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  1. Yeah I use a standard lightweight windbreaker from Columbia. I'm in mesh gear so it serves as my waterproof jacket throughout the summer. I don't do it to keep my riding jacket clean though.
  2. Got to work and got off the bike to unlock the gate and smelled something burning. Didn't smell like oil. Didn't smell like coolant. Nothing was smoking. Rode over to the shop and looked down at the exhaust and find the burnt remains of a snake tucked into where the pipes come together at the merge collector. I hope he enjoyed his ride before he burnt up.
  3. The last two times there has been a change of rain in the morning I've decided not to put in the rain gear and both times got caught in a downpour and arrived to work soaked. This morning it was raining when I looked outside but by the time I put my gear and rain suit on and got out the door it has stopped and was dry all the way to work. Just my luck.
  4. http://Liquid Wrench L711 Chain & Cable Lube - 11 oz. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B003542HE0/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_Eda4CbYHNGB61 I had several cans laying around that I bought mainly for use on bicycles. But reading the back of the can revealed it was compatible with O&X ring chains. So after the gear lube fail I decided to try it. It goes on water thin and I can tell the chain has less friction by how easy the rear tire keeps rotating after a spin by hand. I let it set overnight and I've had almost zero fling from the two times I've used it. I can't tell it's on the chain unless I run my fingers on it then I can feel the slipperiness in between my fingers. And my chain has stayed pretty much spotless especially compared to the wax product I was using previously. Edit, that link seems to just bring me back to this page. Let's try this one https://www.liquidwrench.com/product/chain-cable-lube/
  5. So far I'm extremely impressed with the liquid wrench product. Almost no fling and I can still feel it on the chain after a week or so, even through some wet weather. No rust after two days like the chain lube And absolutely no buildup.
  6. That's a beautiful area, I used to live in Knoxville and I've worked all over that area. Being out here in the land of flat straight roads doesn't lend itself to quick fun rides. There is some fun rides to be had but I'm riding for hours to get to it. I'll try to put something together later on.
  7. I was a little worked up over it for a couple minutes. I'll admit I turned around and followed him to his next stop which was a block over. But in the end I thought better of it and just shook my head and went home. He was driving completely on the wrong side of the road, almost against the curb to my right, until he got about a half block away from me. Then he went all the way over to the left curb, which would have been the correct side. At that point I ASSumed he saw me and change my plan from pulling up behind that pickup truck as I was planning to do prior to him getting over to the correct side, to going ahead down the street. But then he started coming back towards the center of the road and I had already committed and didn't have time to dip in behind the truck. But he just kept getting closer. Which is why I think he never saw me. I was going 27 according to the video and I'd estimate his speed about the same. The speed limit is 30. To be clear, I accept all the blame for this because I ASSumed he saw me. I should have just stuck to the original plan of pulling up behind the pickup. It was just a little too close for my liking. But in the end that's all it was, a close call and a lesson learned.
  8. Had a closer than necessary experience with a UPS truck a half a block from home. He was driving completely in the wrong side of the road, then got over like he saw me but swerved back to the middle of the road about the time of the first snapshot. For no reason. I don't think he even saw me because he slammed the brakes on when I went by his open drivers door. And it still didn't occur to me to hit the horn. Thought about emailing the video to UPS but I couldn't find any contact info and I doubt it would do any good anyway.
  9. Misting rain and in the mid fifties here in central Texas, not too many cars though.
  10. Apparently we have a comedian at the shop. Left work in the dry, two minutes later I was in a downpour with drops the size of golf balls. Pulled in under an overpass and put the rain gear on. Five minutes later the sun was out and it was almost 90°. I should have just got wet. Probably would have dried off by the time I got home. Instead I got home sweaty and wet.
  11. I've got mine too go from a hard eyeball rattling thumping, to a slight tapping on the helmet. But if I tuck down maybe an inch or so it's smooth. The way the air comes off the front of these bikes is weird.
  12. We used Maxima on a machine here at work. The buildup is terrible. I could not stand that on my bike.
  13. I wish I hadn't lost the liner for my summer mesh jacket. A little cool without it this morning, but it'll be way too hot this afternoon for my winter jacket.
  14. I don't know. Mines done it since day one but it's progressively getting worse. I'm still on the stock front tire so that's my best guess. If you notice in my video when my hands comes off the bar I'm probably doing 50 and the vibrations start pretty much exactly at 45. That video is from last year, it's a bit more violent now. I just keep at least a finger on the bars and it prevents it.