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  1. I wonder if living near the ocean and the salt air started some of the corrosion prior to riding through the rain.
  2. True, its actually quite impressive what you can achieve with a smartphone camera. Lots on online articles and tuitorials available. Every single photo I have ever posted here has been taken and adjusted (contrast, vibrance, cropping etc) with an iPhone7.
  3. Considering it is a triple engine there are 'some' vibrations but nothing I would call excessive, however, like most things with motorcycles, it is all HIGHLY subjective. Some riders don't like the factory seat or windshield and others keep the stock items for the life of the bike. A lot of riders use Grip Puppies to cushion their hands and rubber top foot pegs for their feet. On any bike you choose, I HIGHLY recommend a thorough test ride, not just down the street and back. There have been a few bikes that I thought were THE bike for me until I test rode them and was very disappointed.
  4. They should be fairly flexible, not wobbly loose and not kinked tight. You should be able to move each link by hand.
  5. Just curious, what are your other top 2 choices? If you haven't ridden one, take the Versys 1000 for a test ride. The Tracer GT is a great do-it-all type of bike and a great value for its price but depending on your needs, it might not do everything perfectly and require some modifications or aftermarket parts. I use mine for weekend sporty riding in the mountains or twisty roads but also do several overnight trips and a few 7-10 day rides each year. -Not so much this year...☹️ I have the suspension upgraded and had a custom seat built but then I would have that done for any bike I own, your needs might be different. I think the price might be just a little high, but it is local and available now. Cycle trader has several 2019's with low mileage for $10,500-$11,000.
  6. Put it up on the center stand and from the bottom, press up on the center of the chain, now rotate the wheel a little bit and do the same and repeat. Is it tighter or looser in spots? My chain developed tight spots, if I set tension correct in one spot, a different section was as tight as a guitar string, and while riding the drive felt horrible, slapping and bouncing. - Time for a new chain. A new chain feels almost as smooth as new tires.
  7. MC Garage Video: What’s With Tire Width? Do bigger tires mean more grip? In this video from the MC Garage, we talk...
  8. @kmev - I agree with you on the footpeg to seat height issue but that can be addressed. I have a few riding buddies who have had Gen II and Gen III FJR's, ridden them several times and enjoyed them every time. The FJR has been around forever and pretty much refined to perfection (except for the weight) for the type of riding you are wanting to do, the FJR is FANTASTIC.
  9. @kmev - Glad to hear that the bike made it to the Arctic Ocean, I hope to take the exact same photo in a few years. Interesting that you are wanting to switch TO the FJR considering so many new members have recently switched FROM the FJR. Curious as to what aspect of the FJR is calling to you over the FJ?
  10. Yep, been there done that, that's why I mentioned it earlier. I figured that is the ONLY thing that could cause that to happen consistently, glad you got it figured out. 👍
  11. I have no idea about why, I have never heard anyone mention that happening to them. Are you certain that there is no way your finger is resting there or something accidentally hitting it? On the 2019 base Tracer, the menu is still the 'trigger' button on the front of the left control pod correct?
  12. Did you change the alignment to make the caliper reading correct? I used the Motion Pro alignment tool and then when it was tightened, I double checked with digital caliper and left and right were within 0.02 of each other. The swingarm marks were off by one full 'tick mark' from side to side. YES, the bike needs to be cleaned... 😲
  13. That is the set up menu. You should be able to exit that by turning the key off or (I think) holding the menu button for a few seconds. *EDIT* also make sure that your clutch lever isn't hitting the menu button when it is pulled in.
  14. I couldn't agree more, smoother is definitely more enjoyable and can actually be faster if you carry speed. I find I slowly rotate my wrist, open and close, not whack it open and chop it fully closed, in fact a lot of time I don't fully close the throttle or use the brakes in corners, just slowly 'roll' it open a bit and then smoothly 'roll' off a bit though always having some maintenance throttle applied. Kind of like a stereo volume knob.