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  1. Whatever you use once you clean and lubricate the brake switch it should work fine.
  2. Good luck with the new bike. If I may I recommend the Yamaha OEM accessory windshield. Looks good works great not a lot of money. The MT10 has sport tires, they’re not great in less than ideal conditions. Got to remember your not riding an -09 anymore😊
  3. Believe me when I tell you it will take a year of riding before they break in. Be patient. I use the top from a Roadcrafter Classic 2 piece, not sure exactly what the difference is between the Classic and RC3? I’m happy with the jacket. Did you consider the Darien instead of the Klim? Just wondering because I would guess they are close in price.
  4. Wordsmith I am so happy to see you’re still posting. You just made my day!
  5. The bike is worth $5000-5500 in mint condition. Figure out the cost of repairs and if you’re up to the task and see which way is best to go. It pays to fix it right. Trying to hide road rash with guards or micky mousing repairs will be seen through quickly by anyone willing to pay full tilt. If you’re not interested in doing it right you’re better off selling it the way it is. If you’re going to keep it and ride it then it doesn’t matter how you fix it as long as you’re happy with it. My thinking it’s better to beg forgiveness than ask permission. Let it sit for a while until your wife forgets about it then you can “tinker” with it and get it rideable. You’ll be back in the saddle.
  6. The Driftless region is great riding. I use a Go Cruise throttle control on the FJ-09. While not cruise control it does give my right hand a brake. Cruise and a bigger tank would be the reason(excuse) to consider a Tracer GT.
  7. As a member of the long distance community (9 SS1000, 1 BB1500, and 1 50CC in ‘19) I am one who believes there is no advantage to weight. In full disclosure I did most of my rides on my FJR and a couple on my Multistrada but am seriously considering using a TracerGT in the future. My FJ-09 with stock seat and CalSci windshield is as comfortable as the FJR, in fact it has more legroom and is easier on the knees. As far as comfort both the Multi and FJ-09 are tough to beat. The FJR does have an advantage in range which is a big plus and shaft drive is nice but not a deal maker. Where the lighter bikes rule supreme is when riding at slower speeds and any time you stop after 15 hours on the bike. It simply takes less effort and when fatigue is a factor that’s when it’s easy to make a mistake and drop a bike. Even the 100lbs difference between the Multistrada and FJR is huge at the end of the day. Less effort saves energy for riding longer too. I only have a 30” inseam and for me the FJ-09 is by far the easiest. While I’ve yet to do an official SS1000 on it I have done some long days and riding the smaller bike is no more fatiguing than a big bike if anything it’s less so. A decent windshield and it’s good to go. I have no problem with the stock seat but if it were to become my go to LD bike I’d have KonTour redo it. There really is no argument for heavier bike other than they’re heavier😊.
  8. Tragic and true. Some of the guys I ride with will ride too fast for the line of sight and I was horrified the day we all blew by a little girl standing on the edge of her driveway. As they say no harm no foul but to this day it leaves me thinking of the what if’s? Im lucky enough to own a couple of bikes and my FJ-09 and Multistrada are the keepers. Yes the Multi can out pull the FJ-09 but both bikes are great and put a smile on my face and that’s what I ride for. By no means is the FJ-09 a slow bike and it has a good power to weight ratio. It’s designed and built as a road bike and that’s a big plus, as is the Multistrada. While the R1 and Panigale are great try driving them on public roads and they just are not in their element.
  9. This Monster Evo 1100 tortured me for about 3 weeks before it finally sold and put me out of my misery. Boy I wanted it bad.
  10. Guy rode into the shop a couple months ago on a nicely set up ‘15 FJ-09. He wanted to trade it in on a ‘16 S1000XR because his friends could outrun him top end. He took the S1000XR for a test ride came back and said, “honestly I like the FJ-09 better. Sorry to waste your time.” Boy that made me smile. Great compliment to the FJ-09 and having ridden them both, with the exception of the up/down quick shifter on the XR I completely agree with him.
  11. There is a loaded pristine ‘18 RT with 620 miles on it at our shop selling for $15,999. With deals like that why would you buy new? And it goes oshow BMWs deprecate just as fast as everything else.
  12. Everything you need to know about Aerostich suits and jackets. Great company that makes great gear. Be patient with your new suit as it will take it a season to break in and from then on you won’t want to wear anything else.
  13. donk

    BMW F900XR

    Interesting thing about Guzzis, when people buy one they never leave them. Don’t know what it is but once a Guzzi owner always a Guzzi owner and most owners I know own more than one. I’ve ridden them on several occasions at the shop and they are a pleasant bike and solid reliable machines.
  14. Wordsmith, I wish you well and will certainly miss your contributions to the forum. Cheers, Donk