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  1. I only need glasses for distance and can't see my instrument panel through lens. So, I have glasses that have short/narrow style lens. This allows me to look straight through the lens for the distance and look underneath the lens to see my instrument panel.
  2. Thanks for the pics and explanation as to what the stock position is. I've felt like I was leaning a little more forward than what I would like and I ordered and just received the HeliBars Riser that I saw on another post. Reviewing the pics, it appears that my risers are NOT in the stock position. That they have been rotated to the front position. I'm wondering if this happened when I took it in for the recall on the painted bolt issues. I'm going to try to go back to my dealer and see if they will correct it and restore it back to stock, and then add the new HeliBars riser.
  3. I have the lowering links and also a side stand that I had modified for the lowering link. Will sell set for $75.
  4. I had the dealer lower mine before I picked it up and they did lower the front about 3/4". Seemed to handle fine for me. I also bought a new kickstand and had that modified for the new height. Later, I added the Higdonion skid plate. After reading/viewing Twist of the Wrist and felt more comfortable on my cornering, I started to scrape against the skid plate. Being vertically challenged, it helped me be more comfortable on the cycle. I finally did revert back to the original height and have had no problems with the skid plate. I do have the lowering links and also the chopped kickstand I will be willing to sell
  5. Could you apply car door edge trim to close the gap? or if you remove, can you use washers as spacer instead of cutting the screws?
  6. I use a Coleman ATV cover. It covers the driver seat very well and carries onto the passenger seat where I have my tailbag sitting on the back end of it. Cheap and works well.
  7. Hello everyone! I am from central Iowa and had my 2015 FJ for a year now. Great cycle! I have taken it on short trips around Iowa and into Wisconsin. Hope to get many more miles on it this year and start doing longer trips to new places.
  8. Looking for a used cheap fj-09 passenger seat. Does not have to be in the best of condition. Thank you!