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  1. I'll take your word for it, I was just going by the bikes listed specs. Specs at a Glance Buell Ulysses XB12X Displacement: 1203cc Seat Height: 2006 33.1 inches; 2007 31.8 inches Fuel Capacity: 4.4 gallons Dry Weight: 425 pounds Colors: Barricade Orange, Black Price: $11,495
  2. Congratulations on the new bike, the SHAD bags are a nice addition. Even with the seat in the lowest position, the FJ seat height is actually taller than the Buell or did the FJ come with lowering links? There is a lot of good info on this site to help get your bike set up exactly how you want it.
  3. My son and I recently converted his house to laminate flooring, when we tore the carpet out I kept a 10’x14’ section for my garage. It keeps the garage a bit warmer when working in the winter and it’s quieter when I drop wrenches. I still keep an 18””x18” carpet sample under the center stand.
  4. Galfer also makes brake lines. Like I mentioned previously, The banjo fittings on Spiegler lines are adjustable, I'm not sure if other brands offer this feature and I needed to adjust the angle of each line to fit perfectly. Some fittings only a few degrees while a few fittings I adjusted several degrees.
  5. @piotrek @DavidS @texscottyd and @2and3cylinders I was able to get out for a test ride today and the difference in lever/pedal feel was evident immediately, firmer much sooner and less lever/pedal travel needed to actuate the brakes. The one downside I noticed was actuating the ABS on the rear is now much easier. I actually had to adjust my brake pedal down a bit so my foot travels further since the pedal is much firmer now. I think putting a bungee on the lever and pedal overnight to release air bubbles helped tremendously as there is no spongy feel whatsoever.
  6. Every video I have watched and tech article I have read says that bleeding is exactly the same as a non-ABS bike. I didn't drain the ABS pump but when I removed the lines from the calipers, I pumped the lever or pedal to get a good portion of fluid out of the lines before removing them from the pump. I currently have the lever and pedal bungee'd overnight to release any air bubbles. When the weather clears up, I will take it out for a ride and cycle the system, then give it another quick bleed.
  7. Very Nice! 👍 Enjoy the new ride, you are going to love the motor! 😎
  8. I just got the front lines swapped and the system bled. The front was a bit more involved than the rear but nothing that cant be accomplished with planning and patience. By far the worst part was removing the hard lines but cutting the hard lines in strategic points (planning) made it easier, then it was just a matter of fishing the new lines into place (patience) around the steering stem, over the radiator and along side the engine. New lines in place! Now its just a matter of getting the last few air bubbles out of the system. The weather this week is really ugly and wet. I will get the bike put back together and ready for a test ride should the weather decide to improve.
  9. Thanks for the info. Thinking more about it, if I didn't already have the MCCruise, I would be interested in the newest version - but I have zero "need" for the Bluetooth integration or smartphone app features.
  10. Photos would have been nice but not totally necessary as its a 1 for 1 replacement. The closest thing to "instructions" I got was a label on each line; front master cylinder, rear caliper, etc.
  11. As a fellow Pacific North Westerner, you are aware of the endless rain p!$$ing down from the skies lately. ☹️ It might be late next week until I take the bike out on the roads for a test ride. I will share my findings.
  12. Today I tackled the rear brake line replacement. Its not as bad as I was anticipating but still a pain at times. Before starting the front or rear lines, tear the bike down to this state. You will want unrestricted access to the ABS modulator Make a note of which line goes where Now remove and replace replace one line at a time. Note that the brake line kit didn't come with any instructions, make sure you are mechanically up to the task and know what you are doing BEFORE you start. I cut the hard lines for easier removal. Route each new line in the same orientation as the one it is replacing, replace the fluid and bleed the system. I will try to get the front lines replaced tomorrow, time permitting. I noticed that the front hard lines are much longer than the rear so it could be a bit more complex and challenging to get the old lines removed. The Spiegler lines have adjustable banjo fittings enabling you to clock them at any position for a very precise fit, I don't think every manufacturer has that feature. I found that option invaluable as I adjusted the fittings on the ABS modulator end for a perfect fit. I attached the caliper and master cylinder end first and then ran the lines up to the modulator.
  13. That is what I was thinking as well. While it would be cool to update to something with "new and improved" features, my original MCCruise works perfect so I will leave it as-is. Thanks.
  14. @dazzler24 or @keithu Did Tony say whether this is a different control unit than the original version sold for the '15+ Fj09? Was there any mention of an update available for the original units to bring them up to the latest firmware?
  15. Rainy season is the PERFECT time for a suspension upgrade! 👍