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  1. This is great news. Can you clarify (link) which Heat Demon product you used? Cheers.
  2. Is this bike new to you? What is on the odometer? When did it become, or was it always twitchy? Why do you think the chain may improve things... just curious. It may be that the chain needs replacing, but you also mention that the throttle is twitchy. The throttle can be smoothed out a bit by adjusting the Accelerator Position Sensor. Very simple and free, if you're comfortable doing a little disassembly. The ECU flash will take it to the next level and smooth things out for you, but you will need to remove the tank, extract the ECU and send it out to a tuner. Not hard to do, but could be intimidating if you're not into this kind of thing. If the bike is generally running rougher... this could point to several things. Have you done any maintenance on it? Throttle body sync or spark plugs could be out of spec etc. All these would require removing the tank, air box etc... so either you do it if you're comfortable, or take to a trusted shop. Would need a manometer to sync throttle bodies. Maybe it's just lousy fuel. Your brother's 2014... is that a FZ-09?
  3. Haven't looked in the manual yet, but any pointers on bleeding/filling process? ABS pump remained full through this?
  4. Test rode the FZ-07 and thought it was fun... then rode the FZ-09... and then rode it again, and again 😍. The FJ was the more sensible version of the FZ. Congrats on your new CP3.
  5. Thought about the Galaxie... but then noticed the rounded door corners. The front part of the fender points to a Ford though...
  6. Alright, looked closer... rounded bottom door corners... an Oldsmobile?... 1962-ish...? 😕
  7. Indeed... does what it is supposed to do. I bought my unit shortly before the 2017 bikes came on the market, and recall Tony mentioning that he was experiencing supply issues with the original control unit and wasn't sure he was going to develop for the new bikes (ECU changes). Caused a bit of panic on the forum I remember... expensive as it was, this was really the only CC option for the FJ. My defenses broke down pretty quickly, and I installed the unit on the bike that winter. Solid, quality kit.
  8. This ^^. @olddawg... what kind of service routine do you have for this bike? Any repairs, adjustments at all?
  9. Huh?... here I thought these were hard coded and locked-down. Have to check Tony's website if there is a service pack available for my unit. 😋 The new control switch looks interesting... and familiar.
  10. What screen do you run? I have the 22" Madstad, and while I think it's an awesome screen, there are a couple of quirks when riding in heavy rain. Because the Madstad design allows the air to work it's way under and up on the inside of the shield (helping to smooth the air flowing over the top of the shield), it also allows water/mist to sneak through. My mid-arms get power washed to a point that my Olympia rain jacket can't withstand. I have to wear my Oxford RainSeal to stay dry. Also experience water ingress into my helmet through the visor when I have it a crack open. Just a theory... but I did not experience these with the massive Kappa shield. I much prefer the Madstad for all other types of riding, and I don't find myself riding in heavy rain much anyway. No real issues in light or moderate rain.
  11. My two "10W" eBay spot lamps draw (measured) ~1,500 milliamps 😁. These are relatively tame compared with some other options out there.
  12. Following with interest... let us know how you do. I am replacing my handlebar this winter, and will attempt to remove my Oxfords from the OE bar without damaging them. I expect a good fight... and may have to go for all new grips.
  13. Have particular lamps in mind? Post specs or a link so that we have an idea of the electrical load involved. These circuits are budgeted for 2A on the FJ... but I can't speak for the GT.