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  1. Here in the US, the cops are happy if you pull over at all. They probably have a bad opinion of bikes in general already due to the packs stunting on dirtbikes and quads on the streets, flipping them off. I think once they run your tag they know more about you then you do. They know if you have a CWP. Last time I told a cop I had a gun he took the mag out and left me the gun. WEIRD.
  2. I like the zip tie way. I followed a video where you wedge something between the engine casing and the guide. Mine is the pro version, I have 8 to 9 threads showing at the top. I did nothing with the oil hole. Might order a standard valve cover bolt for that corner. it was changed for one revision of the OEM CCT. You should be good.
  3. All you intake sound lovers...Have you removed the front piece of foam on the underside of the tank? It's prescribed when doing the ECU flash. I did it, and it's a bit louder.
  4. Ive already said I don't like the matte paint. Looks great!👍😁
  5. Still looks like the lean stumble I had, which is worse with your after market pipe. ECU flash will cure all.
  6. Do some reading here. This bike is showing a disturbing trend of exhaust valves getting too tight LONG before the first required check.
  7. Make sure your clutch switch is working. Only thing that could come into play on take off. Might also be a big lean spot with the exhaust and no ECU tune.
  8. Nope, no LBS or CBS. I also came from Hondas, last 2 were LBS. I like ABS way better though. I'm still playing in the anti-skid that's all over yet, hammering both brakes into ABS.
  9. I think rider weight is everything with tires. I'm heavy and have no problems with the OEM Dunlops. Rear is worn to the edge never a problem. I'm close to changing out the rear to the RS 2. I'm trying to decide how many RS2 tires I want to stock up on. They are just about gone, never to come back. $96 delivered for a rear Dunlop is just too good. Wonder if they'll offer the RS3 the same way soon.
  10. Need to do a search in tech tips. It's all been covered. Just leave the key out of the ignition from ECU out to ECU in and you'll be fine.
  11. Jeez, I'd kill to get 8700 miles out of ANY rear tire! RS 2 going on soon on my bike, OEM tire only at 4300 miles, doubt I'll make it to 5k miles before cords.
  12. Haven't done it yet with this bike, but I'm known to put a smiley face at the head of my driveway with past bikes. I do this when the next step is change the rear tire. No loss of mileage. Tire is usually already at cords.