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  1. My Tiger 800 was a lot of fun. When it wasn’t refusing to work.
  2. Probably not gonna plug that 😂😭 I’ve had two punctures in four years. One in a tire with less than 200 miles on it ☹️
  3. I bought my FJ from a cop who worked in Hunting Beach. He sold it because they were letting him take the beemer home. He told me a little bit about how he treated because it wasn’t his bike, and it was enough I wouldn’t buy one. 😂 Cool machine though. The automatic center stand was neat.
  4. I take my GoPro on multiday tours, or just fun day rides, but it’s too much of a hassle to use as a traffic cam. Battery life sucks.
  5. I wish range was a concern for me right now, but my only riding time for the foreseeable future is commuting 😢
  6. If I could have two bikes, the second one would be a Zero. When it’s time to replace the FJ, there’s still a good chance it’ll be with a Zero.
  7. GiviXS307 Tanklock: $75 shipped US The Givi XS307 Tanklock sounds like everything you want in a tank bag, but it's not. If you are used to the quality of their cases and racks, prepare to be disappointed. It fits stuff, and it snaps on and off the included FJ-09 specific tank ring, but that's about it. I am also including the generic tank ring which DOES NOT work with the FJ-09, the rain cover, the rain cover holder, the shoulder strap, and Navigator/Tablet sleeve. The rain cover does work great, and the other stuff has been sitting around for most of the twoish years I've had the bag. The tank ring makes filling up a pain with California style gas pumps. And it looks dumb when the bag isn't on it. The bag used to have a strap as a back-up retention if the ring failed, but I cut it off, because why would you want your tank bag swinging around your bike on the interstate? I left enough strap you could sew D rings on if you wanted. The original bag I had waranteed before ever using it; the baseplate was mounted to the bag 15 degrees off. The second bag had all of the zipper pulls break within six months. I put parachord on the main ones, and it sucks. If you would like to read similar reviews, with a few glowing ones, you may do so here: Givi XS307 XStream Tanklock 15L Tank Bag | 10% ($16.90) Off! The XS307 is a medium-large tank bag with a waterproof main... If you want a similar quality tank bag, you can spend 50 bucks on a magnetic one from a brand nobody has heard of. If you really really want a Givi though, and you don't want to spend 150 bucks for it, I will send you mine for 75. Forma Terra Boots, Size EUR 45: $100 Shipped US I was much happier with these. These have maybe a bit over 10k miles of use. I mostly used them when I had my Tiger, but have used them for a few trips on my FJ. They worked much better with the Tiger adventure style footpegs than the FJ street style. Otherwise I'd keep them for multiday trips. They're beefy, but pretty comfortable, even for 12 hour days. Completely waterproof as well. The only time my feet got wet in these was riding through standing water OVER the FJ pegs, that shot up the cuff of my water proof pants, and then drained back down into the boots. Good times, good boots. If you use adv style boots, or have a more ADV style bike, I highly recommend these. Sorry, I don't know where the metal to guards ended up, but the screws are a bit worn down anyway. Also some wear on the.. vinyl? on the top of the cuff. The... nylon? underneath is fine.
  8. New chain and sprockets. Think I stripped one of the rear sprocket studs. Or maybe I stripped it last time and forgot about it 🤔
  9. It’s fine. I left mine in until it got too scratched up to keep using. Hour commute in the dark with a tinted visor and pinlock! Oh no! 😄 I loved having the Pinlock, and whenever it starts raining again I’ll get another. They work better than anything else. They are very soft though, so if you remove it often, it will quickly get scratched. Just pop one in and forget about it.
  10. With the 2WDW flash, mine defaults to A. It only sees B for heavy rain or snow. STD is pretty much useless now.
  11. That is a fun ride. I’d usually go the other way, making a loop from Temecula
  12. Looks like an FJR, Concourse, and Huyabusa all had a little too much to drink one night...
  13. I can get MORE miles out of twisties than commuting, and its the touring that really kills my tires. Two up with luggage in a straight lines squares off the rubber fast. But I pretty much always have my pressure at 32/36 psi, and reliability get 8-10k out of a rear and 15-17k out of a front, doesn’t seem to matter what tire.
  14. I’d have to check my records, but I think my rear T31 has about 7k and is just starting to square off. They’re good tires, and great in standing (or running) water, but it’s definitely no sport tire.