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  1. My WAG is like the others. It's a "Frankenstein". The headers look like Two Brothers Racing system with a M4 slip-on.
  2. I was kinda excited. It's the only other one I've seen around. Tried to talk to him a little bit. He didn't seem all that interested... 😐
  3. The only other FJ I've seen in my area. Told him about the site.
  4. If I am a pay member there are no limits on file size? (within reason, of course)
  5. Ok. What changed? That is a 2.13mb picture. 😮 Every other time I've tried the site has told me that the file was to big.
  6. A couple of options. The dry bag - backpack looks like it will hold a full size laptop. And it's a drybag. 🙂 Oxford Aqua V 20 Back Pack WWW.REVZILLA.COM Be visible in inclement weather and transport your stuff in waterproof bliss with the Aqua V 20 Back Pack. I used this tail bag for a number of years. It's still seeing duty on my son's Honda Nighthawk. I'm not a fan of topboxes, but I like tail bags. Weird huh.😳 It will expand to hold a laptop in a padded sleeve. I know this for a fact having done it. I "permanently" attached it to my luggage rack using a 1/4-20 stainless steel sidwwalk bolt - nylock nut and thin piece of "starboard" as a backing plate. Not for everybody I know. But it was pretty damn useful. The other thing to consider is a "pelican" case mounted on the rack 1500 or 1550 series would be about right. YMMV Cortech Super 2.0 Tail Bag WWW.REVZILLA.COM The Super 2.0 Tailbag features ballistic polyester construction, a quick release mounting system and an easy access top loading main... 1550 protector case | eBay WWW.EBAY.COM Find great deals for 1550 protector case. Shop with confidence on eBay!
  7. @Cruizin A topic we have discussed before. I take all pictures with my phone. It used to be a Samsung s5. I could resize pictures in the phone and post here, it was a "pita" but workable. Now I have a Samsung s10+ I can't get it to take or resize a picture to fit on the website. I have pictures that I think members would enjoy. Are there any work arounds you can suggest?
  8. I've been through Atlanta at least 100 times in my travels. Now I will do almost anything to avoid it. But you are right. Being that close to North Georgia and Western North Carolina is not a terrible trade off. Honky - Wikipedia EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG
  9. I hope not. It's not supposed to fit on a 2015 FJ. 😕 Figures
  10. Oooo! Me likey. 😎 How about a write up - how to? 🙂
  11. I run synthetic in everything I own. Bikes, boats, cars, trucks and emergency generators. I run full synthetic Yamalube in the FJ and have since 600 miles. YMMV
  12. Yep, glad she just didn't hurt you. Bikes can always be fixed or replaced.