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  1. Have to say I imagined the switch mod looking wonky, but now that I see it... nicely done! How do you calibrate the action of the clutch switch... adjusting the lever or the position of the micro-switch itself?
  2. Consider replacing bushings while you're at it. I bought a kit from Race Tech. OE hardware wasn't in very bad shape at 36K, but it showed signs of wear in spots. It seemed like a good thing to replace for the price. Good for another 40K I think. Race Tech Super Slick Fork Bushings
  3. Have two products around the house that are under consideration, one of which is something like rubber cement (weatherstripping glue)... will bond rubber, plastic etc., flexible, and rated to 200C (400F).
  4. They feel very plush, thanks to the gel-like compound of the lighter coloured parts. It will be (almost) a shame to be slipping Grip Puppies over these.
  5. It all helps... thank you. Received the heating pads (both the same, unlabelled... and solder points exposed 🤔) and the Pro Grips 719. Fussing a bit over which adhesive to use. Used J-B Weld with the Oxfords... but might try something less permanent this time 😜.
  6. Okay... thanks. I can figure out the 'where' part (had Oxfords before the bar change)... just wanted to see some reference photos of the finished installation, if convenient of course. Cheers.
  7. Best value for money is king, and if it happens to be an hour away from you... bonus. Wish I had known about this guy before sending stateside. That said, Vcyclenut was a good value at $200 USD + shipping. Probably around $350 CAD when all done and on the bike. Will pay another $65 CAD in shipping to have it reflashed for the slip-on.
  8. Both the guards and the levers are mine. 😁 The guards are the common part used by many on here... could be same as yours. Levers are eBay... regular length, adjustable reach. No other features.
  9. Thanks for responding. The Heat Demon installation video shows a guy wrapping the heating pad around the handlebar (clutch side) with some of it hanging outside a bit... looked weird, thus my query. Do I need to be concerned about the ID size of the clutch side grip, considering the thickness of shrink tubing? Thinking to buy Pro Grip 719 (125mm) for this install. Thanks again.
  10. Could you snap a pic showing how the cable exits the grip on the throttle side?
  11. Would you happen to know how long each heater pad was?... was it short of the 130mm grip length or about right? Instructions say to position the pad 1/2" from the end. Asking because I am thinking of installing shorter grips (120-125mm). Thanks.
  12. ...I think I'm good 😁. Throttle cables have been re-routed when I installed the risers. I haven't yet fixed anything in place (need the bike together and on wheels for this), but it looks like things will work okay. Risers: 30mm up and 22mm back.
  13. Test fitted the controls only. If the guards don't fit... will cross that bridge when time comes. OE clamp is 130mm between outer edges. The bar dimension D is 140mm. I have the bar perched atop Barback risers. The bar ends need to be tapped. EDIT: Looks like the guards work. Might be a bit of interference with throttle cables. A little trimming should fix that. Can't tell how much until everything is set.