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  1. Don’t worry about it, everyone’s looking at their phones anyway.
  2. I wouldn't get your hopes up too much about it being completely eliminated. I'm at 41k miles. Still got the whine, but if you imagine it's the bike squealing with joy, it's not so bad.
  3. I’m probably going to do mine in a month, should be about 44k miles. They claimed mine were fine at 24k, so I’m interested to see what happens this time (at a different shop).
  4. You don't need any of this stuff. Seriously. Waste of money. But if you want it, I'll sell it to you. All prices are shipped to lower 48, if you want to meet me in Temecula or Riverside CA, I'll take $10 off each thing you buy. No combined shipping, sorry. Motion Pro BeadPro Forged Steel Tire Bead Breaker: $40 Used once, to devastating effect. These things are fantastic for getting your old tire off the wheel, no problem. They are also fantastic at turning your new tire into recycling material. Don't buy these. Spend 20 bucks and have a shop do it for you. But if you want them, you can have the rim protectors for free. They do protect your rims. But not your fingers. Rox 2" Pivot Risers: $50 SOLD I guess somebody might legitimately need these. But you will have to tweak your front brakeline. Maybe just removing the one clamp, maybe more, I don't know. Put them on once, didn't like them, and they've just been banging around in my toolbox. I'm 90% sure they're the 2" risers. I could be wrong. It happened once before. Stock Handguards, silver (2016): $60 If you took your handguards off and pitched them, or bought a bike without them, and after reading dozens of threads here saying you don't need them you STILL want them, fine. You've been warned. These do not protect from weather. These do not protect from wind. They limit which screen you can use. They make the bike 5 inches wider. Some of us think they make the bars wobble. And for some reason if you're still reading this and want them, I will happily take your money.
  5. Same. I definitely hear it in 3rd, but I’ve never heard it in 6th. I don’t go past 4th unless I’m on the freeway. The bike is just way too happy at higher rpms to need 5th or 6th in town or in the mountains.
  6. 6’3” here. I use a VStream sport (shorter than stock) screen in the low position normally. It leaves my head in the wind, but at least in relatively smooth air. The down side is it when it rains, it directs rain right into my collar. So until the rainy season is over, I use a VStream sport touring (medium height, taller than stock) in the high position. A bit of buffeting, but no rain down my collar. Seat is in the low position always.
  7. 😄I know, my ideas of fun are not the same as most peoples. It'll get your heart rate going though
  8. I love riding in the rain. Not that it does that a lot in SoCal, but sometimes it does, and it's always a riot. A few weeks ago we had enough rain to cause some decent flooding of my normal roads, and my feet were dragging in the water I was riding through! Still kicking myself for not bringing the GoPro. Flooded streets means oncoming traffic throws a wall of water in my face, and I always stay mostly dry. I have the Klim Latitude jacket and pants, Forma Terra boots for heavy rain Aplinstar Sektor WP shoes for everyday/light rain, and Spidi Rainshield H2Out gloves. Everything works great but the gloves. Even with Barkbuster Storms they will soak through after an hour of heavy rain, but heated grips make it not too bad. One of the more annoying problems is my neck. I have yet to find a neck gator or other option to keep water from going down my jacket collar. A touring screen in the high position helps though. So, usually I'm completely dry when I finish my hour long commute, but if I'm not I'm only a little damp around the neck and sleeve cuffs. Everything else is perfect. This same setup has also served me well when I ride back home (Wyoming) and inevitably end up in snow storms. It's scary, but I'm mostly dry, and that makes me a happy camper.
  9. Always in A mode, the instruments claim 44ish, but checking at the pump I’m usually around 38. So many stop lights to rapidly accelerate away from...
  10. When you removed your charcoal canister, what tubes/connections, if any, do you need to block off ?

  11. I recently tried this using this exact video for guidance. It went... poorly. I’ll continue taking my wheels to the shop where they charge me an exorbitant fee OF 16 WHOLE DOLLARS per wheel! 😧 Much easier.
  12. Today I tried out the tire plug kit that I’ve been carrying around for years. I think I did it right, but it’s dark, rainy, and 50 miles home, so I’m going to leave it at school and get a ride. 😐
  13. 2016 at 36K miles, bought used with 4,.5K miles in March 2017 Year round riding mostly in Southern California, 80% commuting, 10% canyon carving/joy riding, 10% multiday tours Ridden in 116F Arizona heat and 15F Wyoming blizzards (my home state) All warranty work done, and I alternate services between recommended and just oil/filter changes. Chain clean and lube every ~500 miles Valves checked at 22k miles, no adjustment needed (according to dealer...) Bunches of tires, a few chains/sprockets, a couple clutch cables (no failures, just paranoid) 2WDW Flash at ~20k miles, fantastic fun Pile of cosmetic mods NO UNEXPECTED MAINTENANCE/PROBLEMS
  14. I wanted am FJ-09 and bought a Tiger 800 instead. 4 months and thousands of dollars in maintenance later, I sold it and bought an FJ. Almost two years and a solid 32k miles later I still look forward to riding it everyday.
  15. If your bike has a charcoal canister, removing it seems to do the trick. I had the same trouble with my 2016, and after ripping that thing out, all is well.