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  1. duhs10

    Removing Your FJ-09 ECU!

    I agree... if someone is skeptical of the benefits or worried about some negative impact of removing the foam then leave it. 2WDW wouldn't just say to remove it for fun.... he/they tune bikes and notice a performance increase.
  2. duhs10

    Removing Your FJ-09 ECU!

    I dont think that area of the tank would be subject to very much engine heat.. I ripped that foam off based on the recommendations from this thread over 2 years ago and have had no issues. Induction noise is definitely louder. Hard to say about the HP but I like the noise.
  3. duhs10

    ECU flash 2015/16/17 models

    Yes.. I meant traction control (TCS). Sorry...
  4. duhs10

    ECU flash 2015/16/17 models

    You can easily fix the fueling with a flash from 2wheeldynoworks or Vcyclenut. Not sure about the TCS situation or swapping ECUs. Let us know if you figure out how to get the different TCS modes onto the pre-2017 models. Edit to change ABS to TCS.
  5. duhs10

    Hi from GA (metro Atlanta)

    What are you currently riding? Maybe we could meet up for a ride and swap bikes for a few minutes... mine isn't a GT but I figure it would give you a decent idea as to what the GT will feel like.
  6. duhs10

    Hi from GA (metro Atlanta)

    I bought my FJ from Freedom Powersports in McDonough... they let me test ride it before buying. Have you tried there?
  7. To add to this.. when viewing in mobile mode the link to your newly created stream is the small newspaper looking icon in the menu drop down...
  8. When you use the "Unread Content" link in the top right of the page there should be some options for sorting/filtering. Once you set the filters how you like to see the content, you can save it. Then once saved you can set it as default by clicking the little check mark next to the title. Once set as default the filter will replace the "Unread Content" link at the top of the page. Hope this helps someone.
  9. duhs10

    Hard case lids?

    Unless Yamaha changed the mounts for the GT (which I'm 99% sure they didnt)... yes. Several forum members have decided to go this route on their FJs/Tracers
  10. I don't know if you will need a new shock or cable for abs mentioned... but I agree that upgraded suspension is the way to go. I looked through the parts diagrams and concluded that it would cost about $700 for the swingarm and parts (that doesn't include a new shock if that is needed)
  11. Went to like a new post, but apparently I already have... back on July 8th!!!! Any progress on getting to the bottom of this issue?
  12. Got 2 more likes from July 7th in this thread... One of them is from @Cruizinhimself.
  13. Maybe find a sheet of red vinyl that you can "wrap" the beek in (if you get one) that way if you don't like it all you have to do is pull the vinyl off... I personally don't thin it would look right as a red beak...... carbon fiber on the other hand would look nice.