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  1. brewhaha

    What Helmet do you ride in?

    Bell Qualifier DLX.
  2. So @shigeta they only send one clamp per plastic side? Even though there’s clearly two per side? **edit. evidently yes. guess its a good idea to look at the instructions.ha**
  3. Glad I looked at this. I almost ordered just regular barkbusters. There is a specific model for the FJ09. Installing mine tonight. Thanks for the great post @shigeta
  4. awesome @Cruizin thanks, ordering now!
  5. Thank you for this. I need to do this.
  6. brewhaha

    Removing Your FJ-09 ECU!

    Thank you so much for this!
  7. Just picked up the Bell Qualifier DLX with a transition lens for $199. Great helmet for the price and the transition lens is really nice. Heres the link to the non MIPS version, $199 Bell Qualifier DLX Helmet WWW.CYCLEGEAR.COM The Bell Qualifier DLX Helmet raises the bar by including a host of features virtually unrivaled. A fully removable and washable interior is complimented by baked-in compatibility with Sena... ...The MIPS version is $269
  8. Was just thinking the other day I need some F09 swag. I'm in for some t-shirts or hoodies.
  9. brewhaha

    OEM Hardbag problem

    And the winner for the fix is... a cheap ass strap.
  10. brewhaha

    2015 FJ-09 Factory Service Manual

    Still for sale @gears?
  11. So the latching mechanism on my 2015 Hardbags broke. Not the key or handle but the mechanism that moves to allow the bag to open or latched closed. The dealer has contacted Yamaha and the response was they could not fix it. Has anyone has any similar issue or lead me in a good direction? I would buy the whole handle/latch and replace it if it was available, but apparently its not. thanks for any help. I do have pics but its pretty hard to see.