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  1. Price Reduced!... AGAIN! Red Yamaha FJR/FJ09 Saddlebags with Liners FS My 2015 Red FJ09 is gone but the beautiful red FJR saddlebags are now for sale! I also have the Yamaha saddlebag liners. The liners are like new never used. The bags have been on the bike and are in Excellent Condition! Keys included! New from Yamaha these would be over $1,100.00. These bags are larger than the ones from Yamaha because the lids are bigger. I'm askig $590.00 PLUS shipping CONUS only! I'm located in Western North Carolina, save shipping and ride over and pick them up!
  2. I felt my 2015 FJ09 was due for a valve check so I ordered the gasket, spark plugs and an air filter. I have almost 15,000 miles on the bike. Before I could take it apart to perform the check I went to start it and it showed the engine light and Code 59 and wouldn't start. Well in the Yamaha manual this says, Throttle position sensor open or short... something like that. A friend and I took it apart checked the valves = all OK and put it back together. While it was open I took the connector off the Throttle position sensor and re-seated it. NO code but it wouldn't start. Cranked but acted like no spark. I could hear the fuel injection loading fuel. So not having the Yamaha computer I took it to a Yamaha dealer in Statesville, NC. They called and said it was ready. Here is what they said they did. Code 59, values incorrect on TGPS, Reset values on TPS and cleared Code. (I think the "G" in the first TGPS was a typo) They way they talked there was NO values in the TPS... I think the values would be in the computer but that's beside the point. The TPS as far as I know is only a rheostat. The weather here has not been riding weather but I may get it out tomorrow, Sunday. Anyone else have anything like this? How do the values get removed from there without anything else? Mostly curious. I just want to ride it. I'm a lot more used to working on older bikes that don't have all the electronics. However, I sure enjoy riding the newer stuff WITH all the electronics. Brick
  3. I hope to go back over to my friends house this afternoon to check a few more things. Also changing chain and sprockets. Brick
  4. We checked all the fuses first thing! ?
  5. https://www.gordonsheated.com/ Works very well!
  6. Once you raise the rear of the tank (prop it up with a piece of lumber etc.) you can see the sensor clearly from RHS (no need to remove airbox). Connector is easy to reach with your hand. Unplug it and re-seat it as the first step. If you have compressed air, blow out any debris from the connectors. Oh I’ve found it as I have the tank and air box off as we checked the valves. I was just reading about it and it’s position sounds very critical. Aren’t there two position screws that have to be removed that are also the ones used to adjust it? Brick
  7. I’ve used a number of these over the years. This is the best one I’ve found. https://www.fuzeblocks.com/Fuzeblocks-FZ-1-Distribution-Block_p_1.html
  8. Oops.. I said 2016... it's a 2015 FJ-09. It also says OPEN or SHORT... I will read and heed... Thanks
  9. My 2015 FJ-09 wouldn't start and showed a Fault Code 59. Has anyone experienced a Fault Code 59? 59 says: Accelerator Position Sensor Open or Short Circuit Detected. Oh Hell... I see from the manual and from online partshark.com where this sensor is and the discription of the tests to perform... look to be formidable... to me anyway. Anyone??? Brick
  10. Welcome Doug, Good to see you here! How is Curt's FJ-09 treating you? So you are gonna get the ECU flashed? Hmmm may I ask why and where and how much? I had it done to my Super Tenere' but haven't felt the need on my FJ-09. Brick
  11. Steve, Your here too! Cool! Do you have an FJ-09? Brick