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  1. Ermax shorty windscreenflat black. Great for hot summers to get good airflow. $35 + shipping.
  2. I have a pair of mint condition FJR hard saddle bags with soft bag inserts for sale that will come with the original yamaha shipping boxes. I use them maybe 4 times on my fj09 when the wife wanted to go somewhere. Asking $550 + shipping. I would prefer to sale them locally in the Portland Or metro area.
  3. If you got on it hard it could be the front wheel lifting a bit but not all the way. I had a video a couple years back which showed mine starting to wobble as I got on it. Thus was around the same speed as you where.
  4. empire00 on here had a stock exhaust for 50.00 plus shipping with only 4k on it. PM him to see if its still for sale.
  5. FWIW,the brakes work and the bike is rideable, the brakes just aren't "great", lever pull is softer and closer to the bar than normal. In an attempt to remedy this, I bought a rebuild kit for the MC and that made zero difference. I then used a brand new MC and that made no difference as well. As I posted the other day, when I tore the calipers apart to clean and cycle the pistons in and out I noticed the odd wear marks on the pads as if they were bent and had a high spot in the middle. I just ordered new pads but I cant image that is going to solve the soft lever feel. I would try the EBC double H pads. They make a huge difference on the sport bike.
  6. That thing is ugly. I wouldnt buy one at all.
  7. No. You can find them cheaper. I have seen new 2015 go for $7999 and saddle bag are no more then $1000.
  8. Honestly if you are not an agressive rider I would go with the 2016 model. I have the 2015 and have not once felt the traction control kick in. I ride semi agressive but not past my comfort zone. You can take the 2000 to 3000 difference and add a flash from Nels some hard bags, higdonnion cage, GPR steering damper, and still have money to take your woman (or man)out for a nice get away weekend.
  9. I feel that the yamaha manual is wrong on the chain tension. They have it way to tight and this may be the cause for the problems your are having. If you put the chain at yamaha specs and add a full load to the bike over time you are going to do damage. I also wonder if something got lost in translation. Maybe they meant 0.20 -0.59in from one side on the push or pull of the chain which would give you an over all .40 to 1.18in slack. This is how I set my chain with no problems so far.
  10. This is not good. Did you check the oil pan and drain plug for cracks?
  11. I have the stock cable with aftermarket lever and I am trying to beable to have better adjustments but I am at the end on the lever adjustment and the one at the other end. My question is can I change the lever pull where the two dot line up line and move it a spline or two to create alittle more slack in the cable?
  12. To me it looks like your leaning her over pretty good. Just becareful. For me I run 34psi up front and 32psi in the back with no load except me at 160lbs will all gear. If I am carring a full load its 38psi rear and 36psi ip front.
  13. I quit riding that road two years ago because it was so rough that I found myself dodging pothole and cracks then enjoying the ride. Lets us know if the DOT fixes it.