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  1. Yeah the sheet metal screws. Probably extra effort because they were a little oversized but no harm indeed using them. I still cant believe it was 20 dollars. So cheap and it really should have come with the bike its such a better look.
  2. How did you end up using the screws provided? The ones they sent to me were a thicker thread so I ended up reusing the stock ones and I didnt use the spacers either.
  3. I got mine for 20 bucks as well a no brainer and shockingly cheap. Usually everything like this for a bike is ummm I dunno 300 DOLLARS OR SIMILAR!!! Question though. I removed the two clips and replaced with the new ones and longer allen bolts. But the front 2 Phillips screws I just re-used. The ones in the kit were longer/larger thread. Also mine came with spacers which I didn't use. Does anyone know what the spacers are for? The install was so easy I just don't like extra parts when there are no instructions.
  4. I give you props for trying. If I did it myself the seat would end up looking like the wheel of The Flintstones car.
  5. Sent you a message in regards to yours.
  6. Morning, If anyone has one they are not using please let me know and what you would want for it. I have a 2016. I only need the front if possible. Thanks.
  7. Long Island, Nassau County. Motivating factors for selling my FJR1300 and buying the FJ09? My sh*tty back that's for sure! Moving the FJR around my garage was a CHORE. I DO miss the awesome wind protection from the FJR but I prefer how nimble the FJ is.
  8. How ironic. You traded your FJR1300 for the Tracer and I sold my FJR1300 and used it to buy my 2016 FJ09. Welcome fellow New Yorker!
  9. Cant wait to see the pearly white beast so I can be all kinds of jealous and want to upgrade to a newer year.
  10. ooopsie, shoulda put some weights on the handlebars!
  11. I too have the Vstream and I am 6 feet tall. I wasn't as happy as I would have liked to be with the buffeting so I added the MRA X-creen and that has helped alot. More money than I would have liked to spend that's for sure.
  12. Did you drive the bike 130 miles or so on a full tank? and did it change for you? Mine changed at 113 miles this last time.Nah I did about 100 miles then filled up again. Since others have said theirs doesn't really drop until after that I will check next time I can get out on a nice long ride.
  13. ok cool I will just wait it out thanks.
  14. Hey guys. Today I left my house with a full tank and rode 100 miles and when I got to my stop I realized my gauge was still at full. Thought it was a little strange so on the way home i decided to get gas it took about 2 gallons. I then clocked another 70 miles and the gauge didn't move again. I wouldn't be so bothered but this just started since I removed the tank to sync the throttle bodies. Any ideas what it could be? Thx