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  1. Thruxton One of the best looking bikes I have had Sold it to go to a Tiger Explorer 1200 A decision I still regret!!!
  2. 2013 Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200 Great bike except dealing with Triumph for head replacement
  3. i believe the GT has a longer swingarm than the standard hence the more links
  4. Hard start or no start is a common Yamaha problem (see Super Tenere Forum) and is usually cured by cranking with throttle WFO or new battery. Glad it is resolved
  5. The Super Tenere is a great machine and the best do everything motorcycle that I have owned (43 and counting) Great at touring with legendary reliability,shaft drive,cruise,electronic suspension and tons of accessories Handling is suprisingly light for a large bike, better than a FJR IMHO It is heavy(good in cross winds), high and the engine is OK but noisy and has some vibration The more I rode it the more I considered it like the swiss army knife of motorcycles.A good all rounder but not outstanding at one thing.Sort of boring to ride if I am honest. Dave
  6. Not the 1000 but the 650 tempted me (my brother has a 650 and loves it) At my age (old) I just prefer the lighter weight and handling of twins and triples Dave
  7. donk I get were you are coming from. Since owning my 2016 FJ-09 I have been through: -Super Tenere -FZ-09 -KTM Super Adventure S -KTM Super Duke GT And now a Tracer GT the best of the bunch for my sport/touring riding I thought the Duke GT would be my dream bike but the Tracer is more FUN!! and that's why I ride.
  8. Don't feel bad, check this out on the fz 09 forum under Oil cooler punctured As you can see a few guy's have done this Dave
  9. Just like the oil drain bolt torque 31 ft-lbf and chain adjustment spec .2-.59 in !!! Dave
  10. A couple of RD 350's in the seventies and 2 FJR 1300's Now trying to decide whether to get a FJ-09