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  1. Bolts are in, no wave. Just might look off due to the angle. Ordered a piston kit and new pads. Hopefully they're in this week.
  2. I'm totally stumped now. Bled the brake with no air. Wondering if something happened when the pedal got pushed down with no rotor to grab?
  3. Nope, didn't touch anything past the sprocket. So everything is back in place. Chain is adjusted etc etc. No brake grabbing, rubbing or grinding but I haven't hit the pedal yet... 10, 9, 8, 7, 6..... And failure! Back piston won't release. Bike for sale! Lol
  4. Couldn't sleep... Last pic is trying to show the "tab" placement
  5. I'm working some long shifts the next few days. So unfortunately there probably won't be an update until Thurs eve. Plan is to pull the wheel off and reassemble slowly and triple check everything again. With pics! But thanks gang for all the ideas so far.
  6. Bolts aren't in, but to give an idea of piston placement. You can just make out the gold piston...
  7. So, I had to back paddle out of a parking spot yesterday, it's was stupid hard. Bike on centre, the tire will move, with considerable effort. As soon as the caliper comes off, it's all price is right bonus round spinning freely. Riding there is no rear brake at all. I was getting fluid and bubbles near the end of every cycle. When I removed the lid off the res, the internal bladder (not sure the actual name) was fully extended. I was able to push the piston back to flat without issue when I removed it (15th time) this am. Tire looks to be centre. Axel spacers are in, and in the correct spot. Brake pads were properly lined up in the front edge of the system....
  8. No pic, I will try for one later.
  9. So bled this am...and didn't help at all. You can see the piston sticking out mm's, but enough to engage. Now I'm stumped...
  10. Yeah, I have done it before. Fluid level is tits full. Backed off the cap when I pushed the piston out...sigh. I should be riding, not wrenching... Such is life
  11. Brake is non-existent. When riding today, I bottomed out and there was no grab at all. I think I was looking at the rear when everything was off and leaned and hit the brake pedal. After some swearing, ii was able to push the pistons out... Blah blah blah. So a brake bleed, (not a flush) is in order?
  12. I checked, and double checked, the pads are in the correct spot. Someone had mentioned, that since the rear brake was depressed while the tire was off, that I need to bleed the brakes...ugh
  13. Hey gang, I'm stumped. Changed out the rear tire, chain, and both sprockets. All that went fine...until it came to mounting tire. The rear brake is grabbing enough that walking the bike is a chore, but when riding, I have no rear brake at all. I didn't change the pads, or touch anything back there at all. Fellow rider said to ride it and it will sort itself out..but it didn't. The pads are in the correct position, so I'm at a loss. What am I missing/did wrong?