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  1. I just saw that! Though, I feel like the recommendation of lead acid wasn't thought out for the different usage considerations for different riders and it feels like it was recommended just because it has relatively similar performance for a lot cheaper. For instance, I wouldn't recommend it for a dual sport or adventure rider because the motorcycle may occasionally take little naps in the dirt so I'd want something that doesn't care about its orientation. I'd also want something thermally stable and that won't spill. While his review took into consideration the usable charge, it didn't consider the total number of charge/discharge cycles which could also be important when considering how long the battery will last. This probably isn't something he could reasonably independently test and I'm glad he doesn't just take manufacturer claims at face value.
  2. I've had my 2015 FJ-09 for almost 3 years. While it's not the longest owned motorcycle, I've put far more miles and fun on it in the last couple years than any other. I test ride other motorcycles anytime I get a chance or a demo truck is in town and the only other motorcycles I've seriously considered trading for so far is a Triumph Street Triple 765 RS, but I can't justify the price when the CP3 engine is 90% of the way there. While my feelings on the FJ-09 go Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde every few months, this forum and owners community has been an amazing part of the ownership experience. Seriously, I appreciate the people here. I go browse other forums and it either feels like a bunch of old guys that froth at the mouth to argue about mundane/inane/asinine little points on some esoteric motorcycle topic or like the community never checks the board except when they have an issue/question. I can only imagine that the mods here that keep engagement high and trash out is a big part of that.
  3. Wow. The LiFe stood out to me because I saw lithium Iron, and while I heard about it being promising about 7-10 years ago, I didn't know they were commercially produced because everyone just uses the shorthand of "Lithium" battery. So yeah, I looked up the difference from the older LiCoO2 (Lithium Ion - which were the type in the incendiary hover boards) and the new LIFePO4 (Lithium Iron). Basically ALL of the reasons I had avoided lithium batteries in the past are resolved with the Lithium Iron batteries. My concerns were always chemical and thermal stability as well as discharge cycles. The Iron ones have almost double the discharge cycles, are more stable over time and aren't prone to fire, even when overcharged. Because you know... hot crotch is never a happy happy fun time. I'll be going for the lighter weight when/if the stock battery in my 2015 FJ-09 ever decides it's had enough.
  4. Lol. A firing squad would have been fitting! It did get a taste of peanut butter for a last meal.
  5. True! I removed the centerstand a long time ago as well and forgot about that!
  6. One thing to note: I don't have my passenger pegs installed. When I was on the balls of my feet with my the stock pegs, my heals would sometimes brush/contact the passenger footrest assemblies. I don't know how much that would interfere, if at all. And if I hadn't already bought the rearsets, I'd be buying your exhaust =( Seriously, with the Yosh and 2WDW holiday sale happening, it's a great deal. But I've gotta save my fun-fund back up first.
  7. New Lextec rearsets installed on Saturday! (And also found a really nice, quiet and picturesque spot in the mountains to relax for a few minutes). They're really well made and come with the brake light switch bracket included, so there's no loss of street functionality. I'm weird... and I like my legs a little more folded. I tended to get some muscle fatigue and knee pain and would often put the toes of my boots on the stock pegs to raise my heals. I also never had that "thighs locked in" feeling with the FJ-09 and my knees would squeeze at the fake carbon plastic bits with very little other contact. It's all fixed with these and after riding 250 miles up into the mountains on Sunday, I had less fatigue and knee pain! Side effect of a much changed position is a LOT more confidence in the feel of the bike under me and when it's leaned over. Sore thighs and back on Monday, but that will change as the muscle groups are conditioned.
  8. @onsite I normally roll up to the north Georgia mountains and the Suches area. I'm open to new roads, new places and new sights. I was going to be up in the mountains tomorrow with a friend, but he cancelled on me today. I might just go anyhow (edit: maybe Sunday... Lextec rearsets get delivered tomorrow 😃) I had a blast the last time we got a bunch of forum members up there. I'm usually solo and playing 'chase the super sports', but I am happy riding at any group pace. Except 10 to 15 mph under the speed limit behind a double stack line of cruisers that stop at every light whether it's green or not, with passengers waving their arms wildly off to one side or the other every time they turn on their turn signals. @duhs10 - we really need to get another forum group up there again.
