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  1. silverninja

    Hard to Start

    I’ve had a puzzling issue I’m hoping for some help with. My 2016 FJ is sometimes hard to start; the circumstances are as follows: the bike has reached full operating temperature, and I’ll stop for a short time, like 5-15 minutes. The bike will not start just by pressing the starter button, and it’s cranking normally. Only by opening the throttle wide open for a couple attempts does it start again. Sometimes I can small fuel. This problem only happens sporadically; there is no pattern to it. The bike is well maintained and ridden every week. It never happens when the bike is cold. The bike has 19K miles on it.
  2. Anyone know where I can get a set of bargain aftermarket levers with a better bend to them, than stock ? I like the style of Gilles Tooling, and Rizoma, but they’re both about $190 each (!!) Not in my price range. And no shorty levers, please.