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  1. This is a sound strategy and is what I would have done as well. Rob
  2. Hey @betoney - have you ever read "132 Days: A Journey, A Journal and Some Whiskey"? It's about a guy who rides across America (well, parts of it) on a silver 2003 FZ1 - dubbed the Grey Goose. It's a pretty entertaining read - very thorough and detailed. I picked it up on Amazon for less than $20. Rob
  3. Sorry to drag us back on topic! So, the more and more that I look at the new GT - the more I like it. To the point where I can't see myself purchasing a 2019 or 2020 model. I know that's an unpopular opinion for sure, but I just happen to find myself in the situation where I am in the market for a bike. If I still had my 2019, I'm not so sure I'd be as tempted away, but alas that is not the case. I love the silver and black version, but just need to get my head around those blue wheels. Rob
  4. This video offers some nice eye candy, but also includes a lot of good info. Pretty comprehensive.
  5. For a bike of that spec and price point, the fact that the front suspension isn't adjustable is just ridiculous.
  6. I guess the next thing in the process, now that the bike has been officially announced by Yamaha is for the official press launch/ride whereby all the publications and VLoggers (they seem to be getting invited to these things now too) will release their articles and videos. Not how impartial any of those are - but they're fun to read/watch. Or maybe with Covid - they won't be doing that this time around. Rob
  7. Thanks for posting! Miguel had said he took video, but was asked by the Yamaha rep not to release before Sunday (today)...no idea why. Rob
  8. Yeah - that was Miguel or Critical Rider (I borrowed his picture of the key position up above). He lives in Holland and that's where Yamaha Europe has their HQ so one of the dealers there ha a couple "pre-prod" bikes on display. For those of you that are on FB - lookup Critical Rider and you'll see his post/snaps. He took some good, close up ones. Rob
  9. The "blurple" wheels have been around for awhile. I think the 2017 or 2018 FJ-09 had a similar colour scheme - silver with blue wheels (at least here in Canada). And agreed - as much as I like the silver 2021 - not sure I can get with the blue wheels. Rob
  10. The "top" set of headlights have LED strips that are always on - I think these are considered the new DRT. Rob
  11. Are you thinking of making the switch @betoney? Rob
  12. Yeah - that looks hap-hazard. And to just slap a cable-tie on it and strap it to the rad hose seems rather chincy. It's odd - some things about this bike seem well thought out and some seem like they were rushing to get it to market. Rob
  13. You're right @mellow I guess I am just used to a dash being tucked inside/behind the front fairing - I don't want to see it from the front of the bike at all. But that's just my aesthetic. I've owned too many traditional sport touring bikes I guess. 😉 Rob
  14. Here's a page from a Yamaha dealership in Scotland which sums up the new Tracer 9 nicely - better than the Yamaha site does, imo. All-new TRACER 9 and TRACER 9 GT | MCS Scotland Ltd The latest news and offers from Yamaha at MCS Scotland Ltd
  15. Does it bother anyone else that the new dash is so wide that it sticks out beyond the front "fairing" and windscreen? Need to see it in person to know for sure. I can see having to clean the bugs off the back of it. 😕 Rob
  16. On the topic of bike sales etc., when I was at my dealership (I'm in Ontario, Canada) the other week the sales manager told me that street bike sales have been way down. The sales of ATVs and dirt bikes have really taken off. Kind of lines up with what others have said above in regards to snowmobiles and PWCs. Rob
  17. It is as are the rider pegs.
  18. The rider pegs are height adjustable on the 9 GT (two positions). Rob
  19. Yamaha is calling it "Camo" - it actually has a hint of green if you look closely. These were taken at a dealership in Holland - the location of Yamaha Europe HQ. Rob
  20. Yamaha Tracer 9 GT 2021 a more sophisticated touring machine Yamaha has revealed its overhauled MT-09 Tracer, or Tracer 9 as... A couple of extra pictures.
  21. I had the Kawi bags on my Ninja 1000 and they are very functional - certainly hold more than the Yamaha City bags do. I actually don't mind the look of the new Tracer 9 bags. They do look like they are just hanging out there though. Yamaha mentions something about a new "free floating" rack system. Maybe something similar to the way the Triumph Sprint bags move side-to-side when the bike leans. Rob
  22. No, but at the end of the Yamaha promo video it says "Tracer 9 & Tracer 9 GT" - and I think the red bike in the video has black forks. I'd have to watch it again to confirm. Rob
  23. 2021 Yamaha Tracer 9 and Tracer 9 GT specs revealed The 2021 Yamaha Tracer 9 and Tracer 9 GT announced with...
  24. It was the same on my 2019 GT.