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  1. I just installed an Excel Throttle Control on my 2015 FJ 09. I have the KTM brush guards the Exell just dropped in and works like butta. Super easy to operate well machined and engineered. I ordered it and I got it in the am 2 days later. Tom said "pay me when you get it". That doesn't happen much these days. Very happy Jim in Ojai CA
  2. ghostrider1127 Do you still have that Magura Hydraulic clutch kit in a box? If so do you want to sell it if so how much? Kimofj
  3. I ran a fused 12 Volt line hot and ground from the battery to a relay and used the key switched on front 2amp aux to switch on the relay. The 3- 2amp aux outputs in the front are way too small in power to supply the grips, I believe they are for navigation , phones or GoPro type devices. Going up in fuse rating size for them is not recommended it could cook your electrics. Kimofj
  4. That all happened to my 2015. Parking lot tip over after which I noticed it was looser so I did the recall. As of 2/2018 Yamaha has VIN #s for the bikes affected. It took about 1 hr at the dealer. Kimofj in burnt Ojai ca
  5. That XSR slipper clutch does sound like a great swap out. Maybe I'll do it if I have to do any future clutch work. kimofj
  6. Thanks VDUBOY was Magura Hymec Hydraulic Clutch System - 2100004-50 the one you went with. kimofj PS do you (or anyone) know of a good source for a better price$$$
  7. Ya I read that R-1 longer cable fix but the Hydraulic clutch had got to be better I'm thinking. kimofj
  8. Thanks vudboy: I put the ROX bar up and back on and the kink in the OEM Cable sucks. I'm really thinking of the Magura fix. cheers, KimoFJ burn't out Ojai CA.
  9. Anyone try the Magura Hydraulic clutch conversion? Thoughts. Kimofj burnt Ojai ca
  10. I just went with KTech and YA335 ohlins really great combo for not so much $. Jim in Ojai ca
  11. BentAero: Well that answers that, one more thing I don't have to adjust. Thanks for getting back so quickly. Jim
  12. Guys for budget reasons I bought a OHLINS standard YA335 for my FJ09 along with a K-Tec forks cartridges. After gong through the PIA shock install I realized that the Compression Adjustment Screw is way up at the top of the shock and almost impossible to get to with my fingers let alone a 90° screwdriver. I have about 1/2 an inch clearance to get to the screw which pointing up toward the gas tank. I thought of turning the shock 180° to point the screw down but that doesn't seem any easier to get to with tubes and other crap in the way. Does anyone have any ideas? I guess I should have paid the $500 more for remote adjustment. Thoughts. Jim in Ojai CA