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  1. I don't currently have one, but I find they generally help to ease cleaning since it's easier to clean an oiled chain than one that's gotten caked and dry. It will also keep the surface between your chain and sprockets lubricated which extends the life of your sprockets by reducing friction. It's also helpful for people that don't want to lube their chain every 300-500 miles and it's less to carry in a bag if you're touring long distances on a regular basis. The lubrication keeps the O-Rings, X-rings, etc... from drying out, cracking and failing to keep particles out of the chain, extending life. So, while the internal chain bits stay sealed and lubricated, the external contact surfaces and the seals themselves benefit from external lubrication from either regular maintenance or a chain oiler.
  2. superfist

    visor cleaner

    I use Walgreen's alchohol prep pads. They're small and individually packaged ($4.19 for a box of 200) so they're easy to toss a few in a pocket before a ride and works perfect for mid day breaks and rest stops for a quick cleaning. If rain is in the forecast and for general commuting, I use the Nikwax visor treatment and it works amazingly well.
  3. It's the first thing I noticed when I surfed to the site, even before logging in. I immediately wanted to mention how awesome it is and that the work on the new site is top notch. Thank you @racreative for the contribution =)
  4. Mine has always made noise from day one so it never felt like it was out of place to me. It's been over 17,000 miles and it's never changed.
  5. superfist

    HaloCam M1 Motorcycle Dash Camera

    Sorry to necro an old thread, but it's been a while since this review and I'm really considering getting this or something like it. I love my gopro, but I'd like options if I don't feel like messing with batteries or making sure I copied the SD card and formatted it, etc... How well does the lens handle rain? The flat surface of the gopro lens cover won't let go of raindrops, even when I use rainex or nikwax type products. This makes the video almost useless when reviewing rainy footage unless I actively wipe the lens on a regular basis.
  6. Awesome. Ever since you announced that there would be a migration to a new site and premium membership was on hold, I've been waiting for the transfer. Donation sent for a year! Thank you (and mods) for running a great forum!
  7. I don't mind the change and understand when it happens. hopefully the new functionality and capabilities of the new forum platform get used. The biggest thing for me was locating and turning on the dark theme. For others who prefer a darker theme, at the very bottom of the page there's a drop-down menu labelled "Theme" and you can change it there. Thanks for all the work put into the migration.
  8. superfist

    Florida Summer Helmet Mods

    From Georgia and South Carolina summers, I'm familiar with and totally understand why someone would do this. My first "premium" helmet was my Shoei RF1200 and one of the best features I use all the time is the visor-crack. I can't go back... having a visor that will click to various levels of open, and stay there at speed is so convenient.
  9. Yes, it will wheelie in standard with TC on, but only a few inches. If you stay on the throttle you can just ride it out while the bike nods "Yes yes yes!" as the front tire repeatedly mini-wheelies.
  10. superfist


    ABS has worked as expected for me as well. I feel the rear go off on occasion and the sensation is never anything more than "yep, that's rear ABS telling me it's doing something." I've only ever managed to activate the front once, when a car pulled out in front of me. You can also brake surprisingly hard without activating the front ABS. With a soft initial squeeze and a ramp up in squeeze as weight transfers to the front, the rear will get light and wiggle a little. If the front wheel isn't skidding and the rear wheel is still in contact with the ground (IE: spinning the same speed as the front), the ABS won't go off. +1 for changing and bleeding the brake system at the proper service intervals. Dealer just did mine complimentary as part of the 16k mile service because it's been two years since I purchased. It's supposed to be on a two year interval or when the brake fluid fails the test strip. I was surprised the bite that the brakes had after a fluid service and won't delay that one again.
  11. Gadzooks. Not sure what y'all doing to your chains. 10K on mine and still measures/specs/looks like new. 16k on mine and the chain and sprockets still look new. Though... I do a light spray of lube about every 200-300 miles, after weekend day rides and after anytime I ride in the rain. I clean it when it starts to look dirty, which is rare because all the dirt and grime slings off onto my swing arm and rear wheel B-| oops.
  12. superfist

    E10 vs. Non-ethanol fuel

    The only difference I notice is that I feel like I get better fuel mileage / range out of a tank of gas with zero ethanol. My butt dyno doesn't notice anything else. I recently didn't ride for almost a week due to the FJ being serviced and it was a pleasant surprise in 'A' mode that this engine has plenty of power and torque.
  13. superfist

    Cheers Yamaha !

    It might be beneficial to go to a different dealer if there's an option near you. Someone else mentioned that dealer backing goes a long way when it comes to getting warranty work completed. Yamaha can only go by the explanation and opinion of the dealer reporting the claim. In my own case, I went to a dealer when my motorcycle was new and asked about the cam chain tensioner since some 2015 models were having an issue. The first two dealers told me they won't touch it unless there's an active issue. The third dealer was very quick to order a new CCT and replace it at no charge to me and stated they would rather I never had a problem in the first place. This is my new dealer. Finding a good service manager you can work with is gold. I'll drop a service manager quick if they start to display evidence of playing a blame game, but I'm also lucky to have options in my little corner of the world.
  14. Do you always run high-octane fuel? Do you rev it high on a regular basis? I had a BMW K75S that had valve recession. I ran 87 octane fuel, and I wonder if that was the culprit. I only run high octane in the FJ, just in case - high octane fuel is cheaper than a valve job. Yep, I run only 93 Octane (US). I do ride it hard too. I daily commute and the metered on-ramps get treated like mini-drag trees. I even did a 600 mile round trip out of state on a week day a couple weeks ago and followed a couple of sports cars cruising at low triple digits. I'm not easy on the motorcycle, but I do all services on schedule and lube the chain every couple hundred miles. Original chain and sprockets still look great at 16k miles. The good news is the valves were all in spec with no issues.
  15. Had 16,000 mile service done at the dealer. They checked the valves while they were in there because I mentioned people on the forums getting tight exhaust valves before the 24k mile maintenance and everything was in spec.