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  1. Prior to this issue starting, was there any changes or maintenance done to the bike? Were the wheels removed? The first thing I would do is unscrew the ABS wheel sensors and inspect the surface of the sensor. Clean each sensor and re-seat them fully, then rotate the wheels and inspect the ABS ring for any damage or deformation.
  2. Thanks for posting, I was unaware of that feature. I'm still able to learn something new every day. πŸ‘
  3. You might not have seen the response but @peteinpa answered your question right here. All recall maintenance performed will be stored in Yamaha's database under you VIN.
  4. Yes, it has a one way check valve, fluid flows out and no air flows back in. It makes brake bleeding or a fluid flush very simple.
  5. I haven't installed speed bleeders on the bike but instead use a speed bleeder tool which I can use on all of my vehicles. I have had this one for over 10 years and use it regularly for brake servicing. https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/motion-pro-hydraulic-brake-bleeder?sku_id=173875
  6. I bought my 2015 FJ09 as a left over model, still new in the crate, 5 years ago today. Just reached 66,500 miles and still using the original battery. I recently had the 3rd valve check performed (along with TB sync and fresh spark plugs) and she still runs like a champ. I have had a few warranty repairs along the way but have never broken down or been left stranded and wouldn't hesitate to leave tomorrow on another road trip. I have toyed with the idea of upgrading to the new Tracer 9 GT but I have already brought mine up to GT spec except for the bi-directional quick shifter, and I MUCH prefer the old LCD gauge vs. the scuba Steve split screen. (Maybe they will change it on the Gen IV or V in 3-5 years?) Until then I will just keep piling on the miles. πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘
  7. Yes, that is how I have my aftermarket suspension set-up. I ride many longer distance road trips each year, but I like to do it on the 'fun roads' as much as possible. It is absolutely comfortable for long stretches on the highway and will definitely hold its own in the canyons and mountains. It's good to hear that the Tracer 9's electronic suspension works well, I will have to get a test ride if they have demo-days again next summer.
  8. The best I can advise is to watch lots of youtube videos on different features and use it every time you ride, even if its a local ride that you are familiar with, just to learn all of the features. One thing a lot of users aren't aware of is, just like your previous Garmin, all of the fields or cells on the main map screen or trip data sidebar are customisable, if in doubt, press it and see what it does. Most of them can be set up how you like, if you don't need the clock, change it to an altimeter or compass etc.
  9. I picked up the Drivesmart 55 earlier this year and LOVE it. Do yourself a favor and download the Garmin DRIVE app, it makes building a route very simple. We took a 7 day trip this summer and I was able to link my phone via Bluetooth and build the route with my phone and Drive app for each day of the trip while standing in my garage as I was packing. I built a different route for each day and saved them as Day 1, Day 2 etc., I'm not sure how many routes it will hold but at least a weeks worth that I have found so far. One morning we changed plans and I simply built a new route in the hotel parking lot as we were getting geared up. WAY TOO EASY. I don't currently have a Cardo or Sena headset but if you do, you can link them via Bluetooth and use voice commands to answer calls or text messages that pop up as alerts on the GPS screen as you ride.
  10. I was out for a ride on Wednesday in clear but fairly cold weather... My helmet shield was constantly fogging up so I had to keep the shield cracked open the entire ride to keep it clear. I said to myself "I need to try a pinlock... wait a minute, I ALREADY HAVE a pinlock..." Shoei helmet shields are all pinlock ready and they come with an included pinlock lens, Mine has been sitting in a drawer for a few years... Insert Homer Simpsons "DOH!!" Needless to say I dug it out of the drawer and installed the lens on my shield in a minute and went out for a ride this morning - 50F degrees and raining fairly hard. I went for an hour long ride and didn't open the shield once until I got home and it was completely fog free. I'm really not sure why it took me this long to realize I had the solution sitting in a drawer, bottom line is; if your shield is prone to fogging in colder weather, get a pinlock lens, THEY WORK!
  11. Give it a while to break-in before making final judgement, when I got my seat made the builder told me to give it approximately 1,000 miles for the foam to break-in and conform to your dimensions. A lot of riders balk at the cost of a custom seat but what price can you put on all-day comfort? Like you, I have a long inseam and the taller seat is an amazing improvement.
  12. They were very scarce in certain areas this year, my local dealer didn't get any Tracers until early Fall time frame.
  13. Wow, sorry to hear of your accident, at least you have all winter to heal. Best of luck in getting your bike put back together. πŸ‘
  14. I finally saw a 2021 Tracer 9 out on the road today, well kind of saw one... I was pulling out of a side street and almost hit it, that miniature single headlight from the R1 is barely visible in daylight, I can only imagine how ineffective it is on a rural road in total darkness. 😲
  15. A bit chilly today but we had a brief break from the rain so I had to seize the opportunity for a ride...