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  1. About a year ago I totally lost a nut & bolt out of one of my locks and was wondering why the lock was spinning. Turned the darn thing over and wholla....empty space and the whole lock fell off. Lucky we have an assortment of stainless tiny screws and lock nuts in the garage so was able to fix quickly and have now also locktite all the other bolts.
  2. Maguires make a similar product - Gold Class Trim Detailer.
  3. Installed the skewer to stabiliser the windscreen wobble - thanks to Suncoaster & Keithu
  4. The original locking mechanisms just don't hold very well anymore and I have been using a flat head screwdriver and a hammer to tap them tight for over a year now. Thanks @suncoaster for this handy tip and to @keithu for revisiting this topic. So today I took a trip to the local bicycle shop - 20 minutes round trip Drill 2x 4.8mm holes - 10 minutes Insert the skewer and tighten up - 2 minutes Job finished in 32 minutes including the travel time to get the part........not bad & I did it myself
  5. @bigorangecntry07 seems a couple pages back I pm'd some instruction to a couple fellas. I can see if the pm is still on here and send it to you if you like.
  6. Thanks @wordsmith @bigorangecntry07 my husband wired mine in for me but I'm not sure where he got the instructions from or whether he just knew how to do it.
  7. I just got a new battery from 4WD Extreme use the link below to take you to their ebay store. SSB-12VRTZ10-S
  8. Scuberth helmet for me. Having a pin head "very small" I find it difficult to get a helmet that fits comfortably. I've had several shard helmets which I have been very happy with but the Scuberth is sensational. The only thing it is missing though is a pinlock, which I will ensure I get on the next one. They aren't cheep though so I have to wait until they come on special here is Australia.
  9. My goodness Wordy, you certainly have been busy with your new additions. You've had plenty of practice at some of these it note as you are moving the ideas from one bike to the next I gonna take a stab here and say Farkle #11 will be the seat....but I guess that is yet to be seen.
  10. Thanks @skipperT & @tktplz I'm not able to ride at the moment, so will have hubby take the bike for a ride to activate the pump.
  11. Hi Everyone, I have to replace the brake fluid as part of the 80,000 km (~49,000 mile) service. My hubby has a Tenere and they can cycle the ABS pump (flush the old fluid from the ABS pump). Can this be done with the Tracer - 2015 model? Thanks in advance.
  12. Thanks for the info guys. Mine is also rattly and with 80,000 kms (49,709 miles), I thought there was something wrong. Seems it just a trait of the bike.
  13. I guess at the end of the day it really is up to the individual as to "how" they want to look after their machine. Personally, I use a manual chain oiler (Loobman) because I can't get the bike on the centre stand. It's a PITA having to find some one that can assist me if I have to do that, so I find the oiler the best option for me. Besides that, like has been said before, it assists with the wear on the sprockets and keeps the o / x-rings lubricated hopefully giving longevity to the chain. And my dad and hubby would kick by scrawny butt from here to kingdom come if I didn't....fears for life (he he he)
  14. @tinkerfreak I have been using chainsaw blade oil.....which has worked ok. However, I have had issues with regular / even delivery (despite all my faffing around) and sometimes the oil just drips straight off the feelers.....did manage to get 37,000 km out of the recent chain though. It could be the head is very worn and now not holding it's position and wriggles a bit . I haven't damaged the head but have worn out one side of the feeler. In say all this, it has done 74,000 km worth of work on the Tracer and another 30,000 km on other bikes (I just move it from one to the next). We'll see how perseverance pays off.
  15. http://www.loobman.co.uk/ I have had 3 Loobman oilers on various bikes and have come to appreciate the simplicity of them. The original squeeze bootle version was a bit of a PITA but still did a good job and the newer version with the plunger is built more stoutly/robust and works a charm. Not to mention the price is right. Kimmie, what kind of oil are you running through yours. I use 80-90 gear oil with great success. Cheers Hey Tinkerfreak, I'm using chainsaw oil at the moment cause that's what I have. IN the past I've used engine oil but it is a bit thin and you have to apply more and the fling off is extreme. Due to get some more oil soon, so I might try your 80-90 gear oil and see how I go. What's your fling of rate like??