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  1. Mine seems to run somewhere between 2 and 3 MPH high. I find it interesting that's it's a flat difference and not a percentage like many other bikes. My FJ doesn't register anything under 3mph. It's either 0mph or 3mph+. At almost all speeds, the indicated speed was 2 or 3 mph higher than the GPS speed without any deviation. Edit: I also seem to have found my way into the GT discussions by clicking things from the sidebar. Mine is a 2015, so it might be different from the newer GT models.
  2. I have about 20,400 miles on my 2015 FJ-09, started riding it Feb 0f 2017 (purchased dec 2016). I replaced the clutch cable at 14k miles because it felt funny, which it had started fraying. I got the updated part. I replaced the front brake pads at 20k service. No problems at all with the bike. Recalls were performed without issue at the dealer. I loved it at first, then I didn't love it, and now I love it again. It's an amazing motorcycle that does exactly what it's designed to do. The CP3 engine has always been a wonderful experience. It's just a lot of fun. I think any issues I might have had from the bike are sourced from me either trying to make it into something it's not or expecting it to be something it's not. Mostly trying to get more aggressive ergonomics out of it.
  3. Lol... I guess I spent too much time on the ADV forums reading a few of their wild threads.
  4. That's really generous and I appreciate it.
  5. Another RTW? As in 'Round The World? I think we need more information and stories! Glad to hear the forest rats didn't come running out of the woodworks.
  6. Which track day group do you ride with? I was actually looking at N2 recently because Yamaha has some demo events listed at Road Atlanta and Roebling. It looks like all I'd need to do is get a tailor to sew the circumference zipper in my Alpinestars jacket to my leather pants so they can attach. Getting my first track day has been a goal for a while, but I've been hesitant to take the FJ-09. @betoney absolutely it's a blast to ride a slow bike fast. I think the lower overall cost of the 600's is also appealing, especially if I start doing track days where a crash is likely at some point.
  7. They do after a day of riding along riverside trails and run through a puddle in the public dirt parking lot on the way out to discover that some 4x4 truck had dug the "puddle" deep enough to sink the KLR in water to thigh height (just above airbox intake). I mean... the KLR got me out the other side before it died, but man... So I disassembled the motor, got new gasket kits and cleaned everything up. Nothing looked damaged until I started reassembling and realized one of the camshaft caps had cracked. You can't by the camshaft caps separate, since they're mated to the head and a head assembly with camshaft caps was around 1200 when last I checked. I'm tempted to try to get the crack welded and throw it together, but I'm not sure if that's a part I'd trust a weld on. Edit: So yeah, it takes extremes to make a KLR die. Maybe we shouldn't say it died, but murdered by extremes might be more appropriate.
  8. Yes! The R6 was at the top of my potentials until I saw the new 636 with the lower price tag. The fact that it's good on both street AND track might be what convinces me. I was also looking at used Daytona 675R models as well, but aftermarket support and parts availability at a reasonable price seems much more prevalent on the Japanese bikes. I think I'd take the new Street Triple of the FZ-09 if I were to go with a standard. But I'd like something different. My real dilemma is whether to get the T7 or a Supersport next. I'm leaning towards the Supersport and revive the KLR-650 from the dead.
  9. So what are peoples opinions on the 600cc class? Do you think it's dying? might make a resurgence? Will you miss it? So Yamaha revamped the electronics and styling with the 2017 R6 and I think they did an amazing job. Kawasaki followed up with a bunch of new electronic features on the 2019 ZX6R and it's restyle is also great. Honda and Suzuki are a bit behind at the moment, and I wonder if they're just going to let them die. I really love that Kawasaki added a bunch of features and then also dropped the price to 9,999 for the non abs model! That makes the 600 class affordable again and widens the gap of the "I'll just save another 3k and buy a 1000cc bike" I personally think that as the small bike displacements hit 400 and 500cc that the 600 class will move to a 750 class. With the Daytona 765 on the horizon and the GSXR-750 waiting for a refresh, the class is waiting for a revival. It will likely take AMA or another racing body opening a 750 class as the 600cc sale decline. As someone who hasn't owned a super sport, I'm considering a 600cc class bike in the future. I look at the HP/Torque numbers though and wonder if I'll be disappointed in the performance vs the FJ-09 and if I should just get a 1000cc. The draw for me is that I LOVE the scream of the 600s hitting that 14-16k rpm and I also like the idea of riding the nuts off of one, in contrast to babying the throttle on a litre-bike. I'm going to test ride a few this summer and see how I like them. I kind of want one before they disappear and the ZX6R is looking really tempting.
  10. I've never experienced the wobble on my 2015. Though, I once had a little shimmy on deceleration which was really just an old front tire that had begun to wear unevenly. The vast majority of instability issues I've seen here has been resolved by one or more of the following: Raise preload in the rear shock and make sure the suspension settings are correct for your weight + load Raise the fork tubes in the triple trees by 5-15mm remove the stock hand guards The speed limiter has not been an issue for me at all. well... there were a few times I sat on the limiter for a while, but I'm not sure I'd tell much of a difference from 115 or 125. You might want to get the ECU flashed anyhow, since it helps smooth the throttle and a bunch of other minor options.
  11. It sounds like he got a lowball trade-in value at a dealer and decided to sell for a little above that. Recently two different dealers offered 4,400 and 4,900 for my 2015 FJ-09 which had 18k miles on it at the time. I just did the 20k mile service and it continues to run strong. Adding to what others have said, if it runs well then that's a great deal.
  12. Yeah, I see that a lot here in GA as well. I'll often come up behind a car and just happily cruising along and they will often move right over. This almost never happens when I'm driving a car, so it's not explained by the GA "Slowpoke" law. Officers here will write tickets for impeding traffic if you're camping the left lane.
  13. I just replaced my pads with the same items yesterday. I love these pads. It's an all around improvement!
  14. And just to say, Amos is very responsive and is great at following up and checking in if you've had any contact with him. I'm pretty impressed with him as well as the the cam. I installed the cam as well for daily commutes and it's much nicer than my Go Pro when it comes to convenience. I don't have to worry about charging batteries every night or formatting the card every 2nd day. I can save clips to my phone as needed and the file sizes are pretty small.
  15. Awesome. I have the extra strap lengths folded back on themselves and slipped into the clips under the tail. They've held solid. I love that your cage matches your wheels! very sharp.