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  1. I crossed over from Longview and rode through Clatscanie, Mist, Jewell and then OR202 into Astoria. Fantastic weather for a ride today.
  2. Today I practiced social distancing with a 300 mile ride to Astoria, Oregon and up 101 on the Southern coast of Washington. Social Distancing 😎
  3. There are a few online calculators that are fun to mess around with. Stock gearing is 16/45 Motorcycle Gearing Calculator | Shift Tracer | Sprocket Comparison Gearing Commander ⚙
  4. I have used a 15 tooth on the front (-1) as well as a 47 on the rear (+2) though not at the same time. With each sprocket combination the speedometer is about 2mph higher than my Garmin GPS is reading. Even with stock gearing it didn't match the GPS 100%. FWIW stock gearing, 16/45 is a final drive ratio of 2.81, dropping one tooth on the front to 15/45 has a final drive of 3.00 and adding 2 teeth on the rear 16/47 brings it to 2.93. Its kind of the "Goldilocks" of the 3 combinations for my riding preference. A little livelier in the twisties and not too high strung for highway riding.
  5. On the bike by 10am beats not being on a bike at all. Cherish being able to even have a late start.👍
  6. You are not wrong, it is VERY comfortable, I have put over 37k miles on the seat in 2.5 years. It took a little tweaking and re-shaping over 3 appointments to get it perfect for me but the builder was very understanding and helpful.
  7. Since it is warming up here, I decided to try the smaller Parabellum flyscreen. I was surprised at how much I like it, no helmet buffeting and manageable wind noise on the highway (I always wear earplugs anyway). The only time I experienced turbulence was when I jumped on the interstate and was riding at 80mph around a lot of big rigs but once I was past them it smoothed out nicely. Personally, I don't want a still pocket of air behind a a large screen, even when I get onto slower city streets, I always have my visor open to get air flow on my face. With that being said, if I was going on a longer multi-day road trip where there was a possibility of rain, I would definitely change the screen for the trip. FJ-09 Parabellum Flyscreeen
  8. Agreed, morning is my absolute favorite time to ride. Last year I did a solo trip to Santa Cruz and on the way home I was up early and on the road taking a few photos up in the hills North of Mount Shasta. I had texted them to a few friends and shortly got a few return texts complaining about waking them up so early then I realized it was only about 6:45am. 😎
  9. Sorry, didn't mean to steal your thunder, it occurred to me after reading your post that I left that info out. Full credit indeed goes to @2and3cylinders 😎👍
  10. I too had to have the front narrowed, as I grip the tank with my knees. A lot of seats have seams, like Terrys or even angular cut foam with ridges, like the stock seat. I had to have mine smoothed out and rounded with no seams. This is the result after 3 sessions of tweaking and re-shaping.
  11. Another thing I need to add is: bike setup is critical, at least for me it is. Ergonomically comfortable, handlebar position (in my case- aftermarket bars with a little more rearward sweep) A custom built seat makes a world of difference, all day riding is no longer an issue. Properly set up suspension that is firm enough for the curves yet plush enough for the highways is an absolute must, if you are fighting the bike in the corners or getting beat up on rough roads, you WILL get fatigued faster, mentally and physically.
  12. ^^Exactly^^ So many variables that can attribute to a fantastic ride or make you want to turn around and go back home. Even when on a road trip, I keep interstate highway riding to a minimum unless I absolutely have to make up time. When riding from state to state, I still plan the route through 'fun roads', sometimes even going out of the way to reach those roads. From where I live, I could get to Missoula Montana, Boise Idaho or Redding California in just over 8 hours on the interstate but the 'enjoyable' route takes me 2 full days.
  13. Its funny, when riding with buddies, I get MUCH lower mileage in a day, BS'ing, longer breaks and lunch etc. When riding solo, I am out to RIDE. When I stop for gas, I use the restroom and then get back on the road, when I stop for lunch, its a quick bite and then back on the road. I find that I get much more stiff and sore from highway riding because I am not moving as much, winding mountain roads keep me moving around on the bike as well as more mentally focused. Yes, I like to keep the scenery and road type varied and interesting.
  14. Ive said it before, our winters absolutely SUCK in the Pacific Northwest but late Spring through early-mid Fall can be unbelievable. The variety of terrain for riding is amazing, from lush coastal forests to mountain passes to rocky canyons and dry higher elevation desert.
  15. I was able to take the bike out for a post Memorial Day ride - 443 miles today! I went down to the Columbia River Gorge and Klickitat Canyon. AWESOME day for a ride, right around 70 degrees. 👍 Cape Horn, overlooking the Columbia River Bridge of the Gods, on the Columbia River Riding up toward Klickitat Canyon Klickitat Canyon Mt. Adams, obscured by clouds Glenwood Highway Glenwood Overlook