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  1. I've camped in that town before, but don't remember the name of the campground. I think it was just off the BRP, because we were riding the length of it up to front royal.
  2. Yea, if i had bought new i was going to go with the k-tech, but a fellow member had this one for sale and it had the correct spring installed so i got it. Looking forward to getting the forks set up right.
  3. I have replaced the rear shock wirh the ohlins 335 rear shock. It has rebound only adjustment, so don't know if i would utilize the compression adjustment on the forks to its full potential.
  4. @micah2074, I need to try your route sometime. I always turn on the Reliance rd to do that loop.
  5. Nice pictures and the hepco becker panniers look good on your bike.
  6. Placed my order for Matt's cartridge kit a few days ago, also rented his install tool kit that i thought was a good deal. I didn't get the compression adjustment option, but may have that added before he ships. @2and3cylinders would you recommend that option?
  7. Thats great to hear, because i would like to get his cartridges & springs for my forks, have already replaced the rear shock. Did the fork installation go smoothly?
  8. Thanks for posting. Ordered a set of T31 from rocky mountain last nite. I had to pay some taxes so the set cost me $245. A great deal with the rebate.
  9. Sounds like a great trip. Stay safe.
  10. Just finished useing this write-up to replace my stocker with an ohlins 335. Thanks for taking the time for the write-up.
  11. I've got to get up there sometimes. Never seem to get east of the Waynesville area.
  12. These are great maps for finding good roads in unfamiliar areas. Couldn't get a pic to upload, but get the Georgia Atlas & Gazetteer by DeLorme.
  13. I second all the above info and will add, go to clayton take war woman road to hwy 28. Either way you turn will be a good ride, but north to highlands,nc will be the most fun. Follow 64/28 back to franklin, nc and check out the waterfalls. Also check out Tallulah Falls if you have time. You can put together some great roads around it.