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  1. I use the Tour Master Synergy 2.0 Heated Vest Liner W/ Collar I only use it on the lowest setting (it gets HOT) and in conjunction with the heated grips, I'm good to go down to freezing weather. The best part on a frosty morning - the HEATED COLLAR!!
  2. @Larz - Looks good! Looking forward to that ride report but "Holy Wheelie" is a good start! 👍
  3. The O2 sensor is in the header, forward of the muffler section, I’m not sure what could have caused that to trip. Did you disconnect the sensor on the wiring harness at all?
  4. Like @skipperT mentioned, the nut is a security type nut and technically a one time use, just like the front sprocket nut. Make sure you have a replacement before you undertake this project so you aren’t waiting a week with the bike torn apart.
  5. I used the clutch holding tool and a breaker bar. The clutch holding tool is just a special shaped vice-grip tool with tabs on the end to hold the basket, it’s not too expensive. The basket is about $400, you DO NOT want to improvise with a homemade tool and damage it.
  6. Life is tough sometimes, isn't it? 😎
  7. Thanks for resurrecting this @keithu I just did this mod myself today, I will definitely need to paint it all satin black as the chrome is blinding in the sunshine. I don't know how those Harley riders can stand the glare. $8 and a few minutes of time, sooo simple.
  8. Are you outside of your warranty? That part should absolutely be covered by the warranty.
  9. That sounds like some pretty heavy duty stuff, maybe attempt to try a heat gun near the base? I have only had the base of one come loose once, where mine usually lose their adjustment is the upper mirror itself. When I get up to higher speeds the wind will make them fold in slightly so I am forever re-adjusting them.
  10. I have removed my mirrors a few times and the nut wasn't difficult to turn by any means. I used a standard 8" Crescent wrench.
  11. Very interested in hearing how it runs after the exhaust and flash, I have heard that the Graves system with a quality fuel map makes a VERY noticeable difference. I believe @norcal616 has a Graves full exhaust?
  12. It sucks having parts out of stock, at least you have something else coming in it’s place. While you are waiting, get your ECU flashed for the Graves system.
  13. Yep - that PN is listed for the MT09. Sorry to hear that they screwed it up. I would call first thing in the morning and insist that they overnight the correct one with a pre-paid shipping label for the return.
  14. @Larz - Look on page 2 of this thread, I posted pics of my mid-pipe, it is definitely an "S"shape, is it possible that they sent you the MT09 version? If you have the receipt or packing slip or maybe a marking on the box, it should have the model number, like RYA101TEO, it will vary slightly depending on the finish of your silencer.