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  1. @britelitebob No I haven't. Bogart's, The old Tipping point. Now Sauced. Boojum, Pub 319. Fat Buddies. I was visiting a very close friend who lives over in Canton. I'm staying up in Highlands.
  2. Took a quick ride to lunch to see an old friend. Maybe 100 miles.
  3. I've been on RS3's since they came out. 7-8 years(?) I feel it's a great all around tire/tyre. Good feed back, plenty grippy for my skill set wet or dry. Decent wear. I haven't done track days, I would like to though. But I put close to 50,000 miles on them with my XR1200 and close to 40,000 miles on the FJ. Weird that you're having such a bad experience.
  4. General wear and tear. 45,000-ish miles SOFLA. Looks sand blasted, don't it.
  5. IMO the brackets look home made by a decent fabricator. I could be wrong though. You're on you own for the lights. Never seen any like that....
  6. It's for the new version of the oil pan 2017 and up? The oil plug is in a different spot on the newer models. I was trying to make it work on a 2015 FJ-09. I was taken in buy the description that said it was aluminum. It fits what it says it fits
  7. @betoney pm your preferred method of contact. Text is the easiest for me. I'll send pictures
  8. No drilling should be required. At the price point I was trying to adapt it to my older bike.
  9. Yeah. Just let me make sure I have all the parts. Just remember it has some scratches where I was trying to drill a hole so that it didn't have to come off to change the oil.... I've drilled SS before. This stuff is crazy hard.. Whoever wants it I will send some pictures to to make sure you are happy with it.
  10. It's made of some seriously hard SS. I have a 2015 and was going to put it on. But I don't have the ability to drill a relief hole for the oil plug. Which was a deal breaker for me. I would let you have it if you pay the shipping from 33317.
  11. I'm guessing that the turn signals don't fit with the sidecases.
  12. In 40 years of lobster diving this is the biggest one I have ever caught. That is a 5 gallon bucket. Pretty big by Florida crayfish standards.
  13. Pretty warm here. Feels like temperature was over 100. And of course we have the humidity And sitting at drawbridges ain't a lot of fun. Even with a view 😎 But a blender drink takes the edge off.
  14. Big Betsy, Giant Lobster 86700 Overseas Hwy, Islamorada, FL 33036 https://g.co/kgs/68Atda
  15. Just a thought for the budget conscious. Go on facebook marketplace. Buy a used gps I've seen them as low as $30 with lifetime map updates. Then use silicone caulk to seal up the screen and around the edges and off you go. I've had an old (got to be going on 10 years old) Garmin 750 that has been on the bike almost non-stop for a year and has been used off and on for 2-3 years. I live in South Florida so it gets plenty wet and it's still trucking. YMMV