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  1. I rode the Zero SR/F a couple months ago. It's an amazing machine. Scary quick and wheelie prone if you don't pay attention. The flat torque delivery of IIRC 140ft/lbs was a bit of a handful. 2020 Zero SR/F Electric Motorcycle || ZERO MOTORCYCLES Official Site of the 2020 Zero SR/F Electric Motorcycle - The most...
  2. A while back someone post a step by step installation of the Mccruise system. Now I can't find it. Search brings up a bunch of the threads but not the one I'm looking for. Did it disappear into the ether?
  3. I just throw a cheap frogg togg set over my jacket and pants.
  4. @1moreroad Waterproof without a liner is kinda rough here in the deep south. Even in winter.
  5. So covering them up with the McCruise controller = bad? No. Just using the new gif button to be less "boring"
  6. I just looked at the bottom of the control pod. What the heck are all of those holes for? Using @Cruizin's gif button
  7. I live in a very warm area. South Florida. So here are my 2 favorite (so far) jackets. For local travel and weekend trips I use a Rev-it wind mesh jacket. Well made, breathes good enough for Florida. After about 6 months of near daily use the only 2 things I don't like are the main zipper (Small and figgety especially with gloves on) and the color (silver/black) hard to keep clean. REV'IT! Wind Jacket A simple, yet elegant solution for the heat of summer riding, the REV’IT... The jacket I use for the rare cold days here and for long trips is a Firstgear Kilimanjaro. So far it has been near perfect. Waterproof (for real) vents really well considering what it is. I haven't been caught in really hot weather yet so YMMV. My only beef about it so far is the weight. It weighs a ton. Firstgear Kilimanjaro Jacket Looking for a 3 to 4 season waterproof adventure touring jacket? Look no... The
  8. @dazzler24 How is the double sided holding up?
  9. I got the extended warranty on my 2015. Because it was a first generation of the FJ-09. The clutch cable broke and the cct was replaced at no cost but I believe those were TSB's and would have been covered either way. The only problem I've had that would have been a warranty claim is a catastrophic failure of the front brake master cylinder. Bike has 37,000 miles. YMMV
  10. The same way @2and3cylinders has it and wait and see what happens with new switch mounts from him and McCruise.
  11. A place to start. Only In Your State | Discover What's In Your Own Backyard Discover What's In Your Own Backyard
  12. A bit of clarification. I live in South Florida. So it's pretty easy to find something unique. An example is Hard Rock Casino. 10 minutes away. The only guitar shaped hotel in the world. 30 minutes away. Hard Rock Stadium. Originally Joe Robbie Stadium. Interesting (kind of) What made the construction of the stadium truly unique was that it was the first multipurpose stadium ever built in the United States that was entirely privately financed. And of course an hour away is the Florida Keys or the Everglades National park. I also spent my youth in Grafton WVA Population in 2010 was about 5,000 so it's a pretty small town. But there are 4 things I can think of right off the top of my head that are unique - interesting in/about it. Home of Mother's Day, founded in 1908 Both of WVA's National Cemeteries are there B&O Train station and the Willard hotel Tygart Lake dam. You could take a picture of your bike at all four of those places and it wouldn't take an hour. So it's obviously very free form. Research your area find a bit of history and go get it. 🌝
  13. Well. The weather is very questionable here in the Northern hemisphere. So let's keep it simple. Something you find "interesting " or "unique" on your commute or your ride nearby home. It could be anything really. An explanation of why you find it interesting and/or unique would be nice but not necessary.