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    Day Trippin' in WV

    I rode up to Snowshoe, WV this past weekend and I'll be in Marlinton this coming weekend.
  2. Ummmmm, no! If the bike was able to slide down the road and stop short of the tree, you EASILY could have brought it to a stop well before the tree if you'd simply stayed calm and kept it upright. Kinetic friction of metal and plastic vs. Static friction of tires. Glad you came away relatively unscathed, but you made a bad, inexperienced decision. That being said, stay off the front brake! It's a widow maker!! (rofl)
  3. clint


    I bought these to add a couple of inches legroom for my partner. Very happy with them! Got mine in black. MGrip Billet 40mm Passenger Extended Foot Pegs Fit Yamaha MT09 Tracer 2015 15 https://ebay.us/ajtE4s https://s22.postimg.cc/4uxne80e9/9-4-2018_11-39-27_AM.jpg' alt='9-4-2018_11-39-27_AM.jpg'>
  4. I listen to SiriusXM on my bike using my iPhone with SiriusXM App. I connect via Bluetooth to my earbuds, but you could pair it to your Sena. I also use my iPhone on trips for GPS. The two apps integrate seemlessly as the iPhone reduces the sound of the music when GPS instructions are given.