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  1. rikphred

    2WDW Holiday Sale EXTENDED!

    Does anyone know if 2WheelDynoworks is doing a MLK sale?
  2. rikphred

    South Central Texas

    Any group rides?
  3. I did the same thing, everybody that has replied already is correct you need the CAM mount. It was a great price, Revilla refused to match it. I do like them, the only downside is that the CAM mount is a fixed mount and the other monokey is removable.
  4. rikphred

    South Central Texas

    Moving to San Antonio, bringing my FJ-09 along, ill be looking for you all....
  5. rikphred

    Center stand removal

    I did what wallycycle suggested but still got hung on the oil plug. I didnt know the penny trick (I'll keep that in mind). I ended up leaving the springs attached and just pulled the pivot bolts for the centerstand. That gave me enough room to get the exhaust off while rotating the center stand. I was able to realign the bolt holes by putting a pry bar in the end of the centerstand and pushing the stand around, a large screw driver would work too.
  6. rikphred

    OEM FJ-09 Exhaust Removal

    Just finished my removal and install. I ended up removing the exhaust tip heat shield but w/o any help cuuld not lift the bike. I ended up removing the center stand bolts, left the springs attached and while on the side stand took the center stand to the half way point was able to get enough clearance to get the original out. Getting the center stand pivot bolts back in with the springs still attached required a pry bar on the end of the stand but worked out okay. By the way my exhaust came w/o the cat too
  7. rikphred

    Meals on wheels

    Did youhave any problems mounting the givi qd's with the yamaha rack