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  1. Hey Gang, Just a quick FYI: I heard the rumours, so I called the OPP and confirmed on the MTO site... Motorcycles ARE allowed in the HOV lanes regardless of the number of people. So single riders are good to pass all the cages stuck in a traffic jam. I don't have the link right now, but you can confirm for yourself on the MTO website. Happy motoring!
  2. FWIW: I used Kappa 2122klr racks to mount my Moskomoto 35l bags. No cutting etc involved. Pics will be up soon...
  3. So... I finally bit the expensive bullet and did the Ohlins upgrade. Full front and YA 534 rear. I had it done through Accelerated Technologies in Buckhorn. Great little shop, great people, and quality work. Would not hesitate to recommend. John took the time to explain what and how the adjusters work, set sag...top notch. The bike itself feels SO much better. Nose dive is gone. No more skittish handling going around bumpy corners, no more tailbone jarring hits when you get on Hamilton roads... If you're on the fence, do it! Try a bike with BOTH ends done, and that should be all you need to do your bike.
  4. Ask 25 different riders which is the best road, you will most likely get 25 different answers. The more choices that are thrown out, the more confusing it gets. Usually to the point of people dropping out due to lack of organization, and they can no longer follow the latest offered time/date/place. So, not to hijack or anything, but why don't we agree to have the first meet up Saturday July 27 (as per orig post) starting in Orangeville at 10:00 at Trafalger and 124 per Rob's idea. Second date of August 24 stands. I know we all have lives and holidays and it looks like the summer is FINALLY here, so if we can make it, great. If not, then wait until the 24 in august or a sat in sept or oct. Just my $0.02
  5. So, I had been researching suspension upgrades for a while now, and someone directed me to Accelereated Tech on another thread (Was it you Windosr?) in the Canada section. I talked to a dealer in BC, who was happy to sell me some gear, but wouldn't give, or had very basic answers to my questions and concerns. Not confidence inspiring at all. So I tried John at AT. Many emails later, and a hour long phone conversation, and several weeks go by and I booked my bike in for a complete Ohlins package. Full new kit in the front, and a YA 534 rear. Even though I was late getting there, I was met with smiles and got straight to work. Bike measurements, (sag) some questions about what I'm looking for, kind of riding I do, passenger and then the bike was torn apart. Clean shop, friendly people, nice quiet country setting... The whole process wasn't cheap by any means, but now I understand when people say "the oem bike feels skittish and now it feels planted/ it rides in rails", and I have to agree. So, a thumbs up to the Accelerated Technologies crew and would recommend without hesitation.
  6. I never understood why people cover up the licence plates in pics... Looks like fun though.
  7. I'm in, But not near the airport. I work around there...don't want a day off to remind me that I'll have to go back in a day or two lol. July 27 / August 24 works in that order. August 10/11 is probably out all together.
  8. I have/use the Ermax sport screen in black. I'm 5'10" and on trips, I go between middle and tall settings. Going to work it's on low, or medium. Looks great. I would need to ride a full size to compare it to others for protection. But like someone else said, the bigger the screen, the uglier it becomes.
  9. So any luck with these pegs? I am looking to upgrade and I like this style the best so far. Kinda look like my WRF pegs...
  10. Good write up. Thanks for putting this up.
  11. Hey Tex, That was done just to show how they can be mounted. And I agree, if I were to be leaving on a trip today, I would have the level out making sure they were exactly even
  12. There are pics of a FJ09 Police bike with a box instead of a passenger seat on the googles. Just mail the owner/dept and ask how they did it to use as a starting point.
  13. Because of the route I am going with this year for my luggage, the passenger grab rails are obsolete.
  14. Changing my oil last year on my '15, somehow the OEM pan got stripped. I say "somehow" because I think it happened on removal. I had to muscle the bolt off. I mean really give it some "umph!" (Last oil change was done by the dealer) When installing the new plug, it was turning, met some resistance, and then whoops, it just kept turning. No torque wrench, no strongarming, just a normal turning. After a lot of swearing, I bit the bullet and just ordered a new pan with the plug on the front (where it should of been in the first place). A few beers and a enjoyable afternoon, new pan was in with new plug and no issues. Not the cheapest route at all, but now I don't worry about the low spot.
  15. So here they are on the bike. Beer can is for size reference. They don't rotate once bolted in. I used a piece of plastic under rings to kind of "complete the look".