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  1. The last two sets of tires I have run were Bridgestone T-31's and S-22's. They both approached the maximum mileage delivered by any tire on the Tracer and my last bike a Versys 1000. I have never had a set of tires last more than 4500 miles. The best was 4500 on a set of Dunlop Roadsmart 2's and the Bridgestones both reached the around 4300 miles. I was surprised that The S-22 lasted as long as the T-31 and just ordered another set from Rocky Mountain for future use to take advantage of the rebate.
  2. I have been using the City bag for six years on three bikes. This bag has done at least 50,000 miles and still looks new and latches securely. You do pay more for these bags but this has been the best quality of any bag I have used in the past. I got creative and modified a tank ring from my old Triumph Tiger 1050 to work on the GT and everything works well. If there is a taller ring, that will be the one you need. I had to shim the latching hardware away from the bottom of the bag to get it to work on the standard height ring so the extra height ring will be needed.
  3. Luckily I was buying a new pickup anyway and just upsized the unit.
  4. Well, we jumped up to a full size Silverado with a 5' 8" bed and I believe the issue has been resolved. It appears that the back wheel will be much closer to the bed which is the strongest part of the tailgate. Thanks for the input.
  5. Has anyone ever hauled a Tracer in a short bed small pickup? I'm thinking of buying a Chevy Colorado with a short bed, five foot length. I figure I will have to fortify the tailgate somehow to keep the weight of the rear tire from causing damage, to the tailgate, when hauling the bike over longer distances. Maybe a channel running front to back to help keep the full load off of the tailgate or some side to side brace on the tailgate to distribute the load over the full width of the panel. Any comments from those who have run into this situation would be appreciated,
  6. I will look forward to your experience with the Road II's. I have been wondering if the new II is the same quality as the old tire. The price is so much less than the old II and the new III that I wonder about it. At that price the new Dunlop II is very attractive and, if it holds up well, may very well be my next purchase. Hell, these are cheaper than Shinkos.
  7. The T31's I just changed out gave me 4500 miles which equaled the best mileage I have ever gotten from a rear. The only tire that has lasted that long for me in the past was a Road Smart 2. I just installed a set of S22,s and am looking forward to testing their longevity. You can't argue with the dollar to mile value with the Bridgestone tires when you are able to use the rebate and get both ends for less than $200.
  8. I ride in A all the time. The other day I switched to B on a stretch of steep gravel road. I thought I had broken my bike until I realized I had forgot'n to switch back when I hit the asphalt.
  9. I traded a Versys 1000 for the GT. The Versys is a very good bike. Smooth, pulls strong from 2000 RPM and extremely stable. It is heavier and almost too refined in feel. The Versys could be run through most of the roads I enjoy the most in 5th and 6th gears. If I was going to be traveling long distances, this would be a better bike for me. I really enjoy the fact that I am more involved with the bike on the GT. The GT could be kept in the lower gears and use the upper RPM without shifting but I enjoy using the gearbox and being more attuned to how the engine and suspension are responding to what I am asking of them. The GT is a whole lot more fun to run through the twisties due to the light weight and sportbike like front rake and trail. For the 200 to 300 mile day rides I am enjoying these days the GT is a much more fun machine. All of the other goodies like cruse, heated grips, QS and fully adjustable front end are also a plus.
  10. All I can say is that it is fun pulling out of a corner and running up through the gears with a strong, even if not pinned, throttle with the QS. Is it necessary? NO Is it fun? YES. True, there are some other things that I might rather have as part of the overall package but this is what was offered and I, for one, will be using it on occasion and grinning the whole time.
  11. It must be the way I ride. My technic must be bad. I would love to be able to get more miles. I run 36/42 psi. Maybe the pressure is too high?
  12. I have no idea how you folks get that kind of mileage out of a set of tires. I don't commute on the bike. I am an old dude who loves to ride the twisties. I am no Ricky Racer but I do scrub the tires within 1/4 inch of the sidewall edge. The rear is not squared off due to heavy acceleration but shows a smooth transition from the center to the sidewall. The front tire is also getting close to the wear bars at 3,000 miles. I am a little heavier than most of you at 260 lbs which may cause some additional wear. The best mileage on a rear tire was 4,500, or so, miles on a Dunlop Roadsmart II that I babied to extend the millage. I have run Michelin, Pirelli, Dunlop and Bridgestone Sport touring tires. The bikes were a Triumph Tiger 1050, Versys 1000 and the GT so all had decent power and were ridden spiritedly. I know a few of you are able to stretch the life of these tires. I just don't have any idea how you are able to do it.
  13. I am just finishing up on a set of Bridgestone T31's. Installed them in June and have been enjoying them in SW Wisconsin and SW South Dakota. These are wearing well. I should get somewhere around 3500 - 3800 miles out of this set. They stick well, track beautifully and are wearing evenly with no feathering. The only tire I have tried that got better mileage was a rear Dunlop Road II on my Versys 1000 that lasted around 45000 miles. I have a set of S22's in reserve when these finally give up the ghost. We'll see how well these work. As stated above both of these were bought using the Bridgestone rebates for less than $200 a set.
  14. The GT in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Mt Rushmore visible through the tunnel.
  15. It sounds like you are not going to the track with the FJ given your experience. I weigh 260 lb and can ride my GT rather aggressively without problems. The stock suspension definitely could use upgrading but for normal use I would think you would be OK until you can afford the improvements. It all depends how hard you are going to push it.