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  1. I have never noticed excessive heat from the stator cover in the past. Yesterday I took a short ride and the cover was damn hot. I felt it through my riding pants when I came in contact with it at a stop. It was very hot when I felt it with my riding gloves. Have I just not noticed it in the past or have I got a problem on my hands?
  2. Try 303. It is a UV protection product I believe was developed for the military and works great. Not cheep though. Come to think on it, this product will keep things from sun damage but I don't know if it will restore the color.
  3. I ride with one and buffeting is marginally increased over no screen, but not enough to mater. The noise level is almost the same as the smooth flow when standing up.
  4. You can also use a coupling nut. I can't remember the size exactly but is is something like 5 or 7/16 inch.
  5. I haven't followed the full thread so I don't know what has been used before. How about a pic with a sunrise or sunset?
  6. This was my favorite place today. I'm on the road , in the RV, .and always looking for a good ride wherever I land. Today it was Minnesota 1 from the coast to Ely. Excellent to brand new road surfaces, extremely light traffic and 80 degree temperatures. The total ride was 245 miles to reach about 90 miles (45 miles one way) of perfect sweepers. All in all a great day
  7. My GT did the same thing for about a week last month when I was riding it every day. I was just about to look into doing something about it and it reverted back to normal starting. I ride almost every day and it hasn't happened since.
  8. In the back of my pickup, pulled behind my motorhome. Front wheel in a good chock, motorcycle tie downs with built in soft ties around the lower triple tree (watch the cables and wiring) and two tie downs on the passenger foot peg brackets. This setup has worked like a champ for both my Versys 1000 and the GT for the last two years and 15,000 miles
  9. If you are only concerned about the noise, grab one of the small $25 Chinese deflector screens and give it a try. I'm 6'3" and the stock screen is fine for air protection but way too noisy. The little screen takes care of the noise beautifully. To test if this would work for you, get up to speed and hold your hand above the stock screen. You'll be amazed at the drop in turbulence and noise. I also bought a Puig racing screen for the warmer months to allow smooth air flow to my helmet and to keep cool.
  10. To remove the adjusting plate, take out the two allen head fasteners at the bottom and then drop the unit to the lower position to access the third one behind the hole in the middle. If you raise and lower the plate you will see the three screws. Behind that is one more plate with four screws which has to be removed to access the wiring. I bought a light mount designed for an FJ09 and had to modify (lengthen) it as the front Tupperware is lower than the earlier bikes. The unit I bought mounts to the long slot on each side just in front of the forks looking down behind the light assembly. There are mounts available that mount to the upper part of the forks and others that use the reflector brackets as a location.
  11. I traded a Versys 1000 for the GT last Feb. The Versys has a much smother engine and can handle longer stints on the slab with fewer revs and a more relaxed feeling. It is more stable than the GT, 120 mph with not a hint of instability, even with at large windscreen.It will easily play in the twisties but with more effort on your part than the GT. It is a great bike and I had no issues with it. If you are looking for a smaller bike for long stints in the saddle, the Versys would be a great choice. I traded it for a bike with 100 fewer lbs and more features (cruse, quick shifter and the fully adjustable suspension) and found that I am having a lot more fun on the back roads. The Versys could be left in 5th or 4th gear and the torque would pull from way down low which I am sure you are familiar with. The GT will pull strongly but I do have to row the trans more which I am enjoying as it fells like I am more a part of the bike. Yes, i know you can leave it in a lower gear, let it rev and not shift but I love using the quick shifter coming out of the corners. If you want a playful bike for back roads and shorter jaunts, the GT is my choice.
  12. I do my best to stay off the superslab. Any ride I take, now that I don't have any deadlines due to retirement, is based on the maximum number of curves between origin and destination. '' The City has enough slope away from my over-sized gut that shifting my body and leaning into the corners is not an issue. I have even been known to lay on the bag to get down behind the Puig racing screen to dodge a few bugs and birds. I have used this bag on three bikes and maybe 70,000 miles and it is still in great condition. Highly recommended.
  13. I'm 6'2" and use a Puig race screen during warmer weather. The stock screen blocks enough air for me but is extremely noisy. I installed one of the small $25 Chinese lip type screens which quieted the system and allows open helmet shield riding in the colder months.