  9. Since we've moved to the new forum a lot of old threads aren't subscribed and/or dead. I figured I'd start a new thread to coordinate folks who would like to get out and ride together, meet up or plan events in the state of Georgia. I'm personally in the Atlanta area. Who else do we have in Georgia? Sound off, and follow the thread if you're interested in riding with other people or forum members!
  10. I also wonder if the fuel itself is affecting the fuel economy computer. If the original numbers were tested on non ethanol fuel and we're using the blend with up to 10% ethanol, we'd see reduced mileage vs. what's being computed based on volume. Also winter vs summer blends. I seem to do better commuting in winter, but it could be the colder denser air. I have one gas station about 100 miles away that sells straight 93 octane fuel without the ethanol. My gut tells me I'm getting better mileage, but given that this stop is in the mountains, my right wrist and a lack of actual evidence are in contradiction with my feelings of fuel economy.
  11. A few people have noted it in the past. Usual recommendations are to crank up the rear shock preload and raise the forks in the triple-tree by 5 to 10mm. This puts a little more of the weight bias back to the front wheel. The spend money fixes are to get new springs weighted for rider + gear that you normally carry (minimal investment). A rear shock rebuild/revalve is the middle ground with a new shock/fork cartridges being the big spend. I have a 2015, and turning up the rear preload, raising the forks in the triple tree and raising the rear compression/rebound to a 1/4 turn off of max setting fixed the light/flighty front end feeling. It also doesn't do the rocking horse on fast sweepers anymore, though it still doesn't feel planted when pushed. 230lbs with gear, for reference.
  12. Also, you can get a similar effect to the longer swingarm by adding a link to your chain the next time you replace it. There's room for it in the adjustment, but there won't be a lot of room for stretch adjustment over time. It's just another way to increase the wheelbase a little bit.
  13. I'm going to have to look into this. I really like that it's not oily/runny and is soaked into the leather without the need to wipe residue off later. My bottle of Lexol conditioner is running low so I'll try this for my next cleaning/conditioning of my jacket this fall.
  14. So, I purchased my Alpinestars leather jacket on clearance at Cycle gear about 3 years ago. It had obviously been in stock for a while since the leather was slightly yellowed and dusty in appearance. The leather was showing signs of drying, so I purchased the Lexol leather cleaner and conditioner. This worked well to restore the suppleness and flexibility of the leather, but didn't do anything for the off-white. I'd clean and condition it about every 6 months or so, but the white just got worse over time. So here, the Arm and Hammer toothpaste with peroxide and baking soda made all the difference for a deep clean that's whiter than when I purchased it! A scotch brite strip did the scrubbing and the toothbrush got into the crevices. So, a little water and toothpaste with the scotchbrite pad did the initial scrubbing (most of the way back to white). Where it was immediately wiped back clean with the (now dirty) washcloth on the left. Then it was cleaned with the Lexol cleaner, which did suprisingly better after everything was loosened up. I also used it to make sure any toothpaste residue was cleaned up. That got wiped away with the middle washcloth. Then I used the washcloth on the right to wipe the whole jacket down before hanging it and using a 4th washcloth to apply the conditioner. I'm happy with the results and here's some in progress and final shot of the cleaned jacket below. (Yes... a mouse got to the collar over the winter. The mouse is now deceased.)
  15. @duhs10 I wonder if the older A*stars gloves were better made. I've ridden in exclusively Alpinestars gloves for years, and last year I got a pair that wore holes through the fingertips. I got the SP8 earlier this spring and the threads holding the top leather bit on for the wrist strap just fell out in the first week. I got it replaced under warranty at Cycle gear, and the second pair had threads starting to unravel. I also have an Alpinestars leather jacket and gore tex boots and they've been awesome. I think they moved glove production to cheaper factories after they started introducing the 'entry level' cheap gloves. I tried on a pair of Dainese gloves (Carbon D1 Long) and they felt so good I paid the extra difference and have been pretty happy with them so far (about 3 months now).