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  1. See here: This covers a full rebuild, which is more than you need to do. But the beginning and end are fully applicable. Of course, your bike only has one leg to R/R...
  2. Sure, I realize this message is 2 weeks late. But let's face it, you wouldn't have read this message two weeks ago! Anyway, hope everyone had a memorable holiday season with their family - from ours to yours, wishing you a safe and prosperous 2019. We've been busy during these slow weeks. Take a peek to see what's being going on... New Year, New Flow, New Stuff So, who has big plans for 2019? Ride safe! Nick, Mari, and crew
  3. Getting a jump start on this so we can spend tomorrow away from the keyboard and Friday with customers! See here for full details on the 2018 Black Friday through Cyber Monday Deals All offers are good through Cyber Monday. Feel free to respond here, PM, email, or call with any questions. Happy Turkey Day! Stoltec Moto
  4. This has been a great season so far. Good riding, good business, good times. To show our appreciation, we're doing some deals for the holiday weekend. Suspension, brakes, tuning. See here for details - email, PM, or post up any questions you may have. Ride safe this weekend! Stoltec Moto Labor Day Steals and Deals
  5. This is for one cartridge to replace the cartridge in the RH leg. Nothing to mess with in the LH leg other than the spring.
  6. Finally, for all those who have been asking! Patience is a virtue and you've been waiting for a while. You deserve a reward... If you're looking to upgrade the forks on your 2014-2016 FZ-09, 2015+ FJ-09, or 2016+ XSR900, look no further. We took our popular 20 mm Fork Piston Kit and pre-built a stock cartridge so that you don't need to worry about tearing into your own, finding a trusted local shop to do your dirty work, or enduring excessive downtime. If you can follow the factory service manual to remove the factory cartridge, this is a job you can handle! Kit includes: [ul type=disc] [*]Pre-valved stock cartridge - drop-in ready[*]Fork oil[*]Cartridge bolt crush washer[*]Stoltec Moto fork leg decals[*]Drop-in fork springs (optional)[/ul] For more details, see here: 14-16 FZ-09 / 15+ FJ-09 / 16+ XSR900 Drop-In Cartridge Kit | Stoltec Moto If you don't have the necessary tools to complete the job, we have some optional tool rentals which will take care of all the non-standard tools: Standard Fork Tool Kit Details here: DIY KYB Fork Tool Rental | Stoltec Moto Fork Seal Driver (not required for cartridge installation - only if you're swapping seals). Details here: Fork Seal Driver Rental | Stoltec Moto Contact us with any questions at sales@stoltecmoto.com
  7. We're nearing the deadline....but still time!
  8. Less than 2 Brothers. Not sure about the Graves.
  9. I really wish I could find the pictures of our bike with the Arrow on it. The header followed the lines of the bike/engine the best. I also rode ours with the baffle in and loved it. I'd uncork it for the track (just because), and it had a beautiful sonorous blat that echoed nicely off the wall alongside Pocono's back straight.
  10. Updated original post with more details. We're going to kill this if we don't get 5 people on board by April 1st. We currently have 1 and a possible 2 in the queue. We're also going to do a special combo promotion on the FT-ECU Flash Kit w/ Active Tuning. Contact us for details!
  11. Thanks to everyone for voting and sharing your opinions. We've had a good handful of people inquiring about pricing on the group buy. So let me be clear: we don't be offering these UNLESS we get enough interest in the group buy to justify the import. So if you're interesting in purchasing, please post here, send us an email, or PM us. All pricing will be sent through those channels!
  12. Sadly, we lost them. The with the DB killer in, it was good for 2-4 hp throughout. With the db killer out, about 8 hp throughout. No cats in either of those...