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  1. Changing out my chain and sprockets. Did you go with a larger rear sprocket or a 1 tooth smaller front sprocket? I had gone 1 tooth smaller on my 16 tooth front to a 15 tooth on my ZRX1100 and that was with a 530 chain and had no ill effects. It put me just right on 2nd and 3rd gear through the twisties. I don't ride anymore much above 100 MPH so it shouldn't hurt "My" top end. Can't see where a 1 tooth smaller front would hurt on the FJ either. Guy has a 

    EK 525 SRX2 Quadra X-Ring Chain 110 Links Natural on ebay for $79.61 free ship. 

    Sprocket Center has front and rear steel JT sprockets for 61 bucks plus 7 bucks shipping. 

    I can cut a link off for the 1 less tooth on the front. Yes I'm trying to get 2nd gear a little lower for tight technical twisties, 35-50 MPH using 2nd and 3rd gear. As it is I find myself using 1st at times. Do you think the 1 tooth smaller will pull it down enough or should I just leave it stock and adj myself? 

    1. betoney


      I have used both a -1 tooth in the front and +2 in the rear at different times, the final ratio is very close.

      Stock 16/45 = 2.81

      -1 front 15/45 =3.0

      +2 rear 16/47 = 2.93

      With the 15 on the front you can get away with stock length chain, with the 47 on the rear I use a 112 link chain.

      The reason I eventually went with +2 on the rear instead was rumors of smaller front sprockets causing quicker chain wear due to tighter turn radius, not sure if that is true but the final ratio was close enough I figured better safe than sorry.

      I really like the change of either -1 front or +2 rear, it really brings the engine to life and only raised the highway cruising rpm by a few hundred.   

      One thing to note though, since the is acceleration will now be a little more aggressive, if you have any fueling/snatchy throttle, it will be more evident.  I have my ECU flashed and bike default to A-mode but my fueling isn't 100% perfect, still have an ever so slight lurch with on/off throttle, I have just learned to use smoother roll on/off while ripping through the twisties and not close the throttle 100%.

      Let me know what you think after you try it out.  👍