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  1. tinkerfreak

    FJ-09 windshield options

    Received another update today from PUIG, much to my surprise, and they informed me that the ERS system will be available for the MT-09 Tracer before the end of the year. Better than no release date. Cheers Well I figured I would poke the bear and see what the status was for the ERS mechanism and the response mirrored last springs response so I am not holding out much hope of actually seeing one of these units on my bike.....so sad. Cheers
  2. tinkerfreak

    help! engine mount bolt siezed

    If I remember correctly this is a used machine so the previous owner may have had the bolts out and installed them with loctite so you may have to gently heat them for ease of removal so if you apply all of the above with a little heat on the bolts(no direct heat like propane torch/oxy acetylene torch/thermal lance etc) they should come out easy peasy. Cheers
  3. If you're going to be draining the fuel why not pull the fuel pump and then just shake the tank around until the piece comes out the hole or at least until it is close enough to the opening to get your fingers in to grab it cause fishing blindly with a solid object through the fuel inlet has the potential to poke that very expensive fuel pump or one of its associated parts. Cheers
  4. Here Here! I have always had a dirt bike and a trials bike for play purposes until recently. Street riding happens more naturally if you come from a dirt riding background. You tend to to not panic as much when things get out of sorts. When the back end breaks away you get that big ear to ear grin power it on and ride it through. Cheers
  5. tinkerfreak

    When to get a wiring block?

    Hey Okie sorry for the delay; When I went to install the Eastern Beaver harness with the fuse panel(FP) I found that the portion of the harness that ran from the relay to the FP or the section from the battery terminal was going to be too short. If I had known, personally, I would have had them increase the section from the relay to the FP by 3" to 4". I hope the attached photos give you a better idea of where I am coming from. Let me know if you have any questions. Cheers
  6. tinkerfreak

    When to get a wiring block?

    Hey Okie, sorry but I did not get near my bike on my last days off due to overdue vehicle repairs which swamped me but I will make an effort to get the photos you requested on this series of days off. Cheers
  7. tinkerfreak

    Givi rack strengthening bracket

    I have the same set up on mine and is has been problem free so far and don't recollect hearing of any major issues. Not sure it can be considered an issue unless multiple mounts are found to be defective or causing a defect. Cheers
  8. tinkerfreak

    Givi rack strengthening bracket

    Can you add a photo of this rack cause I have the Givi topbox brackets and they are steel and not sure even with chronic overloading they would crack. Cheers
  9. tinkerfreak

    When to get a wiring block?

    Tinker could you talk a bit more about the adjustments you had to make and possibly give us a look at where you installed the PC8? Interested in this as I think the PC8 is the one I want to go with for my own bike. OK but will have to get a moment to open it up so be patient. I knew I should have taken pictures at the time I was doing the work. Cheers
  10. tinkerfreak

    When to get a wiring block?

    Try this one, and go to the PC-8 kits. Really great quality equipment! http://easternbeaver.com/Main/main.html I have the Eastern Beaver fuse panel along with there relay harness. If you go this route tell them to extend the battery connection wires on the FJ/Tracer specific harness by 2 to 3 inches as mine was short and I had to do some "adjustments" to get it to fit. I have one of his fuse panels on the FJ, my Guzzi, my DL1000 and my wife's GS500.... I'm sure you get the picture. Cheers
  11. tinkerfreak

    2019 Tracer GT

    The prices above include Freight and PDI as where the prices listed on the Yamaha Canada website do not include them.
  12. tinkerfreak

    FJ-09 Photo Thread

    She's been out with me on a bunch of rides and can do a couple hours before asking (begging?) for relief. I wil be looking to improve the pillion seat for her. Loves all things motorcycle... that shirt is going to school for sure.That's good, plant the seed early and you just might end up with a riding buddy. Then again you might also get sucked into buying and insuring the first bike(Good luck with that) Cheers
  13. tinkerfreak

    FJ-09 Photo Thread

    Good on ya Dad, introducing the young-in to the wondrous world of monkey butt! Bet she can hardly wait to wear that t-shirt to the first day of school. Cheers
  14. tinkerfreak

    2019 Tracer GT

    I saw a 2019 Tracer GT today at VOS Motors on Keele just north of the 407, $15,163 plus tax, license and OMVIC and tire tax. They also have the standard Tracer 900 and it is listed for $12563.00 ++++ No time to sit on it and try the seat out. Cheers
  15. tinkerfreak

    Hiway Pegs

    Anyone in the GTA looking for a solid set of highway pegs should take a look at these https://www.kijiji.ca/v-sport-touring/city-of-toronto/motorcycle-foot-pegs/1365857457?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true They will work best if you have a set of Givi engine guards mounted, actually it is probably the only way you can really mount them. I have a set that I bought last year used and really like them. They work quite well and are very solid. Check out here what they charge for them new http://www.iliumworks.com/ Cheers