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  1. I use WIX on my GSXR. They're my second choice. Purolator is my first choice.
  2. I've enjoyed my time with Sportbike Track Time (STT) so I favor them. Plus they have a membership program that's got some great benefits. I've heard good things about N2, but haven't ridden with them. You REALLY need to do Barber. I was just there, probably the best track in the country, but if not Barber is easily within the top 3. I've ridden 12 different tracks across the country. That's not even close to all of them, but I think it's enough to validate my opinion.
  3. Yikes!!! Salmon Falls is twisty, smooth, and very accessible. But as you said, very dangerous.
  4. I haven't owned enough Yamaha street bikes to answer, but the jerky throttle is kind of annoying...
  5. I've really considered going to dirt or racetrack only for the same reasons.
  6. I had the pleasure of riding / racing with Dave in the AFM years ago. He's a really nice guy, dedicated to the sport. Little bummed he was out here and I didn't get a chance to go catch up with him. Oh well. Glad to hear you liked his magic Batgirl!
  7. Come visit me in East Tennessee. You'll fall in love with the area quick enough
  8. How did he correct the geometry? Drop the front end by raising the forks in the triple clamp?
  9. No, that's not right. Sadly, you'll have to send it back for them to correct the error. Maybe they forgot you had a Delkevic full system and installed a normal map?
  10. Definitely. @Cruizin lives in the Boise area IIRC.
  11. Ha, my Dad moved from Sac to Emmett (just outside of Boise) a year or three ago. He's very content.