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  1. I get some 13-14 clicks each time I do this. Important to have at least the 11 specified... otherwise you won't have the full range available for adjustment.
  2. @stoltecmoto has an option for the one active leg... see here. This is similar to the Gold Valve option, but with a re-worked needle. You can do this yourself, or swap out for a completely reworked cartridge. Matt's options were uniquely creative for us, and he's been a great resource for all things suspension... with no strings attached. Hope his health is alright.
  3. I don't go chasing clouds, but riding in some rain is kinda inevitable for me... so the jacket and pants (and spare gloves) are always on the bike. I am in the 'cheap bastard' group when it comes to the jacket/pants area. Oxford Rainseal served me well, as protection from water and as a wind-breaker on cooler days. Learned my lesson with boots, and now wear Alpinestars Web Gore-Tex and really like them. Still searching for good gloves.
  4. No one on here reported any different. All valves seem to get tighter with use on this engine, but exhaust valves look to be better at it.
  5. I take from your post that you already own the FJ-09. Just consider that we have GT owners on here complaining about various things... so it's not as if you're guaranteed a significant improvement in daily riding. You will likely have to add $$$ to that purchase price of the GT... and take a loss on the FJ. Financially it doesn't work... but when did that ever stop us from doing things. Go for it... 😈
  6. Haven't had a chance to go out yet, but the point of reference is pretty low... I should like. You got Nitron's standard response to inquiries over the email. I called them and told them I was ordering online and would follow-up with details for the build. No issues. Canada is on the list of ship-to destinations on their website. Saved ~$250CAD overall going direct. That's good coin. FBI techs were in training on the Nitron product line around the time I was ordering. I was quoted $699US... basically Revzilla price.
  7. I have the Nitron NTR-R1 shock from the U.K. and the Race Tech Gold Valve kit installed in the active fork leg. Purchased the kit at FortNine (have to order by kit part number). I did all the labour, so the cost worked out well for me. Choices will depend on the type of riding you do. Ohlins makes great stuff, but... a premium brand can also sell the mediocre for a premium dollar, so choose wisely. Also be mindful to order your shock with a spring for your weight, and not their 'standard issue'. There was an Ontario fellow on here in the last little bit who had Accelerated Technologies rebuilt his OE shock.. here.
  8. Thanks for this lead. I know they have a great reputation. Price for a rebuilt OE shock isn't too bad. Another couple of weeks and you'll be able to test it... 😛 Street Motorcycle Services - Accelerated Technologies ACCELERATEDTECHNOLOGIES.CA Street Motorcycle Services With our detailed knowledge of suspension systems, we recognize the important role the rest of the chassis plays on...
  9. LOL... I can certainly make a case for each mod, but clearly a stronger case for some than others. Truthfully... the exhaust and the brakes were impulse buys. Addiction?... that sounds too much like a problem to be true. 😀
  10. The base case runs at $378CAD at FortNine. I do like my Shad SH48, but I would be careful buying Shad in Canada right now. FortNine and Kimpex have pulled from stocking the brand. Givi V47 Monokey Top Case | FortNine Canada FORTNINE.CA Purchase the Givi V47 Monokey Top Case at Canada's Motorcycle. Free shipping and Easy returns.
  11. I opted to modify a long 14mm ball-end hex key. Looked where along the key there was interference with the bar and ground the key to reduce the circumference in just that area. The ball-end needed trimming (flattening) a bit for a good fit inside the shallow hex cavity in the cover. Worked great. Working the crank bolt was no issue using a 19mm socket on a long 3/8" extension.
  12. Assembled it. Double-checked all around and it is ready to go. Business trip next week, then family vacation... back March 19... hoping to get it out on the road before April arrives. Suspension, brakes, windscreen, exhaust... oh my!
  13. Ordinarily would not have bothered, but... the tool tubes clear the outer edge of the tire by some 5mm on each side... so even though the brackets will probably never deflect enough (or suspension bottom that far) for there to be contact.... the brace will make sure it won't happen... me thinks.
  14. No problem, or scientific evidence... but do not like how these cases bounce about on rougher roads. I pretty much load my SH36 to capacity on longer travels, and I have the tool/fuel tubes on there as well. Thought I'd reinforce the whole thing a bit, seeing how most other aftermarket setups feature some kind of brace between the sides. Plus it's winter... give me a break.
  15. I use Stop&Go... fits neatly under the seat (red arrow). Need to cut off the plastic divider to make the under-seat compartment larger/continuous.