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  1. @daboo - We get some REALLY sh!tty weather at times but you gotta love the Pacific Northwest scenery! 😎
  2. I am extremely fortunate to have a dealer with a trustworthy service department, its a family owned business and they have always taken care of me even in 'last minute notice' scenarios, to get me back on the road.
  3. When I installed the new lines, the bike had 44k miles. After changing the lines, I did a test ride of maybe 2-3 miles before taking it to the dealer. They did a complete system flush and bleed as well as extensive diagnostic on the ABS pump, and as I said everything worked perfect in the shop-as per the diagnostics but failed in a real-world test.
  4. A few months ago I installed Spiegler steel braided brake lines. After putting everything back together and bleeding the brakes I decided to go out and do an ABS brake check. The rear is fairly easy to actuate on pavement, I was surprised to find out that instead of pulsing and gradually slowing down that it pulsed twice and then locked up and skidded. I decided to try the front brakes, I rode to an area with a grassy patch and with my feet out like outriggers, I hit the brakes at about 10mph, sure enough the front pulsed twice and then skidded as well. -Not good. I decided to bleed the brakes, to no avail, problem still continued. I took it to the dealer to have them hook it up to the scan tool and manually actuate the pump while they flushed the fluid. In the shop the tool showed the ABS pump operating normally but when they took it out in the parking lot, they got it to skid as well. Since it was operating (thankfully) abnormally for them as well, the service manager decided to order a new pump and replace it under a warranty claim. After waiting awhile to get the pump in (delivered from Japan), they replaced it today and everything is now working as it should. Two big thumbs up for Motorsports of Olympia and a service manager with integrity that is willing to help the customer. 👍👍
  5. Thanks. I was hoping it had some sort of solid state or flash memory but no worries, its easy enough to recalibrate.
  6. Since installing the MCCruise I have had no need to disconnect or replace the battery. If the battery is disconnected does it lose its calibration? If I replace my battery I would just hate to get the bike put back together and take off on a trip and then find that the cruise doesn't work and needs to be re-calibrated.
  7. I talked to the service tech and he confirmed that it is a sort of dome shaped filter that is part of the fuel pump, non-serviceable to the end user.
  8. I was wondering the same thing about my truck, the mechanic told me that it is inside the fuel tank. I don't know for sure but believe any filter would be inside the tank on the FJ/Tracer. I'm going to run over to the dealers this morning, if I remember Ill ask the service tech.
  9. Great info. Thank you. I will give it a shot with my Scorpion as well.👍
  10. Many companies offer very high quality drop-in fork cartridges. Traxxion Dynamics AK-20 GP Suspension 25mm K-Tech 20IDS Ohlins NIX 30
  11. I agree, I would have loved a video or how-to pictorial, I only had the page from the service manual that you posted above.
  12. There are a lot of high quality suspension options available. Tell us what you need and/or want and we can steer you in the right direction.
  13. Too many great twisty roads to ride in N.Ca. Love riding down there for road trips.👍
  14. 😎👍 Suspension to the top of the list.
  15. For an overnight trip, Oregon riding is hard to beat, whether its the coastal range, central region or Eastern area by the Idaho border, it is all amazing. For a longer multi-day road trip, Northern California is just ridiculous.👍
  16. Agree 100%, very nice upgrade for the '15-'16 models.
  17. @Patch Kit - Welcome. Great bike with a lot of potential to adapt to however you want to use it, sporty, commuting, long distance etc. Right from the start, get a radiator guard and loosen the chain to about 30mm slack. The rest will come in time. If you have questions or need advise on spending your money on upgrades, we are here to help.😎
  18. If I'm not mistaken, the bags and mounts fit '15 to present, meaning FJR bags will fit all models as well.
  19. They currently have a Tax Season Sale as advertised on their website for $265, ask for it!
  20. When you order the tank ring, make sure to order the 110 EVO ring. If I remember correctly, they recommend a different ring, (307, 308 maybe?) but that one has the bag sitting 1" or more above the tank surface.
  21. That is very interesting, I will have to try it myself. 😎👍
  22. @tojjer I use the SW Motech EVO Engage bag. I like it because the tank ring makes it super convenient and rock solid, it very much compliments the shape of the tank and it holds everything I need in a quick-access tank bag with out being HUGE. I carry tools, sun glasses, wallet, cell phone and charger, lens cleaner and chamois for cleaning my face shield, spare change, emergency money, tire pressure gauge, ear plugs, insurance and registration papers and a spare set of keys. In the side compartments I have a spare GPS and power cable. I can only imagine all of the crap I would load in there if it was one of those monstrosities with 3x the capacity.
  23. It sure cant make it any worse, no harm in trying. Surface prep will be critical, degrease, sand the surrounding area of the outer case and clean with alcohol and then just to be sure, repeat. You want every trace of grease, dirt and oil to be completely gone.