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  1. Dang sad I missed this. I definitely need to ride soon when it warms up some
  2. Thank you! Looks like I'll be getting a top case
  3. I use shinko verges on my gen2 vmax , and they are super sticky! I've always been a tire snob and have wanted the most expensive and the best. I have nothing bad to say about shinkos. Next set of tires on my fj will be shinkos
  4. I have the oem luggage rack on my bike. Is there anything else I need to be able to use Yamaha oem top case?
  5. 64 in a 30 zone wouldnt that be the same % over as doing 128 in a 60 zone I thought that to. But it's only 34mph over the speed limit. Which 34 mph over in Ga is a super speeder and is 6 points on your license
  6. So I got my first ticket on my fj? A friend and I was riding on the dragon and what do you know it a cop was waiting for me on the other side of the curve. He said he got me at 64 in a 30. Hopefully the judge will work with me on dropping it down or letting me take a driving class
  7. lol I sent him a pm about that earlier
  8. We just need to plan a day that can work with everybody's schedule
  9. Ok so last ride was a success?? How about we plan another trip? Maybe to the dragon and skyway?
  10. I will let you know. Bought my bike in February and have put over 4000 miles on it so far. Pretty sure half of those miles are wheelies? This bike makes wheelies so effortless
  11. Just gonna throw my 2 cents in , but 2nd gear with tcs off at about 4000 to 5000 rpm , and clutch wheelie it up. It's so much easier to manage and more consistent by clutch wheeling than power wheeling
  12. Just got my new back tire (road smart3). Seemed good on the ride home. Rode a couple wheelies for fun? ,but I will put it through the test next week when I take my week long trip on it?
  13. Sounds good... We'll be on a look out. We all need to do it again soon!
  14. Thank you all for your help. I've decided to replace the back tire with the Dunlop roadsmart 3. I think I will go with the angel gt when I go to replace front and back