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  1. OK so I have done the forum search and poured over the maintenance manual looking for the firing order as I am try to work my way through an issue but have had zero success, anyone able to help out and if you happen to know where it is in the MM please do tell. Thanks
  2. OK, so I contacted Suzuki Canada and the lady requested my email so I provided it and she told me that someone would contact me an please have the P/N's available for quote which I already had. Get an email about 2 hours later from the dealer that I had requested a quote from, this time with a quote...payment submitted and parts to be picked up on Tuesday. Good call on calling SC Piotrek, seems to have paid off. Also got a email from two other dealers for quote. Cheers
  3. As a side bar, a gent told me to try this dealer in Toronto that did online orders so I went to the website and oddly you could look up the P/N's through the on line parts manuals and add a quantity but no where to add to cart...you had to hit the parts query button and list all of the P/N's that you require and they will get back to you....first off what a stupid system and secondly I did that three days ago and still no response. Anyways thanks again for all responses. Cheers
  4. I will give that a try, thanks to everyone that responded. Cheers
  5. I have searched the net with zero joy and was wondering if any of my fellow Canadian FJ owners also have a Suzuki in there collection and have found an online source for a Canadian online parts vendor similar to Kelly's in Hamilton(see below), I need Suzuki specific parts for my wifes bike and the nearest dealer to me is 32 kms away and won't take my CC over the phone so if I could just do the order from the comfort of my PC I would be very happy, and yes I could order it from the US but the mail process going across the border is averaging 3 to 4 weeks(my experience, others may vary). I ordered and received parts from Germany for my Moto Guzzi and had them in my hands in 10 days and the stuff I ordered from Eastern Beaver in Japan was on my door step in 7 days so not quite sure what the issue is with Canada Post and US shipments. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. https://partsfinder.onlinemicrofiche.com/yamahagenuineparts/showmodel.asp?Type=12&make=yamahamc&a=1049&vehicleid=2015-Yamaha-Street-Bike-FJ-09 Cheers
  6. Anyone in the GTA(or there abouts) that may have changed out there front turn signals and would be willing to part with them. PM me a price and where you are located. Cheers
  7. Messaged the guy on FB and he responded that they are closed for the winter and will not reopen until spring. A little disappointing I guess, will have to look into the available options. Cheers
  8. I have one of these on my Parabellum windscreen and it works a treat, needed a little extra deflection to get the pressure off my one shoulder. If you are thinking of a superior protection for your window, the multigravailable Clip-on Puig visor is the solution. It is a multirregular visor tha - Motoplastic PUIG PUIG presents three multiregulable visors with two fixation systems: fixed... Cheers
  9. It's nice to know what other people have done to their bikes and to know what is available on the market, but, only you can determine what you find objectionable or needing upgrade on your machine and taking care of those issues first, then you can look at the other farkles as your wallet permits. Go out ride it for a few months and take it from there as farkling is highly addictive and tends to have a brutal effect on your bank account. I really shouldn't be the one giving advise here because I am the poster child for farkling!
  10. Are you happy with the flash and if you don't mind me asking what changes did you get him to make. If you have his contact info can you message it to me. Cheers
  11. If everything goes according to plan(rarely happens) and my wrist is not giving me too much grief I will head out from the Toronto area to Cape Breton and then up to the Gaspe over the St Lawrence at Matane to Godbout and then up to Saguenay, Chibougamau and across the 113 and then I will figure it out from there. If all the planets align I am hoping for a mid June departure for 15 to 16 days. Cheers
  12. "When on the road, you can save $70+ on having a replacement tire installed if you can remove and mount your own tire. If you plan on doing this, its not hard, but you must carry the right tools: 1-1/16" SAE 6 or 12 pt. wrench, 4, 5, 6, 14mm Allen or hex key sockets," Might want to add tire irons, kinda tough to remove a tire without them. Cheers
  13. Just wondering if anyone has given this chap a try Jsflashtune and what your experience was like. I know that state side I can get the flash done for $250 US right now, but once you add in shipping and insurance it is going to be close to $500 canuck and this guy is a one hour drive for me so hopefully no one will get offended by this post. Cheers
  14. The correct thread adapter can be picked up from these guys, I bought a set to adapt another set of mirrors I had for the wider elbow free view Yamaha XS650 Mirrors and Mirror Mounts | MikesXS | Yamaha Parts Since 2001 Cheers
  15. That works out to roughly 51 mp US gallon and 61 mp an IMP gallon. Cheers