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  1. You could also try a rivet through the end of the strap. Might be a little easier, but my sewing skills are zero 😄
  2. I’ve had ski gloves like that and it sucks. You’re mod should work as long as you can still get in and out with the strap still through the loop. I think gloves are the most frustrating piece of clothing to buy, no matter what the use is.
  3. I think the biggest challenge of making a new bracket will be motivating myself to do so 😄 But if I get to it, it’ll be tempting to make everything quarter turn fasteners or similar
  4. It’s definitely not something that’s going to withstand multiple impacts, but if can sacrifice itself to save your oil pan. It’s a good option for someone like me who doesn’t want to spend a 400 dollars and add considerably more weight to the bike. I can go through a couple of these and still spend less than a Higdonion. But you’re right, it’s not super durable. I think a few people have drilled their plates. Never bothered on mine, but I might if I get another one, or if I can just fab a new bracket for this one.
  5. Man, I bet that looks nice. I was getting a little ashamed of how grungy mine was getting 😄
  6. I’ve got a 16 with the old style oil pan and like many, after hearing how it would explode if you looked at it sideways, I wanted to add some protection. Also like many, I didn’t want to spend $350+ to do so. So I went with the SW Motech skid plate. It looks good, it’s relatively cheap, and a few people have bumped it on curbs and their oil pans were fine. I bough the bike with 4400 miles on it, added the plate around 8000 miles, and I just changed my oil at 48k miles. After removing the plate (and discovering the shop had stripped out my mounting screws last time) I noticed the center bracket could pivot. And that’s strange considering it has two mounting bolts. Obviously discovered one of the mounting tabs had broken. Not sure when or how. I don’t think vibration is likely. I was starting to think maybe the shop could be responsible given the state of the screws that had to be drilled out. And I was thinking I’ve never impacted the plate. That’s mostly true, but it looks like I’ve managed just a few light scratches on the edges from cornering. I’m not amazing in corners; I can tell when I’m dragging a peg and it honestly makes me pucker multiple orifices. So I was surprised to see the scrapes. But that means I guess I can’t blame the shop. Or SW Motech. Maybe just me. Anyway, it’s been fine up until now, and for the cost, I still think it’s worth it, considering this one lasted 40k miles. But if you’ve got one, you might want to give it a closer look on occasion. P.S. All the SW Motech supplied bolts were pretty corroded. The Yamaha bolts that get reused were clean.
  7. My Tiger 800 was a lot of fun. When it wasn’t refusing to work.
  8. Probably not gonna plug that 😂😭 I’ve had two punctures in four years. One in a tire with less than 200 miles on it ☹️
  9. I bought my FJ from a cop who worked in Hunting Beach. He sold it because they were letting him take the beemer home. He told me a little bit about how he treated because it wasn’t his bike, and it was enough I wouldn’t buy one. 😂 Cool machine though. The automatic center stand was neat.
  10. I take my GoPro on multiday tours, or just fun day rides, but it’s too much of a hassle to use as a traffic cam. Battery life sucks.
  11. I wish range was a concern for me right now, but my only riding time for the foreseeable future is commuting 😢
  12. If I could have two bikes, the second one would be a Zero. When it’s time to replace the FJ, there’s still a good chance it’ll be with a Zero.