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  1. betoney

    Tracer 1000??

    I always liked the Triumph Tiger Sport - Just wish it was available stateside.
  2. betoney

    Yamaha power tuner app

    Its pretty amazing how far technology has evolved. Dirtbikes now have electric start, EFI and smartphone tuneability! I cant imagine whats next... electronic suspension tuneable for enduro or motocross?
  3. How are you getting your shirts so quickly? I ordered mine 11 days ago (the day that @Cruizin listed them) and I checked the status and it says they haven't been printed yet?
  4. betoney

    Chain Maintenance question....

    ^^Agree with this^^ I take many overnight trips, (usually about 400-500 miles each way) and maintain it before I leave and then when I get home but if I am on a longer multi-day trip I carry cleaner and lube with me and maintain it at the end of the day.
  5. betoney

    900 GT Side Stand

    I believe @wordsmith had that issue with a lazy ankle. He welded an extension onto the tab that you catch with your foot. He might chime in here and share a photo of his modification.
  6. betoney

    My impressions at 1,500 miles of use

    Agreed, it is confusing when talking about the same bike from riders in other parts of the world. In USA we had a 2017 FJ09 and a 2019 Tracer but there was nothing offered for 2018.
  7. betoney

    vs FJR???

    I couldnt agree more, with all of the new bikes coming out recently I have let my eyes wander and have definitely been tempted to stray from my FJ, -new and improved, latest and greatest and all of that. Every time I go out to rip up some twisties though, I have a grin on my face and occasionally find myself laughing in my helmet as the rpm's climb and I am aggressively flowing from one corner to the next. The FJ still holds its own very nicely. I have let my brother and friends swap bikes while on road trips many times and everyone comes away VERY impressed with the motor. I remember my brother telling me after a ride, "I was over 100mph through those sweepers, still in 3rd gear and it just kept pulling..." 😎
  8. betoney

    Travel tool kit

    I keep a Dynaplug Repair kit in my side bag. Has anyone tried fitting a 12"-18" hose to the inflator? I use right angle air valves and it seems that a extension hose would be very useful for clearance issues.
  9. betoney

    Handlebar vibration

    ^^Exactly!^^ It drives me nuts when I see newer riders with their levers level to the horizon, when I recommend adjusting them downward in the same plane as their forearm, you get a quizzical look and the reply, "You can adjust the lever angle? thats how the dealer had them set when I bought the bike". You should see my dirtbike levers, I stand alot when riding and position myself forward over the bars, so my levers are positioned at a very downward angle to keep my wrists straight. Sit on your bike in the garage, slightly loosen all of your controls and rotate them so when you use them you dont have to bend your wrist upward. When you take it out for a test ride I think you will notice a huge improvement in wrist and forearm comfort.
  10. betoney

    vs FJR???

    Agreed. I test rode the base version Versys 1000 a few times and really liked it alot. To me it felt and looked physically larger than the Tracer GT but it is VERY smooth and comfortable! I rode it in mixed conditions, city traffic, rural farmland, secondary backroads and interstate and the bike works well in all conditions. The rubber mounted motor mounts really kept the ride smooth and vibration free, when I was testing it on the interstate my inner voice was saying "Just keep going and continue on to California". The new SE LT+ seems like a major overhaul for 2019.
  11. betoney

    vs FJR???

    @ted I have ridden (never owned) the FJR many times and consider it a fantastic bike, the ONLY thing keeping me from owning one is the weight. Like you stated "Ideally I'd have both". Concerning long hauls on the The FJ or Tracer, dont think that because it is smaller displacement that it isn't competent on long road trips. I take at least 1 week-long trip every year in addition to several shorter 3-5 day trips throughout the year, in addition to many overnighters somewhere. This year I have one 7-day trip planned in June and an 11-Day trip in September. A typical day for me while on a trip is 400-500 miles, the FJ/ Tracer handles it perfectly. For long distance comfort I added MCCruise control and a custom built seat. For spirited day trips, this bike RIPS!! Canyon carving, high speed mountain pass sweepers, it is a blast to ride. With a suspension upgrade and premium tires, the CP3 motor can be used to its intended potential.
  12. I also have the VStrom hand guards and agree with your findings. They work much better, look much better, and offer better clearance on aftermarket screens than oem hand guards. - And only $60 on Amazon. Of course they dont have a metal backbone like Bark Busters but this isn't an offroad or adventure bike so you wont be tagging trees like a dirtbike. Like you said, if you have a Dremel and a simple sanding block then its really easy to trim-to-fit.
  13. Wow, I really like these newest designs... it looks like I need to place a 2nd order.
  14. Its not an issue with Firefox or the store website. I use Firefox exclusively and it goes through without issue every time.
  15. @Alberta Deryl - Thanks for sharing. It sounds like a fun event. I am not into group rides (3-4, maybe 5) I like that they give you the check points and leave the decision making, route and pace up to you.