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  1. First, let me say that I have no prior knowledge of any flash tuners good or bad, or any that sponsor this, and other forum's. I have owned ton's of bikes and have been riding for 48 years, never once had a ECU flashed, although my 2015 FJ 09 needed it in the worst way. However, I didn't like the bike enough to invest 300.00 more dollars in it. Now I own a 2019 GT and absolutely love it, but still unhappy with the throttle surge and other ECU related issues. So I took the plunge and mailed my ECU to Ivan , and his flash is undeniable the best 400.00 dollars I have ever spent on a bike that I liked enough to keep. His flash is everything that he claims. He has, and did everything that he said he would, also he answered the phone, and called me when he said he would. His turn around time is one day! I would highly recommend Ivan's flash, but guy's, get your bike ECU tuned, it's a beautiful thing! PS. I have read some topic's of owner's not happy with the smoothness of the power shifter, mine was jerky too, not anymore, the flash helped it too.
  2. I agree with you Chitown, Money spent on safety such as training is always a good investment. Michelin's longevity of quality, and I've had probably had every style they make, RS, Pilot's, Road's, whatever, they have all been excellent. And I believe that confidence in a tire breeds better riding , and safer riding. Quetech, I ride north Ga. Mountains most of the time and during the summer it's common to go through a few showers during the day. With areas of patchy road dampness. Mostly in the shady corners. The 5's are an excellent rain tire proven by many test, Michelin's best. I must admit that the dampness does slow me down , and makes me more cautious, however, the tires still feel stable, I just don't want to do anything stupid! I know that for me the Road 5"s ( with all the points of tread wear, confidence, Grip, rain or shine, side wall stability, and braking ) you can't go wrong!!
  3. I have 2,000 miles on my Michelin Road 5's , cannot say enough how good they are! Tread wear, grip is outstanding! You can't go wrong with a Michelin. There are a lot of good tires these day's , but I don't skimp, went my life depends on it!
  4. Thanks for all the mail! I do believe it also could be a positive in the future private owner sale, because of the transferable warranty. Some extendable warranties allow the original buyer to receive cash back with a residual balance. It wouldn't be much, but the warranty wouldn't have been as much lose, if you ride it out 4 years and never use, or sell it. Exactly like an Insurance policy, except our great gubermint tells us we have to buy it, and then the insurance god's get together and tell us how much we have to pay to be legal. Ball licking bastards!
  5. Decisions, Decisions, What is the peep's take on purchasing the extra warranty? Has anyone had to use it and how did it go? There are YouTube vid's that beat it up pretty bad, I really would like to hear from anyone who has used it on any year bike, not just the GT, which most i'm sure are still under the factory warranty, like mine. But should I purchase it? The price on the web is 443.00 for 48 mth's , is this a pretty good price? Sorry for all the ?'s, but inquiring minds need to know.
  6. Theirod, I’ve been riding in the street for 45 years and I have never seen a bike tire get 20,000 plus miles! Other than a car tire on a GoldWing. And that’s not a bike tire! I now have 3500 on my GT and they are 70% worn out, enough tread for one more mountain trip. I have absolutely no chicken strip. I push to the edge of the rear and almost to the edge of the front. I think the Dunlop’s are a good quality OEM tire. Not once did I have a grip issue on dry pavement, I do slow way down in rain! Don’t want to be stupid. We probably all have a favorite tire brand , and mine is Michelin, on cars too. I believe most riders cannot ride to the ability of the tires anyway! If you are, and ur on the street, u probably need to slow down. I’m well pleased with 3500 to 4500 Miles on a rear tire, I’m used to getting about 1800 on my Repsol 1000 RR. The GT is awesome on tire wear so far. But I am looking forward to getting the Michelin’s mounted, not because the Dunlop’s are junk, but because I , like most am a brand loyalty, and that puts confidence in my riding! That’s a Good Thing!!!
  7. Betoney, Thanks for the comment, I have a 2019 GT! Would the same procedure be applicable? Sounds like your old post was for a FJ 09 older model , with a different swingarm. Has anyone here tackled the 19 yet?
  8. Has anyone tried them and what recommendations do ya have? Also, How hard are they to install? Just glancing at it, it looks like a PIA to do. The bolts and nuts seem Impossible to get a wrench or socket on!... Thanks
  9. Thanks for all the answers! I will definitely report back when I try out a 190/55R17 It won't be much longer. I've already raised my shock tubes up 10 mm. So after the rear tire install it should turn in even quicker.
  10. I have some excellent rear tires left over that are 190/55 ZR17. Has anyone ran one on their 2019 Tracer? Thanks
  11. Thanks for this Forum, and the great info that it gives. I’m 61, and like others, I have had many, many different bikes. I am loving my 2019 GT. No buying remorse here. I ride the Mountains of North Ga. and NC, Tn. Very often. If someone needs info on South Ga. ( Savannah) are our Mountains, feel free to ask! Thanks