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  1. Sadly Seat Concepts not making 15-17 seats anymore. Those with a 15 and 16...Do the APS adjustment. IT WORKS!!
  2. To add to this topic, the front sprocket can be reversed and ran the other way. Maybe do this at 7k miles?? This is for the OEM front. I have 2 spare fronts, different MFG.'s and they both can do this also. Just check the shoulder on both sides to see if it measures the same. Too OCD/anal....Maybe.
  3. For all who have gone to a 17 tooth front please advise. 15 FJ-09 over 7k miles on OEM chain and sprockets. Thought I'd try a 17 front and see what I thought. I don't have enough swingarm slot room up front. never had this problem on any bike. Rear axle ALL the way forward and not enough slack in chain to put on 17 tooth front. If I could there would be ZERO chain slack. Guess I should be happy my chain has zero wear yet. Pic is all OEM chain and sprockets with my normal 1.5 in. chain slack. Of course pic is upside down. GRRRRR!!
  4. +1 ECU flash followed by APS adjustment. Makes throttle control super smooth with great power.
  5. I can read everything on my 15's dash...Yet. I can't go smaller. I'm nearsighted. I think if I got bifocals I'd be hitting road debris all the time. still think I'll be keeping my 15 till they plant me.
  6. Welcome to the forum. Find a used one yet? Any high speed wobble is mostly rider induced. Bike starts wobbling and rider grabs bars harder. Fight that instinct, hold bars very loosely, grab tank with knees, and it cycles away. First years of FJ have quick steering. Tracer years it's slower with a longer wheelbase. I like the quick steering.
  7. Just carefully pull them out, then apply silicone lube and they go back in with a push. my seat is in the low setting. I had some rubber car bushings in my junk drawer. I trimmed them and attached to the High setting area to push on the seat base. One at the rear also. Just going to have to see what you have lying around and make it work.
  8. I got my seat back from Sargent. I noticed that their 4 rubber bumpers are smaller in diameter than the OEM ones so I swapped them. More surface area to spread the weight. I also fabbed 3 more areas to spread the weight load. Got back from a test ride and wish I didn't get greedy and tell them 1.5 inch higher foam, just 1 inch. I'm a little high now. more sitting on the bike, not in. Is more comfortable, got to do more testing, rain chased me home.
  9. Well...The small Hondas aren't made in Japan anymore. My FZ-07 had the same problem of bending the seat back to get to the seat bolts. All my 80's through 2k Hondas never made any gear whines like my 9 does. Honda doesn't make anything I currently want so I'm sticking with my 9.
  10. In the end it might not matter. I spent over an hour talking to salesman/tech. at a Yamaha shop Friday. He thinks it'll be 2 years till a return to normal of full showrooms. They had 7 bikes on the floor and 3 were kid dirt bikes.
  11. So this happened to my Sargent seat in one summer on my 2015. Their plastic is inferior to OEM. My OEM seat isn't doing this. I'm getting it back from Sargent today with a new seat base and foam changes. It still cost me $22 to send it back and $130 to Sargent for the foam changes and return shipping. If you look at it, there IS a lot of weight placed on 4 little rubber bumpers, with most on the 2 rear ones. I'm going to come up with a way to spread the load more with more weight supporting areas. This happened in the high setting with a slope mod in place. which places more load on the rear 2 bumpers. I believe in the low setting, weight is spread to the body work more, that's why the trim pieces break.
  12. Looking at your pics fair warning, on your Sargent seat the left rear post mount has a white circle around it. It's about to break through the seat pan. Mine's coming back from Sargent with a new pan and foam changes. Their plastic is inferior to OEM my OEM seat isn't doing that. I'm going to try to come up with a way to spread the weight so those rubber bumpers aren't holding all the weight.
  13. I'm going to ignore all red herrings and ask if you've had the valves adjusted. They go way out of whack long before the first scheduled check. If not done yet at 29k miles you might be in trouble.
  14. All my Hondas never did this, I've owned 2 Yamahas and both do this.☹️😡 When I had my FZ-07 I found a spider under the glass one day! Took it apart, evicted the spider, cleaned the inside glass and re-assembled. Installing the dash is part of the un-crating of the FZ-07 and the bozos attached the wire connector but didn't fold the rubber insulator over right. This is where the dash also breathes through. That FZ-07 would slightly fog the lens in the cool seasons till I traded it. My FJ-09 is now slightly fogging now too. I'll be taking its dash apart this winter. My only question is what treatment to put on the inside glass to stop this. I waxed the FZ-07, not the answer. There are videos of dash removal/disassembly for the FZ-07, FZ-09, etc. but I haven't seen any on the FJ-09. I'm sure it's the same. Keep in mind, any replacement of the whole dash will reset your mileage to zero.
  15. I've watched several uncratings of new bikes and it seems the battery is in the bike fully charged but disconected. If the bike sits then and they don't keep it charged at the very least it's life is shortened. I got my FJ used, with only 1k miles on it and it had a different battery in it. I think the 9 has a great charging system but small battery. You can remove the foam and put a YTZ14S battery in, larger with more CCA. All batteries will last the longest if put on Battery Tender when not in use.