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  1. He really was a super nice guy. I enjoyed chatting with him.
  2. Nope, not 100% sure. I will have to check when I get home. I thought it said relay, but maybe it was resistors.
  3. Nice. I would love to have attended that clinic. He did a great job and was super quick about it. I had never heard of him but had been talking about getting my suspension done when they announced that he would be at the rally. I decided to sign up and then found out who he was. I was glad that i signed up.
  4. They actually packaged the relay with the taillight, when I purchased it. The front turn signals that I got also have relays with them. Thank you for the heads up though. Also, glad to see that it is a good tail light. I have a 15 also and look forward to seeing the new lights.
  5. That is the next step, according to his video. 3mm drop. To start with he just adjusted the rear shock and preload and dampening on the front. That completely changed how the seating on the bike felt.
  6. I bought the MotoDynamics integrated tail light. I has the strobe so I am hoping to be more visible with it. All the lights and levers will go on this weekend.
  7. I recently took a trip up to Deal's Gap to attend the Women's Sportbike Rally (13th year for me). While hanging out at Deal's Gap resort I met another FJ rider who had some nice looking flush mount turn signals on the front of his bike. Found those online and got them ordered. Dave Moss, of Dave Moss tuning was there during the rally, and for a fee, he would set up suspension and ergonomics on your bike. I am slowing making my FJ mine with mods here and there so I decided to go ahead and get the suspension set. He started with the ergonomics and found that my levers were sitting too low and that I needed a new clutch lever (factory is not adjustable and it sits too close in for me). (Pazzo levers were ordered when I returned home). He also found that my bars were slightly off center and I had been riding with my left arm bent and my right arm straight to compensate. Got the bar centered up and then we moved on to suspension. The way the suspension was, from the factory, had me sitting like it was a chopper style bike, back end low and front end higher. Got that corrected (which was very noticeable on the first ride). Front suspension was adjusted since I was barely using any fork travel. Once he was done, I took it out for a test ride and it was like riding a brand new bike. I am still adjusting to the changes but I really like everything that was done. In a month, I will be reviewing some changes he made to his Tracer 900 forks and making those changes to the FJ (his recommendation). I look forward to seeing what those changes bring about. This weekend I will be installing the new levers, new front turn signals and new integrated rear turn signal (had to change the rear turn signals since the front were getting changed )
  8. I am actually just over the Fayette County line.
  9. I could maybe do October 12. I commute a lot, but also make several trips up to the mountains and ride. Getting ready to go back up for 10 days at the end of August.
  10. Me, too. Looking forward to many years of joy with Orion.
  11. Rode the bike to work this morning and all is right in my FJ world. No decel pops for the entire hour ride. No cold start sputtering either. It was the wonderfully perfect for me bike that I remembered it to be. I cannot say thank you enough for all of the information. You guys, as always, are a great help.
  12. 1 exhaust bolt was loose and the muffler portion had slipped a slight bit. No chance to test ride due to weather. I will update as soon as I test ride.