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  1. I got this exact kit about a year ago as well, and have used it. It's an awesome little kit that fits under the passenger seat (outside of the zipper case they provide). Also under the passenger seat is a tire puncture repair kit with the rope plugs and such. Perfect emergency kit and I like that the little red cap that you see in the picture can be removed to check the tire pressure without disconnecting the pump from the valve stem. I repurposed the little zipper case for other items. It's a great little case.
  2. I got a Dynaplug kit that came with the inflator I linked below. I got to patch my tire in the work parking lot when it was completely flat. This one is small and fits under the passenger seat with the rest of the repair kit. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01F6I4222/ref=psdc_155346011_t2_B00GRS2Y0I Edit to add: The red cap in the picture allows you to check tire pressure without disconnecting it from the valve stem!
  3. I get 44-45 all the time. Usually 44.5 or 44.6. I commute daily through a mix of highway/city. 220lb rider + gear with a laptop in the tailbag/backpack. It doesn't seem to matter if I'm aggressive in the north Georgia mountains or puttering along. I can play drag strip at the metered on-ramps or roll easy, it never seems to matter. The only time I see a dip is if I spend a lot of time at "I should probably slow down but it's SO clear" on the interstate.
  4. The inner piece is aluminum and the outer is steel. You get better weight savings than a solid steel sprocket, while getting the wear and tear longevity of steel sprocket teeth. I think it looks nice as well.
  5. I agree. It looks good and I was almost sold, but what you mentioned is exactly why I didn't click "buy." Reviewing pictures I realized it's really difficult to make out plates even 30ft in front of the camera. I don't think 1080 with a tiny sensor is going to be enough. I don't mind waiting or paying more for a better quality image. I'll keep messing with the GoPro for now. I've done some testing and if I can read it with my eyes while on the road, I can zoom in and read it on the playback. My current settings are 2.7k resolution at 60fps with a wide field of view. Protune HAS to be enabled for the additional bitrate and I leave the flat color profile as the default. This gets the most image quality out of the GoPro that can be brought out in post processing. I've seen some dashcams hitting the 1440p resolutions, so they're getting better. I really think they're taking yesteryears cell phone camera sensors when the cell phone manufacturers are no longer buying them for their product lineups. So it seems dash cam camera tech is lagging a little bit.
  6. I've been using the Pro Honda chain lube. I tried it because the dealership was having a 50% off of preventative maintenance products at the end of last year. Yes, something Honda has been touching my Yamaha and my Yamaha likes it. https://www.amazon.com/Honda-Chain-Lube-White-Graphite/dp/B007XHPUW6 I have 18k miles and just spray my chain every 300-500 miles or after a rain. I've never had to really clean it either, so there doesn't seem to be much that sticks to it. I don't think a quick wipe down with a rag and respray counts as cleaning. I even bought new sprockets and chain due to the mileage, and they're sitting on a shelf. I compared the teeth of the new sprockets to the old and I don't see any visible signs of wear on the old. The chain is still quiet with no missing seals or stiff links. The inside of the front sprocket cover was a bit of a mess, but none of it was stuck to the chain.
  7. Thanks Chris! That information is much appreciated.
  8. The weather was beautiful Saturday so I took the FJ up into the north GA mountains to meet some coworkers for a cabin stay. The ride up was 70 and sunny. A night of poker, beer and tequila shots had me waking up wondering "Do I feel as look as I rough?!?" Saturday night it rained and by 11am, even the yard and dirt drive was soggy soft mud. Thankfully the FJ was still upright, but the gravel and dirt hill that I skidded all the way down with ABS popping was going to be a challenge. A rav4 (2wd) and a another 2wd SUV failed to make it up and reversed/slid back to the bottom multiple times each. The Tacoma and Ford F-150 trucks with 4wd made it to the top... but if 2wd failed, how is a one wheel drive on Michelin Road 5's supposed to make it up when the ABS had the rear wheel skipping all the way down in the dry?!? Well, I decided to give it a shot before the 2wd vehicles ripped and tore up the hill and ruts any further. I even stalled at one portion and honestly thought I was going to tip into the deep mud rut, but managed to hit the starter and made it to the top! The 2wd vehicles eventually got a running start and the key for them was to NOT touch the brakes, bounce all over the place and get by the mud on momentum. Did I mention the FJ-09 TCS is awesome? It's awesome.
  9. I noticed you took a picture of something on your screen and my work has some tech support elements to it, so I just wanted to let you know there's a much easier way. It looks like you're using Windows 10, which has a "snipping" tool that allows you to capture any part of the display really easily and save it as a picture. It has a pen and highlighter tools to easily circle or mark your capture, all in one step. Windows 10: Get into Start Menu, select All apps, choose Windows Accessories and open Snipping Tool. (Sorry about the off topic! For me the bold means unread, and non bold means I've clicked into and viewed the thread and there isn't anything new in it. Sometimes it will return to bold after I've read it if there is new content or posts within the thread that I haven't read.)
  10. I think this is awesome =) I'll have some videos to share this year just for fun. I have a Youtube channel, but I really only toy with it and I keep lying to myself that I'm going to take it seriously and post videos regularly. It's more an outlet/excuse to play with video editing software because I enjoy that as a hobby and 90% of the videos never get uploaded because I think they're trash, lol. Anyhow, to the point! Thanks for the constant feature additions. This site is growing beyond just a basic forum and it's exciting to see.
  11. I don't currently have one, but I find they generally help to ease cleaning since it's easier to clean an oiled chain than one that's gotten caked and dry. It will also keep the surface between your chain and sprockets lubricated which extends the life of your sprockets by reducing friction. It's also helpful for people that don't want to lube their chain every 300-500 miles and it's less to carry in a bag if you're touring long distances on a regular basis. The lubrication keeps the O-Rings, X-rings, etc... from drying out, cracking and failing to keep particles out of the chain, extending life. So, while the internal chain bits stay sealed and lubricated, the external contact surfaces and the seals themselves benefit from external lubrication from either regular maintenance or a chain oiler.
  12. I use Walgreen's alchohol prep pads. They're small and individually packaged ($4.19 for a box of 200) so they're easy to toss a few in a pocket before a ride and works perfect for mid day breaks and rest stops for a quick cleaning. If rain is in the forecast and for general commuting, I use the Nikwax visor treatment and it works amazingly well.
  13. It's the first thing I noticed when I surfed to the site, even before logging in. I immediately wanted to mention how awesome it is and that the work on the new site is top notch. Thank you @racreative for the contribution =)
  14. Mine has always made noise from day one so it never felt like it was out of place to me. It's been over 17,000 miles and it's never changed.
  15. @daboo Sorry to necro an old thread, but it's been a while since this review and I'm really considering getting this or something like it. I love my gopro, but I'd like options if I don't feel like messing with batteries or making sure I copied the SD card and formatted it, etc... How well does the lens handle rain? The flat surface of the gopro lens cover won't let go of raindrops, even when I use rainex or nikwax type products. This makes the video almost useless when reviewing rainy footage unless I actively wipe the lens on a regular basis. Edited to tag the OP