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  1. A higdonion cage and upper bars...
  2. I have always liked the classic yellow and checkered stripe on the old Yamahas... Not a fan of the "shopping list" body work that's filled in with brand logos and brand logos and brand logos...
  3. Placed my order... A red tee with orginal logo and outline on back... And a purple hoodie with the original logo is the coolest one 😁
  4. norcal616

    New GT owner UK

    The OEM exhaust comes out in 1 piece if you remove the exit tip heat shield IIRC from 3yrs ago...
  5. norcal616

    Removing Your FJ-09 ECU!

    Realistically it's probably only 2-3hp if this test was done across multiple different dynos- some dynos are a bit generous, others are a bit low... At 2wdw it showed approx 4-5hp in the mid-range was missing when compared to the FZ-09 Dyno graphs... You really do not need a reflashed ECU to remove the foam in my opinion... No scientifically conducted test was done that was worth of a publication in some science journal... It's was simply an observation by 2wdw from comparison...(the same engine, airbox and exhaust are used for the FZ/FJ-09 bikes)... IIRC they noticed the FZ-09 does not have the piece of foam over the airbox intake- so they removed it and re-ran the Dyno test and got near identical Dyno graphs...
  6. norcal616

    Removing Your FJ-09 ECU!

    I wish... The FJ-09 and FZ-09 share same airbox part numbers... Hordpower is located bout 6hrs from me, it's tempting... I would still use an aftermarket exhaust with the Hordpower airbox vs stock exhaust...I'm sure it could be done- he would need a bike, some exhaust brands and some $ to get started- maybe we(the forum) can get the ball rolling by rasing the money... and we would need to figure out how to support the ECU as it's "home" is on top of the stock airbox..
  7. norcal616

    Removing Your FJ-09 ECU!

    Tuned= Dyno tuned As for the foam under the gas tank- you should just leave it alone then...
  8. norcal616

    Removing Your FJ-09 ECU!

    Totally forget about this...it's been about 3yrs... Yes the foam was found to restrict about 4-5hp across the mid-range... Both the FZ-09 and FJ-09 are the same engine so HP/TQ should mirror, they even share same airbox part numbers... 2WDW found this when comparing a tuned FZ-09 to a tuned FJ-09 Dyno chart... The hand sized piece of foam does inhibit a bit of airflow as it placed right over airbox intake- it's like a maze for the air to follow... You will be surprised power is loss when brands gotta meet certain market regs for certain emissions or noises... Such as using foam to muffle intake noises, running lean AFRs, using tight valve lashes to help achieve emissions, funky fueling transitioning between open/closed loop, etc... Let's take the FZ-07 for example- stock airbox is good enough using an aftermarket airfilter will see avg gains of 1hp, even different modified airbox could barely net 2-3hp for quite a bit of work... Now change the airbox to a Hordpower airbox(open air-pod filter style), you will see a 10hp bump up top with no loss down low but now you can hear the glorious intake noises 😍
  9. norcal616

    More HP - Buy it or Lose It?

    All this HP talk in weight:power got me thinking at work... adding a turbo kit to the FJ-09 will see 205whp for approx $7k ... Now you got a Yamaha H2 motorcycle 😅 665#(FJ-09bike+rider)/205whp = 3.25:1 725#(kawasakiH2bike+rider)/205whp= 3.50:1 Just maybe the turbo FJ-09 will actually take flight when using stock hand guards 😋
  10. The ActiveTune use a "wideband o2 sensor"= really no AFR limits... 18mm thread size Stock o2 sensor is a "narrow band o2 sensor"= very limited AFR range... usually found in 12mm thread size but some* are 18mm to allow the owner to use a "wideband o2 sensor" without having to weld a 18mm bung to the exhaust and capping the 12mm bung... Some aftermarket exhaust have both a 12mm and 18mm bung already installed such as Graves Exhaust...
  11. norcal616

    More HP - Buy it or Lose It?

    Since I'm already a buck 65 in my birthday suit, I got no weight to shed... If the FJ-09 came from factory without all the EPA/ EU regs( these rules kill engines quicker in my opinion) we would have better running engines and decent exhaust, probably even more reliability that's not being hindered by "EPA/EU regs" such as running tight valve lashes, lean AFRs, funky fueling to achieve " x-results" to be certified... I would buy an ECU reflash then spend $ on suspension and remove any uneeded stuff... The rest is personal taste...
  12. @betoney...very good write up I agree with what you have experienced and noticed... It's also nice to hear even more smoother throttle response is achieved, I have accepted the behavior to be due to the firing order of the CP3 but I can totally understand why the ActiveTune smoothes out the throttle response...
  13. I want clear plastics- it's cool to see all of the insides...even the gas tank... It's a "naked bike" so why not show the bike in an actual "naked" state...
  14. +1 ... I do the same...
  15. norcal616

    ECU flash 2015/16/17 models

    Might need the dash and main wiring harness and any sub-wiring for switches... You will have to do some digging into the parts lists and compare what's the same and what's not- I dont recall any postings about using a 2017 ECU on a 2015 bike... The front wheel will still lift about 5inches if TCS is on lvl1 or 2 ...same for the 2015 bikes when TCS is on...