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  1. Beauty, should be able to store quite a few loaves of beer as well!
  2. Hey what's up with the OSSA decal on the fuel tank
  3. This is when a thread pitch gauge and a bolt/screw size gauge come in real handy and can usually be picked up fairly cheap. Cheers
  4. Who, Acklands Grainger or Bolts+ as I was in Bolts+ twice this weekend picking up special order bolts.
  5. Try these places; https://www.acklandsgrainger.com Bolts Plus Inc. || Fasteners, Industrial, and Safety Supplies WWW.BOLTSPLUS.CA Bolts Plus provides fasteners, tools, industrial and safety supplies. Bolts Plus, Get Hooked On Us For All Your Industrial Needs! Not sure you can purchase direct from Acklands Grainger but they have a large warehouse up in Caledon on Mayfield just east of the 410 and the Bolts+ on Rutherford in Brampton are pretty good about ordering just about anything.
  6. My Moto Guzzi(2007), C10 Concours(1998) and BMW R100(1993) had alternators! Cheers
  7. Stay home and watch Netflix...now that is just silly! I don't go looking for rain but have never shied away from riding because it might rain or is raining for that matter. Over the years I have made a number of attempts at finding waterproof gear starting with my Barbour gear, no ventilation, icky waxed cotton, not nearly waterproof enough but hey all the cool guys were wearing it. Next up was a custom made leather suit(my mother was a seamstress who did leather work and she made a suit for my brother so I guilt her into making me one) protection was great, kept me semi warm but not even remotely weather-resistant and leather tends to sag over time and in places that just made you look odd. Skip forward a few years after numerous attempts to find happiness to no avail I finally discover the Tourmaster Defender rainsuit that has provided me with excellent reliability and withstood some spectacular storms, but alas, the zipper went south so the set now occupies space on the rack. I got to a point where I wanted the space in my top box that the rainsuit occupied so I started the look for a "waterproof" outfit. I have gotten to the point now where I am close, real close but yet no cigar. I have a Revit Legacy GTX jacket that is goretex lined that has held up rather well but depending on the wind direction tends to leak at one of the vent zippers but is a great jacket if you are riding with a "chance" of rain. My next gamble was a used Klim 1st generation Latitude jacket and 1st gen Traverse pants. The pants are perfect apart from the weight and the fact that I have lost 40 lbs and still losing, so they have become a tad uncomfortable when sliding around in the saddle and tend to bunch up on ya....awkwardly. The jacket was bulletproof, heavy, a little bulky now but the collar is nothing but deplorable. You spend that kind of money and get such a mickey mouse set up...sad so sad cause it was always rains down my neck...always. So I have this Olympia Airglide mesh jacket with in my opinion the best liner jacket that is waterproof apart from the low collar and a pair of Tourmaster Transitions that I now wear and if the rain should appear I now don my Klim Forecast Jacket and pants that throw right over my gear and away I go, no boot removal required due to the full length zipper. 5 minutes tops and I am back on my way. I know it is not what I was after but buying name brand goretex apparel without the desired result you tend to move on. The Forecast(s) have worked well for me just need to find a way to seal up the collar a touch and I will be very happy, and besides I bought them from a chap that purchased them but all of his HD buddies gave him grief so I got them for what it would have cost to replace my rainsuit. I wear Forma ADV Tourer boots that have been remarkably WP and I picked up a pair of Scotts Goretex gloves about five years ago that have been great inclement weather gloves but started to leak this past year on the LH fore finger seam which have been replaced by a pair of Racer GT(the GT standing for goretex) gloves and the jury is still out on them. Sorry for getting a little too involved with the post but waterproof/weather resistant gear is a bone of contention of mine. If you went down to the TSC(or where ever it is you buy your wellys) and you slip them on and head out only to step in a puddle and your socks are soaked you would be outraged. why is it as motorcyclists we fork out large money for gear that claims to be "waterproof" only to fail in one form or another and we accept it as our fate and move on to something else(guilty as charged) without batting an eye, outrageous! Why is it that once the product fails we can not just return it and request a refund without issue, you claimed it as waterproof so stand up for your product and give me my money back! Cheers
  8. You know Piotrek sometimes I think you farkle just for the sake of farkling.👍 I do very much understand the addiction. Cheers
  9. Thanks for that, I had a pair in my "extras" trunk and took a quick look at them for fittment but went with the KTM handguards. I might take a look again for shits and grins. Gotta get my wifes bike back together first and do the valve clearances on my FJ before I get further side tracked by other non necessary tasks. Cheers
  10. Hey are those hand guards from a V-Strom and if so which one and how much fettling was required to get them to fit. Cheers
  11. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-street-cruisers-choppers/city-of-toronto/2019-yamaha-niken-gt-fo-nikengt-no-payments-for-1-year/1395864151?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true $21,763 plus HST and license
  12. Good to hear Kimmie, I will probably go the chainsaw blade oil route myself once I get the delivery line routing figured out. The original Loobman(squeeze bottle) that I used previously had a single loop, or at least my installations did and it worked great but the new style recommends a dual loop which has been a tad difficult to obtain with such a short run so I intend to lose the upper loop and try that and see if I get better delivery. In regards to your delivery issue, I had this problem on my wifes GS500 and I had to remove the line from the head and recut so it was not on any sort of angle to the line, as 90 degree to the line as possible then reclamp the head and put in new delivery tiewraps and it worked a charm again until some asshat walked by and yanked the bottle off the bike braking the bottle mounting bracket and dislodging the line and head from the swing arm mounting bracket I had manufactured, but not to dispair as I had a reserve kit at home which was installed and still doing active duty. I always have a reserve kit or two on the shelf. Cheers
  13. That was one seriously stellar piece of machinery, I had a GS1100E that I racked up 56,000 kms on without a single bit of drama, didn't burn any oil and could run really hard all day long day after day. Sure hope my FJ can live up to that bikes reputation.
  14. Nice job Kimmie, having the facilities to fabricate opens up the options for the install. Keep us updated on your usage, pros and cons. I have one mounted on my FJ and found out it is very finicky on the type of oil used. With my old style Loobman(squeeze bottle) that I had mounted to my DL1000, DR650 and my wifes GS500 and I could run just about anything through it and had the best results with 85-90 weight gear oil but this newer style prefers a much thinner oil so I use 0-20 engine oil. This is the 5th bike I have mounted a Loobman too with the desired results, a well lubed chain with minimal effort and extended chain life. I got almost 50K kms from the chain on my DL1000 and 34K of those kilometers was dragging a chair along. Cheers
  15. Received another update today from PUIG, much to my surprise, and they informed me that the ERS system will be available for the MT-09 Tracer before the end of the year. Better than no release date. Cheers Well I figured I would poke the bear and see what the status was for the ERS mechanism and the response mirrored last springs response so I am not holding out much hope of actually seeing one of these units on my bike.....so sad. Cheers