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  1. I'm with Keithu on this one. It's really annoying to remove so many panels to remove the tank. BUT, it's all a 4mm hex, so Yamaha gets a few points back for that. Just a few though. On the other hand, my Daytona had fewer fasteners to remove the side fairings, they were all 5mm hex, AND you didn't have to remove any of them to remove the tank.
  2. Yup! Had a Daytona 675. I bought it at 13,xxx miles. Sold at 61,xxx miles. Loved it.
  3. I give them nicknames. I used to name them, but I'm not very creative with names, so it kind of fizzled out.
  4. Not very often. Since my Dad is retired, he usually comes to me.
  5. You drove right past my Dad's house! Almost.... He lives in Emmett.
  6. There's no RFID chip in my key, so I don't see how the key would be linked to the ECU. However, the ECU *might* be linked to a gauge cluster, or Yamaha has some other clever tricks up their sleeve. Dunno, hopefully someone who had to replace an ECU will chime in soon.
  7. I road Mt Palomar once, really enjoyed it. Enjoy that beautiful city you live in.
  8. My only gripe with the Ninja 1000 is it's a Kawi-sucky. Kidding. Sort of. They are my least favorite brand, but that's based mostly on superstition.
  9. That style of water crossing is very common. I've seen many of them that look remarkably similar.
  10. You've explored E Tennessee? I'm curious where your favorite routes were. It's the Hig urban edition. Not sure if he still offers it.
  11. On the off chance I make it out to The Dragon this week, I'll complete the challenge!
  12. Today I went out and got dirty! Skid plate saved my engine case at least once.