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  1. I run a bazzaz quickshifter on a GSXR750 (upshift only) and a translogic with autoblip on an R1 - both are pure track bikes. I tried to get a translogic on the FJ, but it was not available last summer (my FJ now got 96k miles, thus I may skip the upgrade). While I am not a fan of all the new electronics on competition race bikes as it really disadvantages non-factory teams which can't pay for electronic engineers, the quickshifter is a simple but great upgrade and really fun, especially the systems with autoblip for downshift. The translogic system is on many race bikes, including in WSBK, and works really nice...
  2. 2016 model purchased in December 2015 - 96200 miles I am riding year round - commuting in NY city, weekend and cross country touring. 10% two-up. New York potholed roads and dense traffic certainly puts extra strain on the bike. Maintenance Oil changes 4-6000 miles - zero oil consumption Chains: 6 - replaced between 16-23k miles (one chain changed after only 5k miles - maybe faulty or due to worn rear shock) Major service every 25-30k miles: valve adjustments (exhaust valves always tight), spark plugs, throttle bodies, KN air filter cleaning - no issues. Tires: 22 rear / 14 front tires - best mileage (10200) and favourate tire:Dunlop Roadsmart 3, lowest milages (1500): Dunlop Q3; best for winter riding: Metzeler Tourance Next Brake pads: 6 sets front (mostly EBC sintered HH); 3 rear Cam chain tensioner: noise on/off, tightened several times - last at 35k miles, not replaced Clutch cable: lubing every 2-2500 miles Steering bearing tightened 3x from 20k miles (NYC potholed roads...) Repairs/Upgrades Suspension -41k miles: stock rear shock worn out; NY city potholes & two-up touring certainly shortened the life of the shock - replaced with Öhlins shock; - 45k miles: replaced front forks with Öhlins cartridges (great upgrade) -96k miles: Ohlins rear leaked oil; replaced with K-tech shock Foot pegs: broke off several times in parking tipovers (NY city driving standards...); I carry a spare set and always park the bike on the center stand; replaced stock foot pegs with adjustable peg on right side (to be able to cover the rear brake with my right foot) and rubber covered FZ6 peg on the left side Crash protection: sw-motech crash bars in combination with the factory hard bags protect the bike perfectly in tip-overs, except for the foot pegs. (The steel subframe is very solid - a great plus in tip-overs with top-case) Radiator: Started leaking at 60k miles (winter riding on gravel mostly to blame); replaced the water pump with the radiator and added a fender extender Skid plate - oil pan protection: the oil pan and exhaust are quite exposed due to low clearance (and undersprung stock suspension). I added a no-brand skid plate at about 20k miles. At 68k miles the oil pan cracked when I rode over a piece of wood - the skid plate bent and cracked, but saved the headers and probably prevented a hole in the pan; replaced the skidplate with a sw-motech: solid - no point saving a few $$ on a knockoff. Aux lights: the stock LED lights are very good + low watt consumption. I added PIAA aux lights - great for night riding and being seen in the traffic. One of these things which you’ll not want to miss once you had them... Wind protection: the stock windshield is not sufficient for colder temperatures; the hand guards deflect air, but are more designed for optics than protection. I added a v-stream tall windshield + an MRA deflector (the best invention since sliced bread) - both great for long-distance riding. Replaced the stock hand guards with off-road hand-guards. Clutch cable: required lots of lubing, but still snapped at 27k miles (lots of clutch use in NYC traffic); at 50k miles replaced with the updated 2017 design (required lots of lubing, but held up fine); replaced at 91k miles with Magura hydraulic clutch (great upgrade) Instrument cluster stand: broke at 65k miles (unit is too flimsy for tall windshield & NYC potholed roads) Steering and wheel bearnings: replaced at 91k miles with Allballs sets; steering bearing worn out. Observations and overall assessment When it comes to bikes and riding, tastes and perceptions vary, thus this is just my 5cents, nothing more. Also, the road conditions in and around New York City are not Yamaha’s responsibility... The FJ09 has been a very solid touring bike and lots of fun for me so far. I especially like it’s nimbleness and good power band - it’s great for city and twisties. Two-up riding is doable on the FJ, but there are better bikes if you ride with a pillion - the rear shock just copes with the weight and the pillion seat is a little too far back (this should be improved with the 60mm longer swing arm on the 2019 Tracer900) - engine, it’s a gem - transmission: not the slickest shifts in the world but very solid - I can’t recall even one wrong neutral or misshift - frame: solid, nimble - brakes: solid Yamaha / Brembo standard ware. The ABS is simple but works fine in my view. Steel braided brake lines would be a good upgrade, but not really necessary for street riding (racer wisdom: if you want to slow down more quickly, pull harder on the brake lever). - traction control: the TCS regulates early which is fine for touring and city riding - saved my skin quite a few times on oil, gravel etc. The 2 settings TCS on the 2017 and tracer should be perfect - electric system - no problems whatsoever. The FJ always starts on first click; excellent LED lights and good alternator output (heated grips + jackets and gloves for two no problem) Yamaha should have recalled and replaced the clutch cable on the 15/16 models with a hydraulic option - the 2017+ models with the assisted/slipper clutch should be fine. The suspension is sub-standard in my view - Ohlins was an expensive but great upgrade - still, the 130mm travel of the rear shock is too short for US north east “quality” roads. Clearance is low for a touring bike and the oil pan is vulnerable - a skid plate is a good investment, but dirt roads are not the FJ’s playground... Would I buy another FJ09? Shorter answer: no. I will change soon to a dirt (and NY) road capable bike with more suspension travel and clearance. If I’d buy another sport touring bike, I would forego some of the cost and maintenance advantage of the Yamaha and chose between the KTM1290 Adv S, BMW S1000XR, Ducati Multistrada 1260S - and probably regret it 😉
  3. Just had the third valve check done at @91000 miles. Each time the mechanic sounded quite concerned about several exhaust valves being too tight. Engine runs fine with no issues thus far - maybe just lucky...
  4. jojosz

