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  1. Interesting. If it's a knock off, it sounds really high quality. (for a knock off)
  2. Those are interesting, I'm curious what your thoughts are? Is it stable at 80mph?
  3. Hopefully I'll see you at a WERA round next season Al. I too enjoy STT, good folks and don't let things get out of hand.
  4. Not yet, next season though! But I wouldn't be surprised if we've crossed paths at a trackday. I'm heading for Little Tally this weekend.
  5. Thanks for sharing. The trackbike consumes Q4's like candy. Wonder if I should hold out for some winter race tire specials...
  6. Oh sure, tell me AFTER I attended the class haha!
  7. I've done a YCRS school. It's phenomenal. Absolutely lives up to the hype. The class is very diverse and they handle everyone's individual goals well. We everything from a almost brand new rider through 15 year old kid looking to shave that 0.1 seconds on his Ninja 400 for MotoAmerica competition. I highly recommend doing the school sooner than later. It will save you having to break bad habits in the future. @com3 has been around quite a few of the schools and can offer additional insight.
  8. That's not the fork seal, that's the dust cover. The seals are inside the tube and can't be seen without digging into the forks. That being said, I don't think I've ever seen that. It looks very strange indeed! I think you're right, the outter rubber got damaged and the steel reinforcement is rusting. IMO you're safe to ignore it until you want to replace the fork seals.
  9. Yeah, I struggle with the seat too.
  10. Heat. I prefer Bernzo-matic. Then drop your allen in there, make sure it's well seated all the way down. You shouldn't strip it if it's well seated and not previously rounded. They are very tight though.
  11. What a fantastic ride! Great way to close out the year.
  12. Mine stutters a little on start up. As in, it starts, chokes a little, then goes if I keep pressing the starter button. That's with me waiting for the fuel pump to finish priming.
  13. Welcome back! There's a pretty bitchin track off I 84(?) in north central Oregon I think. Not exactly close, but should scratch the itch.
  14. Oh the joys of aluminum. I hope they take good care of you.