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  1. @roadrash83 - I'm sorry you had to let go of a motorcycle you loved, but I'm glad you're still able to enjoy riding! It's absolutely amazing. I can really appreciate the stock smooth linear throttle and fueling. It's an easy bike to ride in a sedate street friendly manner, but... boy does it go from zero to bat-shit crazy in a heartbeat!
  2. Last night I took the FJ apart and returned it to stock trim. Today I took it to the shop and got an upgraded exhaust, ecu and suspension. So the FJ-09 went into the shop, and this is what came back out... The past few years have been awesome and this has been the best motorcycle owners forum I've been a part of. Thank you all and thank you mods 😃 So after chasing the 2015 FJ-09 for years, trying to turn it into something it's not with rear-sets, bar lowering, etc... The wife gave me a birthday present in the form of permission to put what I had been saving for suspension and exhaust + trade-in for a 2015 S1000RR with only 1200 miles. I now have cruise control! Oh, and contrary to popular belief... The signals on BMW vehicles DO work and function! ***Shhhhh.... I'll still be lurking...
  3. You're absolutely right because I don't get this happening in the far left/right lanes. I do generally ride in the far left and right lanes. The incidents occur in the transitions to exits and to/from the HoV lane. Because the entrance/exit to the HoV (carpool/commuter) lanes are every two miles, I generally get out of the HoV lane and change lanes about every 1/4 to 1/2 mile to assess each lane as I go. This year i've been more aggressive about crossing the lanes and don't see as many incidents. When I get on/off the highway, I also need to cross all the lanes on the 3 lane busy roadway to/from the interstate. Again, I've been more aggressive about getting all the way over quickly and have less incidents. I find the more aggressively I ride, within normal traffic patterns, the less incidents I see. This year, the two incidents so far were both people crossing the double solid white line into the commuter lane and my lane position to the far left has allowed me to swerve around them without issue and without much input. Thanks for the advice, it's solid for anyone reading this.
  4. I just used the steel stick ons from Harbor Freight. I've never seen the clip on style weights on my wheels, so I just continued using what was available. I had to clean the wheel really well to get them to stick. Also just a side note: I tried Windex this time around because a lot of videos showed it being used. I changed tires for years in an automotive shop and Windex doesn't compare to bead lube or bead wax. I'll be getting some bead lube or wax for the next change. On Topic: Yesterday I broke in the new tires with 350 miles and much of it in the mountains and leaned over. I got to ride with a friend who rides a Ninja 1000 who also had brand new tires. We swapped bikes for a bit and I loved the smoothness and feel of the 1000 engine, but while the bike felt smooth and planted, it also felt heavy.
  5. I got the tools along with the tires (Michelin Road 5) and I did the front and rear tires last night! $40 Harbor Freight balancing stand worked nicely. Going for a long ride today and it's also the first time in 23k miles that I'll have new tires on front and rear at the same time.
  6. When I first got the FJ, I'd be in 'B' mode in the really tight mountain sections because the throttle was smoother. Then I decided I just needed to get used to standard mode and eventually my right wrist smoothed it out. I moved to 'A' mode full time about a year ago, even in heavy traffic and I've smoothed out the jerky response. It's so ingrained in muscle memory that I was in traffic the other day and had left it in standard mode. When I twisted the throttle I leaned forward, the engine felt like it bogged down and then popped in at a little more throttle application but it was really just the way standard tries to smooth the map on initial turn. So it's 'A' mode full time now at the cost of tensed up/soreness on/after long rides of my right wrist/shoulder. I'm looking forward to a re-flash. My wife gave me a green light on an exhaust and flash in the next month or two. I'll do it when I take it apart for the 24k mile service =) I'm hoping for B-mode smoothness with A-mode power and acceleration.
