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  1. That is just an estimate as its been through two OEM speedometers, and currently running a Trailtech 😁
  2. I still have the 610 👍 60k for miles and runnng strong as ever! I have a euro market Ti Arrow and the LV muffler for it, and the LV sounds much better.
  3. I was just looking into Leo Vince as well. It looks like Parts Unlimited is importing them now, so they're available though pretty much every motorcycle dealer! Had LV on my KTM 990 and Husky 610, and I really like their stuff. I got a FJ LV quote from a little shop that mounts my tires and it was better than I could find online.
  4. Yesterday was too cold to ride, but warm enough for some time in the workshop. I wanted to flush the coolent since it was from 2015, check / change the air filter, sync the throttle bodies, and install an APE manual cam chain tensioner. (it has the TSB replacement tensioner but still rattles occasionally) I decided to check the valves since it was apart, and I'm glad I did. Bike has 12k on it and all exhaust were tight, and two intake were on the low side. Luckily I had a 7.48mm OD shim kit on hand. I set exhaust all on the high side (.30mm), and intake in the middle at .15mm.
  5. I posted this mod in another thread a while ago. Now that I've been able to ride it some, I can say that any handlebar vibration has been completely eliminated. Rox Speed FX anti vibration pivot risers, and universal 10mm stud handlebar mounts from Nekin.
  6. Today I added anti vibe handlebar risers from Rox. I used Neken universal 10mm stud, 1 1/8" bar mounts to eliminate the stock risers, and they're currently set at about 3/8" taller than stock. There's lots of room for adjustment if I decide to go higher or lower, or back and fourth.
  7. It's a Supersprox. I've used them on dirt bikes for years, and they're generally much lighter than steel and hold up better than aluminum. The OEM Yamaha sprocket was amazingly light, but no regrets because I like the looks. Supersprox USA | World leading motorcycle sprockets WWW.SUPERSPROXUSA.COM | World leading motorcycle sprockets
  8. Just instaled new chain and sprockets. Doubt the two peice aluminum and steel sprocket saved an ounce of weight, but I do like the look.
  9. Roads are currently coved in snow, so I won't be able to test for a while...
  10. I recently modified some bar end weights so that they would fit the KTM handguards on my FJ. I believe they came off a DRZ many years ago, and the original mounting hole was too small. I countersunk for a cap screw and machined the inside to match the angle of the handguard bushing.
  11. I researched the 19 Tracer shock a while ago because I was wondering if it could be a potential upgrade for my FJ-09. The non GT shock is actually the same OEM part number as a 15-17 FJ-09. The GT shock is different in more ways than the preload adjuster, but it sounds like the valving may not be much of an improvement. I did notice Ohlins has a new part number for the 19 Tracer but it's the same overall length, and it uses the same standard spring as their FJ shock.
  12. I striped the wheels on my 2012 KTM after they came that way from the factory on a 13. For the first attempt I bought a kit with a guide tool, but the vinyl quality sucked and they didn't hold up. For my second attempt is used a $9 roll of automotive 3m pinstripe, and a homemade guide I made out of an expired credit card. Second attempt was actually easier to use and it held up great. I like the plain look of my gray FJ, but I've considered adding reflective black stripes for visibility.
  13. I've been working with Matt Patton to upgrade my fork, and it seems a phone call is the best way to get in touch. Contact info is on his website.
  14. Anyone know country of origin for First line filters? I order from RMATV often, but usually only use Hiflofiltro which are made in Thailand. I've heard they make many OEM filters.