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  1. I'm with the others on the boots. I have heavier boots for when I'm just riding and lighter hiking style boots for when I commute to work. Sometimes I'll miss a shift after swapping boots simply because the difference in boot. YMMV
  2. My oldest son came in from Murfreesboro TN. We rented a Triumph Tiger 800 for him. Met some friends for breakfast at Southport Raw Bar ( French toast made of Bimini bread) 😱 Free Bloody Mary with breakfast 😋 btw After the visit we headed south then west. South to Tamiami trail via Chrome Ave then west on Tamiami Trail. We stopped at the ValuJet memorial for a break.. We were headed to "Lucky Cole's" but for some reason they weren't open today 😕 So a high speed speed run to Joanie's Blue Crab Cafe was necessary to get there before they closed (try the she crab soup) A quick stop at the smallest post office in America and the "Skunkape" research center. Then another speed run back east to get out of the Everglades before it got dark. Tamiami Trail is not a friendly place after dark, mucho bugs and wildlife on the road. (Think alligators panthers and really big boa constrictors) Along the way we ran into a couple of guy riding the nearly exact same bikes we were on, my 2015 FJ-09 and the rental 800 Tiger. These guys showed up on a 2016 FJ-09 Raven and a 1200 Tiger.
  3. Just hardwired a Garmin Zumo 595 LM on a 2015 FJ-09. Pretty straight forward. On a 2015 there are 3 open switched connections behind the windscreen in front of the gauge. I went the simple route. Cut the Yamaha connector off. Spade connectors double heat shrinked. The 595 has a lot of redundant hardwire. An audio in, an audio out and a microphone connection. Plus a USB. 🤔 In a world of Bluetooth and it's Bluetooth capable. It seems ridiculous 🙄. YMMV I only rode around the block as a service check so it's functionality is to be determined. It will get a fairly good shakedown this weekend. My oldest son is coming in and we will ride through the weekend. All the extra wire ended up behind the plastic cover between the windscreen mounting arms. For the record. It's tight back there. I can see checking how things are going back there later on. It really doesn't seem to matter. There's no where else for it to go. IMO.
  4. Most likely. 😀 I read that thread pretty hard and didn't make a final decision until the last steps. That's where it belongs IMO. 👍
  5. As of a few seconds ago. While I have used the bike to go to work. I only work 4-6 days a month. And work 7 miles away.🤷‍♂️ The rest is trips, errands and lunch. 😎
  6. I didn't install mine. I bought it used off of a member.
  7. I live in South Florida. Above 90* F even mesh jackets are uncomfortably hot. YMMV I wear a Rev'It mesh when riding local and in the summer it's 🔥
  8. Firstgear Kilimanjaro with Klim forecast rain pants when necessary. 6'1" ~200lbs 34" inseam Waterproof, warm when needed and vents really well too. Firstgear Kilimanjaro Jacket - RevZilla
  9. Does anyone have a breakdown of the process on a 2015 FJ? I got a Zumo 595 LM for Christmas and want to use a switched connection behind the screen. TIA
  10. Full disclosure. I have a couple drinks in me.. In today's new normal. It is unlikely that I will get to ride anywhere outside the USA. Trips on my bucket list. Route 50. It runs from Ocean City MD. to Sacramento CA. The original route ran literally in front of the White House. It also ran in front of my Uncle Ronnie's Mobil station in Grafton WVA. And 2 blocks from a house I lived in then. The west end is also "The loneliest road in America" Route 66. Yes it's broken up, sleeping in a teepee hotel in the American Southwest. .... Just saying. "Yeah I rode it"........ PCH. Had a chance a few years ago, then a bridge fell into the ocean.... Rides you should take. USA BRP-Skyline Drive. During the week if you can. Take your time, there is so much to see and take in. The Outer Banks. Mom & Pop restaurants and motels. Great seafood and friendly accommodations. Natchez Trace. 444 uninterrupted miles. Doable in one long day. Don't. So much history. Downside, speeding tickets hurt a lot. Upside, Nashville on one end Natchez on the other. Both cool towns, for different reasons. Now. The best trip I ever took (it was in a car) 😱 Hermosa Beach CA. to Ft. Lauderdale FL. 21 days. No Interstates. In a 1992 Land Cruiser with hundred's of thousands of miles. No plan. Wake up, breakfast, Drive and look. Lunch, drive and look. Dinner, food and drink, in small towns. Since then. I don't plan much day to day on any trip.
  11. Went back to Alabama Jack's for crabcakes and limabean soup. Seeing how I got grief about no food pictures. Here they are. It didn't take as long for some reason. I'm guessing that trying to keep up with the MV/Agusta had something to do with it. 🤔
  12. As a 60+ year old with RA I'm taking a break at about 120 - 150 miles. I use that time to top off as well. I don't willingly run the interstates for any distance. Been on most of them at some point. I have the time to ride the side/back roads and that's the way to do it. YMMV Max distance on the FJ is 435 miles all secondary roads, max gpm 57.1 on the Natchez Trace following a friend nicknamed "Miss Daisy".