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  1. Sounds like a great trip. Stay safe.
  2. Just finished useing this write-up to replace my stocker with an ohlins 335. Thanks for taking the time for the write-up.
  3. I've got to get up there sometimes. Never seem to get east of the Waynesville area.
  4. These are great maps for finding good roads in unfamiliar areas. Couldn't get a pic to upload, but get the Georgia Atlas & Gazetteer by DeLorme.
  5. I second all the above info and will add, go to clayton take war woman road to hwy 28. Either way you turn will be a good ride, but north to highlands,nc will be the most fun. Follow 64/28 back to franklin, nc and check out the waterfalls. Also check out Tallulah Falls if you have time. You can put together some great roads around it.
  6. Mine still has the original battery, which makes it over 4 yrs old. Try to use a tender when i think of it.
  7. Give us an update as soon as you get to try them out.
  8. Haven't run the 15w40 in the fj, but have use it in my air cooled multistrada. It actually seemed to run smoother than with the 5w40.
  9. I paid $5900 late last year for a 2015 with 3k miles and slight damage from a drive way drop. That was from a dealer.
  10. Enjoyed your trip report and blog. I've been across beartooth pass and it is a beautiful ride. Would love to ride in Idaho and Organ someday.
  11. I would try the APS adjustment first if your only wanting to tame the throttle. It made a noticable improvement in mine.
  12. Just mounted a set of roadsmart II. No weights on the rear and the 30 gram on front that was already there. But to answer the op's question, i have always balanced my tires. I'm thinking of trying the dyna beads next time.
  13. Just finished performing this adjustment, and after going for a 150 mi test ride i can say its made a big difference. It didn't completely eliminate the snatche throttel, but has made it much more manageable. I would recommend giving this a try before having the ECM reflashed. Thanks piotrek for posting this.