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  1. I've been charging my phone from the stock power port with no problems.
  2. I have rebound at max front and back. I added preload at both ends, added a couple of pounds pressure (38psi) in front, and removed the panniers. The bike was much better with very little movement up to 95 mph in turns. I am going to keep playing with things to find the best setup for me (250 lbs) with the stock components. I definitely want the side boxes installed for most rides.
  3. I'm getting a slight wobble at speed but only in high speed sweepers. It seems to only happen at 80+ mph in corners. She is rock solid in a straight line up to 110 mph. I need to start adjusting a bit to see if I can't figure this out. I'll report back as I make adjustments.
  4. No-one wants to make a couple of bucks selling the screen that everyone hates?
  5. Roadrash83 I never saw your question. I am pulling my GMC pickup with the bike in the bed. I tried a carrier with the Versys but it was too much weight on the back axle.
  6. Does anyone have a stock GT screen they don't want? I am looking for one to cut down for a shorty. I have added a small deflector to the top of the original on my bike which makes it fine for colder weather but am looking for more airflow for the summer. Thanks, Mike
  7. I have the same problem but just use a ratchet strap to hold the tailgate up against the back tire when I haul the bike in the pickup behind the RV. Just run a strap from one side to the other and cinch it up against the tire.
  8. I've wired my Zumo 590 to the auxiliary plug behind the screen with no power problems.
  9. In A mode the throttle is a little more abrupt than my Versys 1000 but in B mode it is less sensitive. As I get used to it I ride in B or standard around town and in A when playing in the twities. I only have 2000 miles on the bike and I am getting more and more comfortable with the throttle, even in A, with more experience. The advise to remove as much play in the cable as possible makes sense and will be my next step in searching for Nirvana. I would not advise running away from this bike due to any worry about this issue. This thing is WAY too much fun!
  10. Out of curiosity, what is the reason for the added clock at the left of the dash? I did notice it was set 1 hour ahead of the factory clock.
  11. This was taken on a weekday ride in the Colorado Rockies north of Wooland Park having lunch at the Deckers cafe. On a good weekend, there can be 30 or so bikes stopping here for lunch. There was a great mix of bikes in the parking lot. Ducatti, a Moto Guzzi, two BMW's, an RJ09 and my GT.
  12. I think the Pilot Roads may be great for a tire on a commuter or touring bike but not as good on a sport bike that is used primarily in the curves. The front tire was the one that always went south on me as the sides of the tire wore quickly and the center did not. This left a profile that looked like a bicycle tire and it would fall off the center strip leaning into corners. The rear always feathered just like your pictures and I never had one last more than 3,000 miles. I was running these on heavier and more powerful bikes, a Versys 100 and a Tiger 1050, but still felt that the tires should have performed better given the price.
  13. Try this site. This looks just like the one I bought.
  14. Once again, for $25, it is cheep to try even if it doesn't work for you.
  15. If the hand at the top of the screen reduces it enough, you might try one of the smaller screen extensions. it works for me. The larger unit you were using may have been too large and caused additional turbulence.