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  1. With the 2WDW flash, mine defaults to A. It only sees B for heavy rain or snow. STD is pretty much useless now.
  2. That is a fun ride. I’d usually go the other way, making a loop from Temecula
  3. Looks like an FJR, Concourse, and Huyabusa all had a little too much to drink one night...
  4. I can get MORE miles out of twisties than commuting, and its the touring that really kills my tires. Two up with luggage in a straight lines squares off the rubber fast. But I pretty much always have my pressure at 32/36 psi, and reliability get 8-10k out of a rear and 15-17k out of a front, doesn’t seem to matter what tire.
  5. I’d have to check my records, but I think my rear T31 has about 7k and is just starting to square off. They’re good tires, and great in standing (or running) water, but it’s definitely no sport tire.
  6. Hopped on the bike this morning only to hear sad noises instead of it firing up. 2016 OEM battery is finally dead. ☹️ Ordered a hopefully legitimate replacement off Amazon.
  7. This read reminded me that I hate my Givi Tanklock XS307 so much, that I went out and removed the ring from my bike. 🤣 Seriously though, it’s been straight up garbage, and I say that as someone who loves my Givi racks, side cases, and topbox. My first 307 had the locking plate misaligned by about 20 degrees, which isn’t the end of the world, but poor for a 150$ bag. The second one had all the zipper pulls fall off in less than a year, and the ring design was an absolute PITA to use with California fuel nozzles. I hope the rest of y’all had better luck or actually enjoy the bags. If you’re looking at Givi though, skip the tankbags and stick with their luggage. I just wear a backpack now. ETA: I forgot the sand. When I think Givi, I usually think of adventurous riding. Do NOT get sand anywhere near the locking ring. You have to disassemble it to get it to work again.
  8. I got nothing for advice, but wow, glad to hear you’re okay!
  9. The bike indicated 124 on my way home that day.
  10. @BBB thank you! Definitely helps my understanding of what’s going on. Suspicions confirmed 😒
  11. Those are my concerns as an also not chemist. 😄
  12. I guess I thought there’d be more of an environmental impact. Moved to Phoenix recently, and temps going home this week have hit 118 degrees. But if it’s mostly UV that I need to worry about impacting the EPS, then The shell does seem fine. A little scuffed, but not bad.
  13. So, I know helmets have a shelf life/expiration date, whatever you want to call it and that seems perfectly reasonable. Your helmet should be replaced after X amount of years no matter what. Foam and glue will degrade even under no use conditions. But what about helmets that see more than average use? My helmet (Shoei Hornet X2) is a little over 2.5 years old. It has about 60k miles on it. Torrential downpours, extreme heat, and even a few snow storms. I have been wondering if benign conditions will degrade a helmet, will extreme conditions degrade it faster? I’ve replaced the internal padding and gone through quite a few shields. The shell looks fine. But what about the foam that’s supposed to save my life? Any chemically inclined people have some insight?
  14. I’m curious where you read about the valve issues? Yes, lots of reports of tight valves at the first service, followed by them being adjusted. I’m just over 44k miles on mine. Got back from a 600 mile weekend this afternoon; top case, side cases, tank bag and wife. The FJ pulled them all along at as fast a speed as I thought I could get away with.