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  1. Wow, the teeth on that sprocket are really hooked, how many miles on it?
  2. I'm not sure where this idea comes from, maybe from those that get a new bike every 18-24 months and have never had high mileage? Myself and all of my riding buddies all have over 50k on our bikes.
  3. Some manufacturers will sell a mis-matched set if you ask, I have always bought a standard clutch and short brake lever set.
  4. They all seem really impressed with the machine as I was after a brief test ride, I cant see myself buying one but I would absolutely rent one for the weekend like they did. Interesting that he says only 36 were brought to the U.S... I'm not sure how accurate that statement is but I would think it has to be a bit more than that? 🤷‍♀️
  5. Yes, I missed it. I was skimming the forum quickly while at work on my small cell phone screen. 🤷‍♀️ I'll pick up some of the teflon tape. Good info. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Would it be wise to wrap the threads on the oem bleeders? Some sort of plumbers tape?
  7. Ride at a slow speed on a loose surface, grass, dirt, gravel etc and grab the brakes, you will feel it pulsing when the ABS is activating.
  8. I have a few different configurations that I am going to try again, I have oem and aftermarket levers for both the stock and R1 master cylinders, easy enough to switch and one configuration might feel better than the other. Any reason to think that a '14 R1 MC might work better than my '06??
  9. According to Partzilla, the axle block part number is the same for the FJ/MT/XSR/Tracer and GT.
  10. Yikes! - Glad you got it off. The factory torque spec is ridiculous.
  11. The front brakes are ...fine, I have had issues with the brakes since owning the bike, have had calipers, pads and ABS pump replaced under warranty and upgraded every single piece of the braking system, tried Vesrah RJL and EBC HH pads, Oversize R1 rotors, Spiegler lines, 2 different R1 master cylinders, stock and aftermarket R1 levers, system bled dozens of times (by myself and the service department) and I sand the pads and clean the rotors several times a year and the brakes work 'fine', that's the best I can say. I recently spent the day on a buddies bone-stock Africa Twin and its brakes felt superior to mine in every way even with standard MC, GG pads and stock lines. The AT lever feel is rock hard within a few mm of lever movement, and will not compress any further, mine gets firm within 20mm of lever travel, but then if I squeeze really hard the lever will go almost to the grip (stock MC and both R1 MC's), the HH pads have never had improved initial bite and I have even bought rebuild kits for the MC and caliper seals... 🤷‍♀️ Funny thing, I did the same work on my YZ250,- swapped MC and installed a braided steel line and it is OMG Amazing!, truly one finger over-the-bars stopping power, not sure why my FJ is so lackluster?
  12. Agree, the rear brakes on this bike are strange, I don't get a lot of feel from them as far as 'effective slowing' and then slightly more pedal pressure and the ABS is activating. I usually only use the rear brake in town going stoplight to stoplight and even then its in conjunction with the front brake and only the last stretch coming to a complete stop and holding the bike still.
  13. Nice job on the replacement, looks good! -To me- that damage is extremely minimal but I understand wanting to keep the bike near perfect looking. 👍
  14. Unfortunately, that is a poor design and prone to damage. I replaced mine with ones found on ebay from a seller in the U.K. though I cant find them currently listed.