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  1. I dont remember the Dunlops at this point to be honest.... I dont find Road 5s to be especially hard. The Road 5s ride well. I just want try a different style tire to see what I get. I say that now but I do a lot of commuting so I will probably end up with another sport touring style tire to get longevity out of the center of the tire.
  2. I have had a set for about 3000miles or so... no signs of wear. No complaints except the price. I am an all weather rider so the advertised water siphoning ability is what pulled me most the to Road 5s. I had a set of Conti Road Attack 3s prior to the Road 5s and I feel like the Contis had a little more grip but it may just be in my head. The Roads have more than enough for my style riding. It makes sense to put a sport touring tire on the FJ/Tracer, but I think my next tire change I am going to go with something softer.
  3. Man... a "break in" and "type of oil" thread in one.. I've used Yamalube from day 1... pretty sure is a synthetic blend.
  4. I also use a SENA 20S and have had no issues with the speakers. I ride with ear plugs also.
  5. I went from a Versys 650 to a FJ-09... I used to always advise new riders to go with the lower HP bike but have since changed how I preface that statement. If you are someone with a good sense of self control and feel that you would be able to ride patiently and responsibly then I would go with the GT. If you are often find yourself pushing the envelope, go with the Versys to start. The Versys is a great bike. Comfortable, smooth, reliable, tall... a lot of good qualities... but the 650 parallel twin is, to put it plainly, BORING in comparison to the GT/FJ. If you're like me, you will be ready for an upgrade in power very quickly. Everyone is different though. Either way you go, they are both great bikes.
  6. I believe it is the wider of the 2 options. Only complaint about the screen is that it flexes more than I would like when in turbulent air.... but I'm used to it now and doesn't cause any issues.
  7. Puig's touring screen with clip on spoiler... been running it for 3 years.
  8. Damn dude... sorry to hear that. I'm about to put mine down for a few for throttle body sync and valve clearance check / adjustment. It's a little early in terms of miles but want to get it done before the prime riding weather really takes off.
  9. I agree... I have had the TST Flasher Relay installed for almost 3 years. So much easier than resistors. https://tstindustries.com/tst-led-flasher-relay-gen2.html
  10. If you are talking about running lights then you need turn signals with 3 wires. I have a '15 FJ and the rear turn signals do not have the 3rd wire for running lights. Only the front.
  11. Not the first turbo CP3 I've seen... kinda cool that someone did this to a Niken.
  12. +1 on the battery tender junior...
  13. What drone do you fly? I think I will take my FJ and Mavic Air up to that area soon..