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  1. More social disobedience. This time for crab cakes and conch fritters.
  2. That was last year. They were so thick that I had to stop twice in 60 miles to clean my visor.
  3. It's more of a cleaner-protectant. Not a polish. I have no idea how you would repair a scratch on a matte finish. Anything you could use to "buff" out a scratch would smooth out the matte. 😕 imo
  4. Actually I have been pretty impressed with it.. It's love bug season down here and they wipe right off for the most part. 🤢
  5. When dirty I wash it with a quality automotive soap. If it's just dusty I get a bucket of warm water and a microfiber towel to wipe it down. I finish up with Hog Wash for matte finish. HOG WASH MATTE FINISH CLEANER - Riders Biker Supply Step up your ride with our range of Bike Parts & Motorcycle Accessories...
  6. @keithu A series of questions. How many gallons? Why? How badly does it affect handling? Inquiring minds want to know.
  7. New rear rubber and finally put the chain adjusters on. Thank you to @betoney and @new1709rider for the help. 🤩
  8. Made it take me to an open restaurant. About 150 miles round trip.
  9. That kind of thing will get you some strange looks here in SOFLA. 🤣
  10. My name is Fddriver and I'm a waver. (sounds like an introduction at an AA meeting, not that I would know, just saying ) Sometimes people wave back, sometimes they don't. In my experience it's a mixed bag as to who waves back. Sometimes it's the HD people who don't, sometimes it's the sport people who don't. I don't take it personal. 🙋‍♂️ 🤷‍♂️
  11. Did the Lake Okeechobee circumnavigation. Not sure why Google maps says 300 miles 🤔
  12. @GroggyWeenis thanks. Sad thing is I'm supposed to be on the Natchez Trace riding with my oldest son. 😡