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  1. One thing I will say about black is that it doesn't show the bug guts etc. like lighter colours do. I like multi-tone jackets, but prefer that it has black or a darker colour in the upper chest region for that reason. Rob
  2. Have you used these socks BBB? I wonder how well they breathe as they sound like they would be hot. Cheers Rob
  3. I have a couple pair of older Rev’It GTX gloves - the Phantom which are my main pair for wet weather riding and the Alaska which are heavier and double as cold weather riding gloves. Both have kept me dry in wet weather. Rob
  4. 100% agree Betoney. It’s hard to avoid rain during long weekend and week long tours. If you tried to, you’d never go anywhere. Rob
  5. In the almost 30 years that I’ve been riding, I’ve always done the over-jacket and pants rain suit (2-piece). I’ve had many different ones, all with varying degrees of effectiveness. I’ve owned dozens of jackets over the years, fom waxed Belstaff to A-Stars leather to mesh...you name it. For gloves I wear Rev’It Goretex gloves and my Puma (yes Puma...you’d be surprised how great they are) boots also have GTX. So I do know first hand how well that technology works (both for keeping the water out and letting the vapour out). I also know how much $ it adds to the cost of a jacket and pants. Lately I’ve been contemplating getting a jacket with a built-in (or removable) waterproof membrane but am not sure I’m ready to go full 3/4 length ADV style just yet. I’m also not sure about the concept of the waterproof layer sitting *under* the jacket (I get that it’s probably better to have the stronger material and armour on the outside) and getting soaked even though I will stay dry. Soaking wet leather or textile materials aren’t ideal especially on longer rides or tours. I’ve been trolling all the sites and am now thoroughly overwhelmed with all the options...but the gear freak in me loves the choices available to us riders. So - how do you (attempt to) stay dry? Cheers, Rob PS. Some food for thought and a really well done video around the various WP technologies from various brands:
  6. I've always found Firstgear & Tourmaster stuff to be leaky. This is an interesting watch - the guy from Fortnine (here in Canada) does some pretty clever videos. His findings will support what you've experienced with your Dainese boots! Cheers Rob
  7. Somehow I accidentally JSFlashtunes reply to several of our posts, so I'm pasting it back in from an email: Hey Rob, I do not need the bike to perform the flash. You can just bring me the ecu, but the price is $300 whether you bring me the ecu or the bike. You are paying for same day flash convenience. You dont run the risk of getting your ecu lost or damaged in the mail, and if you ever need changes, I am local. Plus, if you are not satisfied within the first week, I refund you no questions asked. As for the tracer GT, I am assuming it's the 2019 model you are referring to? I have not flashed this model year. I just checked the map online, and it is the exact same as the fz09/fj09/xsr900 maps minus very minute differences. For new model bikes 2019+, I need to confirm that the OEM maps in the ft suite are even supported. In this instance, there is only 1 ecu supported for this year atm, so I cannot guarantee that all 2019 tracer ecu's are supported yet. The only other times for special prices is when: - I sponsor 1-2 riders in local race series (soar, race, csbk) - charity/shop event when I am supporting speedlab or an event like blocko, otr, or grand opening. - map development I have had to reflash ecu's from the states from other flashtuners for various reasons. Sometimes, the ft software has bugs in it. For instance, the gsxr 600/750 maps from 2006-2007, the fuel idle/in gear maps are reversed. Sometimes, my maps have shown better results or they want to get their bike dialed in on the dyno. 38 minutes ago, thepmh said: I know Florida is not very Local for Canada, but Vcyclenut.com has a flash for the GT (and previous models) and is only $200 USD. Lifetime reflashes and sets it up beautifully. I mailed mine a week ago and get it back today or tomorrow. 200usd starting is the same if not more than 300$CAD when shipping/conversion/insurance/tax is put into play with most U.S. flashtuners plus the wait of 1-3 weeks not being local.
  8. JSFlashtune - do you need the bike to perform the base flash? Or can we bring you the ECU and save the time and $50? Also - have you flashed a Tracer GT model yet? Thank in advance, Rob
  9. This one: TRACER 900 /GT (MT-09) - Sport-Screen "SPM" 2018- WWW.MRASHOP.DE The sport touring motorcycle with high functionality was completely redesigned for 2018. The premium version offers everything that a biker’s heart… Rob
  10. Same here. I had 2 Ninja 1000 before switching to the Tracer GT. My second, a 2017 had issues with running hot and even overheating that no one could suss out, so I took that as a sign the motorcycle gods wanted me back on a Yamaha. 😎 No regrets here. Rob
  11. Thanks bugie! I've been asking this question for some time now - good to know!
  12. Does anyone know if you can buy the FJR lids only and swap them out for the GT lids? I haven't been able to find a part number to determine if they can be purchased separately nor do I know if they are removable. Rob
  13. Are you located in the KW area? Depending on your height, you might find that a shorter screen is better than taller. I have the MRA sport screen on mine and it works great for me. Congrats on the new bike!
  14. Missed you at the show yesterday, Piotrek! I spotted the black GT right away. And then gave the guys at Apex a hard time as I tried to buy one from them last year and they couldn’t get one. They had a nice grey model at their booth (same as mine) as well. Cheers, Rob