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  1. That's a good question, and I think it depends on the terrain available where you live. At one point in time, I had 7. I didn't get to utilize all of them, so it was too many. Right now I have four and a half. 1. FJ09 for long distance rides 2. SXV550 for hooliganry 3. GSXR600 trackbike 4. CRF150f for dirt track practice 4.5 GSXR600 project There's good dirtbiking in the area so I've considered adding a full size dirtbike to the stable. But thus far I haven't. I've also considered selling the FJ because I really don't do long distance rides anymore. If I take a weekend to ride, it's generally at the racetrack.
  2. If you do it frequently enough you build up a tolerance. Plus quality twisty roads tends to keep your mind distracted from the body aches.
  3. Ha. I'd be lying if I said I'd never turned a suspension knob the wrong way.
  4. If there's supposed to be a picture, I can't see it. If there's not supposed to be a picture, a picture would help us help you.
  5. It's a blast, can confirm. That was my 2006 SV650 that I tracked the piss out of. Over the years fancy bits kept appearing on it. Purchased for $2600, sold for $1500 after a boat load of abuse.
  6. I'm very jealous you're so close to race tracks. I'm 4 hours minimum. If you don't want to track your FJ, find a cheap SV650 and just ride it as is. No need for fancy upgrades. Except brake pads and tires of course.
  7. Check you have all the spacers in there. Also double check the rear brake caliper is in it's slot in the swing arm.
  8. Martin Luther just rolled in his grave 😂🤣 (Not the civil rights activist, the founder of the Lutheranism)
  9. Correct, I do not use a wheel chock or tie downs generally, unless I'm REALLY cranking on something, like motormounts or swing-arm mounts.
  10. You can tie around the bottom triple clamp. I typically use rear / front stands when on the lift without the wheel chock.
  11. FJ got a new garage mate. Not sure if it's going to be a project or a partout yet.