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  1. I’m 5’7” with a 30” inseam and mid 60s in age. I just throw my right leg over while it’s on the side stand, pick it up and go. It’s not that tall or heavy a bike. Grab the front brake and that will stabilize the bike while you get on too.
  2. Daboo thanks for the chart, good comparison. Also makes me feel good about sticking with the Angel GT although I don’t know anything about the Angel GT II other than according to the chart its more money and not as good as the original. That I believe is what they call progress
  3. That’s interesting that the PR5s are throwing in the towel with such low mileage as the PR4s are good for an easy 8K and 10 if you want to push it. That’s not just on a FJ-09 but on my FJR and Multistrada too. I’ve also had good luck with Pirelli Angel GT. I like the Angel GT better on a dry road and the PR4 better on a wet road but that’s splitting hairs, they’re both great tires
  4. I often wonder where Yamaha comes up with its colors? I was so excited by the picture in the OP I got the checkbook out, only to read on and find out not. Who is Yamaha trying to market to with these terrible colors, color combinations, and wheel colors? They must know something? I cannot believe they wouldn’t sell more bikes by classing up the colors.
  5. Olddawg I’m glad you made that mark. Please keep going and keep us informed. I’m proud to have the same license plate back as you.
  6. My wife uses the RPHA 70 and she really likes it. She thinks it’s lighter than any other helmet she tried and easier on her neck.
  7. I like the Rpha 11 Pro. It’s light weight and well vented.
  8. Not a fan of the GT Air. I like my RF1200 much better. There is less wind pressure on the helmet making neck fatigue less of a factor. Just my 2 cents worth.
  9. Nice write up. While $1800. may seem like a fair amount to spend considering the value of an FJ-09/Tracer if you consider what you get for it it’s a great investment. Simply put you get a much better bike that’s a lot more fun. Conversely if you think about what you would spend to get the same kind of performance from another bike it’s a plain old fashion bargain. Thanks again for the write up.
  10. donk

    BMW F900XR

    I have run into this servicing K bikes at the shop. What a pain in the butt. Typical BMW over engineering to create unnecessary problems down the road. The one thing I love about BMW is they make Ducati engineering look smart.
  11. Great looking exhaust but centerstand and panniers are a must for me.
  12. Selling my Aerostich Roadcrafter Classic Jacket size 46S. Been lightly used for 1 season, a few bugs on it but it’s never been washed, still crispy and new. I normally wear a 44 but Aerostich advised going with the 46S to have room for layering and their back protector. Fits perfect with or without layers. Selling for half the cost of new $400. Includes free shipping to cont US.
  13. My guess is it’s a misprint. You don’t need to use the clutch except at start up with up down quick shifter. They are nice bikes, like a Tracer with all the suspension features we all dream about and a counter rotating engine is wicked cool. That said reliability is questionable and dealers are hard to find. One thing about it is the aerodynamics are terrible and it’s not as easy as to find a windshield for one as it is for the Tracer.
  14. I would check the cost of getting the Calsci there. I can never figure that stuff out, one time it’s dirt cheap next time the cost is a shocker. Yes the Protekt jeans. I have never tested them myself, a record I hope to keep intact but Aerostich only makes top quality stuff so I believe if needed they would work as advertised.