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  1. ok, update. Changed to a dampened sprocket and this helped tremendously. I never thought it would make that big of a difference. The funny thing is I still hear the noise at the same spot, but at least now I don't feel it.
  2. thanks @nhchris glad i'm not just crazy. You are explaining what i'm feeling pretty well. New sprocket comes in tom. will update.
  3. thanks for the help/insight. I've spent the past couple of days going up and down on the chain slack. It was the same every time. The more I feel it and think about it, it might be the front undampened sprocket. I've ordered a dampened one. As soon as I install it I'll give an update.
  4. @nhchris a. Yes, running slack around 1in. b. I would say its similar to the clutch basket sound, but much louder, and you can feel this. c. Not dampened sprocket because Sprocket Center was out of all dampened sprockets. I could try reducing the slack just for troubleshooting purposes.
  5. Wanted to ask some questions to the experts here before I take it to a dealer. I'll try to be short, its kind of hard to explain. Background: 2015, I bought with 13K miles, currently at 17K. I've always had noise/vibrations, thankfully a new chain/sprockets cleaned up most of this. But now I have weird noises and vibrations that come through the pegs. This ONLY happens when going at a steady, constant speed with no acceleration or deceleration. I can reproduce it in any gear. When this is happening I can roll on the throttle and everything smooths out like it should be. The best way I can describe it is a 'chatter' from the clutch area. I hear this chatter, and I also feel this chatter, so I know somethings wrong. What I've done so far: I pulled the clutch out, everything looked ok and in place to my untrained eye. Oil is good. Chain/sprockets good. I wonder if anyone has insights or suggestions. My next step might be to get a new clutch kit just to see if thats the problem. Thanks in advance Edit: Some reasons I think it might be the clutch is a. it happens in every gear. again only at constant speed. I think if it was chain related it would have an rpm based feel, but it does not. b. when this is happening, if I pull in the clutch, it stops.
  6. good info, as I am getting the same pad soon.
  7. @dbeau thank you sir, just ordered one for the heck of it. Not sure why they didn't tell me about this. At least now I'll have both if I need to compare.
  8. for anyone interested. The Ognibene products from Sprocket Center, both front and back have been on back-order for a very long time. I ordered mine about 2 months ago. Finally had to call them and get them to send the non-dampened ones. They kept saying they will be here "in a week or 2", but realistically I don't think they know when they'll get their next shipment.
  9. @stumpy Would you say the terry's seat is higher than stock? looks like it. I have to ride in the low position. worried about being on my tip toes.
  10. hey @Cruizin the website is now white for me. It used to be black, like 'dark mode'. I looked in all my settings, didn't see anything I could change. just curious. thanks
  11. yep, same for me. i'll be there as well.
  12. My cousin volunteered for the event. this was his first non-Vintage Festival there. Said it was well worth it.
  13. wow, thats nice. i need to do that.