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  1. yep, same for me. i'll be there as well.
  2. My cousin volunteered for the event. this was his first non-Vintage Festival there. Said it was well worth it.
  3. wow, thats nice. i need to do that.
  4. @clint are those FJR bags? if so, are they a direct fit? or do you need new brackets as well? thanks
  5. Got my sweatshirt in. I'm very happy with the look and the quality!
  6. I see more and more of these video's. Its some crazy awesome stuff!
  7. I'm a noob when it comes to this chain stuff. For the DID 525VX with rubber dampening, is this the one you guys are talking about? I'm asking because I adjusted my chain the other day, had it in spec, but I then checked the slack on the centerstand as I turned the wheel and it goes from slack to full tight, back to slack then full tight. So it seems like as the wheel rotates there is a tight spot. Any idea what that means? thanks in advance. 525 Chain Kit - OGNIBENE "Silent Drive" Sprocket Set with Choice of Chain - YAMAHA FJ-09 - FJ-09 2015-2018 - Yamaha - STREET SPROCKETCENTER.COM <h4>YAMAHA FJ-09 Chain Kit with OGNIBENE "Silent Drive" Sprocket Set and Choice of Chain</h4>Made in Italy! The rubber profile applied on both sides guarantees noise reduction, which is...
  8. well, had this happen to me this morning. 40 degrees, 2015 with 15K miles. i've only had the bike for 6 months. this is the first time its happened. At first I thought it was because I just installed HeliBars barback risers, but then I remembered after I installed it I ran it and did the bars lock to lock with no problems. Anyway, once I got to work, turned off, then on it went away. I'm fine with it as long as I know to just turn it off and on.
  9. @rockinsv Will this part# work with 2015? was ordering it but it says it does not fit a 2015, but i'm sure you guys know better than they do.
  10. Just ordered an FJ-09 t-shirt, hoodie, and phone case. Wish I had a tracer so I could get the tracer stuff. oh well, one day...
  11. So @shigeta they only send one clamp per plastic side? Even though there’s clearly two per side? **edit. evidently yes. guess its a good idea to look at the instructions.ha**
  12. Glad I looked at this. I almost ordered just regular barkbusters. There is a specific model for the FJ09. Installing mine tonight. Thanks for the great post @shigeta