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  1. duhs10

    Heated seat woes.

    Are you able to post up any pictures of the situation... Until this post, I didn't even know that Yamaha had a heated seat as an option.
  2. Highly recommend going this route... no need for resistors... plug and play. And its adjustable so you can speed up or slow down the rate to your liking.
  3. @CruizinWhen do we get the memeber map??
  4. @mellowI've been thinking about getting my own tire changer... which one do you have? Or would you recommend?
  5. Several people had expressed interest... hopefully they will come through.
  6. duhs10

    Handlebar positions?

    Sure doesnt!!
  7. duhs10

    Handlebar positions?

    Yes... turning the risers makes the difference.. @krucymucyis correct. They are generally mounted closer to the rider from the factory.
  8. duhs10

    Tyre Pressure poll

    32 front / 36 rear .... a little better ride. Although my local shop told me my tires show signs of being under inflated. So I will probably run a little higher on the Michelin Road 5s I just installed.
  9. duhs10

    Hi from NorthWest Indiana

    Welcome to the forum. There are is a lot of good information and a lot of good people here. Post a picture of your Tracer whenever you end up pulling the trigger.
  10. Full asking price minus shipping... hahaha... good luck with the sell buddy. Sad that you wont be riding with us again. So what changed? Last I heard you were hanging up the helmet.
  11. I also like browsing the forum by selecting "Home" ( 1 ) under the blue bar, under the tabs... then choosing the "Topics" ( 2 ) format. Also a lot of good filtering and sorting options available.
  12. @wordsmith Wait... what!? Are you thinking of purchasing your 4th MT/FJ/Tracer??
  13. duhs10

    Greetings from Austin, TXish

    Welcome @undecider! I hope you enjoy the forum. There are a lot of good people and information here. I own a '15 FJ-09 and have been running the Puig touring screen with their clip on deflector for almost 3 years. I hope you are able to find a solution.
  14. @CruizinTesting out the new features.... so far I like the new software!

  15. Looking at the diagrams... the vast majority of the parts are identical.. I'm sure i over looked some, but it looks like the swing arm #1, seal guard (chain guide) #11, case chain (chain guard) #13, rear fender #18, and bracket #25 are the only differences (along with associated fasteners). reference #s are referring to the GT diagram. So around $700 all in for new parts.... an i would try the old chain guide and guard before ordering the new ones might be close enough fit. '15 FJ-09 Tracer 900 GT