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  1. I got you... Thanks for the explanation.
  2. I'm confused by this statement... I was under the impression that you measure fork oil level with forks fully compressed (ie. outer tube as low as possible on the inner tube)
  3. I agree. It really was a good bike. Only sold it because I needed cash at the time due to purchasing my first home. I also feel like the FJ-09 is somewhat of an evolution of the FZ6 (Fazer). The '08 FZ6 had approx 98hp and just over 400lbs... similar power to weight to a stock FJ, but the FJ has much more instant torque as we all know. Both are half faired. Similar seating positions although the FZ-6 was slightly more aggressive. FJ-09/Tracer definitely better in almost all categories IMO.
  4. I will try to track down some pictures later... I've owned 4 motorcycles. '05 Ninja 500R '08 FZ-6 '08 Versys 650 '15 FJ-09 The Ninja was honestly terrible looking back, but it was a very cheap started bike so it served its purpose. I loved my FZ-6. The engine was SO SMOOTH. The Versys was a solid bike but kind boring. Then the FJ...
  5. @com3 I appreciate your sense of humor... Liked and Subscribed!
  6. I think you are right... I missed the fact that it was a 2019.
  7. This motor just doesn't want to go 30mph.... it can be done but it will constantly beg you to twist the throttle and let it fly! In all seriousness.... I would recommend a search on the forum for some of the fixes to smooth out the throttle and fueling (mainly APS adjustment) . I also recommend getting the ECU flashed if you are willing to do that to disable the O2 and create a closed loop fueling map. That will be the biggest improvement in fueling.
  8. I carry a tire repair kit (tar stick type), portable air compressor, a roll up tool kit with a variety of stuff (wrenches, sockets, fuses, wires, screw driver), a flash light (technically a head lamp), and a set of foldable allen wrenches. As well as the OEM "toolkit" if that even qualifies. Reading through these makes me realize I need to pack the little tool that is used to adjust the Gilles Tooling axle blocks.
  9. Yeah, I agree and am not worried... I was just being funny saying "oops."
  10. I'm at almost 19k miles on the original set of spark plugs.... oops lol. No issues, however. I'm going to get the valves done at 20k so they will be replaced then.
  11. Thanks for your input... The FGK 237 is discontinued unfortunately... I can't seem to find the bitubo ech229's you speak of. EDIT: found the bitubo's. Pretty good price.... no service locations in the US that I could see.
  12. I was just reading about corrosion on the oil cooler causing them to fail and thought of this thread. Hopefully it's not that.
  13. Probably should have done Matt's advanced option from the beginning. I've thought about the AK-20... but like the idea of the larger diameter pistons in the Ohlins NIX-30. I might give Traxxion a call. Good suggestion.
  14. Mine acts the same except that I am on my 2nd battery.