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  1. The above number is a good number for Matt. I was able to contact him last may and placed my order. I ordered his cartridge kit & replacement springs. Although he thought he would be able to ship in a couple of weeks it was 10-12 weeks before I got my order, it was worth the wait and he made some adjustments for the extra time involved. I wouldn't rule Matt out as an option, especially if you can do the work youself or have a local shop perform the work for you. As @betoney & @2and3cylinders have said what you get for the price is great and he is very knowledgeable, but he has a very demanding day job and he really needs to improve on his commutation with his customers. With it being winter now might be a good time to try him. Good luck with what ever you decide. It will be a great improvement.
  2. Ok. Wasn't sure if it was a tuneboy device or not.
  3. @Therealal can you give us more info on where we can get this device.
  4. Is that a 450 or 550? I searched cycle trader several times a couple weeks ago and couldn't find one for sale. That should be a blast to ride.
  5. Happened to me for the 1st time the other day. Had changed oil 2 days earlier, left out @ 6am to meet friends for a 3 day ride. Got 1/2 mi from house & light comes on, went back home added oil to almost full sight glass. No issues since.
  6. The mobil1 m1-110a will also work, its a little longer but still fits. Can get them @ walmart with your rotella oil..
  7. Well its been a week now and I haven't found anything on this accident, I even called pandoras motorsports in Chattanooga because one of the bikes was bmw rs 1200. So im hoping that it wasn't as serious as it looked and there wasn't a serious injury or fatality. Everyone ride safe.
  8. I have a No Mar tire changer with a harbor freight balancer thats simular to the one clint has pictured. I may try dana beads on my next tire change.
  9. There were 2 bikes involved in this wreck, so afraid it may have been a head on collision.
  10. I was travelling home yesterday morning from several great days of riding up in the WNC mountains when I came upon a serious looking crash in one of the tight curves just south of the Coker Creek community. Don't know any detials, just what I was told by a bystander that was helping direct traffic. He said someone had contacted 911, there were several folks assisting victims and directing traffic, so I didn't stop. When I was waved thru there was one rider laying face down in the road with someone attending to him. That really put a damper on the end of my trip to see a fellow rider in that condition, I hope & pray that he's ok. If anyone that lives in the area hears any news please let me know.
  11. I've camped in that town before, but don't remember the name of the campground. I think it was just off the BRP, because we were riding the length of it up to front royal.
  12. Yea, if i had bought new i was going to go with the k-tech, but a fellow member had this one for sale and it had the correct spring installed so i got it. Looking forward to getting the forks set up right.
  13. I have replaced the rear shock wirh the ohlins 335 rear shock. It has rebound only adjustment, so don't know if i would utilize the compression adjustment on the forks to its full potential.