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  1. Cross my fingers it was the loose bolt Batgirl. That would be an easy fix!
  2. So long as the valves were adjusted on schedule you'll be fine.
  3. I put the tie down hooks directly on the handlebars and ran the straps through the fairing.
  4. I'm skeptical it's the ECU flash, but not impossible. How's the O2 sensor? Has it come loose?
  5. Interesting... I'd never heard of Turo until today either. Might have to check both of 'em out!
  6. Slight side bar, let us know what you think of riders-share. I haven't heard of it before, sounds neat.
  7. The Nevada desert has it's unique beauty...
  8. 2 1/2 years and counting. Added a GSXR600 trackbike since. Would like to add a few more to the stable.
  9. I have an Akro with Higdonion "urban" cage (not the trail). I'm 90% sure the trail would also fit. You should ask @higdonion directly.
  10. Nothing really to look for. Just a couple things that may need to be addressed once you're the owner. Namely the clutch cable. With the 2015, you'll want to double check the CCT and handlebar recall has been performed. Otherwise, enjoy!!
  11. I knock the crap out of mine every so often. When I do replace I'll go with a reusable one like K&N, GYTR, or BMC.