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  1. piotrek

    What boots do you ride in?

    Alpinestars SMX-3 vented in the summer, when dry... and Web Gore-Tex in wet or cooler weather. Web Gore-Tex are good off the bike for a bit... but hey, these are motorcycle riding boots. 😉
  2. piotrek

    GT Corbin Seat are coming!

    I picked that same spot for my aux lamp switch. Thought the location would be awkward at first, but it works quite well.
  3. piotrek

    Scorpion Serket Taper Stainless slip-on

    Where did you purchase? Last I checked there were several online retailers based out your way.
  4. This new software rocks! I am going to start complaining when I get nothing. From this post.
  5. I'll just tack on to this thread with my recent (yesterday) experience, relevant or not. After putting the bike together, I hopped on to make vroom-vroom sounds, and then threw the thing into gear for the first time since say November (engine off). To my surprise, the clutch seemed like it was dragging with the lever pulled in. I could force the bike to move, but it was a chore. I replaced the clutch lever, but have done nothing else that could explain why the clutch seems to be dragging. I am going to patiently wait for spring to see if this is just going to go away on its own once I run the bike.
  6. piotrek

    Winter bike projects?

    Nice... that is a good chunk of work. In the event that you will need valve lash corrected, remember to do the TB sync again once done.
  7. piotrek

    Engine running cold

    71C (160F) is about my typical low coolant temperature at the ambient you describe, when on the move.
  8. Wondered about this kit a couple of seasons ago when exploring flashing options. There was someone on here who had one installed... long ago, and don't see the user active any more. Maybe a search will yield something. A little confused what is actually required... the kit ($385) plus the bike-side harness ($50) + flashing kit ($380). Wouldn't really need the flashing kit as the ECU is already flashed... is that correct? I think this would be great for the track, where you can benefit from small AFR adjustments to wring out the most you can get when riding closer to machine limits.
  9. piotrek

    R1/320mm rotor conversion

    Anti-seize typically stays soft I recall, but this thing flakes off and has a consistency of dried Loctite. Anyhow, like yours... new bolts are in there dry. SM couldn't possibly be wrong... 🤣
  10. piotrek

    Ontario owners??

    Welcome to the forum. Love the Port Elgin area and the entire coast.
  11. piotrek

    R1/320mm rotor conversion

    My 85mm caliper bolts finally showed up... shiny. This mod is now complete, but while on the topic of bolts... noticed that the OE bolts have thread-locker-like residue on the threads. Oddly, the colour is pink/red... but obviously not the red Loctite we're accustomed to, but some other product. The SM doesn't call for thread-locker on these bolts. I'd removed these several times in the past and just re-installed as is... just wondering what this might have been for.
  12. Replaced my levers. This was really for the benefit of the clutch side... to make pull action easier. This install wasn't without issues. The seller sent me two black 'knuckle' parts for the lever, and neither worked well (made contact with the switch housing). I decided to swap parts with my shorty levers, and hey... it worked. I like the grey/red look, and best of all... clutch pull is much easier.
  13. piotrek

    R1/320mm rotor conversion

    A couple of observations: The R1 rotor carrier is some .25mm thicker than the OE carrier. Not sure if this also applies to the black carriers. The R1 friction surface area is narrower than on the OE rotors. The pads (EBC FA252HH) don't quite line up with the edge of the rotor as expected. Looking at the OE rotor wear, one side was right to the edge and the other was some 2mm off... so I'm guessing that's all normal as the pads don't quite sit the same in the calipers.
  14. piotrek

    R1/320mm rotor conversion

    30s of heat gun treatment, then an impact driver. They had no chance.
  15. piotrek

    R1/320mm rotor conversion

    Alright... done. Not a lot of red on the bike at the moment, but I can see that it will work nicely.... phew!