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  1. I agree. I was hoping someone could answer the question before I had to take the throttle body off. I'll do that over the weekend. At 103,000 kms it won't hurt to give it all a clean.
  2. Sorry, I forgot to mention in my post that I've done that and it's in spec. That's why I need to know about the diag readout that others get.
  3. APS and TPS are two different sensors on the throttle body. The APS (accelerator position sensor) is connected to the twist throttle on the bars by cables and tells the ECU how much throttle the rider wants and signals the servo motor to move the throttle valves (butterflies). The TPS (throttle position sensor) tells the ECU the position of the throttle valves which then makes continual adjustments based on input from the various sensors. This happens about 1000 times a second.
  4. When in DIAG for the TPS I've noticed that it jumps five numbers, from 15 to 20 at minimal throttle opening then it rises to a maximum of 99 without missing a number. The APS rises from closed throttle to full throttle without missing a number, as it should. I need to know if this is normal. Hopefully someone either knows the answer or can check their 15 or 16 Tracer.
  5. Thanks for replying coachluciano. The 'standard' spring supplied by Ohlins is 01092-31 (Y). I have emailed Ohlins Australia regarding this but they haven't bothered to reply. Suppliers overseas haven't answered either. I would like to know what spring you were supplied with. If you have a YA535 would you be able to get someone weighing about your weight or more on the pillion seat to get an idea of whether or not the hydraulic preload can bring the sag back up to the solo measurement.
  6. I'm about to install a YA535 on my 2015 and would like to get an idea of how effective the hydraulic preload is with the standard spring. I'm 85kg with gear. A pillion and luggage adds about 100kgs. Will the hydraulic preload compensate fully for that load. I'd like to hear from people with actual experience using the YA535 with a load if possible.