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  1. So any luck with these pegs? I am looking to upgrade and I like this style the best so far. Kinda look like my WRF pegs...
  2. Good write up. Thanks for putting this up.
  3. Hey Tex, That was done just to show how they can be mounted. And I agree, if I were to be leaving on a trip today, I would have the level out making sure they were exactly even
  4. There are pics of a FJ09 Police bike with a box instead of a passenger seat on the googles. Just mail the owner/dept and ask how they did it to use as a starting point.
  5. Because of the route I am going with this year for my luggage, the passenger grab rails are obsolete.
  6. Changing my oil last year on my '15, somehow the OEM pan got stripped. I say "somehow" because I think it happened on removal. I had to muscle the bolt off. I mean really give it some "umph!" (Last oil change was done by the dealer) When installing the new plug, it was turning, met some resistance, and then whoops, it just kept turning. No torque wrench, no strongarming, just a normal turning. After a lot of swearing, I bit the bullet and just ordered a new pan with the plug on the front (where it should of been in the first place). A few beers and a enjoyable afternoon, new pan was in with new plug and no issues. Not the cheapest route at all, but now I don't worry about the low spot.
  7. So here they are on the bike. Beer can is for size reference. They don't rotate once bolted in. I used a piece of plastic under rings to kind of "complete the look".
  8. So I was talking to a millwright at work and he worked out a solution for me... But basically it's a stainless cylinder drilled out for the bolt, and then a hole drilled out for attachment. I will put them on the bike this weekend to get a better idea. I talked to my local powdercoat guy, and he said he could do them (I wanted gold to match the forks) but said due to the sharper edges, it would chip. So I will leave them as is. Thanks for all the help though.
  9. Thanks Red, Although I am more of a "set it and forget it" type of guy, there doesn't seem to be much point in spending big money on something that is not easy to adjust. How did you find the ride quality? Now I have to wonder if the 534 or 535 would pose the same adjusting issues?
  10. I was looking at this shock, but it's not listed for a '15 FJ on Ohlins page. Does anyone know if this will fit a '15?
  11. I called them this afternoon. They don't sell to the public. I might have the take the amazon route, or try making my own.
  12. Hopefully they can help, and bonus is that they are just down the road from work. Can't help...they don't sell to the public which is stupid.
  13. Hey Gang, Hopefully this is under the correct sub... Anyways, I am looking to change out the rear bolts holding the passenger grab rails, from OEM to eye bolts. Getting my setup / luggage ready for this year's bike trip to Rushmore... I had a look at a Canadian Home Depot, Fastenal, and a local nut and bolt place. But nothing. I have searched the web and found a few here and there, but I'm not paying $20 shipping for $3 bolts. Does anyone have a local shop to them that carries the correct OEM size? We could work out a trade or I can pay. Thanks, Mark
  14. Yes, right now even though still pricey, Bayside has some great discounts right now which is tempting...
  15. Perfect! I just sent them an email! I contacted Bayside yesterday to get some pricing...ouch!