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  1. Got someone to cover for me at work, so as long as it's dry, I'll be there.
  2. joeszup

    help! engine mount bolt siezed

    I had to do the same when installing my Higdonion cage.
  3. joeszup

    Cam chain tensioner or something worse?

    You don't live in Vancouver WA, do you? Sounds like the smurf they pull at Pro Caliber. With the three TERRIBLE experiences I had at that place, I wouldn't let them work on a lawnmower, never mind an actual motorcycle. BTW, this thread is just packed full of good info. Sorry this smurf happened to you, but so glad you are sharing.
  4. Chilly I'm ok with. Heated gear
  5. joeszup

    FJ09 Reliability

    Honestly, life’s too short for this and simply riding your bike will warm it up quicker than leaving it to idle. Not banging it off the limiter until warm I agree with though.It's not about how fast you warm it up, it's about letting the oil get pulled up through the engine and warm up to a nice viscosity. I've done this with all my vehicles and it's served me well. My Kia Soul (2010) has never had an issue, only did regularly scheduled maintenance on it, and it's at 115K and running strong. Honestly, I prefer to live my life a little slower and that two minute warmup (in winter) is not going to make me late for anything. And if I start the bike as I'm getting my helmet on, my GoPro on, my gloves, the bike is warm before I even throw a leg over it. Summer time it's less than a minute. I'm not knocking your "too short" statement, because life is indeed too short, but I don't live at 150MPH. Those days are far behind me. Heh, I remember reading someones quote about 10 years ago, when I still had my gixxer; "The older I get, the faster I used to be". I understand that now.
  6. As long as it's not pouring rain, and I can get off work, then yes, I'm in!
  7. joeszup

    FJ09 Reliability

    I firmly believe in doing the scheduled maintenance on my vehicles at the correct time. I didn't add any "performance" parts after getting the bike, however I have replaced some OEM stuff, with better quality stuff (i.e. tires, chain, seat). I've done the recalls as soon as I find out about them. I always let my bike warm up to 104F before riding. Do I believe that has prolonged the life of the bike? Yes, without a doubt. I also realize that this forum is a small sampling of the entire FJ-09 community worldwide and there are bound to be manufacturer defects, even if everything is built to spec. Case in point, you can read about people having issues with the cam chain tensioner, while I haven't had any (yet), but that is just me, a single point of data in a larger data pool. Same for the clutch cable. When doing my 12k maint recently, I lubed and inspected the cable, and it was fine. Will it break? Maybe, I can't see inside the cable itself, but it seemed fine. I guess what I'm trying to say is; Take care of your vehicle, do the maintenance, don't beat it up, use quality parts, and it will be fine. There will be lemons, happens for everything, but if you constantly fear getting a lemon, you'll always wonder/worry/fret over the bike and won't enjoy it.
  8. joeszup

    FJ09 Reliability

    No issues to date. I ride ~4k a year, definitely not as much as some of the peeps on the forums. I have the 2015 model and just did my 12k maintenance a week ago. Cam Chain tensioner hasn't made any noises, no serious issues with the chain, but I did replace it during this last maintenance as it had a single binding link. Had to adjust the throttle bodies for 8k and 12k (4k were fine). OEM tire sucks, swapped it out with some PR4's. I have NOT done any suspension work, and to be quite frank, I'm still on the fence about it. Maybe at 16k/20k maint. I bought the bike for $8.5k (OTD price) and put about $2k in farkles, new heated seat, givi luggage, heated grips, etc... Couldn't be happier with my bike.
  9. joeszup

    Coldest engine temp?

    Damn that musta been cold!I will never do that again. This was about four years ago and it was clear for a few weeks prior. That night the temp dropped 10F past the forecast. But with no moisture in sight I said "What the h*ll" and went for it. TBH, my body wasn't cold. Heater gloves, heated grips, gortex boots, layered riding gear with thermals. However, there was this gap, where the seal around my visor was letting air in. Even with the balaclava, I swear my forehead was going to shatter when I took my helmet off at work. Yesterday was another good ride, 30F outside, at 60MPH the temp stayed right at 136F. Although yesterday's ride was mild compared to the 18F. Heck, yesterday I was sweating by the time I got to work because I had too much gear on.
  10. joeszup

    Greetings from Portland, Oregon

    Welcome to the forums from Vancouver. Be sure to wave if you see me!!
  11. joeszup

    Coldest engine temp?

    Engine temp of 126F while riding 60MPH in 18F weather.
  12. I just noticed that coolant tank cover... I’m curious where you got that? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Radiator-Coolant-Resevoir-Tank-Cover-Protector-For-YAMAHA-MT-09-Tracer-FZ09-FJ09-/131977404071
  13. joeszup

    Tire Pressure

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. Yeah, I was reading off the sidewall of the tire. 42 seemed too high.
  14. And of course... polished my baby.
  15. Oh, forgot, put a few farkles on.