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  1. Yea I remember reading that the slipper clutch could be reto fitted to the older mdls. I need to do that.
  2. You'll love the bike. The slipper clutch would be nice to have.
  3. My 15 mdl only reads 2 to 3 mph above my gps. That the most accurate of any bike I've owned.
  4. I checked a couple dealers last month, 1 here in Al. & 1 in Ms. with no luck. The dealer in Ms. is large dealer. Guess their all getting sold before they can make it to the southeast..
  5. Yea, would like to see an update. I would love have one myself, but no one in my area has one yet.
  6. Enjoy your new bike. Check in when you can and give us a report.
  7. Well instead saying a head full of gray hair I should have said gray hair. I had a double whammy around 20 years ago. It turned gray and a lot of it turned loose all at the same time.😥
  8. Thanks for sharing. He has some very useful videos.
  9. The few times I've been pulled over I've handled it the same way and have been lucky that it worked. I think a head full of gray hair helps too..
  10. I've had my CalSic for several months now and am liking it a lot. I don't remember the size, went with their recommendation.
  11. Great report & photography. What camera are you using? I got to ride across beartooth pass several years ago and it was snowing at the top. Had to follow a snow plow down the other side. That was the 1st part of september.
  12. Yea those are great pics. Thanks for the report. I need to ride over there sometimes and check out the riding in that area, its not to far from I live in nw al.
  13. Well @texscottydyou were right about the waco area, not a lot of great roads but beautiful country with all the farm & ranch land. I did find a route on line that took us to stephenville that was pretty good and an all day ride. My friend had met the owner of Hill Country Motorhead Motorcycle Museum in Burnett @ barbers vintage festival a couple years ago, so we rode over there 1 day. That is a great museum and I highly recommend it your in the area. The hill country area was great and we rode all the roads you recommend plus several more. Again beautiful country side with all the ranches and winerys. You really have to be on the lookout for deer and other wildlife, I had close calls with 2 deer 2 buzzards in 1 day. It's not quite as good as the areas of n ga., western n.c., and east tn. but we had a great time and want to go back some day.