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  1. I took it in for the 600 mi check yesterday and mentioned the vibes. The tech said he has ridden the R6 and other cross-plane bikes and said he has felt the same thing. Then he rode mine and confirmed it was the same vibe as the other models. He said he would send a complaint to Yamaha on-line tech support and let know what they say. I also mentioned that at a constant speed, the bikes surges like its misfiring. I thought maybe a TB sync would help. The tech rode and felt the same thing, especially at lower speeds in any gear. He suggested it might be lean fueling to meet EPA requirements but would submit the compliant to the Yamaha on-line tech support. FYI. Even though the owners manual says a throttle body sync should be done at 600 mi, the dealer's list of required service (as shown on his service dept computer) does NOT include syncing.
  2. The motor is so smooth at 3k rpm. Then I start to feel the vibes around 4K and they peak around 4.5K. Cruising at 60mph is disconcerting for sure. I am taking it in for the 600 mi check next week (and the recall fix) and will ask if the throttle bodies are out of sync. Otherwise, I guess riding in 5th is the answer at 60 mph.
  3. Mine is the same. I tried tightening the screws but the play seems to be elsewhere. I thought about taking the windshield off and looking but decided not to mess with it. When riding, I noticed the top edge of the windshield vibrating when it was fully raised. It is a bit distracting. Windshield vibrates less when fully lowered.
  4. I thought it was just me, but I notice a slight judder when starting in first gear on flat ground. I only have about 60 miles on mine and am hoping it goes away with more miles. I don't notice any judder with other gear changes. I traded in my FZ6R which never had this clutch judder.
  5. Took delivery of my FJ-09 today. I measured the chain slack as set by the dealer/factory at 20mm total range (up plus down from static) while on center stand. The chain sounds normal when spinning rear wheel in neutral on the center stand. Shifting seems fine, too.
  6. I picked up my bike today. The tech said the magnetic sensor on the front wheel was placed too far from the slotted segment to detect any movement. He adjusted the spacing to spec and it works fine now. No damage, everything is fine. phew
  7. This dealer has been there for many years. We bought a Kawasaki there for my wife 3 years ago and they were a Yamaha dealer then. I don't know if they give their techs any training on new models but at one point there were 4 techs looking/working on my new FJ. After about 30+ minutes I could tell they had no idea of how to solve the problem, and it was 6 pm (quitting time), so I told them I would leave the bike.
  8. Cold and dark on a new bike. Not a good combination. I just had to deal with rush hour traffic because the dealer kept me 2 hours doing the paperwork.
  9. Yup, I had the same experience today. I picked up my brand new red FJ at the dealer. Did a quick get acquainted ride in the adjacent neighborhood, then started home. Maybe got 2 miles from the dealer and the check engine and ABS lights came on. Having seen this problem reported on this forum, I turned around and headed back to the dealer. The mechanic noticed the screen showed an error code of 069. I suggested he check the front wheel sensor but he didnt. Since this was the first FJ-09 they had sold (they done have a service manual and didn't even know how to take the riders seat off !!), they will call Yamaha tomorrow for the fix. Sure hope its an easy fix, we are having beautiful riding weather in central Florida. Not the best experience.!