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  1. Correct. I modified it with a Dremel tool to fit, the power buttons are in different locations, so I had to cut a hole to fit. It is very stable and I have used the modified cradle for 2 seasons with zero issues.
  2. I reused mine but only because I didn't have replacements on hand like you do. One of mine was VERY close to rounding out.
  3. I used this diamond ball mount on the back of the cradle I linked previously. RAM® Diamond Ball Base Details and specifications of the RAM® Diamond Ball Base, Part No...
  4. Windscreen effectiveness is so subjective as there are too many variables to make any true recommendations for another rider. Some riders have taller or shorter upper torso, longer or shorter arms, sit closer or further from the tank, wear louder or quieter helmets and have different tolerances for wind levels. What works for me could be terrible for another rider.
  5. Yes, if I recall correctly, the US version early FJ's were limited to 115mph but like @nhchris mentioned, it could be eliminated with an ECU flash.
  6. "Britton Hill is the highest natural point in the state of Florida, United States, with a summit elevation of 345 feet (105 m) above mean sea level. " 😲 I don't know whether to laugh or cry...
  7. I'm still more curious as to WHY that happened just by disconnecting the battery?? It shouldn't trip a CEL.
  8. @autiger - Good score! $6K for a brand new Tracer is insane. 👍
  9. That seems to be nationwide pricing, the base Tracer was marked down to $8500 here as well, my dealer had a few and sold them in an instant. I really like the GT model, -(Yamaha must have read my mind and copied my build 2 years after the fact😎) as I set up my '15 FJ09 exactly like the new GT except for the quick shifter, and with MUCH nicer suspension. Buying all of the parts to make the base Tracer into a GT is almost doable but will be quite expensive and be labor intensive. Do do you do your maintenance or would you have a mechanic install everything? factor in potentially $100-120 an hour for labor. You still wont have the improved front fork, remote shock preload adjuster or new color TFT screen. If you were to buy side bags, I would definitely get the FJR bags for more storage capacity, either way you will need the bags, mounts and a lock set installed. The nice thing about the GT is they have done all of the work for you, it comes with everything, just get on and go. Buying a base Tracer will initially save you some money but then you will re-spend it all buying all of the parts and taking the time to turn it into a GT anyway... Check Cycle Trader, you can find new 2019 GT's (the better color) for less than $12,000, you might have to drive to North Carolina but you can save $1,000+. Just a thought.
  10. I would argue that this issue is NOT normal like you mentioned. You can disconnect and reconnect the battery terminals all day long and should NEVER get any a CEL. Does everything work correctly on the bike aside from having the CEL illuminated?
  11. 😲 Um... I cant even imagine... I am SO GRATEFUL for the mountains out West.
  12. Love the photos... is the 2nd photo of @Wintersdark commuting to work? 😲
  13. Yes, and it is relatively inexpensive. You need a cradle for your specific model and a diamond ball base to attach to the swivel arm. Note that cradles are not made for every GPS model and most models of the older Nuvi's have rounded corners and the newer Drive models have square corners. I have several GPS units, Nuvi205, Nuvi 50, 2x Nuvi 55's and a newer Drive 51, I had to slightly modify the cradle with a Dremel tool when I bought the newer model to get it to fit. Amazon.com: Ram Mount Model Specific Cradle for the Garmin nuvi 50 and 50LM: GPS City Buy Ram Mount Model Specific Cradle for the Garmin nuvi 50 and 50LM:...
  14. Yes, it is the Garmin Drive 51, the basic model, attached with a ram mount hardwired to the 12v switched outlet behind the screen. During a black friday or cyber monday sale they can be found for around $100, the motorcycle specific Zumo series are over $600.