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  1. Maybe wrap then with some clear vinyl or something.... I don't know. Just thinking.
  2. Welcome. Looks like you got a good bike there. The FJ-09/Tracer has always provided a great value.... finding one second hand with several upgrades already installed just adds to that value. Lots of good info here... dont be afraid to ask questions.
  3. This comment keeps popping up. I dont understand. You all know that the FJ-09, MT-09 Tracer, Tracer 900, and Tracer 900 GT are all basically the same bike... I assure you that @betoneyis aware of the differences between the models and his experience and advice is worth considering.
  4. Hello. Welcome to the forum. Lots of good information here.
  5. You must have had a heavy bag on them to scratch it so much. I've had the SH36s for a couple year old now and find the quality quite good. Those scratches will only be noticeable to you so I wouldn't worry about it. If you really feel the need to do something about it.... I agree with @jobbyregarding the vinyl wrap.
  6. If you're worried about it just get a manual tensioner.. I had mine replaced under the TSB and the new one only lasted 2500 miles before the chatter was back.... I put theAPE manual tensioner in and have had zero cam chain rattle since. Been probably 8-10k miles since swapping to a manual tensioner.
  7. @I’m GPSThose look really nice... I'm confused as to why OEM accessories aren't plug and play. My aftermarket signals are.
  8. What is the reason for switching to a 520? Is there a benefit?
  9. FJR and FJ-09 are very different.... I'm comparing the FJ-09/MT-09 Tracer ('15-'17) and Tracer 900/GT ('18-'19).
  10. Welcome to the forum.. ask as many questions as you want and utilize the search function as there is tons of useful information on the forum. I hope you enjoy your GT as much as I have my FJ.
  11. You are correct. My point is that the 2 bikes are still much much more the same than they are different and experiences of FJ owners are relevant to finding fixes for the Tracer and vice versa.
  12. The only change to the chassis was a slightly longer swingarm. Therefore feedback and advice from FJ owners is relevant. Especially when Tracer owners are reporting the same observations that have been discussed for years.
  13. Similar. Blaster X has some additional features. I've had the Motodynamic tail light for several years now with no complaints. At the time the price difference between the 2 didnt justify the extra features.
  14. Just one... this is the one I have.. literally plug and play. 2 minute job. You can adjust the flash rate manually as well. I assume it works on a Tracer GT as well... you will have to confirm. TST Industries | Gen2 LED Flasher Signal Relay Fix your bike's hyperflash or no flash...
  15. 100% worth it if it's still available.