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  1. Had 2 FJR's in the past also. 2006 and 2016 es. Bullet proof and plenty of power. Handled very well for a bike that size. Great on the road just got a little heavy with everyday use.
  2. That's quite a whack to get the front that far out. Are they scrapes on the side case or just dent type scratches from a true stationary tip over? If they are scrapes it wasn't stationary.
  3. Going for a pre-hurricane ride in the morning, will take a few shots then! Thanks for the positive comments-
  4. Yep! Already bought a set of 2015 FJR bags, Road 5's, MRA touring screen, FJR pegs, beak, Yamaha 50L topcase and rack and had the bike/topcase painted to match the Liquid Graphite bags. Waiting on a build date of September 25th for a Russell Sport Seat. Had one on the FJR and loved it. Broke but happy!
  5. I just bought a new 2020 GT myself. Sold a 2016 FJR 1300 ES for it. No regrets at all. I love it and don't miss the pork.
  6. I've got a brand new set of FJR bags you can have for $50 plus whatever shipping costs. They fit perfectly.
  7. Holy $#!+ that's a big bug! I'm hungry!
  8. Throw it away. The bike will be much lighter too..
  9. I just bought a 2020 GT and love it so far. Sold a 2016 FJR 1300 ES because I got tired of the weight but still needed to tour. I have a road racing background and found the stock tires feedback very vague. Ditched them at 379 miles for a set of road 5's. Have used PR 2's, 3's and 4's over the years and really liked them all so figured it was a safe bet. Bike is still in pieces waiting on mods to arrive so can't comment on how they perform yet.
  10. Just finished this mod too. Everything worked perfectly the first time. Looks great and was well worth it. Thanks very much for the detailed tutorial!
  11. Interested in the FJR bags when you decide to sell.