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  1. I suppose you could leave work and ride up to Bakersfield or Fresno area and crash for the night and then finish the remainder all day on Thursday. Still a LONG haul. As much as I don't enjoy riding on the interstate, I agree with your thinking and have done the same on many occasions to get to the good riding quicker.
  2. ^^^^ This would be my next step also. You know that the signals work and also know that the wiring on the rear is functional, so now its just a matter of getting the signals wired correctly. Good luck.
  3. I bought the Spiegler switch (M10x1.25). This was my 'gunked-up' oem brake switch.
  4. @keithu That is awesome. Good job in finishing smartly and safely. These 'scavenger hunt' type rides sound like a lot of fun and a great opportunity to see new areas. The only drawback for me personally is riding at night, not only for the numerous critters, which is reason enough, but in the darkness I don't have proper depth perception. About 10 years ago I was stopped by a sheriff deputy outside John Day as a friendly warning that in the past 24 hours they had 3 motorcycle fatalities due to deer.
  5. The brake light switch may or my not be the issue but regardless *in my opinion* it's a crude piece of crap design. Completely exposed to the elements and road grime and oils, I had mine apart several times due to sticking either on or off. I replaced it with a hydraulic switch several years ago and have never had another brake light switch issue. https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/spiegler-brake-light-switch
  6. Here are some random suggestions in no particular order. If you are cutting inland from the coast to I-5 in California, CA36 is AMAZING, if it is clear of wildfires it is a no-brainer. Just north of there, CA299 is very nice also with some great sweeping curves but might have a bit more traffic. If you are riding from I-5 to the coast or coast to I-5 in Oregon there are many nice coastal highways, a few of my favorites are CA199 from Grants Pass to Crescent City, OR42 from Coos Bay to Winston, OR34 from Waldport to Corvallis, OR6 and OR26 from Tillamook to Portland. In Washington, SR20 - the North Cascades Highway is breathtaking, a lot of people ride the Western portion from Darrington to Rockport to US-97 but SR20 continues to the Idaho Border! It is highly advised to check weather conditions, and bring rain gear anytime you are riding in the mountains. In Idaho, US12 from Lewiston to Lolo Montana is not to be missed. Another great option from Lewiston is heading South on WA129 and OR3 - Rattlesnake Grade - you'll thank me later. In Oregon, a VERY nice ride is Pendleton to Burns and continue all the way to the California border on US395. If you need more ideas, post up here, I'll be happy to offer suggestions.
  7. If you or your brother are unfamiliar with that region, there is PHENOMENAL riding in every direction from John Day. If you look at a map and draw a rectangle from Mt. Hood down to Bend and then East to the Idaho Border, ALL of that is a motorcyclists paradise. You owe it to yourselves to plan other bike trips in that area, just the Hell's Canyon area alone on the Oregon/Idaho border is worth a road trip. If you plan on riding to Montana you simply must ride Lolo Pass from Lewiston to Missoula. No exceptions. And while in Montana definitely do not miss Beartooth Pass and Chief Joseph Highway from Red Lodge Montana to Cody, Wyoming, at 11,000 feet you are literally on top of the world.
  8. My trip down the Oregon Coast in August was very nice, I went as far South as Crescent City and then headed back North, I have to say that 199 was the highlight of the trip, what an amazing road. 👍
  9. So, after reading this I'm convinced that I will be keeping my 'old school' Gen 1 FJ for awhile longer. There's just something about its archaic simplicity. 😎
  10. Mine definitely does the same thing, my dirtbike is the same even with brand new shock/linkage bearings.
  11. I'm confused, I think there must be some misconception on this thread that anyone would ever put a rag or their hand on the inside of the chain - the mating surface between the chain and sprocket, I can't imagine anyone actually doing that. But I watch youtube like everybody else and realize that anything is possible. If someone used a rag like pictured above (on the outside) to wipe the chain they would have to be seriously complacent to hurt themself.
  12. In the first year of owning the bike, I had very uneven brake pad wear, almost as if all 4 of the pads were concave, they had contact wear on the center portion but not around the edges. They determined that the pads weren't riding in the calipers correctly and the pistons weren't contacting the pads perpendicular. After replacing the calipers, the brake pads have worn correctly. The abs pump was replaced because the back brakes would lock up and skid instead of pulsing like normal ABS. The shop hooked their ABS tester and could repeatedly duplicate the irregular function.
  13. I bought my '15 in December of 2016, so my 4-year extended coverage expires in less than 3 months. I have used the coverage several times; replacement front calipers, 12v socket, ABS pump and the clutch basket now for the 2nd time. I am fortunate to have a very good relationship with everyone at my local dealership, I have never had them argue about or refuse a warranty repair, in fact its usually at their insistence that they use the warranty for legitimate repairs.
  14. I took mine in to diagnose this same issue a few weeks ago and they determined it was the clutch basket, very slight lateral movement detected. It is being replaced under warranty for the second time, I am at 65k miles now and the first time it was replaced was around 30k-32k. The extended Y.E.S. coverage has paid for itself on this bike. All of the parts were finally delivered to the shop so I have an appointment to have it replaced in 2 weeks.
  15. https://www.mccruise.com/collections/yamaha/products/cruise-control-for-yamaha-xtz690-tenere-700?variant=31604662009954 Its a spendy option, but it IS possible.