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  1. Man, that was a fun sounding trip that turned south in a hurry. Sorry, that sucks.
  2. Have you tried riding with a camelbak? I started doing that on multiday trips and it’s awesome. Much easier to stay hydrated sipping all day than waiting until stops to chug a water bottle.
  3. I was wearing those pants when I dumped my dads GS1100G when someone tried to merge into me. 600$ to repair the bike. Pants did not require repair, and I still wear them 😂
  4. I love your Los Alamos idea. I’ve only been through Santa Fe into Southwestern CO once on the bike, but I think I could spend some time tooling around that NW New Mexico, SW Colorado area. Curves for days!
  5. Payson is nice if you want something a little cooler than Winslow. Payson to Camp Verde is from ~0:20 to 0:54 in this vid. Pretty pleasant. If you wanted to go farther south though, I’d go from Payson to the Roosevelt dam, then Globe, and then 60 back up to Show Low
  6. I have the National Cycle sport touring and sport screens. With the sport touring, I’ll slip a neck tube over the cluster when I’m parked. The sport is all tinted, so no problem with that one.
  7. When the frogs yearn to bounce? Why, that’s fantastic you tom boy? Whence thou flailed yonder tubby buttocks? I’m not very good at these acronyms.
  8. I have definitely had to yell at kids that saw motorcycle, thought, “awesome”, dropped whatever they were doing and sprinted to it to start climbing up. They just grab whatever looks like a convenient hand hold too. *If* there’s parents around (usually not) I politely (loudly and angrily) explain that their child was almost crushed into hamburger by 460 pounds of metal, and the funeral budget would have had to be trimmed to pay for my repairs.
  9. Comparing our rider education requirements I’d say they’re absolutely justified in that belief. Mistaken of course, but understandably so 😉
  10. In the US, the 2015 was limited to 115mph. Flashes usually removed the limit. Looks like you’re across the pond so it might not help, but at least it’s an excuse to go fast to check? 😁
  11. This. Mine have almost no paint left. Between weather and road debris, there’s no hope of keeping them nice. It’s like trying to avoid scratching your helmet visor; somethings always gonna hit it.
  12. My phone shuts down from heat sometimes, especially in slow traffic during the summer. But I’m in Phoenix, and have seen the bike air temp gauge indicate 126 in traffic. Sometimes it won’t turn back on until it’s been inside enjoying the AC for a bit.
  13. I bought my bike with a Sargent and switched back to OEM as my right leg would go numb after 40 minutes. The OEM sucks and leaves me hurting after a couple hours but at least I can feel my brake pedal. I know others love it though. 6’3” and 185lbs, 34” inseem for reference. Tried the Sargent in high and low, same problem with both.