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    Just put the TBR S1R full exhaust on my FJ-09. WOW!!! ITS VERY LOUD. Its also very fast I bought the system used from another forum member, and learned that TBR exhaust mufflers need to be repacked every 3-5000 miles. I ordered the repack kit and ordered the P1-x baffle to tame the noise a bit and appease the neighbors.
  2. I had a yamaha dealer install the lines. The invoice said $330. I made it part of the purchase price since the stock brake lines were so squishy on my test ride. I now have 4k miles, ride two up a lot, and would never go back to stock brake hoses.
  3. I just purchased the Sena 20s dual pack for 358. Thanks for all the tips! (cli-maxridinggear on ebay.)
  4. I've got 500 miles on a custom corbin seat. Much more comfortable! No complaints. It turns the two piece stock seats into a one piece. Did 200 miles with a passenger. They like the seat much more too. I ordered dark grey thinking it would match the dark gray of the bike, but it came in way lighter than I thought. The right color turns out to be called "asphalt". Oh well, now the bike has "character".