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  1. norcal616

    Heated seat woes.

    is a "controller" needed to turn the heat on/off adjust? that may be the missing link??
  2. Red is the fasest color according to a quick scan of google speeding ticket data 😛
  3. norcal616

    what is spot/glaze putty

    this should do the trick ?
  4. I might do that one of these nights but tonight its raining. As far as turning them on and off, I didn't wire them to a switch, they are direct wired to the accessory 12v lead behind the screen, it is key-on power. In the .pdf instructions you can wire them a few different ways dependent on your needs. they look to be 2 settings...50% and 100% when used on high beam switch... im really liking them lights
  5. norcal616

    Tracer Germany

    Thats a unique exhaust... Looks like the owner modded the stock "cat" to make it a dual exit exhaust...
  6. norcal616

    suspension fur UK 'b' roads

    OEM suspension is set for approx 140# suited rider at most ... majority of the owners on the forum just swap out front springs and oil(maybe add GVE or re-shim the cartridges) and order an aftermarket rear shock... OEM rear shock is pretty pretty basic- lacking some control features... as for the forks being raised 15mm in the triple clamp is to calm the front end down on the pre-2019's at high speed... the 2019 have an extra 2inches or so of swingarm so you may not need to raise the forks in the triple tree... my personal preference: tire pressures/temp also effect the handling of the bike- I set/adjust/re-adjust my sag when needed after I have riden the bike to get it "warm"
  7. norcal616

    Cheated on my FJ

    I love the CP3 motor after years of inline 4 or 2 cyl motors and years of dirt bikes... the power is just right- its a blend of useable power from low to high rpm... the FZ-07 has awesone off idle power to about 7k rpms, an r1 type bike loves rpms where is built to run- the CP3 motor has decent off idle power and enough speed to trip up an R1... I would cheat on my FJ-09 with a turbo FZ-09 or maybe an R9? ( the CP3 motor in a track bike like the r1/r6??) There is alot of power to be "unlocked" outta the CP3 motor- just waiting for the aftermarket to catch up- already the CP3 motor is used as the offical engine of a few motorsport series...
  8. what about "Air Bikes" we use for " Air Biking" ( Air Biking is the motorcycle version of " Air Guitar ") ...
  9. norcal616

    Re Flash for 2018?

    the little CP3 motor is a bundle of energy on tap ?... you may find the motor is much smoother with throttle inputs when the rpms are above 3.5k... it took me a good few thousand miles to teach my right wrist how to learn a modern day electronic throttle vs years of using carb/cable systems coupled with the 893cc instant Yamaha black magic ? I have found I now roll off the throttle in 2 steps vs rolling off the throttle like I did on carb/cable bikes... the first step is I roll off the throttle ever so slightly to the point I feel the motor has started to slow down(to me this lets me know the "throttle" is paying attention to me) then I roll off the the throttle some more as the 2nd step...
  10. norcal616

    FJ09 - Need photo of ECU location

    much easier when gas tank is darn near empty...
  11. the hole is to give clearance over the swingarm weld... better off using a dab of black RTV or using a neoprene shock sleeve...
  12. firing order also determines "engine harmonics" also the front sprocket from my experience is the cause of "vibrations" and switching to a plain jane sprocket will result in "normal chain" vibrations but will be a tad louder...
  13. plenty of time for "air biking"... you can buy a neoprene rear dirt bike sleeve to keep it clean... they usually sell em by generic length sizes... I have one from DirtSkinz I won years ago in a raffle...
  14. all good points above... it also don't hurt to leave a few mins earlier during nasty weather to allow you to ride at a slower pace and not feel rushed...
  15. norcal616

    2015-2017 BEAK

    using "mobile view" wont let me upload pictures but switching to "desktop view" I can upload pictures...