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  1. I have been following the method described in this piece. Reasoning made sense to me. Motorcycle Suspension Set-up
  2. I had (have) a new nut on stand-by, but managed to remove the old one without damaging it. When re-torqued, the nut landed in a slightly different position on the shaft. Maybe a bit of luck there.
  3. This motor does not like to cruise below 5,000 rpm. Try to get into a lower gear and get the RPM up there a bit. It may sound a bit busy to you, but that's a characteristic of this engine. Check throttle cable slack etc. Exhaust other possible causes before spending the money... IMO. On earlier bikes (FJ) we could adjust the APS to smooth things out... not sure what options exist on the GT (no access to diagnostic mode). Good luck.
  4. 2017 FJ onward had fueling issues fixed in the factory tune, although engine braking remained unchanged. What are you finding lacking on the GT that makes you consider re-flashing?
  5. Agree... and at least they stopped pretending. The Niken was marketed in the same way as the FJ... carving sweepers and lotsa wheelies, which I thought was misguided. The new concept looks to focus on a purpose. Unlike the Niken, something like this might actually move the needs past the curiosity factor.
  6. This is what I had observed just recently. I took it upon myself to spoon RS3 onto the rear rim and had an absolute b*tch of a time... and eventually destroyed the bead. Desperate for a tire before a trip I found a Michelin Pilot Road 2. The bead and sidewall were very noticeably more compliant on the Michelin. The Dunlops felt incredibly rigid in comparison.
  7. Indeed it exists... Dunlop UK. Wonder which version we get here in NA. Dunlop Roadsmart III Tyres | Dunlop UK ...
  8. I went tight wad with the forks and I am very pleased with the performance... even with just the one active leg re-valved (both re-sprung). I bought a new shock (adjustable, combined rebound/compression) and my back thanks me to this day. I am sure going all drop-in in the front and a fully adjustable rear would take things to another level... but there is a cost, and do you really need it is the question only you can answer. I would go the same route again.
  9. Do you have a link to where you found that? Dunlop website/spec sheet shows two Roadsmart 3 variants... Roadsmart 3 and Roadsmart 3 Adventure (no sizes for FJ/Tracer). The rear tire sizes in each series are all dual compound Multi-Tread.
  10. In the process of changing tires, so had a look. All these check out, except OD. Mine measures 25mm, but it is powder coated. The OD is a little larger than the mated caliper side, but just right on the fork side. If you already have these or can source them easily... I think 24mm will work fine.
  11. You can also contact RaceTech and see if they have a spring in the right size. FortNine is a RaceTech reseller here. A replacement spring for my Nitron would be 6" x 2.29" (L x ID), for example... a standard size listed on the RaceTech website as SRSP 5815107. I could go up to 700lb/in according to their chart (SRSP 5815125). They confirmed this would be the spring series for my shock.
  12. This ^. Torque for some internal engine bolts (camshaft caps etc.) is specified wet.
  13. No concern that the taped assembly might come loose and sloppy with movement/time? Not knocking the good idea, but maybe something more solid/permanent wouldn't necessarily add much cost. JB-Weld the stacks and bond them to the plastic tray... or something to that end.
  14. I had a shock made for me in the UK (Nitron) and had it delivered, all in around ~$840CAD. That same shock would have cost me nearly $150-$200CAD more had I gone to their USA authorized shop/reseller Fast Bike Industries. Going overseas not always more expensive. Another option is looking for a local suspension shop and getting them to upgrade your existing hardware. Accelerated Technologies in Ontario has a great reputation for suspension work. We had a member on here who had them upgrade OE shock on an earlier FJ (link to thread). There has to be a shop out your way somewhere, or give AT a call and see what they quote you. $1,300CAD for a shock sounds expensive for what you're looking to fix on your bike, but yeah... if you want a fully adjustable unit with a remote... it will probably get you up there. Anyway... just some thoughts to help you take a hammer to that piggy bank.
  15. Not at all. To clarify... I upgraded the entire shock, not just the spring. It is still a basic shock (Nitron NTR-R1). I had it built for approximate load range 220-370lbs. This includes rider and pillion, luggage, all gear, brackets, tools, accessories etc. The spring that came on the shock is 650lb. I need very little preload for solo rides without luggage.