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  1. Cool. I figured there’d be some folks on both lists as great minds think alike! How do you decide which bike to ride? I had an ‘03 VFR and an ‘01 ZX9R and I found I never rode the Viffer as it wasn’t as much fun as the 9R. I sold the Honda. Do you use the Ninja for around town and the Tracer for longer rides? Cheers, Rob
  2. Any chance we can get a pic of the bike side-on? Or a sound bite video? Jeebus that is a sexy looking exhaust system. Rob
  3. Awesome! When we were in Normandy we made sure to visit Pegasus Bridge too. A critical piece of the D-Day invasions that often gets overlooked. Cheers Rob
  4. I think it looks great! It kind of actually follows the flat black lines of the bike from under the tank and seat.
  5. Nice. I like how they "hug" the lines of the engine, similar to the OEM header. I'm not a huge fan of how boxy the Akro header is. More pics and a video would be grand! Rob
  6. Thanks for posting up another option @Mission360 Can't seem to find any pics of the header/down pipes on their website. What's build quality/fit & finish like on the headers? From the above picture it looks positive. Also - I didn't see an option for a -db killer or insert. I found the exhaust note a tad loud in the video on their website. (Edit: I found a note on their FAQ that "All our exhausts include a Hanging Strap with Rubber, Exhaust Clamps & a removable Baffle" Also: "Without the baffle fitted these cans produce a nice, deep, very throaty GP sound - They will not disappoint! With the baffle fitted the decibel level is bought down to an acceptable road & track day level (Please note Track Days are getting stricter & stricter, we've even heard stories that bikes with the original factory exhaust have be turned away, please check with the Track). The baffle takes around 10-15 decibels off. The DB level will vary with different bikes, modern bikes with a catalyst converter are far quieter than bikes without." Rob
  7. Post up pictures/review of your new LED signals when you get them please!
  8. Off topic: best pizza I ever had was from a place on Empire Blvd in Webster, NY. Right beside the frozen custard place (Abbott's I think). Love Webster!
  9. Thinking about picking up a pair of these for the warmer months. I've had good luck with A-Star summer gloves (usually a combo of leather and mesh). Anyone have any experience with them directly? Thanks in advance! Rob Alpinestars SMX-1 Air v2 Gloves The Alpinestars SMX-1 Air V2 Gloves provide basic motorcycle...
  10. What bobbins are you using? I have a Pit Bull rear stand that I've used with many bikes over the years -the only thing that changes is the bobbins (size of bolt and length of bobbin) depending on swing arm and exhaust clearance (the latter is not a concern with the Tracer, obvs.). My stand is adjustable (like most) to accommodate the different widths of different bikes. You will want to make sure that the stand doesn't come into contact with the swing arm when you raise the bike up. So take some time and measure twice. 🙂 As I haven't tried this with my Tracer yet, not sure how it will go with the center stand. I used to put my bikes onto the front wheel chock and then use the rear stand. Rob
  11. Hey folks Just found out about this! I'm in Cambridge and I would be down for a meet up - but July 27th doesn't work for me due to family vacation. Next time for sure! If you want to meet in the Orangeville or Erin area (good jumping off point for Forks/Hockley etc.) I could suggest the parking lot of the little plaza/gas station at the corner of 124 and Trafalgar Road. There is a Petro Canada there as well as a great diner called Judy's (good food). It's not a super-busy plaza and has lots of room for bikes. Google Maps Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in... I wouldn't recommend meeting at the Forks on a Saturday as it's so busy nowadays. The Hockley General Store is a great place, but depending on when you are there and how many attend, parking can be a challenge. Just a suggestion. Rob
  12. Hopefully they have something in place to automatically refund the money of people whose order they cannot fulfill! That sucks Duke.
  13. Shoei RF-1200 Had a Shoei Qwest before this and love how that brand fits my head. Ignore the price tag - I bought mine in January at the bike show and paid less. 🙂 The matte finishes on helmets has come a long way - they are so simple to keep clean. Rob
  14. I hear you about the weather here in the "Great White North". This "spring" has been so cold and wet. I can't recall the last time I came in from cutting the grass and the furnace was running. So weird. Congrats on your new jacket! I too go through the same arduous process when making a new gear purchase. Glad it worked out for you! Cheers Rob Ontario