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  1. Seems like a good application for the platform.
  2. I got one on Ebay for $75 shipping included... I will let you know if it doesn't work out. Thanks.
  3. Welcome to the forum. A lot of good info and people here. Seat and screen were the first things I addressed as well.
  4. I have a spring but honestly dont know if it's off a FZ or FJ so I was looking for a complete shock/spring combo... @koth442 How much would you sell just the shock for?
  5. Anyone who has done a shock upgrade willing to part with their original (unaltered and undamaged) shock and spring? Let me know....
  6. Welcome to the forum. A lot of good information and people here.
  7. Finally changed my original battery yesterday... was still cranking but could tell it was getting weak (especially if it was below 60F in the AMs). Got worried about being stranded somewhere so I changed it. Lasted over 3 years on my '15. Also thank you to everyone who has put the battery in incorrectly. Thanks to your sacrifices I knew what to look for and the install was a breeze.
  8. Do you have a modified stock pipe that you are no longer using?
  9. Just got back from Italy where I saw numerous Tracers... all looked just like my US spec in terms of headlight layout. I'd be will to guess this so called ITV inspector is just being difficult and doesn't know what he/she is doing.
  10. Do you have any links for the suspension you purchased? might be helpful to others.
  11. Welcome to the forum. There are a few of us in here from GA...
  12. I also have the Puig Touring Screen with clip on deflector. I would recommend it as well.