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  1. Oops... sorry about that. Bought them here. These are 7.48mm shims listed for Honda CRF150R. FJ is not listed, but the shims are the same OD.
  2. Would certainly appreciate the feedback... 🙂
  3. The 2022 spring motorcycle shows should be interesting, with a number of legit new entries. The shows started to feel repetitive and unexciting in the last few years. The last exciting entry I cared for was the 2018 Wing... and it was a stunner. Looking forward to seeing the NT1100 (and others) in the flesh. It would take some serious wow factor (the bike AND the price) to peel me off the FJ, but I am now somehow prepared to sample and experiment a little. Feels a bit dirty... but I'll do it. 😬
  4. I have to say I haven't seen this much excitement about a mod since the caliper spacer offering by @pattonme. If something like this were offered for the FJ-09... I'd buy the kit just to join in the fun. 😁 Thanks!... and congrats on a hit solution to a nagging issue for many.
  5. Changed the oil and took up some 15-20mm of excess chain slack. I should have checked sooner I guess. There is wear on the front sprocket and the chain feels tired. I will put chain and sprockets on my to-do list over the winter. This year will include a valve lash check, so that will be exciting.
  6. That looks nice on the bike, and I assume it works well... is that Sport SD 16"? Somewhat similar to the Parabellum Flyscreen. I might give one of these a try. The Madstad screen would fit the bracket out of the box... at a $40 premium. 🤔
  7. My 2015 (manufacture date 2014) is still on the original Yuasa. On tender (leave battery on the bike, main fuse out) for 3 months of the year. Cranks mad every time.
  8. I took Watson down to 34 eastbound that day. Haven't seen another red FJ in a looong time.
  9. I cut short an Ermax Sport screen over the summer, and it worked well with my Madstad bracket (had to drill new holes). I managed to crack it by trying to make it more gooder... so I will be looking for another sacrificial screen (eBay) to modify. The Madstad screen with a spoiler is fantastic in all weather really, but the shorty somehow makes it more fun on daily rides in the summer heat.
  10. I was up there on Thursday with a buddy on a Speedster, and again on Saturday heading toward Royal... but I was solo... as far as I could tell 🤨. I have some daily/evening go-to loops in that general area.
  11. What @betoney said... and If you're able to do the work then it becomes more attractive, IF the price is low enough. If you can't test ride the kit and be sure... then be prepared to re-spring (add $100 DIY). I am thinking the internals can be swapped out (carts c/w caps), but I can't say for sure. If your friend has them already out and ready to sell... pull the dead cart out of yours to compare... 😁. This swap strikes me as something someone must have done/tried already if it were possible... for cheap.
  12. Thanks for the quick review. I am guessing you're now below freezing overnight? Super excited for the temps to drop a bit over here... 😁 @2and3cylinders... these fit very well over the KTM guards.
  13. I use Klim Vanguard GTX Short gloves. Warm enough for the shoulder months and not bulky. Also use these with guards, heated grips... and will now use them with grip mitts when the mercury takes a dive.
  14. I just think it robs the bike of the already limited clearance. I am not dismissing that it adds some protection against minor bumps and flying rocks, but I will take the 15mm clearance... for now LOL. I will be on 70/30 tires next season and those will probably be pretty good at flinging rocks.