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  1. Good Lord Man... you forgot to list a full factory support vehicle and 12' enclosed trailer to haul all of your stuff... 😲 In the past 10 years I have ridden just under 100k miles and never had to do a road side repair, I have a screw driver for the suspension and allen keys to adjust the levers but its only been convenience adjustments. I have a tire plug kit but have never used it.
  2. You can't buy an off-the-shelf Penske, (they aren't mass produced for retail outlets) they are only available custom built to spec. I ordered mine through Traxxion Dynamics, they send my specific valving specs to Penske who then build it and dyno it. I have had mine going on 4 years and it has worked BRILLIANTLY, with zero issues, I'm sure something "could" happen but I have never heard of anyone having warranty issues. I take it in every 2 years to be cleaned and serviced, new seals and wear parts, oil and nitrogen.
  3. Love the blue, I sure hope North America goes back to normal colors soon, not a fan of black with colored side panels.
  4. No kidding! Seeing the bike covered in snow is just so WRONG. Call me a wuss but I have no issues parking the bike for the winter in those conditions. Brrrrrrr 🥶
  5. I have Pazzo adjustable levers but can easily find an oem R1 lever to try. -Thanks for the tip. 👍 After using adjustable levers for so many years though you get spoiled with the superior feel and ability to quickly adjust the reach based on the glove thickness.
  6. Get out and enjoy the last riding days of the riding season while you can. Winter is coming way too quickly this year, we already have snow on several of the mountain passes making travel treacherous.
  7. Save them for summer and burn through them on a long road trip. They do fine on hot, dry pavement. I bought my bike in December and had the rear end slip a few times going through traffic circles on dry but cold pavement. I didn't complain when I picked up a nail at 4k miles, perfect excuse for new Pirelli Angel GT's.
  8. If I didn't need the passenger peg mounts for the Shad side bag rail, I would have removed them as well. I like the streamlined look without them installed.
  9. The SH36 bags are really nice, they are even nicer and more convenient if you get the removable inner bags. I have been through torrential rain storms and they proved their watertight integrity. 👍 I think I am only one who tried the seat mod from @Wintersdark and couldn't get it to work, I tried it at least 6 times with slightly different size washers and each time I reinstall the seat there is a 1/2" gap between the seat and tank. oh well 🤷‍♀️
  10. Bret I am using an R1 MC along with R1 rotors. The reservoir and bracket are parts I put together from eBay. I like the improved braking but the only thing I don't like is the long lever pull before it grabs. I wish it was more 'immediate', I'm not sure if it is the MC piston size or what?
  11. If you are using the stock hand guards they are about one step above worthless for blocking wind. They are too far away from your hands and oddly shaped, they allow a lot of air to hit your hands. After buying the bike, the hand guards lasted about a week. 👎
  12. There are a lot of great tires available, as previously mentioned the Road 5 is a popular choice as is the Pirelli Angel GT original and Angel GT II, Dunlop Road Smart 3 and Continental Road Attack 3. I have also used Bridgestone T31 sport touring tires as well as their S21 and S22 sport tires and really like all 3 of them.
  13. You aren't cutting or splicing on the bike end, you would be splicing on the end of the device you are plugging in and then plugging it into the bike harness.
  14. Just curious, did you get a reminder that it was due? I'm sure mine is close to expiring.
  15. As @BBB mentioned, you just need the silver connectors, what looks like a protective cap is actually the female part of the connector. The local bike shop might be able to help you out with the silver connectors. What I did was go to my local Yamaha shop and talk to the service manager, they had spare wiring harnesses from salvaged bikes, they cut off the connector I needed with about 4" of wire and I spliced it onto the device I was connecting.