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  1. On a barely-related note: how many V-Max do you think they sell? I actually had to check to see if it was even offered as a 2019 model. Sad that the FJR will be going away. Rob
  2. Yeah - I am too. I likely won;t be buying a Sargent for the GT anytime soon based on this. Rob
  3. @3sum Is your seat in the lower position? If so, any chance you can post a picture of it in the upper position? Cheers, Rob
  4. What did you end up with? Are you in Arizona now or still in Ontario? i might be interested in the lids and the manual. Rob
  5. Thanks @gv550 It's a real tragic story all around. Do you still have your GT? I saw someone in Listowel selling one and some parts - wasn't sure if it was you or not. Cheers Rob
  6. See here: Page 6 - second post down. Posted last week. Rob
  7. Hey Rob Did you order a GT seat or standard FJ seat? Someone on here mentioned that Sargent was halting the sale of the GT seat while they addressed the fitment issues. Cheers, Rob
  8. Has anyone been up to Hockley recently? Has the store re-opened yet? Rob
  9. I would have done the same. An aftermarket seat should fit as well, if not better than stock. To me it’s not something that you should have to modify to fit. Sargent took a long time to get the seat for the GT to market and this is the best they could do? Someone should make them aware of this thread as word of mouth on these forums is a very powerful thing. It would at least give them the chance to make it right. Just my $.02 Rob
  10. Exactly! And they aren’t cheap either!
  11. Completely understood. I guess I just respect the amount of skill and time it takes to design a quality, well-fitting part for a modern motorcycle and it kind of bugs me that others literally steal their work and profit from it. I get that is how the world works though. As for cost, like most things, the answer is probably somewhere in the middle. Cheers, Rob
  12. It appears to be a blatant copy of the EvoTech rad guard (I have one). I feel that EvoTech is a solid company that does great work and produces quality stuff for our bikes. I will personally continue to support them, but totally understand why people would buy this instead as it’s a great design, mounts securely (unlike the real cheapies that use zip ties) and the price is right. Looks like a good find. Rob
  13. Agreed. JohnMark1 is going to give them a call to discuss his seat - I'm sure he will confirm this once he has spoken to them.
  14. Here is the thread (page 4 has pics of the seat on johnmark1's GT:
  15. That doesn't look right to me. It would drive me crazy too. If you're going to spend money on aftermarket parts that are supposed to improve your bike - you shouldn't have to compromise. I know that there was a lot of pressure to get this seat to market (including several delays) - so I hope they didn't sacrifice quality for time here. Hope you get it sorted out @johnmark101 Rob