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  1. Some on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/PANNIER-LINER-BAGS-FOR-YAMAHA-TRACER-900GT-TRACER-900GT-CITY-TRACER-900GT-2018-/192586052639 I believe Yamaha had offered the bag liners as an accessory but I couldn't find them on their website.
  2. I contacted Yamaha via their Yamaha Motor USA Facebook messaging inquiring about why they don't offer the same color options as other countries, here is the response: [em]Each country's models are specific to that country's specifications and demands. Therefore, we determine the color factor based on many factors such as U.S. tastes and demand.[/em][em] [/em]So where do they find out what these tastes & demands are?
  3. Congrats on your new bike. Bet you will like the lighter bike!
  4. Found that the pic I posted was of one someone on the internet had photoshopped the color. Too bad, but maybe it will push Yamaha to consider it down the road.
  5. Came across this on Facebook, now if only Yamaha would see to bring it to the USA!
  6. The 900 Tracer GT may be the better choice especially if you plan to travel- with cruise control and luggage, not to mention what I would think is the better riding position over the SV.
  7. Congrats on the new bike! For the foot pegs, you can also install the FJR-style foot pegs, several of us have done it.
  8. Yamaha has nothing to fear with Kawasaki's new so-called sport tourer.
  9. My '16 didn't have the revised panels but I did modify them as they were very close to making contact with the aftermarket seat. Easy to make the necessary clearance needed to avoid a possible crack.
  10. Coming out mid-year 2018 as 2019 models? Would imagine price of the Tracer 900GT will cost close to what an FJR1300 can be had for. We shall see.
  11. My experience with Kappa & GIVI is the product is the same, but Kappa is priced lower. Here's a site with both that I have purchased from: http://tourandride.com/
  12. Here are a few threads on risers. https://fj-09.org/thread/5367/heli-bar-risers-available https://fj-09.org/thread/1095/yamaha-tracer-billet-handlebar-risers
  13. I agree with Phpaul to change the oil & filter prior to winter storage. Along with that I clean the bike and add fuel stabilizer to the fuel(also to have the fuel tank full). Put it on the center stand and put a bike cover over it. Normally remove the battery and put it in the basement with a battery maintainer/charger periodically attached between a few other batteries. When Spring arrives, it's ready to go.
  14. Swapped out the cable on my '16 with the new version at 800 miles on the clock, rather not do a roadside repair. New cable for around $22, installed conveniently in the garage with all necessary tools and no delay to others while on a ride was worth doing now rather than later.
  15. Rest in peace Esperance.