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  1. Hopefully they can help, and bonus is that they are just down the road from work. Can't help...they don't sell to the public which is stupid.
  2. Hey Gang, Hopefully this is under the correct sub... Anyways, I am looking to change out the rear bolts holding the passenger grab rails, from OEM to eye bolts. Getting my setup / luggage ready for this year's bike trip to Rushmore... I had a look at a Canadian Home Depot, Fastenal, and a local nut and bolt place. But nothing. I have searched the web and found a few here and there, but I'm not paying $20 shipping for $3 bolts. Does anyone have a local shop to them that carries the correct OEM size? We could work out a trade or I can pay. Thanks, Mark
  3. Yes, right now even though still pricey, Bayside has some great discounts right now which is tempting...
  4. Perfect! I just sent them an email! I contacted Bayside yesterday to get some pricing...ouch!
  5. Hey Gang, Hopefully this subsect is still visited. I'm posting this here as we have the better bikes, but the lower dollar, that affects some of our decisions. The lack for suspension gurus, our shorter riding time, lower dollar all shapes how we spend. Anyways... So, I am looking at upgrading my front and rear '15 suspension. There are as many choices as there are opinions, and it gets quite overwhelming sometimes. (But Ohlins is in the lead so far.) I am looking for some input from a fellow Canadian re: their suspension upgrades. What did you do? Why did you do it? Why did you pick the components you did? Worth it or not worth it? How much did you spend? Any quality Canadian manufacturers and / or techs (especially in the Golden Horseshoe area) that helped you out? Brands that are good and stay away from etc etc etc? Let's see what you have to say. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Hammer
  6. Hey Gang, I looked and couldn't find any other header, so I guess WTB ads go here as well.... WTB: OEM rear grab rails for a '15 FJ. These are the two handles that come up and out from passenger seat. I THINK up to '17 would work/fit, but I'm not positive. Let me know what you have. Cash in hand. Thanks
  7. Yoshimura plate removal I believe I'm running motodynamic integrated tail light / turn signal single unit.
  8. 2 yrs behind the time, but late then never... The issues that you had that required the grinding, is that due to your rear rack? I am looking to upgrade my luggage and I have been looking at SWMotech Adv line, but they are pricey! That, and I have a fender eliminator, and it's looks as if the Givi rear support bar does not attach to the plate, using only one piece. Where as the SWM needs the rear plate, or suitable bracket to connect the left and right side. Am I correct on this?
  9. When he did my bike, I had to ride home on the 401 to the QEW. What SNATCHY throttle?
  10. I am not a computer guy...so...My advice is contact him directly and find out. But...my GUESS is that since this engine is shared with other bikes, I'm sure they have have all been tested. All you need to do is buy the program and find the one that suits your needs, ie: the version released to the public, then in turn download it to your bike.
  11. Hey Pio, I believe I was his first FJ09. So it was a learning curve to find out what needed to be done to get at the ECU. We were also talking about MotoGp, Isle of Mann etc. So it wasn't exactly a rush job. He charges by the job, not the hour I guess... Then we put the bike back together, test ride, and then back to the shop. Then properly buttoned the bike up and that was that. And flash only, no dyno.
  12. Guys, 2015 rider here. Been away from the site for a bit, and thought I would drop in with my $0.02... While doing a kijiji search one day, I found someone with a ad posted about ecu flashing. Long story short, rode my bike to Toronto from Hamilton, helped take the bike apart to get the unit out, and then let him work his magic. The whole thing took a couple of hours or so. Price was around the $300-400 range if I remember correctly. I just did a kijiji search and couldn't find him, but if anyone is interested his "handle" is JSFlashtune. His facebook page under the same name has my bike listed May 27, 2018. Hope this helps.
  13. No problem Rusty. Just make sure to turn your Kriega's sideways to get more area on your seat to move around on. And...When Kriega's aren't attached, keep an eye on the grey "luggage straps". I just hooked mine around the hooked end of the accessory rail, and I thought they were on tight. But once the luggage was removed, I was able to slide the 4 grey attachment straps off of the bike.
  14. Hey Gang First off, I would like to thank Albert at Motomachines for taking the time to answer my questions and concerns many months ago... So, here we are... On to the Hepco and Becker CBOW Royster bags for the FJ09. I received these bags back before I even had the bike, so they have been sitting around collecting dust and then the crappy spring we had but I digress... Shipping was fast and Albert (MM) was great at keeping me up to date, informed etc. Packing was good, and everything arrived together and secure. Sorry, no pics, but imagine a safely secured box with bike goods inside. I recently used these bags (two weeks ago) for a trip to the East Coast. 5 kms short of 4000kms round trip from Hamilton, to P.E.I. staying in Canada. So, I do have some proper time in with the bike and the bags. I had A LOT of pics, but my photo uploader that I use has decided to eat some of them, so I will try to get whatever is wanted asap. IS THERE ANYTHING BETTER THEN PHOTBUCKET? It's eating all of the pictures ARRGH! SO... Install was a breeze. Undo your two accessory handle bolts, retain spacer, use the H&B bolt and away you go. it really is that simple. No bending, forcing or any yelling was done. You COULD, if you wanted the bags closer in, to remove the side AND top rear handle, but, it isn't really worth it. The CBOW system feels secure and does NOT look out of place without the luggage. The locks for the luggage held on, and getting the key in and out in the tight space (between bike and bag) wasn't that bad at all. The bags themselves are easy to carry off the bike, but wouldn't want to transport a far distance. They are not a soft bag, nor are they hard (Mind out of the gutter!) They have some flex to them, but not annoyingly so. Because we were camping along the way, I used my Kriega 30+20l and I picked up a Cortech 12l tank bag. The Royster bags claim 22l of storage and I have no real way to quantify, but I can say that each side holds a 12 pack of beer just fine. I kept my clothes in the Kriega and used the sides for camping gear. A 3 season sleeping bag, and sandals on left side, and a Eureka tent, fly, pegs and a pair of Chucks on the right side. We did get wet and it was a good time to see if they actually are waterproof or just resistant. Grab the tops, roll down on itself and snap together... I will say that through the expected rain where everything was done nice and tight, it did NOT leak. During a UNexpected night shower, where it was NOT folded "properly", it did NOT leak, but always roll and snap just to be sure. The zippers worked as the should without issue. The sleeping bag was rammed into the left side as it would not fit in its compression bag so I had to hold the Royster closed with the leg while doing the zippers. The zippers are "lockable" but I personally don't see the need. We didn't night ride at all so I can't comment on the effectiveness of the hi-vis panels. Note: the side pockets on the luggage, although handy cannot really be used if the saddle bag is full. So, a quick review with a total lack of pictures, to be rectified shortly, about some good luggage options out there. The CBOW / ROYSTERS are a good combo at a great price. A little on the small size, but they are waterproof, and you don't notice them on the bike at all at speed. Any detailed pics wanted, feel free to ask and I will do my best, usually within a week to get them up.
  15. Did some of the same roads a few years ago, and I think we are going back out East this year. What are the specs on your tail pack you're using?