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  1. Hopefully they have something in place to automatically refund the money of people whose order they cannot fulfill! That sucks Duke.
  2. Shoei RF-1200 Had a Shoei Qwest before this and love how that brand fits my head. Ignore the price tag - I bought mine in January at the bike show and paid less. 🙂 The matte finishes on helmets has come a long way - they are so simple to keep clean. Rob
  3. I hear you about the weather here in the "Great White North". This "spring" has been so cold and wet. I can't recall the last time I came in from cutting the grass and the furnace was running. So weird. Congrats on your new jacket! I too go through the same arduous process when making a new gear purchase. Glad it worked out for you! Cheers Rob Ontario
  4. I just noticed the same thing yesterday (first ride of the season) - was a black logo for most times and then randomly once it was red. Turn on and back off again and it was black again. I was having something even more bizarre happening with my GT late last season. Every once in awhile, when turning the ignition to the "On" position (not even starting the bike) - the whole central portion of the TFT screen stayed black. Eg. No dash lights other than the ones around the perimeter of the screen. My dealer worked with Yamaha Canada and they hadn't seen it before so they swapped out the whole dash. I was also having some funkiness with my turn signals at the same time, where they were doing this dot-dot-dash (think Morse Code) blinking which apparently is some code that means something to the technicians. No issues with the dash staying blank yesterday, but I did notice the turn signals doing that dot-dot-dash thing again. Looks like I need to call the dealer again... Rob
  5. Thanks GV550 - I will let you know how it goes and may take you up on your offer! Cheers Rob
  6. Folks, I have a line on a set of used FJR bags. The lids are in good shape, but the one latching mechanism (plastic tab that slides out into the mount on the bike) is broken. My Yamaha dealer spoke to Yamaha Canada and you cannot buy this part separately from them. You need to buy the whole "inner" bag. Read: $$ So, I have the paint-matched City bags on my GT, for which I understand the inner bag has the exact same footprint as the FJR bags - although apparently Yamaha Canada won't confirm 😕 My question is, has anyone actually swapped out the "lids" or outer bag (the painted part) from an FJR bag onto a Tracer GT/FJ-09 inner bag? If so, what is required to do so? It appears that the hinges on the Tracer bags are attached with rivets from the bottom. Do these need to be cut and replaced? For what it's worth, I have searched the forum and have read through all the FJR bag posts that I could find and while there are some references to this mod, @clintthere is nothing that talks about specifically doing it or what is required. Plus a lot of pictures and even some of the members in those threads are no longer on the site. Thanks in advance, Rob
  7. I have also left mine off. Would like to "polish" or smooth the edges a bit as they look unfinished. I'm thinking some light buffing wheel on a Dremel would do the trick, but not sure it's worth the bother. Rob
  8. I have the same MRA screen - and absolutely love it, but for the life of me, I cannot get the edging to stay on. I contacted MRA customer support in Germany and they said to glue it on. That seems like a cheesy solution that could get real messy. What was your solution? Rob
  9. Sorry to hear about your incident. I also asked about touch up paint for the engine covers and had no luck finding anything. Mine isn't damaged only slightly scratched, so I will just live with it. The only thing that I don't like about the full-sized covers that bolt-on over top of the engine cases is that over time the paint gets really marred and messed up from the vibration - you'll never be able to remove them for resale etc. Likely not a big deal for most, but it would bother me. There are some that just protect the underside of the engine cases (I think SW Motech makes some like this) which I would go with if I was adding some. The one challenge with sliders or anything that bolts to part of the frame or engine mounts is that in a slide, they can snap off and depending on the mount point can render the frame a write-off. This happened to me with my ZX-14. The full covers would be better in the above case. Rob
  10. @edgarjessop12 - I have the MRA sport screen on my GT - and no I didn't install the edge piping. I fought with it for over an hour and then said screw it. It looks fine without it. I contacted MRA in Germany and they told me to glue it on. No thanks...can only imagine what kind of mess that could potentially make. Rob
  11. Ugly = check Big = working on it Google Foo = middling 🙂
  12. Couldn’t agree more. So tired of getting hosed on bike gear/parts. I get the concept of supply and demand, but I’m still not sure that is why we always pay more for everything (exchange rate be damned!) It’s not just pricing either - availability of “stuff” isn’t what others get access to either. Oh well. It’s still the greatest country in the world and I wouldn’t swap places with anyone. I think the Scorpion header would be attractive to others of it wasn’t some Frankenstein looking, three individual pipe thing. 😉 Cheers Captain. Rob
  13. Nope, you’re correct - I’m in KW (Cambridge). You ride past my work all summer long. Is their tent sale on this weekend? Cheers, Rob
  14. Which is what I meant when I said I'd better do some more Googling. Wasn't asking for anyone to do it for me nor do I need directions to the Scorpion site. Thanks for confirming.