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  1. Nice... I have the Gilles adjuster and it is very high quality. What caused you to make the change?
  2. So far so good... coming up on the first valve adjustment. I'm expecting to find tight exhaust valves. Fingers crossed that your experience was an outlier.
  3. I also used Vcyclenut... he never said anything about using tape or anything other than blocking plates to block the AIS. He did say if I didn't block it a small amount of air might still make it through even with it disables but not enough to cause any issues. It's been almost 3 years.... no issues.
  4. Welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy the bike!
  5. I have a pinlock shield on my HJC and I notice no difference in visibility at night whether it is in or not (aside from the fog when applicable). I feel that the pinlock system, while not perfect, is pretty effective.
  6. What are good stands? ....or are you just letting everyone know that 19mm is pin size we need?
  7. Does anyone know if Bagster will ship to the US? There are some Bagster seats listed on Ebay with free international shipping from Amsterdam.
  8. I owned a Versys 650 just prior to buying my FJ-09. Its a nice bike. Very Comfortable, reliable etc... but that motor just needs a little more. Its punchy and not slow, per se... but nothing when compared to the CP3.
  9. @tinkerfreak Motorcycle shops in general give very little on trade in. You are better off returning it to stock prior to trading it in. Aftermarket accessories don't add much value at all... but you can sell them separately and make up some of the expense.
  10. My '08 FZ6 was butter smooth... Now that I have developed muscle memory for the FJ throttle it doesn't seem so "abrupt"... in fact I feel like I ride it just as smooth as any other bike I've owned. 2 Kawis and 2 Yamahas...
  11. Cruise can be added but it's not cheap... that new color dash is pretty
  12. You only need 1 relay for all the signals... it replaces the OEM relay under the driver seat. Are you sure you aren't referring to resistors that they sent you? You can hook up resistors for all the lights but the relay is much easier and cleaner IMO. It also removes the need for the resistors.
  13. I have that tail light on my '15... been several years now with no issues and it is WAY brighter than stock. Also if you are going with LED flush mounts, I highly recommend using a flasher relay as opposed to finding a place for the resistors. I have the TST Industries flasher relay. Direct plug and play. TST Industries | Gen2 LED Flasher Signal Relay ...
  14. I would probably go with the 900 GT unless I came across a used FJ/Tracer with significant upgrades. If you are only comparing brand new bikes I would go with the GT hands down.