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  1. I bought my Cycle Guys bag for my FZ-07 it's a size 3. It's small for the FJ-09, but can be pulled, squeezed on and works fine. The FJ-09 isn't called out for in any size, I'm thinking of ordering another one as a spare. Let me know if you find out what fits. These guys seem to have a bunch yet: https://4wheelonline.com/motorcycle/the-cycle-guys-fastpack-tail-bags.208217.0
  2. You run one front up on a curb, and pull the other. Sorry, I've got nuttin.
  3. betoney it's a Cycle Guys tailbag. Never tried if it's waterproof, sadly they're out of business. Someone should take up the mfg. of these it's really cool.
  4. BIG improvement! I couldn't get near 1 hour on OEM seat. Out for 3 hours today with stops for pics etc. No pain!
  5. Rode on my new front only sergent seat. Special sale right now $250 delivered.
  6. 65F, got out today, Keep wondering when the last ride of the year will be. Loving my FJ more and more!
  7. What may have got me is it looks like the bar thins right before the first bend. I want a nice finished end into the bar ends so the grips are going to ride 1/2 in. onto the narrow part of the bar ends. I'll find out when the snow is flying.
  8. Slow progress, I can still ride tomorrow and Sat. I haven't given up on this year yet. On my new handle bar I cut 1/2 in. off each end and tapped the ends for the weights. I've never tapped anything before, it was an experience. I just hope the control holding section isn't too short, I might have screwed up.
  9. Which is offset with a much less dent prone setup. I never felt I lost sensitivity, but never replaced balls until they were dented in the straight ahead direction or rusted on dirt bikes.
  10. Once you have steering head bearings in your hand you might as well upgrade to tapered rollers. Just a few more steps. I've done it to at least 2 of my previous bikes. BIG improvement. No more headshakes, decell. hands off wobbles, smoother, etc. If you do upgrade the torque values go out the window though. It's all done by feel and you wont need the special socket or tool.
  11. Screwed the pooch on that one. YUCK! From the bags to the front end to the gauges to the exhaust. ONLY good thing is increase of displacement.
  12. Not wishing bad on anybody, but I'm glad even newer ones are doing it. Really is a thorn in an otherwise great bike.
  13. Don't forget all the knowledge from here. Keep in mind when wrenching to do no damage. Steel bolts going into alluminum can be tricky. Tourqe wrenches might be the first purchase. Even an oil change, read here.
  14. Don't expect the new one to have a higher load limit, it might even be lower. The whole subject of published load limits is confusing. Firming up your suspension does not increase your load limit. It is (loosely) based on the tires. If you are at or over the load limit you better have max inflation pressure per the sidewalls on the tires. It is sad even with touring bikes that the load limit can be broken with just 2 people on board leaving no room even for a tooth brush. Hence the popularity for putting a car tire on Gold Wings. Read ALL the sidewall info on your tires, then compare to even a small car tire. Load rating will go from say 850 lbs. to 1500 lbs. In the end I'm sure AGAIN the figures are dictated by lawyers so if you are 1 lb. over, your frame isn't going to crack in half.
  15. Cali model? If not get all freeplay out of throttle cable. I found Owners manual could be much clearer. #1 SHOULD read: Set kill switch on. Turn key to on.