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  1. When you removed your charcoal canister, what tubes/connections, if any, do you need to block off ?

  2. angrygirafe

    How to change your own tires

    I recently tried this using this exact video for guidance. It went... poorly. I’ll continue taking my wheels to the shop where they charge me an exorbitant fee OF 16 WHOLE DOLLARS per wheel! 😧 Much easier.
  3. Today I tried out the tire plug kit that I’ve been carrying around for years. I think I did it right, but it’s dark, rainy, and 50 miles home, so I’m going to leave it at school and get a ride. 😐
  4. 2016 at 36K miles, bought used with 4,.5K miles in March 2017 Year round riding mostly in Southern California, 80% commuting, 10% canyon carving/joy riding, 10% multiday tours Ridden in 116F Arizona heat and 15F Wyoming blizzards (my home state) All warranty work done, and I alternate services between recommended and just oil/filter changes. Chain clean and lube every ~500 miles Valves checked at 22k miles, no adjustment needed (according to dealer...) Bunches of tires, a few chains/sprockets, a couple clutch cables (no failures, just paranoid) 2WDW Flash at ~20k miles, fantastic fun Pile of cosmetic mods NO UNEXPECTED MAINTENANCE/PROBLEMS
  5. angrygirafe


    I wanted am FJ-09 and bought a Tiger 800 instead. 4 months and thousands of dollars in maintenance later, I sold it and bought an FJ. Almost two years and a solid 32k miles later I still look forward to riding it everyday.
  6. angrygirafe

    Hard to Start

    If your bike has a charcoal canister, removing it seems to do the trick. I had the same trouble with my 2016, and after ripping that thing out, all is well.
  7. angrygirafe

    Anyone has the OEM handguards for sale?

    Yeah 70$ seems reasonable for the whole set bars,covers..etc I should have everything except the threaded inserts that go in the bar ends. I’ll try and get you pictures this week if you want them.
  8. angrygirafe

    Anyone has the OEM handguards for sale?

    Silver? I’ve got a set if you really want them, but I’d really suggest anything else. They don’t offer much (any) protection, and quite a few of us think they cause a slight wobble in the bars at higher speeds.
  9. angrygirafe

    Cheated on my FJ

    I looked at an F800GS while I was looking at FJs. Probably would have got it if it wasn't for my 500 miles of commuting on pavement every week. That updated one should be a hoot.
  10. I highly recommend the upgraded taillight. I have the Motodynamic, but the Blaster X is at least as bright if not brighter. And they both make the stock light look dim. The strobe effect is also gives more piece of mind when you’re not sure if the person behind you is paying attention.
  11. angrygirafe

    Tire Pressure

    Not on PR4s, but whatever tires I have at the time are usually ~36 rear/ ~32 front for just me with no luggage.
  12. I put my highest grip setting on ten once, after 200 miles of 38* rain, and then going into 30 miles of snow. The insides of my hands were in pain from the heat, while the outside froze, because wow, those stock hand gaurds are worthless...
  13. Replaced my clutch cable. Again. I had replaced the original at 10k miles with the revised version, and the revised one was starting to require a lot of adjustment lately (31k miles). Figured I should swap it just in case. Swap went well and the the cable I replaced showed no signs of damage/fraying, so I guess it was just normal stretching.
  14. My man. You fubar stuff like I do. I really should have made coffee first ?
  15. Oh man.... no way it will work? Not in any way I felt inclined to try. I considered two master links, or smaller sprockets, but... Bought another chain.