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  1. I had it specifically built with NO forward slope. Haven't tried it yet in the high position because I am short! Still a little tall but manageable with my 30" inseam. No regrets.
  2. Dealerships suck ass. Mine was delivered to me with the positive terminal on the battery not even finger tight, way overfilled with oil and totally dirty. Couldn't get it home fast enough to go through it and correct all dealer "prep". Assholes.
  3. Thanks betony. I've had Russell's on 2 other bikes so I knew what to expect. Not disappointed at all. They are very consistent with quality control.
  4. Just installed a Russell Sport Seat after waiting for 3 1/2 months. Test rode it for about 120 miles today and it just plain works. Excellent build quality, not cheap but definitely worth it! Ready for some serious miles now..
  5. Awesome bike! I wish they sold them in the US. Enjoy!
  6. My Pyramid extension fell off. That sounds really strange... I cleaned exactly as instructed applied the sticky tabs to where there was NO gaps and it fell off within a month. Throw those tabs away and abs epoxy it from the start. The sticky tabs have held up fine on my last two bikes with the front extension but for some reason the rear did not work.
  7. Rode to Brooksville from Newberry and back and got 54 mpg verified with a calculator. Mostly back roads 65-70 with cruise occasionally. Pretty good.
  8. I too was looking several inches above it and had noise but not a lot of turbulence. Now I'm looking about 1 1/2" to 2 inches above it with quiet and no turbulence at full height, tilted about 3/4 back. I didn't want to look through it either. Of course you can adjust it down too. I don't know how they come up with their height recommendations but for me it wasn't even close.
  9. After living with the 22" for a while I realized that 2" more height would give me a totally quiet ride. I figured that I could always lower it and tilt it fully back for maximum air flow, so I rode down to Madstad to swap it out. Their customer service is awesome. They happily switched it out, took a few pictures of my bike and charged me nothing. Rode home in total quiet and comfort. Highly recommend their windscreen. Even at full height, the airflow made for nice ride at 93 degrees today.
  10. I have a brand new pair of FJR saddlebag liners that you can have for 75 bucks.
  11. Adapted an MRA Touring screen to fit the Madstad bracket. This is the full up and forward position. Looks better, we'll see if it works...