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  1. So $230 for a new set or $150 - $170 for a used set. I can get the rotors and take the wife out for dinner for the same money as new. It's a personal preference either way, with no right or wrong.
  2. You're correct, I wanted to alter the geometry a little bit.
  3. I only swap the little crush washer after it's been used a few times. Never an issue over 10+ bikes and 50,000 miles.
  4. Reassembled after valve adjustment / throttle body sync. Dropped the forks a few mm in the triples. Now I just need some warmer weather for a test ride...
  5. I'll be really interested in the T7's on the used market.
  6. Alright @norcal616, how about a new objective?
  7. I'll delete this post if there's no objections then?
  8. I've done some gravel roads.. Even through a gravely ditch. The only objection I have is the rear ABS won't let me lock up the back tire to swing it around. Otherwise, it does just fine.
  9. My only regret about leaving CA is having actual winters now.. Sigh. I use winter to spend money on things other than trackdays. I don't think my wallet could handle year round riding haha!
  10. I'd love to have a second set of wheels. Super convenient.
  11. It also torque steers.