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  1. They're definitely metric and IIRC, they're M5 x 0.8.
  2. Thanks for sharing. I'm definitely interested in their suspension. Plus I'm moving to Knoxville soon, so they'll be not too far from me!
  3. I'm jelly. I'll be in Knoxville for training the rest of this week and next with an open weekend. I don't trust the weather nearly enough to bring the FJ. I guess my 911 will have to do 😈
  4. I really hope he just writes a phucking service manual, I'd pay money for that!
  5. Welcome back to road riding!
  6. I don't have anything additional to add to Betoney's post, so I'll just second it.
  7. My apologies, I have a 2015. The brand of levers is MZS. I'm not sure if they'll fit the '19 Tracer GT.
  8. Welcome to the chaos BFUNCK. I've got some eBay levers on my FJ and they're okay. The clutch feel isn't the best but they were cheap!
  9. Noise is vibration. Vibration accelerates fatigue. Fatigue leads to failure. So they're claiming less noise = longer fatigue life. Technically not inaccurate, and extending chain life sounds reasonable. But transmission life should be infinite fatigue life (key words here are fatigue life, the transmission can still fail from other means) and therefore unextendable.
  10. Means its time to replace the chain, which I think you're already intending to do. What you replace the chain with is as controversial as oil. Personally I prefer eBay cheapo's because I'm terrible about chain maintenance. I end up replacing the chain about twice as often compared to name brands.