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  1. olddawg you rock. Next May I’m doing a 48/7 might say a very quick hello when I’m passing by.
  2. The brake fluid is new and brakes are bled. My part time retirement gig is at a bike shop where I spend 1 day a week on the sales floor and a couple days a week wrenching in the shop. I must compliment SortedGT on his instructions on replacing brake fluid and bleeding brakes. As one who does the job often(with the benefit of vacuum pumps ect ) I must say SortedGTs instructions/description of the job is one of the best I’ve ever read and I read shop manuals for entertainment! I would strongly suggest anyone who sets out to bleed their own brakes reads it before starting. SortedGT THANKS for the effort.
  3. FWIW, I use PR4GT on my FJR because the 5 isn’t offered in a heavier GT version yet and for that bike the GT is a must and the superior all weather performance of the PR4 make it a great choice. On the the FJ-09 I use the Angel GT because I feel it has slightly better dry road grip and feel. The Angel GT is really good in the wet it’s just I think the PR4 is a little better. If that helps anyone make a decision. Remember you’re not marrying a set of tires, if you don’t love them try something different for the next set.
  4. So is ethanol a good thing or a bad thing? Let’s forget about the corrosive effects before it gets to your engine but once ethanol gets into your engine it should burn cleaner than non ethanol gas. Are we doing ourselves a service or disservice by running non ethanol fuel in bikes that are designed to run 10% ethanol? I always run non ethanol fuel close to home where it’s readily available (must be better right?) but use whatever I can get when I’m on long distance rides. Honestly I don’t think the bike or I notice any difference. The only time I would say non ethanol fuel is a big plus is when you’re storing the bike for the winter.
  5. What is a good way to improve the brakes on a ‘15 FJ-09? Are there better pads or do I need to replace parts( calipers, master cylinder, brake lines)? I’d like to start with a simple fix but will take it as far as needed. Thanks
  6. I have the med CalSci on my ‘15 FJ-09 and it’s great. Quiet and smooth airflow. I’m 5’7” and keep it in the lower position.
  7. Good info. While I don’t polish the pipes weekly it’s a good project on a non riding day. When my FZ1 was new and the header really shined I pulled into a gathering of Harley friends and the header did get noticed and commented upon, in a positive way.
  8. Mode? It has modes? I suppose after I get a reflash done then I’ll mess with the modes. As of now it’s in standard and my wrist has been self adjusting. I will say both the FJ-09 ang my MT-10 do not have great fuel mapping from the factory while my FJR is pretty spot on. Always wondered how Yamaha can get it so wrong when they get most things so right?
  9. Can anyone compare the Bagster to the Sargent seat? I was about to pull the trigger on a Sargent when I read this thread. Dazzler24 you said you were able to remove your lowering links with the seat? That would be huge because I would love to be more flat footed. Did you order a low or standard seat?
  10. I work part time in a motorcycle shop as my retirement gig. Common sense is not to be found in abundance. In addition if a wheel is not really clean and free of contaminates like cleaner residue wheel weights can fall off. It actually takes a little effort to balance a wheel correctly and a little effort doesn’t always happen, sad to say.
  11. Try it on the inside and outside of your shield first. Take your time and follow the instructions it makes a big difference in the results. Pin lock works ok but the double layer irritates the heck out of me. I can’t seem to get used to it
  12. Has anyone run 1000+ mile days on their FJ-09 or Tracer/GT? Not that it would effect my enthusiasm for the bike if it’s not as good as the FJR for long hauls on the slab just curious what to expect. I suppose it could be better too although that’s a very high mark to aim for. Guess we’ll find out soon enough.
  13. If still available would check on cost of shipping to 53105. Thanks
  14. I for one have never warmed up to the Versys and Kawasaki’s in general. Versys always struck me as the bike you’d be riding while wishing you were riding something, anything else