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  1. We seemed to have lost our winner.... Anyone have a suggestion for a new target?
  2. I paid $33.00 delivered from Walmart.com. Battery has been in a year already and no issues at all. I too am happy if a battery lasts 3 years. Any longer is just luck... If you do something stupid and kill it along the way expect half that life. Pat
  3. Maybe you should think about taking the 99 vs I5 South.... That puts you on the East side of the central valley away from that smell. Also closer to windy mountain roads along the foothills.
  4. AZ route 666 (now 191) is awesome. Watch out for the tar snakes in the corners as they get slick in the AZ sun.... Pat
  5. I ran the PR3 tires at 36psi front and back when riding solo. If a passenger I would up the back +2psi. 42psi front sounds high to me. Too small a contact patch. Pat
  6. And when the replacement fails just call APE, install the manual tensioner and be done with it.
  7. I see a clock on the dashboard of the truck.... Call a new mark I say! Something doable and fun.
  8. Well, I look forward to seeing this completed and being prooven wrong (about posting impossible tasks).
  9. Does this work? It's my bike in Japan while still in it's crate... Not really. I don't see how anyone can do this in a week.
  10. That's a 2100 mile ride for me.... Wooohooo! The bikes warming up. Wait! Maybe not. I have to work. ;-|
  11. I am just referring to using Motorcycle specific 4 stroke oil. Commonly shown with the 4T on the label. These oils contain zinc which is required to protect the valve train from wear. The damage we've seen is normally when automotive oils are used. They don't have the correct additives. Pat
  12. What oil do you run? Have you owned this bike since new? I work for a motorcycle cylinder head machine shop and we sell cams as well. When we see cam and tappet wear (the buckets the cam lobe rides against) it's normally due to the oil used in the motor. Use the right oil = no wear. Use the wrong oil = severe wear, fast. Just curious. I'm not trying to say you knowingly did anything wrong..... I'm not meaning to offend.... Regards, Pat
  13. I guess everyone is afraid to stop in those "gritty" areas.... It's been a week. Call a new mark? I live in the country. If it falls down we clean it up.
  14. Good Idea! New Mark: Your bike with ANY pre 1970 vehicle. Let's get this moving again!!!