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  1. If you want to see an earlier thread I started on this subject, here: but here is a summary, so you don't have to wade through all the other comments: Well, for those still following, I now can answer my own questions after six weeks with the lowering kit in place. Note the following: 1) Handling has not been affected (at least any change I can detect), and I am a fairly aggressive rider, as in drags footpegs with feelers removed. 2) Slight sacrifice in ground clearance - only noted with very aggressive cornering. 3) Side stand and centerstand still work - bike is slightly more vertical on the sidestand, and more effort is required to rock bike up onto the centerstand. Off-road clearance a non-issue with me, as I am pavement-only. The change in overall height is minor; I have a feeling the height was a very careful compromise from Yamaha, so the sidestand/centerstand would still be usable. I also dropped the forks in the tripleclamps about 5/8 of an inch.
  2. Same stock Yuasa battery, here, for $106: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Yuasa-YTZ10S-Motorcycle-ATV-Powersports-Battery-Sealed-VRLA-AGM-YUAM72Z16/836850275
  3. Been using this filter on my FJ and my former FZ1's for years.....
  4. When you removed your charcoal canister, what tubes/connections, if any, do you need to block off ?

  5. Has anyone ever successfully changed spark plugs from the front, removing the radiator ? I'd appreciate anyone's experience, before I attempt it. I have changed the plugs the traditional way, from the top.
  6. I’ve had a puzzling issue I’m hoping for some help with. My 2016 FJ is sometimes hard to start; the circumstances are as follows: the bike has reached full operating temperature, and I’ll stop for a short time, like 5-15 minutes. The bike will not start just by pressing the starter button, and it’s cranking normally. Only by opening the throttle wide open for a couple attempts does it start again. Sometimes I can small fuel. This problem only happens sporadically; there is no pattern to it. The bike is well maintained and ridden every week. It never happens when the bike is cold. The bike has 19K miles on it.
  7. Anyone know where I can get a set of bargain aftermarket levers with a better bend to them, than stock ? I like the style of Gilles Tooling, and Rizoma, but they’re both about $190 each (!!) Not in my price range. And no shorty levers, please.
  8. From the link in the 1st entry, Magura OUT OF STOCK right now, as of 3/28/18. Maybe other sellers have it. Really strange - if you go to Magura's official website, and look under compatibility, it steers you to a pdf document that shows availability for very few bikes sold in the USA - and certainly not the FJ-09.
  9. Still looking for a good answer - as our friend jaydee914 mentioned, if you need to do this often, it's a pain in the neck with the stock wrench. I noticed it's worse in one direction vs. the other. You can get about 1/2 a notch and then have to reposition the wrench.
  10. Good idea - I'll do this soon. I have the Yamaha lowering kit, and lost a bit of ground clearance. I also have the "European adventure footpegs" with feelers removed of course. During aggressive corning, even leaning off the bike, I have struck both right and left centerstand sides down. I have not touched the footpegs yet.
  11. '16 both side panels cracked - I glued the inside with epoxy so they wouldn't get an worse. Seat is in low position.
  12. I didn't like the Roadsmart II's on my 2011 FZ1. It was a hard tire with a hard ride, and ultimately it didn't set any mileage records for me, either. Also unusual for me was the front tire wore out before the rear did. Haven't tried them (and won't) on my FJ.
  13. It also happened to my 2011 FZ1 with the Yamaha touring windscreen. Melted the outer case (the faceplate) to the gauges. And unfortunately you cannot just buy the outer faceplate to the gauges - you must replace the entire instrument cluster. Since the windscreen was Yamaha branded, I wrote a letter to them expressing my displeasure. Never heard back from them.
  14. I discovered, after instantly blowing the 2A fuse in the “Auxiliary DC jack”, which we affectionately call the “cigarette lighter” jack, that 1) all the detailed information about the three fuse boxes and their fuses lies in the Owner’s Manual, (pages 7-33, 7-34 in my book) and not the Yamaha service manual, and 2) you’d better forget intuition, because when you assume the 2A fuse is in the location you’d believe, i.e. Fuse Box #2 and perhaps would be in location 6 or 8, since they are called “Auxiliary fuse” (1 and 2) – you would be wrong. The correct fuse is in Fuse box #3, and it was “Terminal fuse 1” location, (4). The label, inside the cap, showing the fuse ratings, was upside-down on my bike, leading to further confusion. The drawing in the Owner's manual is correct. There was a spare fuse in box #3. By the way, the accessory I was trying to use was a small air compressor, not designed for a motorcycle, and apparently draws far more than 2 amperes.
  15. I first installed the $11.50 Chinese pegs – those were OK, but then decided to go with the MT-09 adventure pegs mentioned at the beginning of the thread. See image. They are great and look good. Would not dare install the peg feelers (called “bank sensors” in Europe) as I am aggressive canyon guy and was grounding two previous footpegs. Have not touched these down (yet).