actually manufacture fuel additives and oils, and then companies like gumout, royal purple, redline, Honda, Yamaha, Napa etc, etc purchase in bulk and package them under their names. Most all are about the same, with PEA Nitrogen as the active ingredient and some with other additives added in for marketing or fuel stabilization. Chevron even patented "Techron" for marketing purposes, but it too is just PEA with their stabilizer added. This allows them to market the superior technology and all that bull. PEA is what is used in all fuel additives, sometimes they call it something different but its basically a strong nitrogen formula. It is the strongest detergent additive available, this is why all fuel additives use it as the main ingredient. Any top shelf fuel additive with PEA in it works fine. I premix my dirt, street and snowmobile fuels with non ethanol 93 octane fuel and Royal Purple 10722 additive in five gallon race jugs. I use top end oil for the two strokes. I like the Royal purple because it has a strong fuel stabilizer so it can sit over the winter and the fuel won't go bad. But really , to determine the best addiive, dont worry so much about the brand, and just read the labels and pick the one that has the highest % of PEA for the lowest cost. EVerything else is just BS marketing. It also costs a whole hell of a lot less than anything sold at a USA bike dealership. A lot of the guys I race hare scrambles with use it as well, including the service manager at my local Yamaha Dealership. 😉
  7. And avoid ethanol gas if you can. Gas station by my house has non ethanol 93 octane and it burns clean.
  8. Same as the fuel conditioner you can get at Autozone for half the price of a dealer product. I really try to avoid buying anything from dealers.
  9. Just get a flashing blue light and mount it on your helmet. Cures most traffic issues.
  10. Your friend is welcome to join our supporting vendor program and I'll help him sell a ton of these via this forum, email marketing, our social media programs. This can include a group buy as well. Either way, I need to be involved in this as I have seen group buys go south and the Forum admin always gets blamed when they do.
  11. Its an old post from May and he hasn't logged in since back then.
  12. @wordsmith Im merging this with your other thread.. No need to have two duplicate threads.
  13. If that girl mega farts, they might just orbit the Earth.
  14. I was able to seperate mine, you should contact teespring and demand a refund.
  15. May I ask why you are typing your posts on word and then pasting them here? if you need help posting pics or anything, just ask.