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  1. Great to see quoted tank size to be legit. I swear ALL my previous bikes quoted a number that no one EVER got in. Running around today I went on "reserve" and I went less than 10 miles and filled and I got 4.55 gallons in. Going to have to watch out, once blinking, not going to get far, must find a station NOW. 200 miles on that tank. I fuel on center stand and patiently squeeze more gas in, letting it drop to the holes, then filling again to lip. Over and over, as long as no one is waiting. gets me about .3 gallon more in.
  2. Saw on Youtube that Niken tank is alloy. I'm assuming alluminum.
  3. Yep, start checking wireing, don't forget grounds. make sure battery connections are clean and tight. Tight means with a socket and 1/4 in. ratchet, not a screwdriver.
  4. 14.4 is what I get on my bike, you sound good. As a final check I'd check when bike is good and hot. stators do break down with heat. I'd check wiring to aux. lights then for flickering. Are they LED? If so they might be going bad. The very occasional running hiccups might be bad gas or water in the gas. Fuel pump also.
  5. Take that multimeter, put it on DC volts 20 volts scale and put the negative on the battery negative and the positive on the battery positive. With key off battery should be at least 12 volts, best 12.6 volts. You should see 14.4 volts with engine idling. With that use you stop and start that bike a lot right? Lots of traffic? seems a lot of accessory load especially heated grips. It might be too much for the charging system. You should put it on a Battery Tender when not in use.
  6. Been listening more. Mine comes in at 50mph and goes away at 70 top gear only on the gas. This is with earplugs, starting to annoy me, REALLY hoping this goes away with more miles. Oil changed to Castrol Actevo 10-40. Yamalube 20-50 drained. All noises the same, but released more HP and torque! You guys running 20-50 only are missing out! 1700 miles so far...
  7. Well, I like a light bike like anyone else. In Yamahas quest to balance lightness with strength they didn't plan on bigger windshields, (and or extra lights) when deciding the strength of that part. Has anybody had that crack with the OEM (or like size) shield on?
  8. Marketing aside, I think ALL vertical twins should be made like the FZ07. It sounds like a Ducati! Totally changes power characteristics and sound. I think Yamaha should make a larger twin (900??) I might have kept it instead of trading for my FJ09. The crank angle for a triple is normal and was used in the 76 Yamaha XS 750 and XS850 in 1980 on. Surprising more makers don't make a triple. It is unique in its power and sound. Back on topic: I just pulled 20-50 Yamalube out,(too heavy when our lows in the mornings are 39F) replaced with Castrol Actevo 10-40. After my ride today I'll see if the sounds have changed.
  9. It's hard to believe on the newer models that I can't idle the bike on the center stand without setting a code that has to be reset at the dealer. Crazy!
  10. Between the name changes and the non name changes outside of the US, I'm confused what bike anyone is referring to. I propose that when making a post related to maint. that you also state the year of your bike, or have it in your signature. The newer tracer has a 60mm longer swingarm than the older ones. It's chain spec is (correctly?) spelled out in the manuals. That spec. can't apply to the older models. That being said, I currently run 1.25 to 1.5 inch of slack on the center stand on my 2015. Checking chain slack on the side stand has too many variables unless you make sure the rear suspension is fully extended.
  11. Add me to the list of 6th gear whine. No 3rd gear whine for me. I've got 1.5 inches of chain slack as soon as I brought it home. bike has many quirky noises. Only 1200 miles so hopefully will get quieter.
  12. Battery Tender JR. 750 MA is fine. I even called them in Fl, asked about charging a car battery with only 750MA and they said get a bigger one. Did it any way, and it worked, just took days. Between my retirement and covid, cars have been sitting a lot too.
  13. I've used these in various bikes for years, never a problem. I've got min. 5 years, up to 7 years out of them. YTZ10S Battery | Scorpion 12 Volt Powersport and Motorcycle Batteries This battery normally ships via USPS Priority mail, with expected* delivery... The key to long life is a Battery Tender. That brand, not a copy. When you get your new battery, put it on the Tender till green. Every time you park the bike plug it in. Motorcycle charging systems are marginal at best. Small batteries and weak charging systems. Some bikes are not charging till 2k rpm or more, so at idle they are draining.