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  1. @texscottyd - recommended ---> These in a different thread, they might be easier to see.
  2. It sounds like you need different chain adjusters, not a rear stand. The rear stand will probably lift the wheel the same height as the center stand, it wont make seeing the adjustment marks any easier.
  3. What part of the country are these for rent? I have always wanted to ride some of the Eastern States, Virginia, Carolina's, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee etc. but the nearly 6,000 miles just to get there and back and extensive vacation time kills that idea quickly. If I could fly and ride, especially a newer GT, that idea might be worth considering for me and some buddies.
  4. That's awesome! Thanks for the write-up, glad you both love the bike.
  5. Yes, on the front power leads behind the screen, I have the 12v socket connected as well as day time running lights and a hardwired GPS, running with no problems. @pgeldz - DO NOT attempt to run a tire compressor or heated gear off that circuit.
  6. Thats good to hear. Get better quickly and get back out riding. πŸ‘ BTW, I like the unique color of your bike - looks good, its not very common. I like something a little bit different.
  7. I'm confused about that as well. I completely understand possibly needing one for the front but with a center stand doing the exact same thing it seems redundant. Actually it would be more limiting for maintenance as you cant do swingarm, linkage or shock removal or maintenance.
  8. I run that exact same pressure in both sport or sport/touring tires.
  9. Mmm, Beer... It keeps life interesting. πŸ‘
  10. I have used several sets of the Bridgestone S21’s, GREAT sport tire! At some point I will try the new S22’s. When you get some miles on them, post up your impressions.
  11. Reason enough to keep her above 5k rpm, besides, that’s where the fun starts! 😎
  12. Have you already used the switched aux plugs behind the screen? No sense running fog light wiring to the back of the bike.
  13. @joe72t There is a lot of good info here ---> Search Results I have never done this trip myself but the ride reports are always intriguing.
  14. Read the previous post above yours. Corbin and Yamaha comfort seats are NOT your only option for a comfortable seat.