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  1. here's another video from a 3rd party, he seems to approve lol. I'll check adv rider for some reviews, thanks!
  2. per this video, it comes with a strap that you use. He claims it'll shift the weight forward, but I'm skeptical how much. I'm also trying to figure out what rack they used on the FJ. The ones I've seen say 10kg as max load, which obviously isn't going to be enough. Can't find forum posts of people using it for reviews on any site. You also bring up a good point about the lever.
  3. the top photo seems like the way to go. only one wheel removed and no chance of dragging. People don't hesitate to throw on a top box with a passenger. I can assure you a 30 lb bike is going to make less of a difference than that
  4. yeah, it's bizzare. What I was picturing was remove both wheels, mount the frame sideways behind the bike, then the wheels behind it using a 3 bike carrier type thing, kinda like this person has it set up. My heaviest bike is 30 lbs. I think using the passenger grab rail mounts and the side luggage mounts, I could rig something up to hold 30 lbs. My Givi side cases have probably had that much in them lol. It's probably a stupid idea to try but that's never stopped me. ADVrider is probably a better place to ask for home rigged stuff, but figured I'd search around and ask on the FJ forums first.
  5. Has anyone rigged up a bicycle carrier on their Tracer/FJ? I found a company 2x2cycles https://2x2cycles.com/product/moto-bicycle-rack/ that makes motorcycle bicycle carriers, and they have a picture of an FJ09 as the stock photo. I've emailed them for more information. I'm a little unsure of the rack on the back. Curious if anyone else has rigged anything up/
  6. the flash removes speed limiter, has cooling fans turn on earlier, and help smooth out on/off throttle by adjusting the mapping and lessening engine braking, etc. 14-19 Yamaha FJ-09 / Tracer 900 Mail In ECU Flashing Service – 2 Wheel DynoWorks 2WHEELDYNOWORKS.COM You don't need it done, especially if you're happy with how the bike rides.
  7. has this ever been tested with the optional baffle? I'm sure it's going to be too loud for me without the baffle, and if putting the baffle in loses 5 hp I'd rather just get something else.
  8. Don't see the centerstand 😕
  9. Hey guys, Need some new gloves for cooler days/rain. I had some Alpinestar apex drystar, but they're nearing the end. They really aren't waterproof, they're impossible to put on once they're wet, they're falling apart on the index finger, and they fit horribly. I have small hands and wear a size small. These are like a Large glove with a small size inner liner. So the fingers just don't fit. So the real requirements are waterproof, and warm (like able to ride down to 50*). What suggestions do you have?
  10. I dont have a mechanics stethoscope but using a long screwdriver... It certainly sounds like the ticking is cct. My problem with manual tensioners is I purchased the extended warranty. I realize aftermarket parts have to be proven to cause a failure, but I'd prefer to remain oem for the warranty period at least. I guess the next step is have the dealer listen to it. On the phone they said it's oil which has thinned. Change it and it Will go away. So I went to them and purchased yamalube and filter. So if it doesnt quit ticking they cant tell me it needs an oil change.
  11. Has anyone had this fixed at a dealer? My local dealer says they know about the bulletin but "theyve listened to so many of them and none have needed replaced.". Seems dumb, its a warranty job that can probably be done quicker than book time. I dont understand the opposition to it. My bike is ticking on decel ('15 5k miles) and I suspect cct. Really dont want to buy an aftermarket manual tensioner.
  12. If that extension koth442 says doesn’t fix your problem, i can sent you pictures, but you can find them on net also. Really great mod with low or zero cost!! It fixed it. I have no idea how I didn't know there was an extension to fix that. Thank you guys!
  13. does anyone have pictures? Photobucket killed all the linked photos, I can't even see them in the album. Trying to figure out exactly what's going on before I cut the panel and take it to a friend's muffler shop.
  14. I believe the article said it's getting aftermarket cams, and a custom ecu. I have no doubt it'll put down over 130 whp as it comes. If you're participating in the us legends series, you're stuck with how it comes. It's a spec racing class so I don't think you can even load your own tune on it. But....... I'd definitely be interested in getting one and using it for car track days, auto cross, and maybe even making it street legal to goof around in. 200 whp in 1300 lbs would be pleeeeenty. Probably scary, because they don't put down power super well. People have made them street legal before!
  15. Stumbled across this today. A somewhat popular racing series in the US is going to add the 847 triple as an engine option. http://www.uslegendcars.com/media/news/legend-cars-international-announces-new-water-cooled-fuel-injected-fz09-legend-car-engine.html I used to race bandoleros, which is what a lot of people raced before moving up to legends. US legends seen below These cars use an air cooled Yamaha 4 cyl. You can get a 1200cc open, or a 1250 sealed. The 1200 is out of an FJ1200. I'm not 100% sure where the 1250 came from, it was never in a bike. Anyway.... The 1200 makes about 130 hp and the cars have to weigh 1300 lbs w/ a driver. The rear end is a solid axle modified from a Toyota. Fiberglass body on a tubular steel chassis. You get your choice of body style. #13 in the pic is a sedan, the other two are coupes. Slightly different wheelbases. You can even get different models of the sedan and coupe styled after 30's cars from Ford, Dodge, Chevy. As I said, I raced bandoleros (the small cars pictured at the top of the article) but made the decision to focus on education instead of stepping up into a legends car. I've always wanted to get back into the series. Now that I'm about to graduate with my doctorate of pharmacy, my education will allow me to do that. And much more Seeing they're now going to use the heart of our bikes has me much more interested. Fuel injection and water cooling are a huge win. The air cooled motors lasted about a season if you made every race. I think they ran too hot. The air cooled engines probably make a bit more power. But trust me... These cars do not get all that power to the ground. I believe the old trans was a 5 speed as well. Drivers usually didn't shift. They'd swap the rear gear to one that would top out the straight in 4th gear. The cars could carry enough speed through the turn downshifting wasn't required. Being the FZ/FJ trans is a 6 speed, there might be some shifting that has to go on. I'd also like to use it for SCCA events, as well as track days. I thought it was really cool our bike's engines made it to a racecar series and wanted to share it with you guys. I apologize if this isn't the appropriate section. I have no idea where racecars go on a motorcycle forum