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  1. As far as I can tell there are no vacuum leaks, all electrical connections are connected and I have no codes. I'm probably going to go over everything one more time tomorrow. I feel like I'm going to wear the body work fasteners out before I ever get it running right again. I've had it apart and back together so many time. At this point I've talked to my better half and we've decided it's best to take it somewhere. I've got some feelers out for trusted independent shops with a separate Yamaha dealer as a backup. It's not going back to where I bought it as they've lost all my trust.
  2. I put new factory fuel injector o-rings and seals in last weekend to replace the cheap ones installed after I damaged the original ones while messing with it earlier. Rode it 30 miles Sunday and it's still not right. It'll hang revs for about ten seconds or so then drop to a low idle before clearing up. It still falls on it's face when given throttle under load but it revs clean through the RPM range when accelerating from a stop up through the gears with no noticeable loss in power. The exhaust stinks. I can't tell if it's lean or rich but it sure acts like the fueling is off.
  3. I just can't seem to get motivated to work on it. I did just get new Yamaha o-rings and seals in the mail today for the fuel injectors. Since the one I replaced was definitely a different material than the Yamaha ones. I'll just replace all of them with new parts. Maybe I'll get lucky and that will clear it up. It sure acts to me like an air/fuel ratio problem.
  4. The bike is bone stock just like it left the factory. I have a hard time believing that I have a carbon buildup issue given the low miles of the bike. All the timing marks were exactly where they should be. I haven't adjusted the valves yet so there was no reassembly.
  5. I'm going to go ahead and get the valve clearances back in spec then sync the TBs and see where we stand after that.
  6. I decided to check for any possible vacuum leaks. I couldn't find any but I took the opportunity to get a hot start video. So here is that. I agree that it doesn't seem to run like it's missing that much compression, if any. I'm not sure what to do. Maybe the best thing would be to just suck it up and open up a credit card, take it to a shop and tell them to make it right. I really don't want to do that but I think I'm not up to fixing this.
  7. I'll have to see about determining if the converter is bad.
  8. The engine was ran up to Temp before I pulled it apart to get to the plugs so while not hot it was definitely warm. I unplugged the throttle motor and held the butterflies open by hand. It has no fault codes. I'd love to take it to a shop and just have them fix it. I don't have the money for that.
  9. I think I've decided to just go ahead and pull the head.
  10. Compression is way down on all cylinders. 70 on 1 and 3 dry and wet, 2 was 60 dry and 65 wet. This is a concern because the valve clearance on #2 was in spec. 1 and 3 were a little tight. I guess the next step is to get the valve clearances in spec then check again.
  11. Fuel leak is fixed. Apparently I, for some unknown reason, loosened the fuel rail bolts and forgot to tighten then back. When it loosened enough it split the o ring on the #1 injector. I happened to have some that fit so that was an easy fix. Unfortunately I still have a problem. It's still tough to start. It will idle roughly for a couple seconds then rev up to about 2500 rpms for a second or two then settle down into a normal idle. It'll rev freely but the exhaust stinks. It's much more pronounced but the same oder I thought I was smelling the week prior to this all starting. I took it out for a test ride. Under light loads it feels just like it always did. However under a heavy load it bogs. Roll on the throttle in sixth and it'll gain about 500rpms then bog, it'll rev through it but it's slow and it's not rpm dependant. I think tomorrow I'll take it back apart and do a compression test now that I know nothing is actually hitting anything internally.
  12. What a good ear you have. Took it for a test ride around the block. Smelled fuel, looked down and saw it pouring out from under the tank. Pushed it home and an getting ready to pull the tank back off. Hoping I just didn't have the hose connected securely and that I didn't break anything. Didn't smell any fuel when it was running in the driveway.
  13. Here is the video of the first and second starts. Listen close and let me know if you think you hear anything goofy. https://youtu.be/Y3_xDQjJSTk
  14. We've got a running motorcycle! Quite as it ever was! Let it idle up to Temp gave it some revs and it has no strange noises, revs freely and idles fine. Sounds a little soft on startup but settled into a normal idle. Nervously optimistic at this point. Have video will upload this evening. Going to wash it put it all the way back together and test ride.