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  1. The dealer can run the VIN and tell if anything has been done or needs to be done to any specific bike. I dont know if there is a VIN range to look out for or avoid, if a problem was discovered and then later addressed through a recall, it should now be good as new. Its hard to believe there are still left over, brand new '15 models collecting dust in warehouses and showrooms, you should be able to negotiate a fair deal on a 4 year old bike.
  2. Your instrument panel flash rate should match your signal flash rate (flash speed, not blinker pattern). If I turn the relay faster or slower, the signals and instrument panel are in sync.
  3. Yes, I used a flasher relay from TST Industries to set the flash rate. I bought the X-Arc for the rear over a year ago and the flash rate was really fast so I bought the relay. I liked the X-Arc signals enough that I decided to use a set on the front as well. They have a 20% off promo going through the end of the year, coupon code CYBER
  4. betoney

    Business trip on the FJ

    From your description, it sounds like a total pain in the @ss with more negatives vs. positives. It sounds like you are needing a lot of clothing for this endeavor, riding gear, work clothes, casual clothes, gym clothes, multiple pairs of shoes, and jackets. High crime area means unloading the bike and storing your stuff in an office or hotel, gearing up and gearing down when moving from work site to work site and every meal. Last but not least, traveling to and from (one tank of gas away) through rural farmland at dawn and dusk... as someone who has totaled a bike due to hitting a deer, I can tell you, the critters are out there waiting to strike, even in broad daylight. Mine happened at noon! As much as I love riding my bike, at some point its a relief for convenience to take the truck.
  5. betoney

    Ohlins YA535 spring rate

    Did you already order the shock? Usually when you buy a shock the first thing they want to know is what you weigh with riding gear and they sell you the correct spring for your intended use. Spring rates are based on weight, I dont think there is a "standard spring".
  6. betoney

    Cheated on my FJ

    This kit has everything you need. XSR900 Slipper Clutch Do a forum search and read up on the process involved. You will mix your existing clutch plates in with these new parts. The conversion is pretty simple and took less than an hour.
  7. betoney

    Suspension Upgrade

    Whatever you decide on, let us know what you purchased and your impressions on the improved ride.
  8. @wordsmith - I also use the drain plug from an R1, I bought the oem plug, which is non-magnetic, it was less than $3. I do like magnetic plugs, I have used them for years in previous bikes, I may have to buy one like @kmev linked.
  9. betoney

    Hello from snowy Red Deer

    Correct, I have the Helibars and did not have to change any of the cables. I have used them with the oem bar risers in the forward and reverse position, no problems in either position.
  10. Today I replaced the 1970's turn signals with smaller LED signals from High Tech Speed I originally wanted to try their Proton LED's but wanted more forward visibility from oncoming traffic, so I bought the X-Arc signals, same ones that I have on the back. VERY bright!! When you remove the oem lights and mounts, you will need 4X Turn Signal Adapter Plates 1 each on the inside and outside of the shroud on each side.
  11. Best wishes for the holidays and 2019. Hoping for 2 wheels in your future.
  12. I positioned mine facing down for the same reasons you listed. Very quick and easy install.
  13. Hey @betoney Welcome to the new forum. We can now post stuff in our profiles.    Share with other people, pics, whatever you want. 


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      Now you need to upload your cover photo, on this profile page. 

  14. betoney

    GT Swing Arm on an FJ?

    I can’t think of any reason that it wouldn’t work, you would obviously need a longer chain but everything should fit.