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  1. AGV K6 arrived yesterday! Ordered a M/L from Champion Helmets in the Netherlands. 350$ and got a free smoked shield as well. Had to wait a couple months for it to be back in stock, but they had offered me an in stock color or refund. But I wanted the Nardo Grey. Only regret is not getting a M/S. I measured exactly for a M/L and this is going to be a bit looser than I prefer over time. There are NO DOT or ECE stickers on it, but that’s fine in AZ Tell you what though, it’s about 20lbs lighter than my Shoei Hornet X2, and comparatively cuts wind like a hot knife through butter. The X2 has been great, but 5 years and ~70k miles later, it’s time to retire it.
  2. Potholes probably present a new hazard as well 😂
  3. I’ve only had a couple people mention it to me. I just toggle on the high beam. “Seems fine”
  4. Another added benefit to my iphone SE. Can’t break a feature you don’t have 😂
  5. Man, I thought you his thread was gonna be about banjos and got all excited 😂
  6. I think mine has hit 230F (indicated) at a red light in 124F (indicated) ambient. That was a whole pile of unpleasant.
  7. So, depending on the keys, a locksmith may or may not help. If you have the flat bladed security keys, they might tell you there’s nothing you can do. That’s what they told me on my Givi V47 top case 🙂 The good news is that a decent drill bit can be used to destroy the lock core wafers, and then you can open it with a flat blade screw driver. And the replacement lock cores are very easy to install. I got mine from Revzilla.
  8. It did just fine. I didn’t hammer it as hard as I would have on a solo day trip, but at no point did it feel like the bike was holding me back. I went a bit slower in the sharp corners so as to keep the wife happy, but acceleration even uphill was still great.
  9. The last multi day trip I went on I had top case, side cases, and the wife on the back. It’ll be fine 🙂
  10. All this because I wave at people. You’re a riot 🤣 I’ll still wave at you though, and even stop to help you plug your tire or remove the stick from your ass
  11. Oh man, PCH, Utah, Colorado… Great places to ride!
  12. Today I learned that being friendly is the path to Nazism. WTF is wrong with you? Also, what did you have in common with Nazis? 😂
  13. I wave at squids, atgatt grandpas, Harleys, Spyders, mopeds, moto-cops; anybody not in a cage. If I ever see a Niken in the wild, I’ll wave to you too 😂 I don’t get the tribal thing. There’s enough of that in every other aspect of life. The point is we’re not in cages, that should make us friends 🙂
  14. Being from Wyoming, if you asked me to meet in Greybull, I wouldn’t show either 😂