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  1. koth442

    Handlebar vibration

    Worth a shot IMO. Let me know how it goes
  2. Idk.. There's a few likes on your exploding gas pipeline. Might weird someone out who doesn't know what's going on.
  3. I spent a few days trying to diagnose the same issue on an old dirt bike. The back tire would drag across the ground when the motor was off and the clutch was pulled it. Couldn't get it to spin. I never found anything wrong despite taking the clutch basket / plates out. So I started her up and there wasn't any clutch drag. Guess it was just normal. Hope you're in a similar situation.
  4. Honestly I think the cold would be more tolerable if it WERE actually snowy. This BS where it's -8C but sunny blue skies is just torturous.
  5. koth442

    HINDLE exhaust

    Not to hijack the thread or anything, but I'm in the same boat as you Scott, I like my bikes pretty quiet. The Akro has just a little bit of rumble but overall is still quiet. Just food for thought.
  6. I agree with your wife. Too much winter up that way. I'm honestly annoyed by the winters in Missouri as well. Although this one hasn't been so bad. Fall was quite awful though, so far our Fall was colder than our winter!
  7. I feel your pain on a spiritual level. Scott, I'll remember you when trash cans start melting. Wordsmith, sounds like decent summer weather. Not too miserable.
  8. koth442


    When you do the cams, let us know what you think and where you got them. That's something I might be interested in.
  9. koth442

    I also "Switched over here".

    Welcome! I think you'll find the FJ is a fantastic light touring bike. A bit more kick and a bit more comfortable than the Ninja 650 but nothing absurd. However, the suspension on the non-GT models leaves room for improvement.
  10. You're correct, a "flash" is slang for remapping the air and fuel to match the exhaust you have. It's not required for the Akro, but it sure does help! A shop will have to flash the ECU. I used 2Wheeldynoworks for my ECU flash. They're a forum sponsor and overall great people to work with. They're across the border from you in Washington state. I removed the ECU from my FJ, mailed them my ECU and got it back in the mail a few days later. Reinstalled and I was off!
  11. koth442

    Winter bike projects?

    The FJ isn't getting much attention this winter. The GSXR ate all my money this winter.
  12. koth442

    Do I have a quickshifter???

    The '15 did not come from the factory with a quick shifter. You're probably doing a clutchless upshift which is fine.
  13. koth442

    fJ09 bang for the buck

    Enjoy that Super Duke, fantastic motorcycle!
  14. This winter has been relatively warm so far *knock on wood*. No weeks of sub 20F weather. But, not warm enough for regular riding either. Currently there's several inches of snow on the ground.
  15. Quick shifter adds another level of fun.