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  1. +1 for 2WDW, I've had two bikes flashed by them. Noticeable improvement and excellent customer service.
  2. So long as tire clears the chain, a 190 rear will be fine. As noted above, many track guys run 190/60's or 190/55's on 5.5" rims for extra contact patch.
  3. I'm indifferent to trackday organization. The track is what matters. I'll be sure to let you know when I finally make it down to RA or Roebling. It could be 2020 before I do. You're welcome to take my GSXR for a spin whenever I finally do though!
  4. I like 600's. I've got a GSXR 600 trackbike. I don't think the squids are going to stop buying 600's anytime soon. @superfist, whenever I get down to Road Atlanta, you're welcome to meet up with me and ride in beginner group while I ride in intermediate. Or make friends with someone on a 600 and swap keys sometime. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised how punchy a 600 can be.
  5. The wobble seems to be pretty hit or miss. Mine hasn't had any, others seem to. There's a solution burried somewhere in this forum... I too would ask for more photos. "Trust but verify" is my thought!
  6. Could have been made elsewhere and inventoried / shipped from Japan. Wordsmith, those shavers are very well traveled indeed!
  7. Forgive my igorance, but is this a Razor Lite or plain 'ole Razor with compression and rebound adjustment?
  8. Glad you still made it out 2and3cylinders, even if it's still chilly!
  9. Yet another ~$1,000 investment I'm drooling over. I really need to win the lottery.
  10. Fork oil should be done as maintenance. Fork springs are upgrades. They may be worth changing if your weight / riding style dictates it.
  11. Sounds good, thanks again. We'll have to meet in the middle sometime and ride a bit!