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  1. This sounds utterly ridiculous. When I called my dealer to get the annual service done they themselves, without prompting, said that they would do the recall at the same time. The simple act of providing my registration number means they have the VIN number and know that the bike is included in the recall. Your dealer claiming to have to physically look at the bike must surely be a load of bollocks. Furthermore having had the holders changed I noticed, when picking the bike up, that the new holders were a little bit scratched (from transit). I pointed this out to them and they replaced them on the spot with another set. They seemed to have a decent stock of holders which would make sense instead of waiting to order parts on a bike to bike basis. Seems like you've got a pretty naff dealer there. CS I don't even know what part was replaced, upper or lower? Mine look the same as before the recall so I doubt it even got done.
  2. Anybody have pics of the new part? My bike looks exactly how it did when it went it. Except dirty. I'm wondering if they did anything more than put their paw prints on it...
  3. The only way to know is to try! Give it a whirl and let us know ??
  4. Just ordered one to replace my whistling shoei qwest. Damn thing is LOUD with the shield up. I hate it.
  5. Late reply but I'm using 2 rigid "hyperspot" cubes that, despite the name, flood the road pretty well. Long, intense, wide light. I'll try to get a pic tonight.
  6. 1pm for mine today. Also marked up the risers to make sure they replace them, as well as putting marks on the handle bars to make sure they put them back to the correct angle. Why are you getting the risers replaced?
  7. How's the wind noise? Any whistling at speed?
  8. You all need to stop getting the recall work done. My part has been on order for about 3 weeks, still waiting!
  9. Darn. Well I guess I got a bad one. I've had it for a while though, I should probably replace it. I don't mind wind noise, or rumbling. But that whistle just kills it.
  10. Have you tried adjusting the visor to stop the whistle Yes. It's on there tight. I've even gone as far as covering the vents with tape to rule them out. Only whistles when the visor is all the way up and my head is pointed straight ahead.
  11. You're probably not at the right engine speed for the torque needed. Is this your first attempt at wheelies?
  12. Your qwest is quiet? Mine whistles like a train if I hold my head on a normal riding position. Hate that helmet!
  13. You can also add some spacers to the bottom screws, under the screen, to increase the angle. That'll move the wind down:
  14. I'm watching it. Hoped to make it in person as it's only 5 hours away from me but work happened. $10 for the weekend pass from motogp.com