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  1. Oh, ok, I think I got where you're coming from now. You are trying to line up the two pieces together, hence the axel... I would suggest that you don't worry about lining up the bracket. If the caliper is tapped properly, it will (should) guide itself home. Do you have a proper tap set?
  2. You do not need to remove the axel to get the caliper off...I should know (eyeroll). Remove the two mounting bolts and brake line. I am assuming that you may not have a proper table to work on, but that's what you want/need, ideally with a vise. Take over the kitchen if you have too! You want to line the bolt with the bracket. The bolt needs to sit flush on the caliper. Any deviation will produce undesireable results. The rear guide will do it's own thing if you tap properly. I used some locktite when reinstalling. Are you using a proper tap and die set, or just using the bolt with some English on it to straighten it out. If you're lacking the proper tools, it might just be easier to buy a replacement caliper.
  3. Just got back from a spirited ride, and besides my speedo and GPS fighting about the proper speed (bike shows +7km faster than GPS at highway / +5km at city speeds), the bike ran top notch and stopped without issue. Back brake is doing what it should, and nothing it shouldn't. Thanks to all and especially Peter once again for all the help. Beers are on me!
  4. So, a quick search shows Trevinator is the winner. It took Peter about 20mins to find the problem. After some tapping and reinstalling the caliper, the bike is going on maiden voyage this am. During my initial install I cross threaded the right caliper bolt. People had asked and I always said "no" as I was only looking at the male end. Peter shows up, quick assessment, and the female end was chewed up. Got out the tap set, he redid the threads, put it back on, bled again and everything is flush and square. Tire spins, whole brake pad grabs. Supervisor isn't impressed with me... The pic shows how much the bolt was off that it wouldn't mate flush with the caliper. I would like to thank Peter for riding out and getting hands on, and everyone else who has helped and offered advice and guidance. Hopefully I won't need to post after my sun am ride to say anything bad happened! If anyone is ever in the Hamilton area of Ontario, feel free to stop in for your free beer.
  5. I went with full ti exhaust. Sound is great under throttle, and won't wake the neighbours at 05:00. I agree. Suspension over exhaust. But, if you're doing exhaust, pay once/cry once and get what you want.
  6. The front pin, which I never noticed before has flat spots on 3 sides which is weird.
  7. I was trying to get both sides, I am hoping that's why it looks off
  8. Pedal depressed and piston pushed back by hand