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  1. ... used only by a little old lady to drive to church on Sundays.
  2. Someone pls tell me asap if you can whereabouts the bike's Comp Plate is located. TIA
  3. All that's needed is a chain-saw or angle-grinder!
  4. At my suggestion, one of the Moderators has moved my mental meanderings about the Can Am Spyder to the more-appropriate FIRESIDE CHAT Thread. If anything more is worth chatting about on this topic, that's where you'll find it.
  5. I took a test-ride on one of these once at a BMW Safari. They came in various non-mobike colours, including a very tasty coffee-'n'cream. Finish and detail was impeccable: handling not so as I felt the back hopping out more than once as I meandered gently along Tasmanian roads! Great to look at, not so good to ride.
  6. This is a BMW R9T, somewhat rare around here. It would answer some of my lack of enthusiasm for later BMWs boxer twins - of which I've owned many - developed over a long time with them. They were becoming too complex, too heavy, too expensive, too fragile.. This variation goes back in time: other than ABS there are no electronics on this bike - no cruise-control, no mode selections, no adaptive cornering lights, no traction control, just pure bike. At only 785mm its seat height would suit me - no need to become a gymnast to easily climb on and off - and its relatively low weight of 220kg fully-fuelled and low c of g would help with stability. Visually, it's pretty quirky, and somewhat derided as a poseurs's bike, but I like it very much.
  7. Almost certainly, from what I've read! With the semi-auto option, all one would have to do is sit and steer (and brake - foot only). Then, just lie back and enjoy cocoa!!
  8. My TRACER GT has been sold, happily to the first-to-see, who cannot believe his good fortune. I shall miss it, but after much recent chopping and changing of mind, shall-I or shan't-I, I decided that I have been very fortunate indeed to ride all the past bikes for so long without any untoward happenings, so at 80 n.o. but rapidly declining in matters material to safe motorcycling, it was time. I have enjoyed my time on this Forum, learned a lot and hopefully contributed something useful too. I shall not call-in from time to time as my worth will rapidly become irrelevant, so let me wish you all well in your riding futures. For me, it's pipe and slippers time, with a hot cocoa on hand...
  9. Thanks, wd. My impression is that the difference between the narrower GT's 'bars and wider Gen1 Tracer 'bars is appreciably more than the half-inch you mention, maybe up around 4" or 5" or thereabouts. But I'll have to dig into it a bit more: I did read it in some specs some time ago. I very much doubt I'd have detected a difference of only half-an-inch! The original wider Gen1 'bars might not fit the GT without some/ a lot of work due to the mass of additional controls on the GT 'bars - cruise-control etc.
  10. YMMV and FWIW an' all that, I found that I preferred the very wide OE bars on my last Gen1 Tracer over the somewhat narrower 'bars on the GT. The Gen1 seemed to me to give the very comfortable ergos that I'd become used to on previous BMW GSs - very flat, very wide, very comfy, very accommodating of my preferred sit-up-and-beg stance. Pix below courtesy cycle-ergo. YMMV and FWIW an' all that...
  11. I reckon that it was the fairly spirited cleaning of my bike, including with a GERNI to get into all the nooks and crannies that were full of red Outback dust after my late October excursion, that caused the later non-start problem. But all is well in that quarter now - instant starts as previously I again echo dazzler's thanks to all at that time....
  12. Woddit cost you, dazz, if I may? And do you have contact details for K Hope? Eight Mile Plains is not far from me - I'd say about eight miles...
  13. My feelings exactly (and yes, I did find the earlier Tracers - I had 2 x 2015s - a bit 'snatchy', GT much less so, if at all), but I have an enquiring mind (what's left of it!).
  14. Thanks, mate - what took you so long...!!! 😃 LATER EDIT (after accessing the link) - wow! I like the bit that says rather easily 'remove your ECU'. Like one of those Victorian-era cookbooks with a recipe for - say - Jugged Hare, which starts off "first catch your hare"... I appreciate the link, which I'll study more carefully later. But as a starter, if I may - where is the ECU located, and how easy is it to 'remove your ECU?' Many thanks...
  15. I've been intrigued for some time about this 'flash' business, and still don't understand exactly what it is that they - the 'flashers' - actually do. Anyone care to tell...? I was talking to my tuning guru earlier and mentioned the magic words, saying that from this Forum it seems there's a 'flasher' (you know what I mean) on every street corner, but here in Oz I've never been aware of anybody offering the service. His immediate and rather emphatic reply was 'DO IT!' Since I don't know what IT is, and don't in any case feel that my 7231km 2019 GT has any need for it, I'll pass for the time being, but I'm seeing him on Friday and intend to quiz him further on the subject. I might even ask him to take my bike round the block to see if he finds a need for a flash. But I'd still like to hear from others here just what IT is and what is done... TIA.
