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  1. Checked mine on the weekend. They were tight AND it appeared that the dealership did put some blue Loctite on the screws, so not all dealerships are lazy.
  2. Sad news re: Hockley General Store Woman, 26, dead after crashing vehicle into Hockley General Store One woman is dead after crashing her vehicle into a building early...
  3. Which size bit is required for the pannier screws? Rob
  4. Nice report @piotrek! I did the Gaspesie back in 2005 on my 2003 VFR. It is a beautiful and scenic area to ride. Your pictures of the coastal road brought back memories for sure. We went in August and for the most part avoided rain. We stayed in Canada, but your route home looks great. You guys must have either ridden at a good clip or did long days in the saddle to be able to do it in 7 days. I think we did it in 10...but we did have 9 of us and a couple that were on cruisers. 😉 Cheers Rob
  5. Sort of like, "Nobody goes there any more. It's too crowded."
  6. I looked the other day and couldn't tell exactly which ones were the culprits, but I will definitely look again tonight. Appreciate the head's up @fjrpittsburgh! Rob
  7. Are they doing the re-flash for free? I think they offer that service, correct?
  8. I also took out an RS last year before I bought my Tracer. It was the first time I’d experienced a boxer engine. I suppose I could have gotten used to it, but my first reaction was - no way. It’s so tractor-like and that low RPM power band was just so different than anything I’d ever ridden. The grunt and torque of the triple is just so much dang fun! Rob
  9. I came to the Tracer from a Ninja 1000. Whilst my front tire wasn’t worn as above, I can safely say that the Yamaha handles so much nicer than the Kawi did. I think for me it has to do with the steering geometry and wider handle bars. They just work better for me. Rob
  10. Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but does anyone know what size thread spools our bikes need? I have a set of M8 spools/bobbins from my last bike, but they are too big. One would assume M6 outs be the correct size, but wanted to check. Thanks Rob
  11. ^^^^ I have so many pics in front of the Hockley General Store. Lol I ride up there a lot for a coffee and a Cowboy cookie. Glad to see a bunch of you made it and were able to get in some riding in the area. Was the Versys part of the group, or just happened to be parked there? Looks like you got a little sprinkling? Rob
  12. As mentioned in an earlier post I am out for this one as I am away on family vacation. Hopefully August. Enjoy and ride safe!
  13. Did you have any difficulty with removing the ECU? Seems pretty straight forward except for twisting the fuel line around. I suppose you could just remove it fully, but you’d have to drain at least some of the fuel.
  14. Sh*t - that's right. We took the Lincoln Gap back from #100 after taking the Appalachian Gap (#17) from Bristol and it did turn to dirt for some of the way. The App Gap was an awesome road. Rob