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  1. I watched a YouTube video last night talking about Oz.. I had no idea it was so huge!
  2. Didn't a lot of people cut the split out of the rear window? Then seriously regret it 30 years later....
  3. What's your winter project(s)? Those of you in warmer climates can chime in too. Even though it's not really winter... (I'm looking at you Scott). Feel free to discuss whatever, this thread can wander all over. Post up your pics, updates, etc. For me, the FJ needs a throttle body sync. I'll check the valves too and replace the spark plugs. Maybe some front suspension work.. we'll see if I find the funds. The GSXR needs it's coolant flushed and suspension serviced. I'll do the fork oil and possibly seals. The shock will go to MC Tech I think. Also needs more safety wire and prep to race WERA next season.
  4. I think the C2 is my favorite corvette ever. Beautiful car.
  5. It's not too bad. Checking the valves is pretty straight forward. Adjusting the valves can be tedious because you've got to pull the cam shaft.
  6. To answer your question, yes it's normal for the chain to bounce.
  7. I've got my cc number memorized. No I won't recite it here as proof
  8. With the upgraded suspension and brakes out of the box, it's very attractive for the MA twins series.
  9. If you find a way, let me know. I'd like to remove it as well.
  10. I had an opportunity to get his forks, and I missed it. Now I don't think it's really feasible unless something dramatic changes. Those pesky day jobs always getting in the way.
  11. I reallllly want to ride one. But no desire to own. Might make a great trackbike once they're available on the used market.
  12. Huh, kinda looks like a tracer / multistrada hybrid.
  13. You just described my favorite ride / roads anywhere.
  14. I swap my chains frequently and seldom swap sprockets. I got 43,000 miles out of the OEM sprockets on my Daytona 675. Even riding VERY aggressively.
  15. That's the exact setup I'd like to have someday. Right now I'm stuck with a 2 car garage and no space to expand it.. Oh well. Next house.