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  1. That's abysmal. I hope there's another, greater, incentive to be relocating with a decent degree of certainty to have better motorcycle lodging accommodations soon.
  2. I haven't heard of anyone pulling the strainer out, but if you're already in there...
  3. I bought a $35 scooter battery at a trackday because I was desperate. It runs my GSXR and Aprilia SXV without issue. Haven't tried it on the FJ yet though. Sorry I can't provide a link, I purchased in person and don't remember the make / model off the top of my head.
  4. Here for the comments. There's some decent racetracks in Florida. Trackdays are seriously fun!
  5. I grew up in Foresthill. Only ridden MRR twice though, both times were mellow two-ups. I think that's enough. It's about as lawless as you can get. The road only goes to remote places. That being said, you can connect MRR to Wentworth Springs which is another absolutely fantastic road connecting Ice House & Georgetown.
  6. For what it's worth, I bought a used cookie pan from Goodwill, the kind with edges all the way around. It keeps everything contained & organized. Doesn't take up as much space to do engine work as you might think. Especially valves since typically you only pull 1 cam at a time.
  7. Also rarely seen on two wheels.
  8. Today I gave the FJ a loving pat as I packed the GSXR into the trailer and headed to the racetrack!
  9. You should have about 3mm or 1/8" of free play on the lever. Anymore and something isn't adjusted correctly.
  10. Could you take a couple more pictures please? I *think* I see what might be wear, but could also be odd reflections.
  11. I bought my FJ09 in 2017 from Big St. Charles Motorsports. They offer good deals, but they're kind of shady. I told them I didn't want the YES warranty, but they snuck one in anyway. Shame on me for not noticing. Fortunately I was able to cancel it and get 95% of my money back. A year or so afterwards, I was notified of a class action lawsuit against them, apparently they had been putting fee's claiming they were "taxes". All that being said, I would probably buy there again because the price was so low. Just be prepared to double check the paperwork and play hardball.