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  1. So, someone posted this on the Tracer FB group. Seems more legit that most of the other sites. If it is, I'm not sure what to think to be honest... For those who don't read Italian, my Chrome browser was able to translate it - but it doesn't provide too much more detail than the photos. Nuova Yamaha Tracer 9: le foto spia esclusive mostrano la 900 2021 - La Gazzetta dello Sport Avvistata a Milano la nuova Yamaha Tracer 900 in fase di servizio...
  2. The Hindle header pipes look nice. I do have to admit that I am not that opposed to the look of the stock header. Hence why I liked the concept of the Scorpion slip-on as it keeps the stock header. I find the Akrapovic header to be very "square" looking. It doesn't hug the engine like the stock one does. One of the things I really like about the Tracer is how it looks almost windswept and aggressive. Slapping on a boxy looking header pipe ruins that look for me. Yeah, I spend too much time thinking about this stuff. 😉
  3. What finish did you go with on your muffler? I think I spec'd out a oval C/F and it was around $1000 before tax. Rob
  4. Cool. Let us know what you find out. Always liked Hindle's quality. Glancing at their website (which is way better than it used to be) - looks like they offer full systems - and you can choose which style and finish of muffler you add to it. Rob
  5. I have the Pyramid front fender extender, but haven't installed it yet. It was reasonably priced and as I was ordering the rear hugger I had them throw it in the box.
  6. @Blythe First off - welcome to the club! Secondly - there are quite a few of us in Ontario. You can use the Member Map at the top menu to see who is in your area. Also - there is a thread in the Canadian FJ-09 owners section here: As for your mods, I'll offer you my opinions (so take for what it's worth): Windscreen - yes you will want to change if you are getting buffeting. Depending on your height - you might want to consider a shorter screen. I'm 5'8" and I went with an MRA Sport screen and love it. There is a bit more air flow than stock, but it's "clean" air - which I like. I'm not a hide behind the windscreen kind of rider. But everyone is different. People also seem to have good results with the Puig Sport. Fender eliminator - I don't mind the stock one. I did replace the stock hugger with a Pyramid Plastics one. This bike throws up a LOT of dirt and debris when it's wet out. If you plan on doing any tours it helps a lot. LED signals - why did Yamaha put f-ugly 90s pumpkin bulbs on this bike? No one knows - trying to use up some old stock maybe? I had the dealer install the OEM Yamaha LED signals. They look and work great. You will need a relay installed as well, otherwise they flash at the "Euro" rate. You also lose the daytime running light feature for the front if you go this route. There are options that you can find that will allow you to keep this feature - but I went with the OEM option for fit and finish. Side cases - I have the city bags that came with my GT. They are small. Honestly - look at the Shad or Givi options. For less money you get way more room. Exhaust - lots of options here. I've been most intrigued by the Scorpion slip-on which requires you to cut the stock exhaust, eliminating the catalytic converter. There is a bunch of good info on this forum under the exhaust sub-forum. Ride safe! Rob Cambridge, ON
  7. @ontheroad - would love to see pictures etc. of the final result. I had a Hindle on my ZX-9R and loved it. Didn't know if they had something that would work with the FJ/Tracer. Their website as always been very confusing - to the point where I give up. Cheers, Rob Cambridge, ON
  8. Fair enough and 100% agree. The only things I added/changed on my 2019 was: -add the rad guard -swap out the 90's pumpkin bulb turn signals for the OEM Yamaha LEDs (had them installed prior to delivery) -added a Speedo Angel cover for the TFT dash -added rear hugger to reduce spray from rear wheel I thought about a Scorpion slip-on, but the exchange rate discouraged me. Rob
  9. Correct. The installation docs are on their website (which you have probably already seen). Plus the rubber standoffs they supply really do the job of keeping the guard off the radiator. I've used other brands (R&G) on other bikes and they only send you pieces of foam that you have to cut to size. :-/ Lots of cheaper, rip-off versions on Ali Express and eBay - but honestly I'd rather support the folks who spend the time and money researching and designing things to protect our bikes. And their customer service is excellent. But that's just me. 🙂 Rob
  10. Not sure, but I've heard the Yamaha one attaches with zip ties (!) The Evotech one is pricey but super well built and designed.
  11. The liners are FJR liners and have FJR on them. They are bigger than the Tracer bags, but fit fine. I removed the side covers when installing my EvoTech rad guard. Also not a fan of tail tidy solutions. I have a Pyramid Plastics rear hugger which keeps the rear end cleaner than the stock one. Rob
  12. @Jayzonk - didn't realize you are in London, ON! I'm in Cambridge - and I actually talked to Inglis Cycle the other day. The BMW dealership where I rode the R1200RS was Wolf in London. I am actually considering a Triumph Sprint GT - never owned a Triumph before but love triples. I wonder how it would compare to my old Tracer... Cheers, Rob
  13. My dealer also said something similar. Is it just me or does that seem late for new models to be announced? My hope is that this delay could possibly indicate that they are getting ready to announce some more changes. Of course, being 2020 - anything is possible! Rob
  14. While not a GS, I test rode an RS a few years ago as I really love the looks of that bike. Granted, this was a 1200, and not the 1250 (which is supposed to be better) but I was so not impressed with the boxer engine. I'm sure it's a thing you get used to, but the power band was so much different to what I was used to that I couldn't justify the $20K on a bike who's engine didn't thrill me. And this was all before I bought my Tracer - talk about an engine that thrills you! Hope you find that you get the same experience on the Yamaha as many of do @Jayzonk! Cheers, Rob
  15. Dang! My 2019 was written off a few weeks ago and I've been waiting to see what the 2021 might look like before I decide on what to get. Rob