    retrofitting quick shifter

    As the Yamaha quick shifter is up-shift only, its probably worth considering an aftermarket option with auto blipper. I run the translogic intellishift on my track bike and it’s really great: https://www.translogicusa.com/quickshifters.php
  5. jojosz

    FJ09 Reliability

    My 2016 FJ-09 is @ 92000 miles. The bike has been absolutely stellar in terms of reliability, especially the engine seems a gem and most parts are solid and well designed. The bike has a number of issues and weak points, but no serious flaw which can’t be improved or fixed. Two things may cause a breakdown: the clutch cable will snap (replace with the revised design asap ), and low ground clearance + exposed oil pan (add a skid plate).
  6. The magura clutch costs between 200-250 on eBay.
  7. Not sure magura still makes it. I purchased mine a while ago on eBay.
  8. ‘Had the Magura clutch installed last week @91000 miles (first cable snapped @27k miles, the second replaced with new revised design @52k miles). After 600 miles, including some city commuting, I must say that the magura clutch is a great improvement - lighter pull and much better modulation.
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    Sorry we missed. I am from NY - trying to ride down twice a year. Would be nice to organize an FJ dragon meet...
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    Latest Dragon tour completed
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    I guess I’ll be a week earlier: 17-19 October
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    On my Fall ride to RT129 next week. Should arrive there Wednesday, leaving Friday night. Anyone welcome to join me for a thorough FJ dragon sweep ;-)
  13. jojosz

    Lubing Clutch and Throttle Cables???

    I am @ 87k miles and the third clutch cable (1st snapped at 27k, second replaced with the revised cable @52k). The FJ clutch cable needs lots of lubing unfortunately - all lubes will initially work, but my experience was that the cables quickly became stuck again (probably due to the running of the cable to close to the engine). After trying lots of different lubes with rather disappointing outcomes, I found that this works best: SUPERIOR LUBE TRI-FLOW 6oz DRIP BOTTLE https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0015VD03M/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_4w-PBbGCSQC7W It’s very thin and will run through the entire cable just by gravity. I lube the clutch cable every 4-5k miles, the throttle cables every 15-20k miles.
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    Mileage Milestones Poll

    85500 happy miles since December 2015