  16. The Moto Guzzi V85TT pictured above is SOLD OUT here, even at about AUD$3500 more expensive than the GT. Haven't seen one on the road yet though.
  17. Actually, a LOT of houses (about 630 at last count) and other structures lost, but YES - fortunately fewer than half-a-dozen lives lost.
  18. Thanks, cs - and all the others who have boosted my fading spirits. I intend to follow this broad advice, yet limiting my outings to what I can handle physically and enjoy spiritually. Thank you all indeed - sometimes a man needs input from others to reveal to himself what makes him tick...
  19. While I greatly appreciate all the good wishes here, I’d like to clarify that I am in fact in good overall health, just that I have some ‘wellbeing’ issues that conflict with the requirements of safe and enjoyable motorbiking. I would not like any of you to lose sleep on my account, but misquoting Mark Twain - reports of my imminent death are greatly exaggerated! I use the term ‘wellbeing’ - maybe incorrectly – in the sense of ‘feeling well’ as opposed to being ill or sick or having some dread disease (other than incurable Farkling Syndrome)! I never had any intention or desire to still be riding at age 80 – it kinda crept up on me. I’m not sure what age draws the line ‘tween infancy and senility, but I hope I’m not there yet. Mrs Wordsmith and I (she’s three years younger than me) were recently bemoaning the fact that between us we have seen our GP more times in the past two years than in all the preceding twenty: it’s not much fun getting old. My mobiking-related wellbeing issues are, reading from top to bottom: first - an eye problem called Dry Eye Syndrome, an Irish term to describe the fact that my eyes can ‘tear-up’ at any time, blur my vision somewhat, and give a feeling that tears are about to run down my face. They don’t, and it’s totally painless, but pretty distracting as you might imagine, it being quite helpful to see what’s going on around one on the road. And it’s not an easy thing to administer eye-drops at 100kph ‘neath helmet and visor and sunnies. I'm seeing my specialist in a few days time in hope that she can fix it - last visit she spoke of a new laser treatment. Issue number two is definitely age-related, in that I am finding it increasing tricky to climb on and off the GT without looking as if I’m a near-drowned sailor desperately trying to climb into a floating lifeboat. And although long-legged giraffes and flamingos might find it easy to mount and dismount if the panniers are fitted, I don’t. This issue is one of lack of flexibility in my hip, knees ankles. I used to be super-fit and have good flexibility, being a keen distance runner in the past, and having run distances up to the full 42.2km Marathon and many half Marathons and lesser distances – nowadays I can’t even run a bath! Being a bit of a tinkerer, I’m considering creating a kind-of crane on the back of the bike to allow me to hoist myself up and down as required, much as Middle Ages armoured knights needed help to enable them to mount their horses. And the third problem is a hereditary neurological condition passed-on from my mother (thanks, mum!) called Peripheral Neuropathy. In effect and in as few words as possible, I have lost almost all feeling in my feet and lower legs. When considering how much and how often a mobike rider uses both feet, to balance on the bike as well as change gear and brake, and – hopefully – to lower the feet when stopping, this is not at all helpful. And when I walk on or encounter uneven ground I stagger around like a drunk – not a pretty sight! My mother lived to be 101, even though quite severely immobilized in her later years a result of this affliction, but it is one of those many age-related conditions that will not kill, but has no known cause or remedy. Though medical specialists will cheerfully take hundreds off one in explaining these facts! My recent long tour with relatively little time off the bike really took it out of me, physically and I think mentally too, as it had been some time since I last took such an extended trip, and I wasn’t really up to it, which I realised too late. I’m still dealing with muscle soreness in my shoulder (though the recent treatment has improved it) and in my lower arms, which are still quite painful, a kind-of RSI there, I think. I’m definitely not yet up to riding more than a very short distance, and wise counsel would probably be not even to contemplate that – so I probably won’t until all these symptoms are gone, at which point I can consider my two-wheeled future. Overall, I think it’s reasonable that I’ve also lost a little confidence on (not in) the bike, and the ability to concentrate hard and at length, which in my book is one of the strongest weapons in the motorcyclist's armoury of self-preservation. All these words possibly make me seem like a hypochondriac: I’m not, I think, but then I’ve never been 80 before, and it all seems to come with the territory. Aaarrrggghhhhh!!
  20. Nothing wrong with Plain Jane - or plain vanilla. Very often less is more, MUCH more!
  21. She's a B-I-G country! And right now half of it is on fire.
  22. About 93% of the surface area of continental United States. And only about 25 million yoomans, and 30 million kangaroos...