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  1. @littlebruv I switched from a Sargent seat to a Bagster. The Bagster is more narrow at the rear than the Sargent. The Sargent sits slightly lower than the Bagster. The Sargent is stiff and relies on spreading the load to achieve some level of comfort. The Bagster is a little more plush. Overall I think the Bagster is more comfortable... the Sargent just doesn't have enough foam towards the rear of the rider seat. I had a Sargent Performance Plus and now have a Bagster Ready Luxe w/ Bulltex foam.
  2. I wouldn't be able to handle looking at that on my bike.. taking the forks apart is easier than you would think. I would go ahead and replace that sooner than later.
  3. The Yoshimura seems nice... If you're after performance, I think the Graves has posted the best dyno numbers.
  4. Its a matter of personal opinion. If you want the exhaust go for it... I bought a second hand akropovic. No complaints. Adds a good rumble, but also not too loud as to piss off the neighbors. IMO the "can" on the Akro looks better than OEM, but I prefer the OEM headers. Just a minor matter of opinion. I will say that you will see more benefit from the ECU flash than you will from the exhaust so I would recommend having the ECU done regardless.
  5. Now that you brought it to my attention, I can't take my eyes off of it.... terrible
  6. Sorry to see that you are having trouble offloading the part... glad to see nobody has really needed it. Do you have this listed on the FZ-09/MT-09 forum too? Not sure if its the same part # but I would assume those guys are more abusive with their bikes.
  7. Unless that has changed... B mode is the same power and redline. Only difference is throttle mapping so that it takes more wrist to get the same amount of fueling. Another forum member and I tested this via numerous drag races on a closed course ;-). No matter the mode the result and speed was basically the same. This was with 2 '15 FJ-09's.
  8. @Salish900 its all good... next step is to look into risers if having them in that position doesn't work for you.
  9. The pictures are from different angles. @texscottyd's picture is from the front looking toward the rider and @perolaforss is from the rider's position looking forward. The risers are facing opposite directions. To answer your question, if you want the bars closer to the rider, the angle on the risers should be facing the rider position. The top clamp is irrelevant.
  10. @betoneythat bronze color with the red FJ would look sweet.
  11. Welcome! Have fun with the new bike.
  12. duhs10

    BMW F900XR

    If you plan to replace the Tracer with a Vulcan 900 I think you will be disappointed. If adding the Vulcan as a 2nd bike, then probably ok.
  13. Hell, just about any modern chain can make it 5k miles with no maintenance lol.... I do not recommend attempting this.
  14. Sounds like valves or timing chain to me (non-professional opinion). FWIW.... I had the CCT replaced under the TSB that was sent out (never actually a recall) and it only lasted a couple months before the cam chain noise was back. I installed the manual tensioner 2-ish years ago and haven't heard it since. Might want to give it a try. I didn't realize how much noise the timing chain was actually making until I did the replacement.
  15. This sounds like the TCS is still active... I know you said you tried it with it the TCS off... but what you are describing is exactly how the bike acts with TCS on.