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  1. My FJ and I have been over that bridge!!! 😎
  2. I run my Garmin gps. And occasionally charge my phone on it and have never blown a fuse even in the rain. 2015 FJ-09 29,000 miles.
  3. I have a 2009 Harley Davidson XR1200 with a belt drive. Has about 50,000 miles on it. Pulls wheelies get ridden pretty hard does just fine. Still has the original belt. Last time they put a tire on it the Tech said the belt was fine. That's a 550lb bike. It doesn't have the horsepower of the FJ but it makes a bunch of torque. Belts do just fine. If they can drag around 1,000lbs HD's for 100,000 miles it can certainly work with a 430lbs FJ/Tracer.
  4. This^^^^^ Are there better suited bikes for it? Of course. Repeat after me "They Are All Adventure Bikes!"
  5. Well, that's a new one... Anyone else heard of this? 😕
  6. Not a GT but it is on a ferry. Swanquarter Ferry. IIRC
  7. I think they need more straps on that thing.... 😳
  8. fddriver2


    A picture of one on the bike
  9. fddriver2


    I use old automotive Garmin NUVI's "waterproofed" following the details in this video. I don't use GPS often, mostly on trips. I haven't had an issue yet. Used ones are on sale on FB marketplace for as low as $35 - $50 with lifetime updates. Mated with a RAM mount they seem to work fine.
  10. A map of your route would be awesome.... Wink, wink. Nod, nod. 🙂
  11. Just running around today.