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  1. Welcome! What part of NorCal are you in? I think we have several members from that area.
  2. You're in for some EXCELLENT riding. Enjoy!
  3. Have we met at a trackday then? I've been to CMP with John & Jeremiah several times.
  4. OP: Welcome! Beautiful area with great roads all around you. Do you know John Faddock? He's in your area. I might be misspelling his last name...
  5. Took the FJ to work today. It was sub 40F when I left, going to be 60-ish when I leave though
  6. KTM is supposed to be ugly, that way you won't cry when it hits the ground. Which if you're riding like it's intended, aggressively off road, it will hit the ground.
  7. Glad to hear things are returning to normalcy for you Scott. Longer test ride completed. Block off plates were a success!
  8. I installed the Graves block off plates today. Quick test drive and no popping. Time will tell if it stays that way...
  9. I installed some Graves block off plates & went for a quick test drive. Longer test drive to follow...
  10. That's seriously cool!
  11. I hope with time and money they step away from their V-twin only philosophy. I look forward to their future!