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  1. No cracks, just an ill-placed reflection
  2. I sent you a PM with a link to pics
  3. I'm still here, and I still have the system. I'll get some pictures this evening and get back to you
  4. Long story short, is anyone interested in an OEM exhaust? I've seen where people use the stock header and build off of that, but I have no use for the system and could let it go cheap.
  5. When I demo'd the bike a month ago, I didn't think the seat was that bad. That being said, I did manage to clock 5000 miles on my CB500F in a year on the factory seat, so I'm kinda accustomed to it. I just don't like feeling like I'm sitting on the metal seat pan.
  6. Hey All! Checking in as a new member since 10 minutes ago, and new owner as of 3 days ago! I picked up a barely used 2015 that had anot array of goodies, including a power commander and a softer seat. Not sure of the brand of seat, but it is pretty nice. The only issue I've found with it is that it feels like the seat padding is almost non existent when I'm riding. Is there anyone out there with a stock seat they'd part ways with? I'm in Fort Wayne, IN, but I can cover shipping if necessary. Thanks! I can't wait to get some miles under my belt on this!