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  1. I'm glad I've chosen Grey! That shot looks great! And so does your bike Mr. Fig.
  2. Hi Lawrence, well done for achieving your first service! That's 1000kms more than me! What did you do to your seat specifically? Did you remove the staples and cut/add in some extra foam? Then re staple it? Will you write up your how to? Keep us informed of your progress & continued riding & suspension improvements reports! Did you notice the pricing of the BM? Starting from...... Yeah, would you like to bend over..... I think you chose wisely! Ok, suspension, screen & seat is cheap, so what. Imagine spending 25K and still have to sort things out? Enjoy what you have, not you what you'd like! Cheers, Steve
  3. Sorry Massive, it's probably still there, your just used to it now. Don't spend too much time with your darling wife....it may keep ringing in your ears! Enjoy it bud. Ride safe & smart! Cheers, Steve
  4. Thanks Ty! that changes things. I just may have to hand it over to my TIG man. For one thing, it'll be a far better job! Cheers, Steve
  5. LOL, for a bowl of pasta bolognese! How bad do you want this bike? Rascal! Cheers, Steve
  6. Good find Lawrence. Thats what I would have expected to pay got the Tracer since the previous BMWF800GS was a little more than that. That covered me for dirt riding too. Waiting.....1 day. Go out and have fun! Cheers, Steve
  7. LOL....when am going to try this mod on my bike? When I get it! I seriously have to sell my Ducati 748R to @eatpasta when he bothers to come to Oz to pick it up! The good lady of the house won't let me have 4 bikes.... So Ty, you didn't use gas with the Mig? C25, is this stainless fluxed core wire? I think the naming is different here. What gauge wire did you use? 0.9mm? Do you recall your settings? Thanks go to you 3 pioneers of pipeworx! Cheers, Steve
  8. Lovely Ty! right, got it now with removing the inside pipe. The Dremel tool will come in handy to do the inside part. Perfect, I have that covered! I noticed only 4 small bead welds to secure the remnant S pipe to the cat chamber? Not all around? If that's the case, even easier! The hardest part is to cleanly re weld the cover! Is the muffler Stainless steel? Damn, will have to get stainless wire for the Mig..... Thanks again Ty & Ulewz! Cheers, Steve
  9. Ty, you must show us some of the pics to see what you did on this version. I'm thinking this is the direction I'll be taking since it doesn't require an extra piece of pipe. Looking forward to your review & sound clips...... Cheers my good men! Pioneers of pipes! Steve
  10. Ahh Fred, you have the better one! No waste with the sand! Children love to play & make mudcakes! A video is a great idea for those that don't want to spend too much money. Well done! Cheers, Steve
  11. Fred, the picture above on this page (with the KTM) is that your original version? Is this your bike? Where is your 2nd prototype? Maybe, you need another bag of sand to add weight to the hot plastic to help it follow the bag of sand as the form? Anyway, good luck & enjoy the bike! Cheers, Steve
  12. You don't want to hear this....but, it's how it is. So, unless the dealer picks up something else, then again, you could try loading the gearbox whilst riding? Maintaining a gear that's lower than what the speed is posted? Trial it. Either way, keep us posted. Cheers, Steve
  13. That's a big smile on your face there Jim! Enjoy the bike. Keep us posted regarding your travels, farkling & mods. Dont forget your trip reviews too. Cheers, Steve
  14. I must be the Emelda Marcos of boots! I have a Sidi Vertigo for summer. Alpine Stars goretex S-MX for winter. Alpine Stars Tech 10 for kicking car doors! I like a short boot similar to Wessies.
  15. Ulewz, does this mod version include the 1.5in hole in the cat chamber or smaller? I'm thinking of doing this version since my welding is shithouse. Please let us know your method & review. Thanks.