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  1. Bike still for sale if one is interested please reply to this thread
  2. I'm selling my FJ-09 which I purchased brand new out of the crate in 2017and 'm asking $8200 the bike has 3500 miles on it with no scratches, dents or dings and is completely stock except for the following items. V Stream smoke Windscreen LED Hand grips Additional OEM Yamaha power port OEM Yamaha LED Turn signals OEM Yamaha Top Case Blaster X Integrated turn signal w strobe feature Fender Eliminator Matching wheel stripes
  3. If you order from here you're looking at about $110 for this mod https://www.yamahapartshouse.com/oemparts/p/yamaha/2bs-83310-10-00/front-flasher-light-assy-1 https://www.customled.com/products/yamaha-oem-turn-signal-connectors-3-wire
  4. Yea man what works in one state may not work in another. In NYC its not legal but it might as well be b/c that's all bikers do and to be honest woth you if think it's best they do it I feel like it gets the biker out of harms way when done safely and at lower speeds.
  5. Just finished the install and it wasn't difficult at all but I do wish I ordered the two left signals just for the extra length and to avoid that loop.
  6. The wiring on right side signal is just slightly more annoying to work with, but it's not a big deal. On the right side signal, the blinker wire with the resistors has a little loop separated out from the neutral and running light wire, which are very short - shorter than needed for the FJ. If you want to keep the resistors in place, you can't cut the blinker wire down to match the length of the others. This just means that you'll need to make up for the shortfall and differing lengths on the connector side of things. Need to measure carefully so that once spliced everything comes out to the same length overall. On the left hand signal, the wires are all routed together and there's plenty of extra length versus what you need for the FJ, so you can just cut all 3 wires at the same spot on both the signal and connector side of things and not worry so much about everything coming out to the same length.
  7. ok so I started this thread back in Nov and finally ordered my windscreen today smh. I went with the Vstream N20316 I hope I made a great decision.
  8. I hate that waiting feeling as well I just placed an order for the VStream N20316 windscreen along with a few other goodies I can't wait.
  9. Windscreen Look at the V Stream they make 3 different models Bags/Cases I'm a huge fan of the Yamaha ones especially for how great they look on the bike and when they are off everything looks clean. Top Case once again Yamaha
  10. Ok so before I came across this thread today earlier I placed an order for the Super Tenere signals bought I brought a right and a left front signal will I run into issues? I know you recommend two left ones but I had already placed my order before seeing this thread.
  11. ok so I ended up ordering the Super Tenere front turn signals from Partzilla I can't wait to complete this mod. While I was at it I ordered my tail light from Blaster X, Yamaha 39L top case with back pad and inside bag and V Stream sport windscreen.
  12. The 50L Yamaha case looks huge does anyone have a pic of the 39L mounted on there bike?
  13. I'm looking for a top case possibly the 39L one I have a feeling the 50 will be over kill, which one would you recommend and why? I also figured I would go with the top case over the side bags at the moment.
  14. Ok so even though I started this thread a while ago I'm just getting around to ordering some stuff tonight but now I'm debating between the Super Tenere signals or the FZ10 if there not the same.