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  1. betoney

    Rain x

    I was shocked when I saw it on the shelf at Cycle Gear for $25 a can a few months ago but your link to Amazon @ $31 a can is just crazy. 😲
  2. I dont think a '16-'17 will "feel" any different from the '19 but there are several different features. Difference between the '16 and '17 FJ - the '16 is offered in Black or kind of a silver/white with blurple wheels, '17 was blue or white. The '17 came with an assist/slipper clutch and a data port to scan and clear error codes, on the '15 and '16 you could access the codes through the screen menu. The earlier FJ's can be upgraded with the '17 and newer clutch, oem heated grips and quick shifter thats offered on the GT. Cruise control can be added from MCCruise. improved cruise control performance Tagged "FJ-09" - Motorcycle Cruise Controls
  3. Both. I hit the deer broadside and folded it in half, the bike and I slid across the oncoming lane into the opposite ditch. ☚ī¸
  4. I also had a 2006 FZ1 - Liquid Silver. Top of the line suspension and a custom dyno tune, I loved that bike! Unfortunately I hit a deer and totaled it.
  5. You can easily bring it up to Tracer GT spec. except for the TFT screen. Mine has been upgraded with everything except a quick shifter. The one area that you probably wont need any mods is the engine, the linear torque curve on this thing is intoxicating.
  6. There are many that will get the job done, personal preference I suppose. A few attach with zip ties, personally I would avoid those. I bought the guard from Cosmo Radiator Guard HoneyComp
  7. @MemphisTracer - Welcome aboard. Good looking bike, I have the Red '15 as well. 👍 Pretty much all of the bikes quirks and or short comings have been identified and this forum is a wealth of information offering solutions or options to address any concerns you may encounter. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and if you are looking to upgrade any components, there are many here more than happy to help you spend your money. 😎 If you do nothing else to the bike, I would suggest at least getting a radiator guard.
  8. Look at the post right above yours. That links to a previous thread where everything is explained in detail. Its fairly simple if you are adept with basic hand tools.
  9. EP Yamaha Tracer 900 GT Folding Clutch and Brake Lever set 2018+ Evotech Performance levers are CNC from billet aluminium.Finished in an...
  10. While I have never experienced it and have ventured above 110mph many times, there is no shortage of discussion on the topic. Some attribute it to funky aerodynamics including the bizarre shaped handguards, suspension setup, steering geometry, tire inflation, luggage/weight on the rear of the bike etc. https://www.tracer900.net/search/?q=front end wobble
  11. I am hoping that since it is a rear brake switch specifically for motorcycles that it is the "proper switch".
  12. That is great info. thanks. So would you just wire them in reverse polarity?
  13. I couldn't agree more. I have used Pazzo levers on my last few bikes and LOVE them, I use long clutch and shorty 2-finger brake. I will never own another bike without adjustable levers.