  7. The videos look like it's a very small amount of run-out, so I don't think it's the rotors. If the calipers are operating properly, then that small amount of run-out should push the pads back a hair and not drag. I'm not sure where you are, but I have a run-out gauge if you're somewhere in the Georgia area. Check the caliper lines and caliper operation, if the lines got pulled, twisted or otherwise damaged, it could impede the return flow of fluid causing the calipers to hang and stick a bit. Easiest way is to put the calipers back on, spin the wheel and apply pressure to the wheel while the brakes are being held. Let go of the lever and see if the wheel immediately releases. You'll want to check the operation both cold and hot. Take it for a ride, heat up the front brakes with some long slow stops and check the release again. As the brakes heat up, it could be building pressure in the calipers and engaging the brakes. Check the rear caliper (hot and cold) as well as the rear brake lever adjustment. I recently changed my foot pegs for some sportier rear sets and the adjustment was slightly out. about four miles down the road, it felt like the motorcycle was losing power. I had to let the rear brake cool, adjust the rear brake lever and switch with the tools I had in a parking lot and that took care of it. When I got home, I removed the pads and they hadn't glazed, but if they glaze you can just scrape them over some concrete, clean them off and reinstall. I'm thinking it's possible the weight of your foot on the rear brake when you hit the ditch could have very mildly bent something so that the rear brake might be binding when it gets hot. Sorry for the internet guessing, lol. Just giving you some other things to check that are possible.
  8. Yeah, my daily commuting is about 30-35 miles per day in traffic that's often 5-15mph with stretches of busy 45mph. Though, when It's possible for me to treat a metered onramp like a drag tree or cruise at 90mph for the 90 miles up to the mountains, I do. Admittedly, aggressive riding is only about 1/3 of my overall mileage. I keep traction control turned off because I got tired of it intervening and playing pogo sticks with my front forks. My opportunities to be a hooligan are far less frequent than either I, or the CP3 engine, would like =(
  9. How do you like the T31? I'm always on the lookout for cheaper tires that perform. Do you also get good life out of them? I got about 15k miles out of the Road 5 front and about 10k out of the rear. The wear has been smooth and even with no flat spots and the rear maintains a nice round profile, despite daily commuting on the highway. If I can find another tire that will do that and fast mountain riding for cheaper, I'll jump on board.
  10. In case anyone is out looking for a deal, I just ordered a pair of tires from Revzilla for the FJ-09 at 37% discount for the front and 38% on the rear tire. Cycle Gear is also having a sale, but Revzilla is priced far enough lower that Cycle Gear won't match. ($147 front and $189 rear at Revzilla). I took a quick glance and the prices Revzilla is selling seem to be the same as Amazon and other outlets. It's weird that Cycle Gear under the same parent company as Revzilla, has a price match policy and just tells you to order from Revzilla. I've been running the Road 5's pair and they've been awesome but pricey. I was going to try the Dunlop Roadsmart 3 this time because of the lower price, but the sale makes the prices very similar. I've no reason to try something else because I've been happy with the Road 5's, except that price tag.
  11. Putting 'GT' in the title would help if you need a quick answer. People like me often click on threads in the "recent" section off to the right of the forum on a PC, and there's no indication it's in the GT section unless I go looking through the header. In either case, it would register my view, but it's not something I'd be able to help with, unless I could find the answer online.
  12. I use the Ram Mount X-Grip. I like that I can loosen it up and remove the phone holder part while leaving the ball mount on the handlebars for when I'm not using it. Also, I use that rubber bit to hold the corners of my phone every time. I just don't trust the X-Grip on its own, though I've never had an issue.
  13. Whoo boy. I rolled off the throttle a bit and covered the front brake as I approached. I expected a clear intersection, but anticipated the third car might turn in front of me and it did. I aborted the swerve when I realized the braking alone would be enough. I didn't have my GoPro running when this happened. My Michelin Road 5's are very close to the wear bar on the front tire, but still perform amazingly well. I'm definitely a fan. The bonus footage is in the rear view camera when the guy following behind me runs the red, and so does a car going the opposite direction!
  14. I'm interested. How short is it? It looks like it's just barely tall enough to cover the backside of the instrument cluster, which is about all I'm looking for. How's the airflow with this particular shield? Any extra noise or buffeting vs. no windshield at all?
  15. ^This They actually have two different "Bike Weeks" that bring in lots of sketchy people. Myrtle beach gets a lot of party folks as it is, but both Bike Week and Black Bike Week bring in lots of noise and various issues. The most common issues I've seen for both are noise (every straight piped motorcycle shows up to these) mixed with lots of drinking sprinkled with vandalism/hooligans/bad decisions. I used to go during the various car event weeks too and they bring some the same issues. If there were an easy way for them to specifically target the tuner/performance/muscle car enthusiast crowd, they would do that too. On a side note... parking decks really do make the best burnout concert halls. Uhm... I saw a video on the internet. yeah. That's how I know.