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  1. Here in Canada - you can buy Shad products directly from Yamaha. They are listed as available accessories for the Tracer. The mounting system for the GT and the non-GT (as pictured above) are different. It's hard to tell, but looks like 3-4 bolts still. I really did like the ease of use with my Motech racks and Givi bags. Cheers Rob
  2. Just confirming that the Shad racks stay on the bike at all times, correct? Eg. There is no "quick disconnect" to remove them when not in use. Where are people purchasing their Shad gear from? Direct from Yamaha or is there a cheaper option? Rob
  3. Wholly agree. I've had hard panniers on my bikes since my '98 Bandit 1200 (Corbin Beetle Bags), several different iterations of Givi bags (heck, I even put V35s on my ZX-14!) and various versions of stock bags on different bikes (VFR etc.) I like the almost non-existent mounting points of the OEM GT bags when the bags are off. And like you, I really only need the extra room for my week long trips 2 or 3 times a year. I don't use a trunk/top case but strap a tail bag to my passenger seat - which works fine...but I would like a little extra room in the panniers. I do have FJR pannier lids, but haven't bothered to sap them out as I'm still not 100% sure that I want to go this route. @HGP61 - any chance you can post a pic of your bike with the panniers removed? Cheers, Rob
  4. Agreed - the picture that I posted was the closest thing to the rear view as I could find. Thanks for the link to the reviews - the second one is from a "Robert B" who has them on his '15 FJ-09 - so maybe they are also on here and will chime in. Similar to the SW Motech racks I had on my Ninja, the racks can easily be removed when the bags aren't on the bike. See below for with and without rack.
  5. Hi all Does anyone have a set of Givi V37 side bags on their bike? I believe that @fjrpittsburgh has a set on his FZ-07, but I wasn't able to find any other references on the site. I know that the mounting rails for the GT and non-GT are different - but was just curious if anyone has any experience with them. I had Givi V35 bags (with Motech racks) on my Ninja 1000 and they are well-made and offer so much more space than the ones that came on my GT. I really like the look of the V37 bags as they are more streamlined and to me, fit the look of the bike better than some of the other options out there. Cheers, Rob
  6. I had a 2013 N1K and then a 2017 model. My biggest complaint was how hot the bike ran and the short gearing. I was always looking for 7th gear. But smooth and powerful. I actually find my Tracer GT more fun and flickable and of course the triple engine has far more character than the i-4. Rob
  7. Are these the ones that Yamaha sells? Rob
  8. There is a guy near where I live who posted on one of the FB Tracer pages that his GT Sargent seat arrived (he hadn't installed it yet). I asked him if he had heard about the GT seat fiasco and he said he was chatting with "Bill" on this forum - but not sure who Bill is. I asked him to post up his findings when he gets it installed. Rob
  9. For me it’s pure vanity. 😉 I really feel that the keys we get here in Canada/North America from Yamaha are so puny and weak-@ss. Yes, I am weird. I do like the reasoning behind getting the red key. 😉 Rob
  10. Not sure if you were referring to the OP or my post, but what I meant was that I haven’t ordered anything specifically from Ali express or eBay from China. Fully understand that a majority of retail goods these days are manufactured in China (just as they once were in Japan, Eastern Europe etc.) Rob
  11. @mingo Haven't experienced this (I haven't bought anything from China yet - but I am curious as to your experience with buying a blank Yamaha key. Can you send me the link? Also, have you had yours cut here to match your existing key? Cheers, Rob Cambridge, ON
  12. Did you get to the show yesterday @stumpy? I know it’s not on your list, but 613 Motorsports from Ottawa is there and are blowing out AGV helmets (also Astars jackets and Sidi boots). As usual GP Bikes is there with the best selection of helmets. One of my riding buddies was looking at the RPHA and GT Air (1)and went with the Shoei. Good luck with the search! Rob
  13. That was my first thought too...will my OEM bags work with this exhaust. Looking at the pictures from a couple of different angles, it looks like there would be enough space for them to fit. Oh well... Looks awesome though!
  14. He's in the GTA - not sure about exact location, but you can find/message him on FB and Instagram. Apparently he is very responsive. Cheers, Rob